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Foldenauer 1

Unit Map
For this unit plan the lessons being taught would be found in a junior high school U.S history class during the eighth grade. The topics of the
plan are about the U.S Constitution and how it established the basic rights of U.S citizens. The standards for these can be found in the Michigan
Social Studies Grade Level Content Expectations. The goal of this unit is for students to learn the importance of the U.S Constitution and how it
shaped the political perspectives and arguments since its foundation. Through this unit, the students will be able to identify what amendments are
listed in the constitution, know what the requirements are to take a political position, and develop the knowledge of their basic citizen rights. I want
my students to be ready to become active members of society and by having a basic understanding of their rights; this will prepare them for their
future. To make learning clear and understood for my students all the resources they need for the class will be made available for them. This includes
textbooks, primary sources, notepaper for them to write notes on, and lessons made available in a google classroom drive. For students who may
have difficulty reading the PowerPoints, I will have a typed copy of them made available for students to copy down for their on notes. I also use a lot
of videos in my class as an introduction or as part of the lesson. This is to both relax the students and to make the class more enjoyable, than if I were
to spend the whole class time lecturing.


Learning Targets I can

Conditions of the
U.S Constitution

Identify key aspects of the U.S Constitution

Define principles, political requirements, and amendments
that make up the constitution.

Key terms of the

U.S Constitution

Define key terms of the U.S constitution

Create flash cards to further my understanding of the terms
Participate in a learning activity to help other students gain a
higher level of understanding.

Bill of Rights

Continue to develop an understanding of the Bill of Rights.

Make connections between the amendments and current
Gain a better understanding of how the Bill of Rights affect
your citizen rights

Activities/Strategies/Formative Assessments

Constitution Handbook
Students will work individually on the first two days of
this activity (one day with textbooks, one day with
Chromebooks) on the third day, they work with a
Students will first work on designing flashcards of
definitions they need to know.
Students will take part in an inside/outside circle.
To conclude this section, students will take a matching
quiz assessment
Students will work at outlining Chapter 6 section 2 of
the textbook that is provides explanation of what the
Bill of Rights are.

Foldenauer 2

Review for midterm exams

Federal v. State


U.S Constitution

Prepare for the mid-terms by completing a study guide.

Develop logical explanations for questions regarding the
Show mastery of content to provide readiness to continue
Acquire the knowledge about the differences between the
U.S Federal government and State governments.
Explain what the three branches of government are.
Work constructively in a group setting.
Gain a better understanding of the requirements, duties, and
ways citizens can participate in society.
Use technology to develop additional learning skills
Demonstrate my understanding of the duties effects on

Students will continue to work on study guides to get

ready for mid-term exams.

Students will be working in groups to outline a section

of the textbook. Following this, groups will present
their findings to class, so they can also receive the
information needed for this section.
Students will begin the lesson, by hearing to legal and
illegal citizenship statistics.
Next, the students will be called on randomly to read
from a PowerPoint presentation titled, Rights and
Responsibilities of Citizenship
To conclude the lesson, the students will list the duties
of citizens and if they agree or disagree with them.
Demonstrate the knowledge learned in this unit by taking this The Students will take a fifteen question quiz (eight
multiple choice, three short answer responses, and four
Provide logical answers to questions on this assessment
true or false).
Proof I have mastered the content and am ready to advance
The students will be allowed the whole class period to
complete this assessment.
If the students finish early, CNN Student News will be