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Alternate Lesson Plan Format BK II & III

Name: Catherine Megison

Cooperating Teacher: Ms. Button
Lesson Date: February 23, 2015
School: Sam Houston Elementary
Grade Level: 2
Setting: Life Skills
Subject/Topic: Life Skills/Parent Phone Number
Teaching Model: Parallel Teaching
University Supervisor, Initial Here________
Mentor Teacher, Initial Here________
Teaching Objective (ABCDE):
Given a symbol worksheet with a key, the student will correctly fill in the numbers of their parent/guardians phone
number getting 9 out of 10 numbers correct.
IEP Objective(s):
Life Skills
Background Information:
Students have an understanding of phone numbers
Students are able to identify some numbers
able to sort through and pick items from a group
able to write numbers
previous experience with symbol/matching worksheets
phone number folder activity
phone numbers written for teachers use
phone numbers written on note cards
symbol/phone number assessment worksheet
Stickers for incentive/reward

Classroom Management/Environment:



be seated at circle table with teacher

be called on to answer questions or will call out when prompted
work independently on arranging note card activity
work independently on assessment worksheet


Good afternoon! I hope you both had a good lunch.

Who here likes iphones? Do you ever play on anyones phone? What do you like to do on it? (play apps-ask what apps,
text, music, etc.) On my phone, I like to text and listen to music. Well, today we are going to learn about the most
important thing that phones do- call people!
The last few weeks, we have been talking about our homes and lives. You both have been practicing memorizing your
addresses and your birthdays. Today we are going to begin to memorize the cell numbers of your parents.
By the end of this lesson, you will know a lot of new information about phone numbers and be able to write your
parents cell numbers!
Before I start, do you see someone new in class? This is my friend, Mrs. Garcia. She is here to watch me teach and to
watch you both learn. Lets introduce ourselves and tell Mrs. Garcia welcome to our class. Now since Mrs. Garcia is here,
we need to be on our best behavior. Since we already met Mrs. Garcia, you both are going to stay focused on me and not
get distracted by our friend. During our lesson, we are all going to remain seated and answer questions when I direct
them to you. Everyone should be sitting up tall in our chairs and not laying on the desks. Both of you are going to work
independently later on in the lesson, too. If you have any questions during our lesson, ask me and I will help you.

Student Objective (Today you will be able to___.):

Today you are going to learn about phone numbers and learn and write your parents cell numbers!

Purpose of the Lesson (This information is important because___.):

You guys are learning your parents phone numbers because it is important to know them to keep you safe. This is important so
if you ever got lost or needed to get ahold of your parent you would be able to do so!
Explanation/Procedures (Relate to prior knowledge; describe what you will teach & model, what the students are to do with you, and what they are
to do independently (I do, We do, You do); must include higher level questions you will answer) :
LESSON: When looking at phone numbers it is important to know that there are 10 numbers total. A phone number is broken up
into chunks to make it even easier to memorize it! Does anyone know how phone numbers are set up? Well, they are set up
where it is three numbers first. These first three numbers are what is called the area code. An area code signifies what city you
live in. So almost all the numbers here in College Station start with 979. Next, there is a dash and then three more numbers.
After those numbers, there is another dash. Last, there are four numbers.
MY TURN: So I am going to memorize a number by myself first. This is the number I am going to memorize (Pull out flashcard
with number written on it). This number is the number of my home back in Dallas. These first three numbers are called what
again? (Area code) Now, I know that almost all numbers in Dallas start with 214. Looking at my three note cards I see that the
yellow card has 214 written on it. I am going to pick that one and place it first. Next, I know that there are three numbers. I see
that the pink notecard is the one with three numbers on it. Im going to pick that card and place it after the area code card.
Lastly, I see the green card has four numbers on it so that means it is the end of my phone number. Im going to pick that one
and place it after the other two cards.
TOGETHER: Together, we are going to pick the notecards that will write out the phone number to this school! Who thinks they
know which card comes first? (Yellow 979 card). How do we know this card comes first? (979 is the area code for College
Station). Now which card do you think comes next, the pink or the green card? (the green because it has 3 numbers on it).
Which card do you think comes last? (the pink because it has 4 numbers on it).
YOUR TURN: Now, we are going to look at your parents numbers! (Give both students their baggies with notecards in it). I want
both of you to arrange your notecards into the correct order of your parents phone numbers. You will do this individually. If you
have any questions, ask me not each other. Good job guys!

Higher Level Questions:

Why do you think the area code is the same for both of your parents? (Both cells are based from the same city/area and

all of College Station starts with 979)

What is a situation where you think you would need to know your parents number?
How many different phone numbers do you think are possible? Take a guess. (7,920,000) Why do you think there are so
many? (because 10 different options for 10 different spots means a lot of different choices!)

Extension (what will you do to go deeper into this topic):

If student is easily arranging the phone number, give them the folder activity. See how many of the numbers in the
parents phone number the student can do alone. For any empty spaces, verbally say the number and have the student
find and add it to the phone number. OR Fill in some of the parents phone number (maybe 7 out of 10 numbers
depending on the child). Have the student decide which numbers are missing from the number and place them onto the
empty spaces.
Elaboration (what else might you need to do/say to teach this skill/concept):
Lay out note cards with details written on them (yellow= area code, pink= 3, green= 4). Talk through with the student
that yellow cards represent area codes. Next comes three numbers on the pink notecard, last is 4 numbers written on the
pink notecard. Have student then arrange his or her own notecards into the correct order.
Closure (objective & purpose are restated; address how are you going to include the students in this) :
Review: Who can tell me why it is important to have our parents phone numbers memorized? (Safety, so we can get in contact
with them if anything ever happens) What numbers in a phone number are the area code? (the first three numbers) What is the
area code on your parents cell phone? (979)
Praise/Restate Objective: Students, you both did a wonderful job learning about phone numbers and learning and writing your
parents phone numbers! I am proud of the way you both stayed focused and worked hard on these activities. You both worked
hard on your worksheets and showed Mrs. Garcia how smart you both are.
Anticipation: Tomorrow, we are going to learn about other important phone numbers that we need to have memorized like 911
and when we should call them.
Assessment (how will you know when the student knows the information or can do the skill youve taught) :

Now that we are finished with practicing our phone numbers with notecards, I have a fun symbol activity for both of you.
At the bottom of the worksheet is a key that says what each symbol represents. You will see a symbol then fill in the

number in the box above the symbol. When you are finished, you will have written out your parents numbers! This
worksheet is to be done individually. Since your parents have different phone numbers, your worksheets are different.