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Terra Nova

Start Time: 5:30

End Time: 6:51

Production Report # 1
Meeting Date: 10.14.15

Personnel In Attendance :
Erin Wallace, Scott Koenig, Mindi Bishop, Todd Teagarden, Dustin Gibson
General Notes:
 Great Meeting! I hope to see you all at our next production meeting Tuesday,
October 20th at 5pm EST, 4pm CT
 Any dramaturgical questions? Email Tesia, we have dramaturgs!

Dustin will try if possible to work on existing image by curving edges.
Curved edges by stapling fabric on the ground and coming up over the
 Fabric covering floor to tops of structures with fabric will be connecting to
make them look like snow drifts not icebergs.
 Sloped, very little steps.
 Raked ramp on stage left side where it can be walked up instead of stepped
 Everything will be sloped or walked up onto.
 Dustin will do individual drawing of each of these pieces and send them to
Scott and Erin.
 Dustin can draw it as a topographical map is drawn
 Erin has asked for more entrances, and more playing space in center.
 Entrances are from far stage left and far stage right of large upstage
structures, one is further only one entry point in the center. Dustin can add
 Can we get at least 2 stage left of center?
 This will help create the journey. Can there be plenty of space center so they
can go further out?
 Tent will be set up in different areas on stage.
 Half of a tent is fine, to be representative. Can be measured once ground plan
is received
 Dustin will resend image to Todd.
 Focusing on stage left and right of center, not wing space.
 Stage left and stage right entrances can have small openings
 The tent in 90⁰ South movie is the idea
 Should be simple and easy to put up, and will have no front
 The poles will connect up top, fabric will be draped over

 Charcoal-colored fabric will be used
 Dustin will send drawings
Duck Cloth
 Duck cloth will be used to cover the mounds
 Scott priced duck cloth, 72 in wide, 8oz duck natural is around $5 a yard.
 Danielle has a paint crew
 Some kind of paint elevation may be needed
 Erin would like a sheen in the paint that doesn’t look like a glitter bomb
 Dustin will send Danielle some different paint options
 Erin doesn’t mind the design, would like for them to be able to struggle with
it and it not roll.
 Can we get an odometer and thermometer on the sled?
 The rails of the sled will be on the ground and the weight will be carried on
the wheels
 The rails are built, as is the curve on the front
 The wheels are covered, it will not look like a sled on a platform
 Scott will send Dustin pictures
 Wheels can be wrapped in tape to dilute sound, rubber casters can also be
 Will be used as table during dinner scene, no place settings needed, just
flowers for the middle
 Crates will be removed to offer a flat surface, tablecloth will be placed on top
 Construction on crates has begun,

 Scott and Dustin will be responsible for acquiring props
 Danielle has offered her assistance as well. (as much as she is able).
 Tripod-wooden with flat surface, theodolite and bust get set on top
 If sextant and theodolite can be made, and look realistic, let’s do it.
 Dustin has research images, theodolite and sextant look similar.
 Add Union Jack and pole to props list
 Mindi will be making everything for the Englishmen
 Tunics and scrub pants will be made out of duck cloth
 Colors will be medium tan or dark brown. Brownish-green or khaki colors may
also be used
 Rabbit skins for gloves have come in
 Fur coat for Amundsen was found in the shop, Mindi will make corresponding

 The 4 englishmen will have tailcoats for the dinner scene, Amundsen’s will be
light grey
 Kathleen will be in bright pastel colors
 At the end of act 1 Kathleen will be wearing a pink dress with a lace overlay,
fabric will come from Lowes, has scallops on the bottom.
 Mindi will speak to Katelyn about undergarments or the lack thereof in this
 Katelyn will wear Pride and Prejudice style corset to help with posture
 Casey’s costume will be rigged for a quick change
 Cooling packs will be integrated into costumes, we have sweaty men.
 How much time will we have to get them developed into their frostbite?
 Gloves a possibility, Hayden’s could be looser to allow for his makeup
 During the dream sequence, no makeup will be taken off.


There will be a lot of sound

Lots of overlapping sound.

Tuesday, Scott will have sounds to play with at rehearsal, these can be
modified as we go
 Ice can be lit from within
 Scene projector, fairly inexpensive, can look like water, fire etc.
 Todd will look into this and find the cost
 Gels left from this summer can be used
 Erin would like for the southern lights could start US then dance around
closer to the edge
 Daytime scenes will have a leaf pattern
 London scenes: warm tones
 Antarctic: cool tones
 Can there be a pool of light Center stage and right and left of center?
 Side lighting is also an option
 Erin has specific ideas for specific moments. Other than that, Todd feel free to
 Todd can hang lights
 Todd, if you anticipate wanting a crew (even if it’s a crew of 1) please let us
know when you will be needing it and we will make it happen.
Stage Manager: Tesia Childs (980)-285-4765