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15% of students (3 out of

20) earned under
proficient scores in the
work section by receiving
a score of 6/10. 10% of
students (2/10) earned
under proficient scores in
the answer section by
receiving a range of
scores between 5/10

QL= Qualitative
QN= Quantitative
SP= School Process
DEM= Demographic
PER= Perception
SL= Student Learning


I did not spend time connecting

students work and answers to
diagnose where in the process
the students are not connecting
The only outside work students
were given to engage in were
homework and extra computer
programs, which were not
I did not individualize all of the
tests but created two different
assessments that I thought
would fit all of my students.

Connection/ Action

I will work with these five

students in a new/different
or a scheduled individual
meeting. After the
lesson/meeting I will reassess the students on the
problems from the test.
When re-teaching the
students, I will explicitly
explain why is it important
to relearn the material and
why I am having them re-do
the work. At the end of the
mini-lesson/meeting, the
student and I will create an
action plan that talks about
how they will take what the
have learned from the minilesson to apply to further
studying. The student(s)
and I will check over the
assessments together once
they have turned them in to

talk about their thought


On 100% of the
questions all 20 students
together, earned a total
of 12-19 points on all
answer questions.


I provided opportunities for

students to engage into
homework problems, where I
provided feedback for them the
next day.
After the quizzes were graded
and scored, I differentiated
instruction for students in
groups by what they may have
struggled with.
I created a list of lessons from
the program IXL for individual
students that needed extra
practice and guidance.
I met with 7/20 students before
the summative assessment to
create an action plan for
practicing and studying certain
content before they had to take
the test.
I created two assessments so
that all students were able to
exceed to their mastery level,

After the assessment, I will

create a questionnaire to
create data of how well
students connected with the
homework, activities, and
different resources for the
content. I will use these
questionnaires to help drive
other units that the
students will be engaging
in. The 7 students that I me
with for an action plan will
be given a notecard from
me that explains how well
they took on the action plan
to do well on the test.
Students will also be given
blank assessment and they
will write all over it about
what they think needs to
change with the format,
support questions, or
questions themselves. This

Question 9 for the

answer portion was the
lowest scored question
out of all of the students
scores with 12 points out
of 20 students.


without worrying about nonstandard errors.

will help to understand if

students are comfortable
with the tangible

Students were not provided

with enough opportunities to
practice trinomials that had a
greater exponent of 2.
The practice problems on top of
the test, did not provide
students with support for
question 9.
I did not support students with
outside material(s) when
needed because I assumed
students were able to make the
connections between all

I will reassess all students

on this problem after we
have a whole class relearning lesson. I will ask
students to flip to the
Factoring Success page in
their math notebook to
review the 5 steps for the
process. (Lesson: Factoring
Trinomials) We will work out
a similar problem to the one
on the final test and
critically think about how
with some problems we can
pull out a number/variable
from the beginning. At the
end of the mini-lesson, the
students will work on two
practice problems and they
will write 1-2 sentences
under the problems to
explicitly state their
confidence level on the

problem. I will be able to

compare their comfort level
to where they were when
they took the exam. The
next day the students will
be given the test problem
and they will be able to
show where they are within
mastery level. I will add the
points they have earned to
their total test points.
3/20 students earned 10
points on the answer and
the work portion of the
assessment and 100% of
the 3 students identify as


When school began, 8/11 of the

females in my classroom were
placed at the 9th grade
mathematical level on the preplacement test.
I provided feedback for these
three students as they turned
in homework whenever it was
I extended the scheduled time
for the unit (provided more
practice days) for all students
because they were
uncomfortable with the
material when we stuck to the
calendar created in advance.

Question 9 provided the

biggest difference
between the answer and
work points earned for all
students with the work
points earned at 16 and
the answer points earned
at 12 due to the multistep process.

QL, QN, & SL

Students were not provided

with enough opportunities to
practice trinomials that had a
greater exponent of 2.
I did not connect students
work process to their answers
on in class work, which created
a gap in the transfer of the
The practice problems on top of
the test, did not provide
students with support for
question 9.