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Jared Thompson


Double Entry Journal
Citation: Lyubormisky, Sonja. “getting off the hedonic treadmill, One step at a time” 2015.
Pursuing Happiness: A Bedford Spotlight Reader. Place of Publication Not Identified: Bedford
Bks St Martin'S, 2015. 324-336. Print.

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“ many studies have shown that few events I I agree with this because lasting events can
life have a lasting impact on subjective well- be ether positive or negative but sadly they
being because of people’s tendency to
turn out to be negative.
adapt quickly; worse, those events that do
have lasting impact tend to be negative. Pg
“well being has been shown to affect the
behavior of individuals.” Pg325

Even though it may be at micro level I see
that when people are In a happy mood they
preform better in many ways.

“hedonic treadmill, to describe the now
widely accepted notion that though people
continue to accrue experiences and objects
that make happy or unhappy their overall
level of well-being tends to remain static.”

What I took from this statement Is that people
remain the same in well being even in
happiness or unhappiness, I find this
statement a little wrong because people when
happy or depressed tend to change their well
being, for example when you’re sad your boy
friend broke up with you it can lead to bad
decisions that effect your well being.

Pg 326
“People may hope for temporary lifts from
major life events which quickly fade as they
return to their usual baseline predetermined
by genes and personality.” Pg 327

Short term happiness is not a solution to
happiness I agree with what they are saying
and that its good in the moment but for the
long run its bad.

“we suggest that these small behaviors have
a causal effect on well-being because they
give regular and reliable, albeit small, boosts
to well-being each time a member
participates in one of these activities.” Pg

Since these are regular activities I believe
that they are good boosts for happiness
mainly because they are regular and don’t get
dropped after a short time.

“attending a religious service provided a
small and positive boost to reported wellbeing, this was true across all of the
surveyed religions. Pg331

I believe that tending to activities like religion
proved happiness because it allows people to
be social as well as finding something to
believe in.

“despite the many studies showing that very
few events can have a lasting impact on
subjective well-being because people adapt
to their circumstances, some research
suggests that certain behaviors are
positively related to well-being.” Pg 335

People can adapt to certain situations but I
believe that some form of happiness can
come from it.