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Just Keep Walking!

Problem Behavior: Students do not walk in a straight line (Keep talking and touching others
while not in a straight line) which disrupts other students leaning due to their volume and
Expected Behavior: Students are expected to walk in a straight line with their hands clasped
behind their back and a bubble in their mouth so that they do not disrupt other students
learning when they transition.
Types of Positive Reinforcement:
Immediate R+: If they walk in a straight line as described in the expected behavior then
they get to answer and question about fish and their general environment.
On-going R+: Each scale that the student adds to the fish equal three questions that were
answered correctly by the class.
Novel Interactive Learning Activity: When the fish is full of scales the students will be
put into four groups which will each be assigned an aspect about the fish to research and make a
paper about their assigned subject (general information, environment, feeding, activities).
These papers will then be put into a book which will be kept by the fish tank.
Easily Administer R+: If the students transition correctly (as described in the expected
behavior) then the teacher will put a tally on a portable whiteboard. If at the end of the day they
have all of the tallys, then they will be asked a question about fish and their environment. If they
answer this question correctly, then they get another tally on the board by the model. After three
tallies the students will be able to put the scale on the fish, the scales will be found in a
container by the model.
Interactive Learning Activity:
TEKS: Science b.9.A. differentiate between living and nonliving things based upon
whether they have basic needs and produce offspring
After completing the model the students will take what they have learned about fish
(environment needs, general information, basic needs) and make a book the fish that we will get
as a class pet.
Teach Desired Behaviors: We will discuss as a class how to walk in line, letting it be child led.
Then the teach will teach a song about how to properly be in line (Just keep walking/ Just keep
walking/ What do we do? / we walk straight with our hands behind our back and a bubble in our
mouth) to the tune of Just keep swimming. We will then practice around the room.
Teach the Plan: I will go over how they will earn scales on the fish by physically modeling it
for them. I will use positive words and positive tones.
Options: I can use to teach multiple behavioral issues like using positive words, off task
behavior, cleaning up our space.