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As Tories try to keep 3,000 refugee children out of Britain...

Refugees welcome here

Support Calais Convoy
Last week the Tories voted
down attempts to allow 3,000
unacompanied refugee children
into Britain - this is a disgrace.
The children are innocent victims
of war. But Cameron and Co are
more interested in looking tough on
immigration in the run up to the EU
referendum than in caring for those
who deserve our support.
Erich Reich, chair of the
Association of Jewish Refugees,
the organisation that represents


Kindertransport survivors (Jewish

children who escaped the Holocaust)
has written to Cameron calling on
him to intervene to help some of the
most vulnerable victims.
There will be a further vote in
the Commons next Monday on
an amendment calling for refugee
children to be allowed into Britain.
We support the attempts to allow
refugee children into Britain and
believe that the borders should
be opened across Europe to allow

to SW

refugees to escape poverty and war.

We support the refugee solidarity
convoy being organised by Stand up
to Racism, the Peoples Assembly and
a number of trade unions on 18 June.

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Return complete petitions to: David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

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