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Arjun Luthra



Tanvi Patel

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2240 Gulf Fwy S, League City, TX 77573

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1. For someone working in your field, please describe the fantasies versus realities of the job.
(fantasy vs. reality)
The fantasy is that you can order and receive all tests and medications for the patients. The reality is that
the tests and medications are not always available for every patient.
2. What is your current educational level? What continuing education and training are required?
(educational level and requirements)
I am physician and fellow in allergy and immunology. I am completing an A/I fellowship to practice as an
3. Please describe the typical day to day activities of someone working in your field.
(day-to-day activities)
We see patients in clinic and in consult service in hospitals.
4. How secure are you in your current position? What do you think is the future of your field?
(job security) I am currently very secure in my first year in the training position. I believe I will be more secure
and engaged as a future doctor.
5. What is a typical (average or lowest to highest) salary of someone working in your field?
Average is about over 100,000.

Revised Fall 2013

6. What potential for growth is there in your field?
(growth potential)
There are many areas of growth due to the advent of new biologic agents and discoveries in immunology.
***Questions 7-10 will be created by the ISM student.
7. At what age do you think it is important for individuals to personally consider receiving an HPV vaccine?

I think it is personally important to get immunizations for boy or girl at an age over 11.
8. Do you think there are risks to getting an HPV vaccine? What are the benefits of getting one?
There are no risks to getting an HPV vaccine. The benefits include prevention of cancer and of the transmission of
9. How does a vaccine work to prevent or treat an HPV infection?

It creates immunity which allows your body to protect itself from infection.
10. How is HPV tied to cancers like cervical cancer?

HPV is a known cause of cervical cancer causing mutations/proliferation of cervical cells. Infection of
epithelial cells make body vulnerable to the virus which interferes with normal cell function.

Interview Summary
What information from this interview will you select for your ½ page typed,
bulleted list of research information—to be used in your presentation?

Revised Fall 2013