Conversion, Assurance Five Points Community Church Behind Enemy Lines May 9, 2010 Cognitive goals

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Ensure summary understanding of conversion Understand assurance of salvation

Affective goals
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Appreciate how a biblical understanding of conversion is important for the local church Be assured of salvation or assured of one's need of salvation to the point of conversion (!)


Mother's Day!

Prayer requests and prayer Lesson Review Dever questions and comments on the importance of assurance for the local church
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Members Pastors Unbelievers Purity of membership

Transition: Have you thought about your own conversion over the past couple of weeks? Some of you may look back on your life and not be able to call out a specific moment where you were converted. For some of you, that moment might be crystal clear. What is the potential danger in both instances? ( Assurance (Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, p. 803-806) 1. Do I have a present trust in Christ for salvation?

2. Is there evidence of a regenerating work of the Holy spirit in my heart? 3. Do I see a long-term patter of growth in my Christian life?

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