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The l\ew lllustrated Treasury of






The l\ew lllustrated Treasury of



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Baby Mine
Give A Little Whistle
Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (Án Actor's Life For Me)
I'm Wishing
l've Got No Strings
Some Day My Prince Will Come
When lSee An Elephant Fly
When You Wish Upon A Star
Whistle WhileYou Work
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
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h4,lx;{(lÉ f il.l;f{.il- 1-li: I :1t r.




A Spoontul of Sus¡:


DUMBO, 1911


53 Baby Mine
57 When I See an lrlephant Fly
Minnie's Yoo-Hoo

i.:}i í],'1,'oil+ii"ili ! i:{ i: ! }l{:r¿,1,{










Some Day My
Prince Will Come

:ii,::\{,;5 irl;i-}1',1


Whistle While You Work



Give a Little Whistle


I've Cot No Strings

(An Actor's Life for Me)

When You Wish Upon a Star

Ev'rybodr \\ an:.



\\-ait,:r: .

i},¡,11 rtl-1 irY


A Dream Is a Wish Your
Heart Makes


('lhe Magic Song)



I'm Late



The Second Star to the Right
You Can Flyl You Can Flyl
You Can Flyl



Bella Notte (This ls the Night)

S¿EEZ¡\rG BEAUTY, 1959


Once Upon A Dream

101 DALMATIAI'IS, 1961


Cruella De Vil



105 Winnie the 1,,.
107 The Wonderf¡"rl I::

:r -

About Tiggers




Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)

l'm Wishing




Big Bad Wolf?



67 Little April Shower

Who's Afraid of the


Trust in lvle tThe l-,,:t--


BAMBI, 1942


The Bare \ecer:i:..:


DR,1GO\" 1q, Candle ol-r tl-rr',\-.,:




ol l¡iendr

ii':. .'''

A 5§t-5i¿ .rli.




Part of Your \\'o¡1;


Under the






724 Be Our Guest
128 Beauty and t]'re B¿:¡:
ALADDII], 1992

133 Frlend Like \le
138 A Whole Nerv \\'or-:
THE LIOI'¡ KING, 199-}


Can You Feel the L,


Hakuna Matata

Circle of Life





2O7 Written in the Stars



My Funny Friend and Me



Where the Dream Takes You



If I Didn't Have You




Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride



I'm Still Here (fim's't'heme)




:1. \\'ind
- ,''.{

Friend in Me

- -j - -_r\



:- : :ttr






: -'-¡t-ltlCC

IIr. {

ta.' i f r\ i,


I i1,.



Old Yeller



Let's Get Together

Castle in Spain




:- .


BABES n\r TOY¿A¡\ID, 1961



;1 '..t



: --,1




: -: . f

i ll!

Look Thror,rgh My Eyes

Seize the Day



i'1 i i,,'"l








, ;::- -l11

I l'




The Ballad of Dary Crockett





Mickey Mouse March

:rt.- Lor-ed Me


It's a Small World


Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)



or maybe he was just "a happy accident. "Walt Disney had a wonderful concept of what the music should be. one of the happiest this centurv has experienced. though. "sometimes I think of myself as a little bee.." I said. consciously or not. or a pop star from England. "Mr." or any of the other hundreds of tunes that make up the Disney canon." "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah." he adds. "No matter what I or anyone else in the music department wrote. but you certainly know it's a Disney song. I would have to answer that I didn't know." \favbe it was his Midwestern upbringing and mid-American. but an original. symphonic scote. . "I don't do that." I said. "But if I was asked to define the Disney sound or how we got it. immediately recognizable not as his own. I go from one atea of the Studio to another and gather pollen and sort of stimulate everybody. feJ Seors. They were very much a reflection of their patron. whether he was a honky-tonk pianist from Los Angeles. if he wanted a big. he wrote in a style that was. just what do you do?" "Well. he looked at me and said.. "Then you think up the jokes and ideas?" "No. he'd tell you that and he'd even tell you what he'd want it to sound like. Disney. that doesn't explain Walt Disney's uncanny feel for what worked and what didn't.He once described his role this way: My role? Well. you know I was stumped one day when a little boy asked." Disney songs represent a style and'sprightliness *§ that makes them eminently hummable and l. not just an American original. who concentrated on melody and didn't like anything that was too loud or high-pitched. films. his imprimatur is stamped onto every song and score. It's not something I thought about while I was writing the music. comes from the man himself. or theme parks."' says Buddy Baker. "Do you draw Mickey Mouse?" I had to admit I do not draw anymore. When you hear "Whistle While You Work." yott may not know that the words were written by Laruy Morey and the music by Frank Churchill. lrtsíc lightens a story session in :lte tnid 1930s as Walt Disney risits (from left) Webb Smith. period. a jingle writer from New york's Tin Pan Alley." Of course. when he wrote for Walt Disney. mainstream appreciation for music and movies.i totally unforgettable. antl I'into Lolv¡5. He was a happy accident. Perhaps Eric Sevareid summed it up best in his tribúte to \\alt on the CBS Evening l/ews the day Disney died: "He was an original. which is a great clue for the composer. but as Walt Disney's. be it in music. It didn't matter what a composer's background was." but Walt Disney aimed to create entertainment that he himself would enjoy. people always recognized it as being the 'Disney sound. a longtime Disney staff composer. "I think a clue to the Disney sound." Finally. Could he help it if hundreds of millions of people around the world happened to agree with him? So although he didn't write "When You Wish Upon a Star. For instance. I guess that's the job I do. People are saying we'l1 ne\rer see his like again.

' . n.r . produced in 7928 and 1929.¡ (ToP) Wdlt Disrrey's classic porb'ait with Mickey Mouse. reflect the spirit and influence of this man r. the music was either borrowed or adapted. ¡Rigltt) ht 1938. ar. it was arranged in such a way that it sounded as if it just might have been. even if the music wasn't written =: "'***--::"Y:5:** ffikffiffH A{.t:. In the first several Mickey Mouse cartoons. V I ifL:k i:g 'á b1' members of Walt's staff. 7928. .ho had a special ability to recognize what kind of music best fit a scene or situation and. For instance. reIeased in November. tltich soon becctrne the pennanent hc¡rnc to the trctv Wolt Disnev Stutlit¡s.Even the "Disney" songs and scores being written toda1. tdken at tlrc Divtey Studios on Hyperion Avertue itt the Still. .r.d featuring the songs "Steamboat Bill" and "Türkey in the Straw" ¡ f. . more importantly (and more to the point)..¡ §§U ¡¡ S § l#':". An example was Mickey's -. "Steamboat Bill..r own.i Steamboat Willie. Disrrcy pnrclnseLl wtdcvektped property in Burbank.'. what was good. i. But the music did not start out as Disney's ¡-i ... a . decades after Walt Disney's death. was whistled by the mouse himself during the opening moments of the cartoon." written in 7910. very first cartoon. It was Walt's direction and influence that led his composers and musicians to pioneer musical concepts and technologies that influenced both the film and music industries for decades-and continue to do so to this day.q :tL.

NTRODUCTION ltf¡ ll \ v Av \.. . before the release of Snow White and the Seven Dy. is the same wa\. and musicians.i"-' arguably one of Walt Disney's greatest mornents :t : only in animation.Í.: during grade Lil::.. so profound that the great American composei Jerome Kern was moved to say.i . * such a deep and lasting impact on music? The answel simply enough.r-rite .i the more amazing is the fact that he said them in 191. ¡ {t .) . "Disney has made us¿ of music as language.. Still. Walt was the mover and shaker. his influence upon music was. In the synchronization of humorous episodes with humorous music... artists..qitt u-t his dreams and schemes and made them happen .. school in Kansas city.ith _. the question remains: if Walt didn't r.--_--he had such a profound effect upon animation n. the man of vision -". THI. V I n'Disneydidn'treadorwritemusic rn ract :::'i.under his watchful eve.r-ords -. who bou.:.. _ Walt and Roy Disncy wíth the specínl "Oscar" awctrded to Wdlt in 19-)2 fbr tlrc credtion of Mickey Mouse.:-:ers.. :. musical legend like Kern. how could he har e r -.:---..' li'xl.'H. And yet. especially coming as it did fror:t . songs or compose any scores.lrln' '. and continues to be.'l: gathered around him some of the most talented i." .. he has unquestionably given us the outstanding contributicr: of our time.. \..s¡¡'. But what makes his r. but music as well.: so much as drawing even one mouse or dwarf.irt r. composers.. ¡ That's lofty

("Turkey in the Straw.r. such as guitars.*egu {ir"ynt"t "f ' ¡'. "Minnie's Yoo Hoo. Mickey Mouse." which dates as far back as 1834 and is arguably a sing-song classic in the tradition of "Camptown Races" and "My Darling Clementine. and a cow's teeth." It is the only song for which Walt Disney ever took a writing credit. Steamboat Willie. Mickey Mouse and the musical improvisation that made him famous in his debut /ilm. including a washboard. the sole musician at the small Disney Studios. a duck. ..¡¡ -s ¡-d id." by the way. he teamed with his then-musical director Carl Stalling to write a song that would become an anthem of sorts for his already famous star.e¡li: urkey in the Straw. was selected for Steamboat Willie because it was one of the only tunes a young assistant animator named Wilfred Jackson.) It could be said that the Disney musical legacy actually did begin with Walt himself. EARLY YEARS .¡¡. but was instead configured to accommodate the variety of "instruments" Mickey plays during the cartoon. In 1929. or pianos. several suckling pigs. a cat. .¡ -¿¡¡rr".HE." was not arranged for normal instruments. flutes.¡ ¡t'ffi. That song. could play on the harmonica." was first heard in the 7929 short "Mickey's Follies.) ¡. pots and pans.

which grew out of disagreements the two had over the use of music in the Mickey Mouse shorts. Daffy Duck.aná afrqidof tbA Tlrc surprise hit song from Three Pigs spawned a range of merchdndise. where he created his own musical legacy. the music would continue to play second fiddle to the characters and the action. includirrg (left to right) sheet music. These rare 1933 items are treasured by collectors todav. the Silly Symphonies continued. Despite Stalling's departure. the first of which was Stalling. The Silly Symphonies were a compromise. In fact. ?n old friend from Kansas City. and records. But that doesn't mean Walt didn't play an active role in the creation of the music heard in all succeeding Disney Studio cartoon shorts and animated features. composing scores for the likes of Bugs Bunny. Stalling stayed with the Studio less than two years. Little . He simply entrusted it to lnore accomplished composers and arrangers.§nE§ L§rLE'Fl§§. In the Mickey cartoons. but in the Silly Symphonies the music would rule. while Stalling felt the action should fit the music. It was Stalling who persuaded Walt to begin the Si1ly Symphony cartoon series.Stalling to fit the music to the action. jumping from Silly Symphonies at Disney to Looney Tünes and Merrie Melodies at Warner Brothers. Walt wanted WarnxilEm¡rfl& owtr T. and Porky Pig. they became so popular that Walt Disney began beefing up his music staff in the early '30s to handle the increased need for music for them. a board game.

a young musician who had studied at UCLA and gained experience playing honkytonk piano in Mexico and performing on a Los Angeles radio station (as well as serving as a session player in recording sessions for Disney cartoons). Bert Gillett. This heretofore unsung musician would play an important role in Disney music over the next decade. n-riting Disney's first big hit. lack Kbtg. a song that came out of the most famous of the Silly Symphonies. in need of both. i. \s legend has it. he was given three little piglets to laise by his mother. Three Little Pigs and its famous song. Three Little Pigs .One of the composers he hired was Frank Churchill. patterning the song loosely on Happy Birthday. All went well until a real Big Bad Wolf" killed one of them. when Churchill was asked to -.n hls family's ranch in San Luis Obispo. and Ben ñ. Released \s rvith many Disney films. . Les Clark. In 1929. It certainly wasn't going to be their last. But to Churchill. (seated from left) Cdrl Stalling. With "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" Walt Disney and his staff had created their first singa-long classic. Walt Disney. the Disney Studio's creatiye team included (.*-' Shorpsteen. While growing up . Wilfred lackson. he recalled his horriir-ing childhood experience and penned '\\-l'ro's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" in about -ir e rninutes. Tltree Little Pigs. it featured additional -r rics by Ann Ronell.tanding from left) Iohrtrty Cdnnon. -t also represented real life.r'rite a song for the cartoon. Ub Iwerks. California. in 1933 during the depths of the l)epression. "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" proi ided hope and humor to a country that was radlr. And he started off with a bang." When it was released as a singie and in sheet music.omes from a children's story.

has been the guiding principle lUaltAisneu's in Disney animated features from Snow White and Pinocchio all th-e way through rr§u. He envi- sioned something more.ii. "Weave it into the story so somebody doesn't just burst into song.^t^r¡rñ PICTURI ffip PIzzLt the more recent efforts. From its beginnings. -J . 2 lAAffi PlJZ¿tI§ ili TlltS B0r Frank Churchill and Larry Morey were assigned the task of writing the songs for Snow White. But Walt wasn't content to "just" create and produce a feature-length cartoon. the pair had written 25 songs. . as simply stated as it is." he told his staff. By the time all was said and sung. e Seuen k*Q=o.11. he next step for Walt Disney and his staff was the creation of the first fuIl-length animated feature." That last line. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was planned around music. "We shouid set a new pattern. each one a classic in its own right. Aladdin. released by Victor Records in 1937. :§il alrd The Lion King. only eight of which ended up in the film. a new way to use music. What Walt wanted with White and the Seven Dwarfs was something closer to Broadway musical than Holly'wood motion picture... The /irst originLtl moüon picture stttmdtrack record album wds Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Sno14.ACOMNGOFAGE. He complained that they were too much in the vein of so many Holll"wood musicals that introduced songs without regard to the story.-bit lOruarfs ao6the . early attempts at songs did not satisfy Walt. including Beauty and the Beast. Howevet. But what an eight they were.

and they start humming. Get a way to finish the song that isn't just an end. Walt Disney didn't immediately return to animated features. While Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ushered animators were creating some of the most beautiful screen images ever seen. Truck out and the melody of "Whistle \Vhile You Work" gets quieter and quieter. Birds would come marching in.. Fade out on that and music would fade out. and one of the most popular Disney songs ever written. World War fit in more with Snow White's handing the animals Change words of a song so they "lf you just hum a merry tune".. But Disney's staff of composers continued to play a significant role in these efforts. all you would hear is the flute-before fading into the "Dig Dig" song [which precedes the song "Heigh-Ho"] and the hammering rhythm. The last thing you see as you truck away is little birds hanging out clothes.. he concentrated on "package" pictures (movies that featured a series of animated shorts rolled into one motion picture) and films featuring both live action and animation. including "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinocchio (7940)." the irresistibly upbeat tune from Song of the South (7946).. At the Disney Studios. . as these notes from a story conference on "Whistle While You Work" demonstrate: {t{ §?-{.r¿. "The Lord Is Good to Me" fuom Melody Time (7948). By that time.#f ¿*.{ersya l"/ \\'alt Disney didn't write any songs for Snow I{hite. Tiy to affange to stay with the birds for a section of whistling.{ w s¿{:.. writing such memorable tunes as the Latin-influenced "Saludos Amigos" and "You Belong to My Heart" from the two South American travelogstyle films Saluilos Amigos (1943) and The Three Caballeros (1945). and "Little April Shower" from Bambi (1942). Truck back and show animals shaking rugs out of the windows.get it in the woodwinds.13 . of course.t{. Orchestra n ould play with a whistling effect. {t. At the end.. in not only the Golden Age of Disney Animation in the late 1930s and early 1940s.\ge of Disney Music as well.t ñ.. she has sung. ¿¿*t: y¡¿¿¿r}¿b II brought an abrupt end to the Golden Age. etc..little characters outside beating things out in the yard.á?. Even after the war was over.¡{. the emphasis changed from creating animated features to producing cartoon shorts and instructional films to aid the war effort. "Zip-A-Dee- Doo-Dah.. Snow White: Then Snow White would start to tell them to "whistle while you work. brushes. "Baby Mine" from Dumbo (1947).. the studio's composers were producing some of the most Composer Frank Churchill (left) and seLluence director/lyricist Larry Morey in tLrc mid 1930s creating songs for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. but the Golden .. but he played an active role in defining the content of each song and how it would fit into the playing something instrumentally to sound like whistling.." She would start giving the animals things to do. Instead.. Leave them all working.¡ t¿'*-t{§ memorable songs ever heard. Work in a shot trucking [moving] out of the house.

perhaps because they were so busy. Sammy Fain. "Chi-Baba Chi-Baba. a 1959 Disneylantl recr¡rd album and 1950 slrcet music for Cinderella. he kept hearing on the radio a catchy novelty song. and Livingston. Walt Disney returned to animated features with the release of Cinderella." written by the team of Mack David.SONGS FROM TN PAI. such as Sammy Cahn. The renaissance in Disney animation continued through the 1950s and early 1960s with the release of such animated features as Peter Patt (1953). . including "I'm Late. 14 songs were written for Alice. The bulk of the songs continued to be written by Tin Pan Alley tunesmiths." Walt didn't consciously set out to use Tin Pan Alley writers for Cinderella. The notable exception was Lady and the Tramp. While in New York on business prior to the start of production. Sleephtg Beauty (1959). Each publisher employed an army of songwriters who worked out of small offices furnished with nothing more than pianos and music stands. something the Tin Pan Alley gang \\ras quite adept at producing. that one of the songs. and "The Unbirthday Song'' contributed by the Cinderella trio of David. which featured songs by Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke. The increasing reliance on outside writers for songs for the animated features presented no danger to the jobs of Disney's crack staff of composers and arrangers. he turned to writers from New York's Tin Pan Alley. Shown here. and 101 Dalmatians (1961). At least they didn't seem worried by it. but instead of relying on his music staff for the film's song score." is in the same vein as "Chi-Baba." one of nine tunes written for the film by Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain. "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. hence the name "Tin Pan Alley. then. He was so taken with the song that he ended up hiring the trio to write the songs for Cinderella.üALLE. the writers would open their windows in a futile effort to get some relief from the stifling New York heat (the buildings weten't air conditioned). primarily because he felt the film would need an abundance of noveltrsongs. Tin Pan Alley was home to many of the largest song publishers in the United States. Lady and the Tramp (1955). During the summer." Walt again turned to Tin Pan Alley for Alice ht Wonderland (7951). something he would continue to do for his animated features throughout the 1950s. rather than rely on other companies. The noise of the pianos echoing through the street gave one the impression of people banging on tin pans. and Jack Lawrence. Jerry Livingston. Originally 28th Street in Manhattan. and Al Hoffman. n 1950. Perhaps it's no surprise.Y The creotion oftlrc Walt Divtey Music Compony and Disneyland Recc¡rds enabled the Disney Studios to release its owtt music. In all. Hoffman.

rrhich later became The Wonderful World of Divrcy.r. Boltoti o¡ Dovy . "We had the weekly series lDisneyland.' not a single suit was filed. and able to write the lyrics. 120lines of them (the completed version has 20 stanzas of six lines each). "The Ballad of Dar. plus the daily show lThe Mickey Mouse Clubl. I threw together the nrelody line and chorus. be :her. This was in addition to the feature films the Studio was producing.y Crockett" took the country by storm. "The irony of it was that most people thought it was an authentic folk song that we had uncovered and updated." recalled Bruns. "lt certainly took everybody at the Studio by surpdse. Bruns and Blackburn's little "throwaway" tune became a national sensation.i Ii' "Tht. Darry Crockett. who was -n fact Disney Studio nurse Hazel George). story editors.' in about 30 minutes.t¡." Studio nurses (the lyrics :or that song are credited to Gil George. Bruns's experience writing "The Ballad of Dar." recalls Buddy Baker." said Bruns. among other titles] to write music for." Disnev staffers at the time included music direc- :or Oiiver Wallace ("Old Yeller" and "Pretty Irish Girl"). but that didn't stop him from adding the lyrics. Tom Blackburn. Jimmie Dodd ("The Mickey Mouse \farch"). the scriptwriter for tine Davy Crockett series.of Davy Crockett. though.animators. * ¡fi sffitTtéffiffiff? .the :esults were far from typical.y Crockett"). and George Bruns ("Zorro" and "The Ballad of Dar. whether it was music for a multi-million dollar animated feature or a television show. "He needed a song that would carry the story from one sequence to another. willing." Composer George Bruns created a diverse range of music for Disney. And Walt demanded quality. from the atuardwiruúng score f'or Sleeping Beauty to the hit song "The Ballsd of Davy Crockett. scriptwdters. In the case of 'Datry Crockett. \\alt needed what I call a little 'throwaway' tune that would bridge the time gaps in the storr." \\-ait's staff of composers was so busy writing the music they often turned to anyone who was readr'. Usually when you have a hit song.: k @"lsj*'. 'Da*. {:. in ihe case of "Old Yeller. much as coonskin caps would when the show premiered. or. had never before written a song. ñng of the Wild Frontier. who joined the Disney music staff following a career in big bands and radio. there are always lawsuits claiming prior authorship.1z Crockett" for the Davy Crockeúf series of TV shorvs was §pical of the way songs were written :or \\hlt Disney in the harried '50s. ii:#. Even before the television series went on the air." [The 1950s were] a hectic time at the Studio." Lrotkcn *o {.

The pair penned songs for animated features (The Sword and the Stone 17963).sitrl-.::.. That Darn Cat 17965)). The Aristocats l197Ol) and featurettes (Winníe the Pooh and the Honey Tree 119661). and even the New York World's (Carousel of Progress.1t::-" Awards. live-action nonmusicals (The Parent Trap [7967). but a word verr. =¡l. It's a Small World [1964))' Songwriters Richortl Shcrmttn (left) mtl Robert Shennan (right) reúcw tlrc music /br Mary Poppins with the fthn's co-prodtrcer and writer.l:l!writet's dream.RMAT{S MARCH THROUGH DISNEY f the 1950s were characterized by Walt Disney's reliance on Tin Pan Alley songwriters. "supercalifragilisticexpialidoci¡ . liveaction musicais (Summer Magic [1963]. The Monkey's Uncle [1965]. Richard M.:: a reason for the long-held philosophy of \\-alt Drsr-. The Happiest Millionaire 179671).^: "When we were little boys in summer call: the Catskill Mountains in the mid 1v-r .'.-one of the most popular and memoralrle :. The lungle Book 11967l.:: Not the exact word." § lt: i §i . In Search of the Castaways 11962). and Robert B. "we heatd tl-tis '." says Robert Shermatl. musicals combining liveaction and animation (Bedknobs and Broomsticks Room 17971)). and we wanted the Banks chilc. It n'as ollr special wotd. Perhaps the greatest achievement út ii--: Sherman Brothers' Disney career came in 1:r= with the release of Mary Poppins.-l ) explains Richard Sherman. for rvhich ti:. Typical of their experiences composill§ r-ir--:¡ for Mary Poppins was the inspiration L'rll . many of which have trecome timeless classics.:i: 'supercal..THE SHE. the trend in the 1960s could be summed up in two words: Sherman Brothers. Sherman proved versatile and prolific during their almost decade-long association with Disney. ' wrote 74 songs and earned trt'o Aca.'. Each song we did had a purl'.= to have that same feeling.: in the film.-- 'antidisestablishmentatianism.'" about music in motion Pictures.' and it S31 c --: . Hired by Walt Disney in 7961as staff songwriters. writing more than 200 songs. one for Best Song ("Cl-itm-Cll--:-Cheree") and the other for Best Song Score "Writing songs for Mary Poppins \ras a s.''l-kids a word that no adult had.' It was a word that was longer -l---. theme parks (The Enchanted Tiki Fair 17963)). Bill Wctlsh (ccttter).

-t.:¿ Sherman Brothers song score.." '-".on December 15. with the exceptions ffi ffi '..::. Such animated features as The (1977) and The Fox and the Hound (1981) did feature songs. and . producing animated and liveaction features...17 1."::l non-musicals.:uld. but all of k them. "And so I think they're going to stay :r-ith that policy because it's proved that it's a good business policy.[is] convinced that Walt is --qht." he :nce said. Combining live-action. Rescuers . it was -:¿ cuhnination of everything he'd ::rn rvorking toward in his ::--¡re than 40 years in the film :- "lsiness..r hen Walt Disney passed j'.:::'.... rÜ -. l -rt Walt had confidence it '.\'a\. #:. there was concern ::rat his studio would not be -':ie to survive without him. as you say. "I think by this time my s:aff.ñ Plpplns also proved to be the crowning . after Disney. 966... animation.¡i:rer-ement of Walt Disney's long and storied :i:eer.. but these songs were usually performed during the opening or closing credits and were not essential to the storv.:.. That didn't mean there weren't any songs ::1i-:: in Disney movies..'.. that quality will win out.: 'il Throughout the 7970s and 1980s the Disney Studios continued § 1$M. I think they're convinced and I think they'll hang on.?ii.

S Iefrsnlu snorfrlap lsolu aLIL.ftols aq] saf.roltue¡¡ 'peaqe /i .(1rea aq1 aJUIS preel{ Jo uaas uaaq ].) alers-llry lsrr¡ s..ftols aqtr 'lq8noqlralJ¿ ue are s8uos aLI] pue ]sJrJ aruof ol sueas .u(aus1q'/uadtuo.u.'eapl ¡o lda¡uo: e ssardxa Ja]laq plnol rrsnur eJeqM rullJ Jno uI seaJe lno arn8r¡ o1 se.(rreg Surpnlrur 'sralu.']sang Jno afl..(e.(a4 ar{} }nfl 'pJoJr{J}rd uuaq pue 'ueuqJ¿H ueCI '.eJeqJ ro¡ s8uos Surlrr¡. 'aro¡aq sreal 'lsüag a4l puo finaag t{}IM (.{ruapery roJ pe}Pur aq] pazl1elllal pue peulJapal uuIUqsV'ua>1ua14 eq] puP i"i - -ruou eJaM ]eq1 s8uos aarql e asn ue: no.oe6 e. ry ra^qo \v/ Jo espelar eq] qll^{ gg6l ul paSueqr leql il \J iI]I{VSStVNIiT TY]ISNNIY .1 .(aq1 qrrqa. 'QOOI utppvlv pue'(166I) yaag aLE puv l4rruag '(eSOt) pfitrurdry aülll aqL roJ uollerldsur aql Surureldxa'ueurqsy prcs.fit3 ...peorfl pelqnorl .aJdun ue Surpn¡rur 'rulg aql JoJ s8uos xIS aloJm onp aql ueIV ¡au]¡ed Sutltr¡. Jauurlv\-Jelso !-.r.. a}oJm-of.{ro1s aql ur }¡ud }uaututord puu ler8alur ue .t..{ aceld e s. Ienlue^a .{11ear plnom 1eq1 s8uos pe}ue.'punorS4leq Jaleaq] Iefrsnru e tuoq 3u[uo3. '1r .eas aLI} e pue sllDIS Jo las Jeqlo alol{.taN ur erull e uod¡ afuo. Sur. oqM 'ueuqsy pJeMoH parupu 1sr:rr.fto1s aq1 'srullJ ]soru rllr^A 'apeu aJe slerrsnru pue s.r..{e. 'apurap e ueql erour ur Ipfrsnur peleurrue Tlr.'slettsnu. to! pJeMV Áurapely ue uoM aql aloru sI qf.'anSolep eql Jo ]no aruof.r aur13uo1 slq qlIM '.r o1 pasn eJe I pue uply.{ausrq plo ue o] parer{pe s8uos eqi Jo IIe }eq} se.{¡err -uell] Jo eperure 3ur¡¡ro¡8 er{l JI 'lsuag aql put) i1truag s.t ¡o .(}neafl..(ep srql o] sanuquol ]eq] uolleruluv Jo aBV uaplog MaNI e Jo Suruur8aq er{t se^^ ]lnsar aql 'eroru pue ]eq] pp urlg eq] roJ aloJm ua>Iuahl pue ueuqsy s8uos uales aqJ Surldn¡srp ro Sut.Isnru :rulxeur .ra¡l alpuoqlaJJe pue ruJel{f.//'lseag eql pue . :lle ]r sÁes aurzu8erLr \aa/wsht ¡{ q tulrJ er{} Jo Mar^al V ...vr sdrqs aq1 'ssaura.Lup s8urql daa¿ pue pJeMJoJ.{enpeorg op o] a:e¡d lea¡3 ]sel aqt sI uoIlpLUIuV.r.r.{ueur aperu peq.(q ua]]r¡M seun] a^IJ peJn]¿al rullJ arlJ aloru ..upruLISV pJeMoH pue ua{uary uplv sr I66f lO aJOf. .{e1d plnoqs f.4uuduo3 g )attlo ro¡ . :spJeMV 's0r6l .(1 paseq->lJoÁ MaNl p uuql ra]]aq slql .t....r 'a¡Á1s e ]I o] Sur8uuq 'leJtsnrrt pa]Purlue .rullJ aq] pres .lr ¿M yDwDN aüln aqJ.. {JoÁ .ttopeqsJa^o lno -ell¡. 'panu4uor aq . plnoqs llsn1r'{.{ausrq Ue¡4 }ulod e 3ur -zrseqduaar tauqurg a8roag 'rollalp s.uelpe JISnlu ]saq eI{J.{e1d ..r.'SuuepunoJ eq ]/uplno.ILIM 3ut4roa. e saulJep ¡o . Jo{ 'suor}en}rs ur sJa}f.r ro¡) ptowrary aqln aq¡ Jo ssaffns aql paMolloJ ua>Iuahl puP ueluqsv sauq.upeq ]pql uolleJllslqdos pue '1u...{e.r a8ualleql aql 'JalfeJpqf.'allag.tt8uos dod ¡o oqM s.tau>l auo ou sdeqra¿ sll JIeq ppq splrsnur .

" John confessed. Rice.:-cs.:-: Dar. the composer was i.-:'.\l: ll about two in the afternoon. but The songwriting tearn of Howard Ashman (left) and Alan Menken Awanls for their work on The Little Mermaid a¡ll receiyed Academy Beauty and the Beast. The next j:--.Before his death in March of 7997. "because I knew that Disney was a class act and I liked the story line and the people rr-ith the 7992 release of Newsles.:lated musical.1{. a full-scale :-r-. the allegorical :: n oi the love between a lion cub and his :..-:i. e11.-r¡16l and choose ::e best.:r \err York early in the 20th century.-"'ould be fantastic. animated \fenken.r.. "The studio asked me if I had any s-iggestions as to who i. released in 7994. Tim fuce was signed first to write the -. Menken ¡.1uction about the organization of newsboys .ilj Clríst Superstar with Andrew Lloyd r.' I said.¡-udes the boys' inspirational anthem.. ." Disney added another Academy Award to its collection when "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" was cited t.Seize ." Once again.". Alan Menken and Jack Feldman.":::rlir beloved The Lion King. he was anxious to come on board. Menken.-¡llaborated with lyricist Tim Rice. t/ ?l By half-past three. Ashman had written lyrics for three songs in the next big Disner."' The producers were '. -:.-r'úld n-rite the music. as Best Song. earlier in his career. live or animated. 'Choose :nr bodv in the --::r-¡i its place i. "I gave him the lyrics at the beginning of the session at . "I actually jumped at the chance. For the rest of the score. wrote Evita arrd . Disney definitely reafas the world's best producer of :. Elton John '. a theatre veti:Arl rrho. . br. Aladdin. he'd \\ ished writing and recording a stunning demo. "Circle of Life"? Rice. including Friend Like Me. Tl-ier said.. and the film were hon-:¿d n'ith an Academy Award for Best Song for r \\-hole New World.rrliu1 and successful animated films. that surpasses the emotional beauty of the opening number." -"> ::e 1990s continued. who first wrote the words for the song. was amazed at the speed with which Elton John composed. :: first hesitant to a'rproach the legcndarv rock star. as it turned out." Has there ever been a musical number on film.:lcr.r:.." l-sner-'s live-action musical tradition contin- . The ). was the uni..rebber.

and "Someday. The richly emotional songs include "God Help the Outcasts." a chart-topping hit for Pocahontas was singer Vanessa Williams. the first full-length feature film ani mated entirely on computers. kind of song. Fot Hercules. takes place among the magical lives of a six-year-old's collection of toys. enlivened by new songs. The film is a marvelously entertaining tale of the triumph of a true hero. The combined talents of Menken and Schwartz produced yet another Academy Award for Best Song for "Colors of the Wind. Just the task of adapting a screenplay from the sprawling novel is difficult enough. expressive collection of songs borron ing influences from gypsy music. once again by §an Menken. a Tonr-' Award winner for his work on the Broadway musicalCity of Angels. with music once again by Alan Menken. beyond the film score was recorded brBette Midler.This was an incredibly ambitious undertaking in every regard. A special film like this needed a unique extensive. with lyrics by Daüd Zippel. but creating a satisfying animated musical from this complicated story was a monumental task. who wrote the Iyrics for the score. soaring "Go the Distance. Disney turned to a new source for a story: ancient Greek mythology. It brought another major theatre talent into the Disney Studios in Stephen Schwartz. The resulting critically acclaimed film is evidence of just how splendidly all those involved succeeded. French musrc. Brtzz. Alan Menken's sixth score for Disney lr-as another collaboration with Stephen Schwartzthe adaptation of the classic 19th century Victor Hugo novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. and traditional liturgical music.20 the first Disney animated feature inspired by factual history. and Disney found that in singer-songwriter Randy Newman. The score contains an il . and Andy. .l il Toy Story. Rock singer Michael Bolton had a hit single with the expansive." certainly an anthem befitting the mighty son of Zeus." which became a hit ior the vocal group All-4-One. Schwartz knew success at a young age on Broadway as the composer and lyricist of Godspell and Pippin. But this was no dull classroom textbook topic as realized br Disney Studios." which. "You've Got a Friend in Me" is the chummy song that expresses the easy goodwill of the enchanting story of Woody.

. Like the t-tvo Toy Súory films and.s uplifting yet dynamic composiüons of goodwill and camaraderie were recorded and released on 1999..ll Be in My Heart. Haüng successfully encap_ sulated the zeitgeist of the dar.. Inc..Where the Dream Tákes You. and.-one of the top-grossing films of 2OOl.s Millennium Celebration Album.When She Loved Me. who earned a 2OOO Grammf nomination for Best Original Song for their collaboration on "My Funny Friend and Me." performed by Grammf-winning R&B artist Mya.-. Inc.. Scored byJohn Debney.s Toy Story 2 nominated song . . a young.s Life Disney closed the final year of the twentieth cen_ turv in its customary grand style with a Walt Disney World-Epcot Center event featuring origi_ nal songs performed by the incomparable London Svmphony Orchestra.-the fourth creation by computer-animation giant pixar-featured the latest in computer animation In a story more reminiscent of a Jules Verne adventure than its typically meffy fare.. 1 Adult Contemporary hit . and the hit song . before it. self-absorbed Incan emperor." which beat out Randy Newman. Scored by pop_ rocker and longtime Genesis member phil Collins.. to win the 1999 Grammf for Best Original Song from a Motion picture. the Tarzan'" soundtrack included the lr-orld beat infused "Two Worlds. the story of Kttzco. and the No. Toy Story 2.::::r. the critically acclaimed Atlantis was nonetheless shut out as an Oscar nominee for the 2001 debut of the Best Animated by Feature category fellow Disney release Monsters. The Emperor's New Groove. Disney released Atlantis: The Lost Empire in the summer of 2OOl. turns him into a talking llama instead.. Although losing the Oscar for Best Animated Feature that year. Disney dispensed with the cute creatures and sing-along pop songs for their telling of the legendary myth. Disney released two hugely suc_ cessful animated features: Tarzan^'. Monsters.. Inc. Monsters Inc.vning millennium.3 Yd ¡. the film also features songs by composer David Hartley and lyri_ With the cist/performer Sting.. .p for Best Original Song for composer/lyricist Randy Newman's "lf I Didn't Have you. botching a plan to poison him. did garner a Gramm.ptomise. make sure that their menacing brethren are sufficiently lurking in closets and under beds for the purpose of frightening children. conductor Gaün Greenway.. With a score by renowned composer James Newton Howard. as employees of a scream-inducing factory called Monsters. A Bug." Other notable artists who lent their voices to this madcap Disney offering were Tom Jones.That same year. ne\ / century came new Disney escapades-including 2000's original animated feature. a follow-up to the 1994landmark com_ puter-animated blockbuster. including the single . He vexes a scorned sorceress who. an adapta_ tion of the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic. The film is about two monsters who..**frf§' Producing its first 70mm format cartoon since 1985's The Black Caulclron. and Shawn Colvin. Eartha Kitt.

¡rld.Tames Newton Howard is heard . escaped to Earth after * .::-. 11on theBilLboard2OO. and the single "Look Through Mv Eyes. Atter .1 a space-faring ship in search of this .:'. her new friend :r¡ possesses a high intelligence and --r -... )lbon tl's Soundtrack chart.aiian Roller Coaster Ride.nst to Lilo. Also featured is the rocker frontman of the Goo Goo Dolls. orphaned Hawaiian girl adopts a . a ':. it was Walt Disney himself who summed up best the reasons for the important role and the incredible success music has enjoyed in Disney animated features. the compositional . released in November of --.:-r-id bv an extraterrestrial mad scientist .. the story of a young Native American boy named Kenoia intent on avenging his father.r.. went to No. A charming and lesson-inspiring story.1n strength.-. 10 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 chart.. But by long experience and by strong personal leaning. which gives him a new and profound perspective. that were guided to wide audience acceptance. 5 on the Adult Contemporary chart.. --.:r 'Har.r€s Elrris Presley's "BIue Hawaii. :]1s adaptation of the classic yafn. live-action motion pictures. Lilo anrl --':::reknor. Once again. . I've selected musical themes. and went as . -- . genetically engineered pet in .: _.-:-. Brother Bear eatned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature in 2003.rlin the film an Oscar nomination as Disney turned again to Tarzatfn' singer/songwriter Phil Collins for 2003's Brother Bear. Perhaps and theme parks: "Music has always had a prominent part in all our products from the early cartoon days.:.ris Stevenson meets the Jetsons in : : -'r.1t the Treasure Planet score.r it-rg. John Rzeznik. who was killed by a mother bear protecting her cubs. in fact.. Kenoia is himself transformed into a bear..z_§t//. original or adapted. -._-..: l'. "But credit for the memoraLrle songs and scores must.the Best Animated Feature of 2002. whose original song "l'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)" hit No.r--. : spracspirate booty it stores-Jim joins :'.. that I cannot think of the pictorial story without thinking about the complementary music that will fulfill it. go to the brilliant composers and musicians who have been associated with me through the years..".s of plrates and the high seas. While on his quest... rrrlr€dJim longs for the swashbuckling -:-.:-:-:. of course." .'. as Collins's soundtrack reached No.'. 2 on the Soundtrack chart in 2004.rcclriog tale of misfit friendship. The Lilo and Stitch soundtrack.e Plctnet. and .r. The film made its mark on a number of Billboard charts as well. So much so. I have had no formal musical training.:-. which -.:.rtrrr. hit . upon a map charting the course to ': --I l-reasure Planet-notorious for the . : ..-. -:-:t:.

the bum . my they neith .From Walt Disney's Mickey's Follies Words by WALT DISNEY and CARL STr Music by CARL STl .ie bu .en house.ble bee.ny wills a sing .sy sweet down bttzz hors es whin .er eve tle Min .nie mean much to O 1930 Walt Disney Music ComPanY Coovrisht Renewed fat .in' in of the chick .ning bells nor a .

i -mals. wow.f 'dv.25 C7 C7 feed heart ing time for is down tn the an . and the . the chick . meow. C7 wow. meow. and sing you to A ^ Bb hear me sing her this mel - this o song.l A Bb oId oh the G7 hount dog with his bow. Ifin - nie mouse and they howl where I long D7 G7 turn my meet her heel.en caw. old tom cat with his meow. there. the crows caw. C the hen that frag - to mid and to E] growl be like with the my A A house steal. rance rare. G] Adim I just and I'll can .

koo kook his koo - nie.ens.tened to the Koo .26 mule's hee - what a rack . when .s and I've heard haw lis .tle Min - like the chick - ens. With the cows and my lit .er cock his doo all sound like the dick . the roost .

w*m. Cop¡ right Renerved Co.g lb bad wolf. big bad wolf? Who's a .27 Who.tru" ffkue Beg* §$m#" &.áii['P From Walt Disney's Three Little Pigs Words and Music by FRANK CHURCHILL Additional Lyric by ANN RONELL Who's a- fraid of big the bad wolf? Who's a- fraid of the I I G bad woll? Tra la D+ G Who's la.s Affg-¿m$s-§ ri.fraid of the big bad wolf? (oplriF.fraid of the big bad wolt To CodaS e i.\l6 ¡oitbr Bo¡rr. Tra la la . a .

s hay.y bad_wolf they_ did .tle hand-some piC . ver- gruff.ttpuff.n't give pufPt he puffed just e-nough and the hay house fell three right bad. Num No .hey figs. there were three a day when the fate did Pl8s. town. the wolf blew in . I'Il blow you inr" and the - played a-round all day. down" Num - ber one was One and Two were ver scared to D/F# D#dim7 gay-death and he built his house with of the big bad wolf . wigs.ber two was one left but fond num of jigs and ber Three to so he built his saYe the pig .tet . D/F* D#dim7 big lit . twig house an-swered yes. breath.28 f Long I Came go. With 66By a the hey .to - frown and For the With a - y A1 y big. he blew on his flute and he hair of your chin-ny-chin.

" Num -ber Now they had no chance to slid down the chim-'ney and. free lit-tle three CODA pigs just winked.Jim-' 'cause.joiced and laughed. me!tt he - D/Ff D#dim7 A7 no chord sing and.dy in with saidrttCome bricks.locked and I will buitd my tricks. in the fi . and play don't mix! he was fried. When they knocked. playedon his fid-dle and fast un .ly. .ha ha! piCs re .ie's danced with la .i . side he he - and the bricks house with hurt wolf .twigs. house with fam three said. ha ha! . He So. ttNix on all were safe ln Heigh did-dle did-dle. pride. Ha Ha ha ha ha! The ha! The two lit-tle.ánd laughed. by. do lit-tle lit-tle.

one o Bbm/Db Bb/D s F6 you nev _ ) C'7 FmajT F6 er )n r Copvright O I for some . Copvright lnternational Copyright Securcd All Rights lieserVCd t) r )t r )a r .17 bv Bourne Co.From Walt Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Words by LARRY MOREY Music by FRANK CHURCHILL Slowly Bb/G BbE o Gm lor rg dtsl' it ü mf C7 .

l[i-l rove mg Dm7/G n'on't you grant wish .ing this fa - vor well.]r"k. .

With your mag - ic .

won't you tell my loved one what to do? .

From Walt Disney's Snow rMhite And The Seven Dwarfs Words by LARRY MO Music by FRANK CHURCI- Rather fast U F A Some Some da v da v e'e rt mo . find my love.-t1 . tF ¿. Copyright Renewecl lnternationaJ Copyright Secured All Rights Reserec of will my start I dreams comes skip .ment we DTIA Bb ml rll ¡rince will come.ment will mo .ping to a .i: W W Y@ **&^Á!.fir 'l l#P I when the prince for my heart Copyright O 1 937 bv Bourne Co.

self a long.rrprl All pi.hl. Copyright Renewed lntern¡liñn?l Cnnvrioht §e¡.36 Whistle While You Work From Walt Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Words by LARR\ ' Music by FRANK CHL : whis .-¡ .tle loud and sing your . Copyright O 1 937 by Bourne Co. 8.. Just é' song.^..

35 - whis day Bb+ and steal things wetve a been my Ab7 Gm7 love per we'll "l say C7 kiss long some day - or ing two though to though he's she's I I .

get smart tune C to whis - tle you work. .a .ful chick .both - dontt For .dee.get your trou ' er C C#dim7 be a just cheer bles. C6 . And whis .tle while you C#dim7 oD.

CoPr right Reneu cd lnternational Copyright3ecured All Right: Re'errecl mine trY the whole day to do our .n I ' G Y-* §{ue"r.:t l:::7¡:r. Words by LARRY MOREY Music by FRANK CHURCHILL March tempo We dig dig Am7 dig dig dig dü dig diC dig dig diC dig dig dig in our and we Copyrí8ht @ 1937 bY Bourne Co.í8"'§á{} The Dwarfs' Marching Song From Walt DisneY's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs '.

D. we go" r Am7 Fm6 or of can the C heigh .:.r¡*rn the srng. whis tle rhy thm B1 G croon. D7 make than a right a - C just (Whistle) keep To rt's G/B sing - ing .39 Am/C al .ter thing i.ho.F. "Heigh - home your from trou work bles 8o.. !(]n9. scale for as when we all B7 you go Em there ain't a bet . long.ho.rg down the trail dig march D7 MLDE." heigh . than a right a - can to the you tune. 1.ways d." ho.

ho." 6'Heigh . "Heigh "Heigh - heigh heigh - heigh heigh - ho." ho.f 40 B7lü Em long. if ho. ho." seY heigh .t' "Hei¡ heigh . ho.ho." t'Hei¡ feel enina you're ing + r BTID* you pos'i-tive-ly can't Em wrong *ith with (Whistle) heigh .ho. ho.

10 lnternational Copyright Securecl All RiShts Reserved Cm7 F7 . CoPYriSht Renewed Copyrlght O 1 9.(An Actor's Life For Me) From Walt DisneY's Pinocchio Words by NED WASHINCTON Music by LEICH HARLINE Cm7b5 F7 FdimT b-v Bourne Co.

.n't and hm/b) did-dle-dee - high silk hat and sil _--/ dee. act .or's life of gold with mer_ dia - mond chain. an ver cang.42 EbmT could pick na .ture was .

Copyright Renewed .tr§r- From Walt Disney's Pinocchio Words by NED WASHINCTC Music by LEICH HARLII Moderately fast Eb '-----' (Whistle)- Copyright O 1 940 by Bourne Co.L §.§ §e§* eVh Éi.44 flá§vq: r.

45 Fdim/Ab AdimT tle squeak. Gm puck . your the straight and .er Eb/G D7/F* CmílF} blow. whis .tle's weak.

Iit - (Whistle)- tle .

Copyright Reneu'cd lnternational Copyright Secured Ail Riqhts Reserved .Wkrewa Yffir.'rt .'. {Jpffir:l 'i'" ..-'rr From Walt Disney's Pinocchio Words by NED WASHINCTON Music by LEICH HARLINE Copyright o 1 940 bv Bourne Co.

48 G9 Gdim7 G7 r rrr the sweet ful IF - fill .ment of their se - cre .

49 G7*s(b9) long aJ To L- ' rng. rtr G7 Like a bolt out .

Mulan is the . Walt Disney . Matthew Wilder and . -. - Tlte Lion King. it is : .-.r rrerstone in the major redevelopment . : --.-11r'\ralTlic camera :r before possible -:i.-.d scenes and the attack of the .:¿ Beost was adapted for the stage . and contains additional songs by Elton John and Tim Rice. O Disnef originaL Dutch Cast.'. Julie Táymor.-:: :reer-i the expansion of the com.l¿brated its tenth annivetsary and : :::¿ sirth longest-running " -: show in :-. and is the biggest hit New York has seen in many years.-¡r-tSS.-. of royal bloodlines..1 tale is of a coura--:-: C}-rinese woman who : -rrrlY disguised as a man :-:: ailing father can be -. The show opened on . with sold-out houses booked many months in advance.llazlng state-of-the-art --.:'" -l \pril 18. who.::r¡tion Florida..on. andatthiswriting . Aida is t]:le story of Egyptian prince and war-hero Radames.. ative musicals ever to open on The Great White Way. one of the most innov- Rice collaboration. as well as songs by Hans Zimmet..-:::. although betrothed to Princess Amneris.-. reached No.¡¡-sted animation.-. . A touring company of the . "Written in the Stars." as recorded by EltonJohn and LeAnn Rimes.r¡ filn-r largely created -. herself also.:-:eSS to include Broadway musicals.. including Best Original Musical Score..-. :.. . and Jay Rifkin.:re \ew Amsterdam Theatre. b1. 2 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Charts andNo. :-.s been a smash success on the road. but secretly.: :. Mark Mancina.. :rrJ Tirn Rice. 4inCatada. A single of one of the show's most beloved songs. . This .2t . -. -. lvith additional songs by Alan ..1r1gible with the acquisition and ren. The play captured four Ton.. Lebo M. 1999's Aida..'. The stunning production was also directed and co-designed by cutting-edge talent Julie Táymor.: :.: \:-eet in New York. The stage adaptation from the animated film opened on Broadway on November L3. enters into a forbidden romance with the war-captured Aida. The musical won the 1998 Tonf Award for Best Musical.:r- serr'lce..stored to its original splendor.7994. .-:.r iltost exciting developments at : . 1997.-. and a Grammf that same year for Best Musical Show Album. .-.f Awards in 2000. Built in .r.l rr-ith especially . The New Amsterdam r-: . Technology ..-. 1990s Disney developed an anir*r--r ir-r Orlando. photos by f)ccn van N'feer .rnclude "Reflection" and "Honor . Inspired by the Verdi opera of the same name. : : -i::r'r-r to a piece of Broadway became . On the heels of its Broadway success wlthThe Lion Klng Disney triumphed once again with another EltonJohn/Tim :. . -:=. -. iriston.

Copyright Reneu.j _____r smile C-opyright @ 1 940 bv Bournt Co.ed lntcrnational Copyright Secured All Rights Res-"rved dour? D+ .son the of a trou ba r__.50 From Walt Disnev's Pinocchio Words by NED WASHINCTOI Music by LEICH HARLIN Moderately G but-ter fly's wing? D] What's Fdim D7 the rea .

\ I r=-J be - cause theY're string .a - gun. or make me frown. there are strings it's . ['m free.Whl does a breeze hare a bar - rel fun? of en the hee who's Ev a son-of.less free. the same r--J-____t DTsus DTsus D7fl s I've got no strings strings but now fret DTsus D] DTsus had to make me hold me down.

ries have fun. atatf ¿' GJJ üüJ How I love my lib .er .I'm as hap-py as noth-ing ev .er wor . there are no strings on ['ve .ty.

slow Eh Cm/Bb Bb/D ¡ Abm6 / -------.t-r' From Walt Disney's Dumbo Words by NED WASHINCTON Music by FRANK CHURCHILL Moderatelv. 1941 l¡v Walt Disnei' Productions CoP¡'rlght Renerlecl world Riehts Controllecl I» Bourne Co.-3-----.? . t_-.l Abm6/Bb Bb7 -4 don't you mine cry. ii9 . lnternational Co"pvright Securecl A I Ri¡.hts Rcserved Copyright Bb7 your r-3-----1 close Abm6/Bb .-. §.'1.- to my heart.: '*. of .-n .1 Abm6 dry .. o r- .---r______t - rrtr *fl'. 3 -----1 ba-by f-3-. .er to part. neY 3 --------t.:.

?---- mind- don't what they say.-..-' a . ba-by f-l----1 of .- r r kle and 3 ---.----- Cm/Bb Abm6/Bb Bb7 r.. Abm6/Bb Bb7 . shine.-.-í----1 tear.1.-l----.----.Cm/Bb r. r_.._-1.7_____ r-l------1 spar- .?--*¡ one- whenyou . --8---. nev-er .

those r-l -----1 Gm peo- ple who scold --c.-.<. r. From Cm/Bb Bb/D your r-l------¡ head to your Ab6 toes.=--l-------r .7 ______l the Gm DIF* right to U Fm7 Bb7 Eb hold you.-l---- DmllG they'd Yoü.. U U Cm Gm/Bb <> <> what they'd Am7b5 D7 grYe just for r=-. lov - up end ing you a-3------t ar hf r o o Dm7/G Cm/Eb Cm G7 Au too.- Abm6 .

7 CmiBb r=-.-l-----.- r r i ftt f r r can ba-by of r-. you're good-ness r_. f-l------1 pre.?-----1 of I ------1 .56 Abm6/Bb Bb7 Abm6 Abm6/Bb B.-3----- I ba-by .7---- much.7_____ .cious to r-" cute as .

-il.:1.. .il- . ill. . .: i:.ii. .1..a: I .... lnternational Copyright Secured All Rights Rcscrved right Bbl .l: .ll...:li...... li- From Walt Disney's Dumbo Words by NED WASHINCTON Music by OLIVER WALLACE C9 trm7lBb When I think Just to I have to laugh a-bout Fm7/Rb Bblb9 Eb EbIG Bb7 Fm7 Bb7 think a-bout it bends me Copyright O 1941 by Walt Dilney Productions CoPl'right Renerved World Rights Controllecl b¡'Bourne Co...

fly. f - heard band. see a dia-mond the jel ly ring. roll.gar - when when see heard saw I I fly. den walk. I I - saw saw a a -l EbIG EbM/Gb Ebl*s -J . think think I I will have will have seen seen -J thing thing front porch su . le that pig with an need But I But I eye. - saw saw saw saw a the a a .58 I saw pea - gar - *f nut stand. a stalk. §ty.

et fence that's - Bb/Ab Eb/G road no tie.'1 shop. made saw a a Abm veg bi . - n't You can't de I oid - see nY _- that. the IonlY things that You but but .o late buck. droP.e think think seen seen \ i thing thing - e-phant e-phant see an el see an el flY. They - I tell went me that in-to a man a store.pol ' ka dot rail pick .'ta cy ble cle ttTruck. when when I I Ebm/Gb Eb7i5 Bb7/F t- But I But I -1 will have will heard - a rar' up and choc .en clothes. flY. fr Abm saw a ev . lie.

. - chance.60 to know be ia - soc take ble just tain things there's cer I their can't saw The oth BbIAb slide.- so r gull i a I hle thought.I'd sort of r-J think think I I will have will have seen seen -3----------¡ e-phant e-phant just laugh'd till Ab 867+s Bb'7 But I But I I I'm and ev ev - 'ry 'ry thing thing - when when . - Eb/c Ebm/Gb Bb]IF saw an old cow saw an old barn hide. dance.

. drop... t'4...on't . .I ' .ing beat " ing show show ls cloud . Drip. Drip..: lil . that you fall.. .. A All beat . drop.. er.:. Inc Copyright Renerved Rights Reserved Used by Permission as tune tune ev you -'ry A the sky - can com-pare with your get .:.- ... when O 1942 Wonderland Music Company.ó:. what Itm a a drip.ti -ful care at sound. From Walt Disney's Bambi Words by LARRY MOREY Music by FRANK CHURCHILL Moderately C Drip.! ...'1t Y trr I ?-'1.41 -ut-rr.. drip.. a-round. drip. . i:. e frII rrhere all drip.ting wet and I B7 all. drop.-. ti t. lit-tle lit-tle ToCoda$ u e l¡cau $.. t-.r'.y .t..pril tit tit Drip. . Drip.t1: . -ara. t .'!:_ .pril A .. drop.. A -pril A -pril show show - er. drop. a._.

a nev - er be when the .en the t'How .bye" right I'll lit-tlegay lit-tle A-pril ser. say "Good . day.e - . drop.dy" drip.sic can bright .

From Walt Disney's Song Of The South

Moderately fast











a- dee


O 1945 Walt DisneY Music ComPanY
All Riohr.

Copyright Renewed

Rp+^ed l.1'"6 ¡rr pp¡ris.ion

ty of






r'act - chtll."




- tis - fact- ch'll.t' Zip




a- dee

- ay!


Won - der-ful



der - ful




,-*, rr -r,,,-!,-*'1, ,¡"il .,,-¡,tl¡, l!-..11 ]l',,'u ,. ,.
§,_ _s-_
}* 1r"
§ §:'* l¡ .;.,r'_¡,.
l,t 'tt it ll
tt i,
-;r'l{i §r, §-1t:1!|! 1§r.,rt,
14..1,: 'rr.r


(Dilly Dilly)
From Walt Disney's So Dear To My Heart




I youl

-ly, dil - ly









O 1948 Walt Disney Music Conrpan¡;
Copyright Reneu'ed

All Ri¡hl: Re.erred U.ed hr Permi-.ior

dil - ly, dil -


who told



your dil - ly, dil - Iy

dil - Iy, dil - ty






- ty lit - tle church


dil - ly, dil - Iy



dil - ly, dil - ly








I t'nI

I r



I yourl

r.'§ { f ¡€. with expression O I948 Walt Disney Music Company Copyright Renewed . af .1I E IÉ Xit t'-& 6 $ t1¿.3::i 1.f.") From Walt Disney's Cinderella Words and Music by MACK DAV AL HOFFMAN and JERRY LIVINCST( Moderately slow.68 -:l:¡nn&#l (' ! . k" d§ *"1"¿aÉh\.

.. A true..ter D7 dream that AmltB You Am7 will come' mat . is you keep on be ' No Am7 A9 F9 how your day- in your dreams faith Iiev ... -.69 [Iave rain-bow will come smil - ----'-----/ thru.'._- ling heart griev . 9va-----. A

er and what have you bib-bi -di got 3 la men .ka boo ..Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) From Walt Disney's Cinderella Words by JERR'I Music by MACK DAVID anc a- Brightly F sa'la- put 'em to - geth ga-doo .Ia bib-bi-di-bob-bi-di-boo . n-.lamen-chic-ka boo . . R-.-i..e^ pn I l-Á¡ bib-bi-di-bob-bi-di-boo I O 1948 Walt Disney Music Company Copyright Renewed All Rioh.chic .- .

íre-st 6 ra'frn> tr § x §..*B Lq.i. From Walt Disney's Alice Brightly In Wonderland IE m --aF Itm Ia tE. §.l I .. P^. .- por - tant date.-¡ h. a. Copyright Renewed B---.. for Irm a Yer-y im- O 1949 Walt Disney Music Company All B.-hi.-i-.

boo 3 put 'em to-geth-er and what have you got .di .it . F3 G7 J Dm7 Bhm 3 .ic be - or lieve it .bi .bi .di .? bib-bi-di -bob-bi-di bib-bi-di-bob-bi-di bib-bi-di .di .di - .Ia but men-chic-ka boo . .. the thing-a-ma-bob that does thejob is g Gm7 g bib .boo" I Sa-la-ga-doo-la men-chic-ka boo Ia bib. . 3 .bob-bi .le-roo.di.7 bib-bi-di not..ll mag do .

I wish that I run time could fly. and dare to stoP There's dan . hop.ger if and D7 herets the rea .73 whis - kers hop. hel ' lo. rab . too much took hop.ven say good ' bye.son why. I'm late. I'm late. . Itm late.bit Itm (you see) I'm G7 Cantt e .

$rr .§ il&&.74 'F&xr* %i**r-x'xxxñ %. :.-l*-"r ""§&. From Walt Disney's Peter Pan Words by SAMMY C.*-xx.S.3 # $&. §. Fm7 BbTlF Eb .1951 Walt Disney Music Company Copyright Renewed come true.J1l.§. ff{X('r?}$ il.i{r-il -&-§.\..* e .§. .-:§11* f &q+' 1.\: Music by SAMMY Fr Moderately slow with expression Eb G] The sec .1L§-& *.ond star to the right E|IG C9 to tell you that the dreams you plan star to the right real - ly shines in the night for Ab/Bb Ab9 EblG can shines with O.-&*-&'-§ . "{{-§-§*.

tle a .Land you Eb AbiBb Bb9 Fm7 need. it's light will lead you so I'll Bb9 one who where know loves Bb+ me. lead Eb BbTtAb we'll thank the Twin-kle. you And when gleam-ing EbIG lit ' tle you in skies the bring him mY way' Fm7 c'7b9 star that shines the star G7b9tD Ab are' lit .kle there' Eb9 BbmT BbmT Fm7 F*dim EblG each time we say "Good. twin.nightr" Ab/Bb Bb7+s(b9) sec' ond from the right.bove. me to the .

From Walt Disney.-.. i^^ You can .r § r1 fli t.s peter pan Words by SAMM\ ¿..76 .!.r- : brought.tle thoughL You can O 1951 Walt Disney Music Cornpany Copyright Renewed ed I l.. -y mer-ry lit . t-t.Music by SAMI\1) :¿ Moderately slow Eb Think of the pres-ents you..\(1 tia. All Riphlc R-.§_-.'] h. ¿ _t_'9* tiól * t{ .r. ta .en p^. .1 ..t. rein-deer in the an sky. 1l f.o.r.t a il * i! a: .. ..- ..* *l:r.

r r Bb7 that's the way to r get Now you wings. can . Don't Bb7 You won - Eb can flv! You can der why. . Fm7 Bb7 flv! You can fly¡- store.77 Fm7 Eb- Bb7 You can fly! Think of the hap-pi-est things.dy own r Bb7 Look! You're your Eb Eb ris - ing Ab the floor.

atl it faith and F But the thing that's a pos .tle bit of Pix - ie .i .78 Soon ifr you'll zoom all a .tive When therets takes is a smile in vour heart must rsa lit .round the room.

Fm 7 Bb7 Eb Eb I --+ 2 You can Hb- = fly ! .ple plan. You can fly =I fly! can .79 B: 1 Bl7 f = --l t It' s sim . Yer-y You can what bird - ies AI --+ = least Bb7 it's worth You try.

- have in their eyes- stars - on this I r g bel love of your I ¿t 'l + ir .80 Bella l{otte (This Is The Night) From Walt Disney's Lady And The Tramp Words and Music by PECCY and SONNY BUF Slowly. with expression GI is the This night - a beau .ti .ful night- - and we call it bel I AmTlD I at Look 3 lr r ly the they skies.










DTbe(f s)


is the






ens are right-


on this



#sacm &Jpexxa ,& KSremxxa
From Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Words and Music by SAMMY


Adapted From A Theme By Tchaiko,

O 1952 Walt Disney Music Compan¡,
Copyright Renewed




vis -


ions are




you'Il love me




know what you'Il


way you did





sel -









1*' 'v e §
§ *
x' *rl, § &t"it * i* .,,.,f
& § &".;r 1§,' .* §
,r l'_ I i ft , '1{ #

From Walt Disney's LO1 Dalmatians

Words and Music

O 1959 Walt Disney Music Company
op¡ right Reneu ed^

in her



in -


a spi - der wait '

no - cent


had bet - ter





the shock,

think Cru'el ' la is




ware. -

Cru ' el ' la

Look out for

ing for

af - ter time haswore a-way

chil -



you come to



a - lize



86 seen her kindof eyes_ Yam .- bat.up whole-someplace un .er re .- was such a a she ought to be locked.pire- neY .leased.der-neath hu-man beast. - watch -ing in - The world you fromun .

a piece of ry tune to er that they - Am7 A7 G take And Bbdim7 D9 fun and er-ing his ñnd gath tire the snap ofev-er bits buzz the job's a of twine and . the rest comb nev . He knows sip.der in his pur a lit . And hence.tar from the of to el . from ev-'ry - comes mer flow -'rY Though quite in twig. SHERMAN and ROBERT B' SHERMAN Brightly In ev job -'ry feath bees thatmust be done there is an .e-ment lit-tle time flow .87 A Spoonful Of Sugar From Walt DisneY's Mary PoPPins Words and Music by RICHARD M. be he has a niP. A Iark! . I O 1963 Wonderland Music Company.Y that fetchthe nec . Be his nest has ver . lnc' Coovrisht Renew ed {ll Righr< Re'enpd U'"d br Pernr'"ion eY cause theY - task tent take Bbdim7 D7 A spree! a song they find youun .ers to You while fun.tle DdimT It's will their .ing to and suit. cake.

y clear to see.tt8 ver .i .cine a a a - ful - wown. Bbdim7 D7lA sug - ar med. move the That For For med. task is not a grind.i .cine helps the med .i .cine Just a . job a .long.

89 Words and Music by RICHARD M. SHERMAN Brightly C#dim7 C Mary Poppins: - Sup-er-cal-i though the ex-pr frag some - sound thing O 1963 Wonderiand .Pernrissior¡ quite G7 . lnc All CoPi'right Reneu'ecl Rights Rescrved Usecl l¡r.\1usic Companr'. SHERMAN and ROBERT B.

went Dayr did - dle cause I trav .90 .dle did . '6There word and then you've .dle.i - do C Pearlies: Um did .dle when and therets nose a tweak and all would say.mon up fraid round got me and this dle did - dle to speak the world your tongue.frag-il -is -tic .dle did .ex -pi -al .eled when the me he'd just did - ay! wa§ all - cat fa use sum ther gaYe his word . did . um did - Bert: Be dle ay! Mary lU" Poppins: lSo I was eY -'ry just -where no need to a he dis - lad. ' 3. I When dukes and ma .is ft'-¿¡ il .er . All: word spe said that the or you cial it Sup i She's .i .er teard and mord and then they to me girl and - then one day I But ..ex -pi .ra . C*dim7 fr"¿: il .'a Derr: i Rrrt bet .al .ter use it this ask no\ü big - Bertand I fne I I in' with your learned a word . er gent!" to say.9t told pes got saved I me a clev lot a me - was - tic tic .ly gest Mary Poppins: Pearlie: is 'ow it me out to me girl's me *.ful .i .ex -pi .Sup-er-cal'i cious! cious! E .jas pas§ care .Yen though Sup-er-cal-i the 3Xl I . ach time of day it can change el' .:T' One Ar: wife.

92 sound of it is frag .is -tic If you say Sup-er-cal-i some .ex .i loud e-noughryoutll al .thing quite a .pi .il .ways sound frag -il .tic -ex-pi-al-i Sup-er-cat'i pre Sup-er-cal-i mru frag -il frag -il -is -is -tic -tic -pi -pi -aI -al -i -i -do it .al .is .

.93 é. lnc CoPYright Renetr pi.r. the . ir ..i ii. . strife. - Moth ... rt:'-ti..r ...r . ties.\-¡¡ d :l .er or that's why a Na ' bear ture's can .3. br mean mean Bb F1 c7*5 the the bare bare ne-ces-sl ne-ces-§l - O 1964 Wonderland Music Conrllanr'..p-.Á!...ties.. bare the 2..- for for - a-bout a-bout get get wor wor - your your sim sim - Ple bare ple bare ne ne G7 D7 Bb7 ces ces §r ries ries and and your your strife...: ii-1.. From Walt Disney's The lungle Book Words and Music by TERRY GILKYSON Bright tempo (with spirit) Look for BbmajT F] ne ne - 1. bare ces ces SI ties.' orl ecl I . nn ties.....dF&@ .ties.. the si . ¡ hr Pprrn ..-. _. I i.

ci-pes_ rest at ease_ F that bring the bare with just the bare ne ne ces . So just try to re - I could . want for the be ..n't be you.ties - of of life. hard. tr in' in the tree to make some ly pear by .' a .si . too home.ties ces .prick a if you act like that and wher- paw lax fond raw bee ¡Oh yeah!) paw.round for some-thing you bazz prick - yard.. hon . v re . when you pick a time just look.ey just try to use that canlt pear.acts- r rr ?a The t¡ees Don't pick are the Don't spend your of my next time big be you're work-in. - no chord Wher-ey-erlwan Whenyou. ware.y in my back roam.pick a 3. life. ev-er I or pric-kl .

out it and I'll may giY tell be try en you a a you some-thing few. clue? not life The bare Dm will come Gm C7 they'll come to to F6 A 2. then big paw .3.pawr -have I think-in' a .Dm7 look un-der the need to .. C7 of the the D7 fan . Look for the you! A 7r f ne true. found.When you find out you can me. Gm D7 G7 You you don't C7 C Gm plants and take a glance use the claw when you pick a pear go a-long Iive with ces-si-ties at of rocks and . But cIaw.

SHER.(The Python's Song) From Walt Disney's The lungle Book Words and Music by RICHARD M. SHER/V Moderately O 1966 Wonderland Music Company.V and ROBERT B. lnc .

? ------l ses will cease to r-l--___¡ re r--./ Slow tol -__-__.97 r-.l -------t . to sail on a r-'7 ------¡ ber. tt .?-----¡ - Dm6 no chord - lax. slum t¿ Bb7 r_.-3 ty and sure 'lY a 3 Your "----1 r_J|______r sen - r--.-.7------r Slip in É.

r \7 .

fnnwriohi Pp. ...lete. - whenhe of-fers to share...his .'ry-bod ob .99 Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat From Walt Disney's The Arístocats Words by FLOYD HUDDLESTON Music by AL RINKER With a beat lai7 Em D7 Em(maj7) 3 hows where 'cause ev it's at! _ -'ry-thing else is Ev .1 square- the .y pick-in' up on ware O of a 1968 Walt Disney r!1usic Cornpanl.

ry friends may Ib ."in I .y wants to to swing!- t I Em Bm7 Em be a cat!- purr be-tween two Am fur .b .r""'t If it I've has-n't been tried.gest you pro . - . heard some - I sug .vide - corn-y birds who tried to Em7 Em6 tv cat's the on-ly cat who knows how I But ev -'ry-bod .100 milk . Bi I llpm be old hat.

101 F#m7 Come I Am7 - D7 .C.tle soul in - to the Gm7 key. then wait for me.? Aml D. AmajT - I'll take my horn and my best tone.-where ey -'rynight is out of sight! . _ then Gm7 EmajT C7s Let's take it to an-oth-er FmajT take Gm7 a few ad libs C] B7 -Í- - B7 F#m blow a lit . - I'il AhmT and pret-ty the oth er cats will all com-mence- I ¿l t'1 AbmT Db7 t con -gre-gat-ing on the fence. scat EmajT gli turn me on. aI Fine B1 Am7b5 F#m7 neaththe al-ley'son-ly light.. - FmajT mod - u-late.

} § From Walt Disney's The Rescuers Words by CAROL CONNORS and AYN ROBI Music by SAMMY I Gently.§ §. Some-one's wait .tle tear.t There'll be O 1976 Walt Disney Music Company and Sanrmy F¿rin Trust Adnrinistered_by Walt Disney Music Compan-v f« .if §: i.{. With pedal throughout I Hold your head up J) though no one r§ near..tle one.' § . expressively D DmajT Be trrave lit .ing .. Make a wish for each sad D6 lit ..

frox-n F#m c*1 )naj7 used to You'll be part be.tle prayer in your to and you're sure pock see the J e c*] tighL ways Soon there'll be joy ) F*m7b5 87 F*m hap and your J lit-tle worldwill be .ing B1 Em keep a lit . of that you the see. 4 Ffm Al - Some-onets wait .

Am D¿ r-¿ G/A brig ht. Have faith lit .es I come true. r-t )) D- .tle one 'til your hopes and your wish.

Winnie The Pooh From Walt Disney's The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh ! Words and Music bv RICHARD M' SHERMAN and ROBERT - dred wood where Chris C] to - pher in Deep bear.hie The Pooh' Win-nie ThePooh.nie The nil .nie The Pooh' tub .by Win . Gm7 FfdimT hun ole Gm7 FmajT - bin plays. - \-'--/-/ O 1963 Wonderlancl Muslc Compan.v. SHERMAN Broadly C7 Win .tle cub'by all stuffed with fluff' He's Moderate Waltz ToCodaS Win . lnc Copyright Renewed All Rights Reserved Used b1'Perrlissiorr the . lit .ly sil . wil .

106 Tempo I Gm7 \-. . child - hood days. and Kang-a and lit - Dm andPig-let CODA and there's Dm7 G] OwI but mostof all Win-nie-The-Pooh.ttr . don-key named Ee-yore is his friend.

I .. clump cy.3.gers IS of springs! your laps! O They're boun They're jump 196.der .toms are made out to leap in ls are made with vim are are won .Vonderl¿nd NiLrsic ConrP.r From Walt Disney's Tlte Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh Words and Music by RICHARD M.gers Tig . SHERMAN and ROBERT B. poun .y. I y.ful out of rub their and with üg they I r love Tig .der Their They're things! chaps! thing a-bout thing a-bout tops load -ed Tig Tig bot .rr¡. :i..'.ful won .t . troun y. won . The 2.l .1 \.cY. bump cy¡ floun y.der won . nc Copvright Renetr e¡l cy. thump . SHERMAN Brightly 1.der .

gers are aw .bout tig .gers are cud .108 Fun!-_Fun! But Fun! the most won .der .peat: Th .ly - Ev-try-one el - es why I re .ful thing a .di .peat and re . Tig .Iy fel .gers i To next strain ll3 Tig .Ias.ful .

lnc .en stream of A for you will al-ways -'ry wave iswarm and ter. Iet this can . ¿nc/ l.nrirri. gold .X/onr/erlrnd Music . and drift . but the clouds are lift . 1976 Walt Disnev Mtt<ic eonlp¿¡ .From WaIt Disney's Pete's Dragon Words and Music by AL KASHA and ]OEL HIRSCHHORN Smoothly Am C ['ll [.y.dle your can-dle on the on the wa wa r burn.side you. my don't give up soon you'll know you're soul is you have some-where see a to lost there my Iove 'til eY be .lil nights Reseived ui" guide you turn.t tv p".ll be be your can. ter. I bright.- light.

CC7 A cold andfriend-less tide you light-ed a found I'll paint a ray down.side r don't be your can-dle on tt . let the storm-y dark-nex cir-cling in the air I'll prayer. of hope a .round r. by has Yoü. this flame in .

look for ['il reach-ing me nev - er I'll let nev-er let out to .111 here's my hand so ygu'll make it. nev-er let take it.ers I'lI flow. as sure as riv .

lnc fun bound so much fun to .ing game. you could clown e-ven one of _ a you waresees you're your such a nat .gr a .From Walt Disney's The Fox And The Hound Words by STAN F Music by RICHARD IOHNS C When you're the best hap of 'pv you're not Nei .round for - r .urtl - O 1977 Walt Disney Music Company and Wonderland Music Company.ther friends hav .

r--.m7 -r-:-l--l both be - Bm7b5 ing E7 you're break-ing fools.113 Dm7 tf on-Iy the world would-n't get in G9 if on-ly the way. 8. shar.der-land. _ Em7 A9 Em7 peo-plewould They'll say you're r . f-3--1 3 Dm7 --3------ o- F. BmilE E7 all the - Am rules. - DmTlC of friends.-- r-l------- A9 just let you . - ¡-l'-"--.?------- Ffm7b5 F7 They can't un-der .ic G9 C When you're the best won .stand _ yourmag .

tl4 dis .er when these mo-ments have passed- will tha .cov I hope it nev .

1'.You don't O I988 Walt Disney Music Company and Wonderl¿nd Music Company. t it. From Walt Disney's The Little Mennaid Lvrics bv HOWARD ASHMAN ' rr¡usic by ALAN MENKEN I wan-na be- see tem dan - cin'.on those.r:a .ii_. C peo-ple where the round. what .t.f .. call - F/A C7 Flip-pin'your fins.i"'r :.:¡ ai.:.¡t I § L".'i-r'.ri-§. - oh .inn get too far.d ya wan-na tem. walk .i. lnc ¡.ál .§ .- .in' wan-na see- are.ll Riphls Reservt:d U>ed bt Perrt.- A..t.

.-. .-..gain. they - run. r-34.-.?-------¡ What would I r._could --3-------- that .-3------- stay . . where they up where -4-----¡ all day. -4------¡ P-t-----t part of in' f- -=--l------ the Wan-der sun..- Up 3 --. .-3-'-"-. what's that word a.-l walk..-.-3.----. up where they _-J--"-.?------- give if I I --'-1 .down the.3 -----1 rStroll-in' a- long..-3-------1. ...-1.

--- would I to spend What r.der sick of swim-min'.- ..-l------ Gr-Jn F/G G Bright young wom-en.their daugh - Dm/C - Bet they don't stand.-3------- . B|IC C Bb/C F/A C And read-y to know..?----- .-.what the peo -ple v know.-3-----'- .- to t ----1 .-..-3-'----1 F/G .-..----_-l . ..pri . read -y r- EimajT stand. Bet .--l .mand. un .-t----- Bb the <> sand..-3---..--..warm on a l --.-.?------¡ F1 r.. ters.9.117 T-.cha on they land r-r------_r ATsus Dm A7 re ..

part of that world. .r----¡ Wish I could ri--4-------. Whatrs a fire.-.?-------r.118 Ask tem my ques .-3---"-1. -----1.-. I ex ---------t. what's the worl - When's- it my turn? .?------1. .4 -4-----¡ plore that shore up out of a the . f_3 Would- n't love to I .swers. . -4-----¡ .-3------- \=---// <> sea.tions and get some an ..- f-3. and why does it.-3---.

sick of swimmin. what.. And ready to know what the people know. ready to stand. sure. up where they run. What would I give if I could live outta these waters. Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection. What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand. You want thingamabobs.' 1. I've got whozits and whatzits galore.: l: . Bright young women. Inc. treasures untold. What's a fire and why does it.. oh feet.rything. Legs are required for jumpin'. I wanna see wanna see 'em dancin'. Wish I could be part of that world. I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Wanderin' free. wish I could be part of that world. street. Ask'em my questions and get some answers. Al1 Rights Reserved Used by Permission . whatdya call . But who cares? No big deal. the girl who has ev. what's that word again. Bet they don't reprimand their daughters. Strollin'along down the. she. Flippin'your fins you don't get too far.119 .s got ev.em. Betcha on land they understand. dancin.rything. Walkin'around on those. I've got twenty. . I wanna be where the people are.1?8q W1lt Disney Music Company and Wonderland Music Company.s complete? Wouldn't you think I'm the girl.' :t .. up where they walk.s the word.. I want more...:l l.. 1. From Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid Lyrics by Howard Ashman lvlusic by Alan Menken Look at this stuff. Look at this trove. love to explore that shore up above. O_. out of the sea.. burn. When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love. up where they stay all day in the sun. How many wonders can one cavern hold? Looking around here you'd think.

a - on roll. is 'cause a big they in mis - the take. bout the gq land ' ing up ain't hap at in thr thr .From Walt Disney's The Little Mennaid Lyrics by HOWARD ASH¡ Music by ALAN MEN Brightly Bb The sea Down here- weed all is al .ways green the fish is hap - er ln py as some - bod through off - else .'s waYes dey lake. bowl.

- where it's us and . down bowl a is round You. What more- gry guess who - un .cean wors .er floor. luck Y.der the Un .round hun - the a o .der the sea. Such won One day- der - right herethey in- ful when the things sur boss get on for . f Dar luo ts gon' lin' it's bod-y bet . you.ter beat us. fate.

der the bub-bles un .t 1) wet-ter. We.on me. the shore they the land folks loves_ to cooh - OutUn vo - tin' full . Take_ it from eat us in fri . hook. While- We- we got de no .all day.time trou-bles life_ is in der to the the sun the sea - they a we the float-in' un . work.der the way.what see.c¿ - Up.

The bass play the brass. What do they got. Ya we in luck here down in the muck here under the sea' O 1988 Walt Disney lvlusic Company and Wonderland Music Company' Inc' All Rights Reserved Used by Permission . But fish in the bowl is lucky. We got no troubles life is the bubbles under the sea. under the sea. The newt play the flute. We got a hot crustacean band. And they soundin' sharP. When the sardine begin the beguine it's music to me. right here on the ocean floor' Such wonderful thlngs surround you. While we devotin' full time to floatin' under the sea. Each little clam here know how to iam here under the sea' Each little strug here cuttin'a rug here under the sea. Nobody beat us. Even the sturgeon an' the ray they get the urge 'n' start to play' We got the spirit. Just look at the world around you. The lings on the strings. The blackfish she sings. An' oh. fry us and eat us in fricassee. under the sea. you got to hear it under the sea. The fluke is the duke of soul. that blowfish blow. Under the sea we off the hook. Under the sea. The plaice play the bass. they in for a worser fate. One day when the boss get hungry guess who gon' be on the plate' Under the sea. Darlin' it's better down where it's wetter. The smelt and the sprat they know where it's at. Each little snail here know how to wail here. You dream about going uP there. Down here all the fish is happy as off through the waves they ro11' The fish on the land ain't haPPY. a lot of sand. That's why it's hotter under the water. What more is you lookin'for? Under the sea. Out in the sun they slave awaY. Up on the shore theY work all daY. Since life is sweet here we got the beat here naturally. The ray he can play. We what the land folks loves to cook. The carp play the harP. The trout rockin' out. The chub play the tub.t23 From Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid Lyrics by Hou.ard Ashman ll4usic by Alan Menken The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake. Under the sea. They sad'cause they in the bowl. Take it from me. Under the sea. But that is a big mistake.

1-Y'^:dslli:. companv.ffi* ffiexr ffiaxmru& From Walt Disney.[ [:Hi.i.9-r:.s Beauty And The Beast Lyrics by HOWARD ASH/ Music by ALAN ME\ o 1ee1 wart Xn:'.1l 'i. rnc .

cious! Af . this is be Bbgf 11 .125 Bm7 li .ter all.lieve me? Asfr the dish And a din-ner here- neY - er sec-ond .- Don't Miss.

: From Walt Disney's Beauty And The Beast Lydcs by Howard Ashman Music by Alan Menken Lumiere: Ma chere Mademoiselle. cherie. Oui. Tie your napkin'round your neck. I do tricks with my fellow candlesticks. unfold your menu. All: Be our guestl Be our guestl Be Lumeniere: our guest! Life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving. Miss. Suddenly.t26 : . And we provide the rest. Ah. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. our guestl Be our guest! Beef ragout! Cheese soufflel Pie and pudding "en flambel" We'll prepare and serve with flair A culinary cabaretl You're alone and you're scared But the banquet's al1 prepared No one's gloomy or complaining While the flatware's entertaining. Soup du jour! Hot hors d'oeuvres! Why. Mugs: And it's all in perfect taste.: . . Take a glance. Let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents your dinnerl Be our guestl Be our guestl Put our service to the test. we only live to serve. we invite you to relax. it's delicious! Don't believe me? Ask the dishesl They can singl They can dancel After all. those good old days are gone. And now. We tell jokes. And then you'll be our guest. Try the grey stuff. He's not whole without a soul to wait upon. those good old days when we were useful. That you can bet! AIl: Come on and lift your glass You've won your own free pass To be our guest! Lumeniere: If you're stressed. this is Francel And a dinner here is never second best. Go on. It's fine dining we suggest.

be our guestl O 1991 Walt Disney Music Company and Wonderland Music Company. One by one! 'Til you shout. We aim to please.127 Ten years. indeed. Needing so much more . we've been rusting. I'll be bubbling! I'11be brewing! I'11 get warm. we just lay around the castle. Inc A1l Rights Reserved Used by Permission . fat andlazy. And my dear. Well. Potts: It's a guest! It's a guestl Sakes alive. piping hotl Heaven's sakes! Is that a spot? Clean it up! We want the company impressedl We've got a lot to do. While the candlelight's still glowing Let us help you. our guest? Chorus: She's our guestl Mrs. Flabby. Most days. You walked in and oops-a-daisy. Mrs. While the cups do their soft shoeing. With your meal With your ease. I'm done!" Then we'Il sing you off to sleep as you digest. that's fine with me. let's eat up! Be our guest! Be our guest! Be our guestl Please. Potts: She's our guest! Chorus: She's our guest! Be our guest! Be our guestl Our command is your request. Course by course. Needing exercise. I'll be blessed! Wine's been poured and thank the Lord I've had the napkins freshly pressed. a chance to use our skills. And we're obsessed. We'Il keep going. It's ten years since we had anybody here. Is it one lump or two For you. With dessert she'll want tea. "Enough. Tonight you'Il prop your feet up! But for now. Yes.than dusting.

Inc Di^L+.^l I L. D^-*i--:^^ ..^"..Beauty And The Beast From Walt Disney's Beauty And The Beast Lyrics by HOWARD ASHM Music by ALAN MENK O 1991 Walt Disney Music Company and Wonderland Music Company.D^.

129 Eb(add9) - Pared. fore. eY .ther one Pre Ev .er just Beau .er just as .ty Ev - and the er as be ' Beast. the same. nei .

ing you were you can Tale as old rrse. as srfleet e. change.130 as the sun will Tune as strange. old Bit-ter- as learn . find .m .

Beau-ty and poco ¿)I F(add9) ).. Beau-ty and the rit.131 Tale as old as song as old as rhyme.u.. I the . rhyme.

Song as old as rhyme. Ever just the same. Then somebody bends Unexpectedly. Small to say the least. Song as old as rhyme. Ever just as sure As the sun will rise. Finding you can change. @_ 1991 Walt Disney Music Company and Wonderland Music All Rights Rese¡ved Used by Permission Compan¡ Inc . Barely even friends. Learning you were wrong. Ever a surprise. Tale as old as time. Just a little change. Beau§ and the Beast. Tale as old as time. Certain as the sun Rising in the East. Both a little scared. Tale as old as time. Neither one prepared.Beauty And The Beast From Walt Disney's Beauty And The Beast Lyrics by Howard Ashman Music by Alan Menken Tale as old as time. Ever as before. Bittersweet and strange. True as it can be. Beauty and the Beast. Tune as old as song. Beauty and the Beast.

za.From Walt Disney's Aladdin Lyrics by HOWARD ASHMAN Music by ALAN MENKEN Bright two-beat GENIE: Well A .ter.ic ney . ¡n( your .er You got had them for-ty had a thou-sand tales.a A7 Ba . Sche-her. you mas .- Dm up your in sleeves- you got A1 h rand of mag . some - O Igq2 WdJl Diine) Mu5i( Compan¡ ¿nd Worderl¿nd Muiir ConpJn\.

ni .y pt . you #. _ got - You got sor ta do is rub that will your Iad-din lan plea-sure You ain't r .tion in hoo and Mis-ter . A - your all camp. some heaY .zazz.134 cor- ner now. And I'll - say am .

the had a friend like the boss.- . pride our- selves You ain't ser . Ct .tau .Ytce.135 A1*5 neY - er had a friend like Fm6/C .mon tre nev Youtre . the king.rant mai - - you want. Yes. slr.

136 yours! True dish- what you of col-umn you. the mood- col-umn \v/ you ain't how 'bout t a friend like me. dude. - to .

You ain't never had a friend like me. So whatcha wish I really want to know. I got a powerful urge to help you out. Life is your restaurant and I'm your maitre d'. Can your friends do this? Can your friends do that? Can your friends pull this out their little hat? Can your friends go poofl (Spoken:) Well. Mister Aladdin. Say what you wish. never had a friend. have a wish or two or three. No no no. Some hear. you in luck'cause up your sleeves You got a brand of magic never fails. It's yoursl True dish. yahoo and how. You ain't never had a friend like me. the king. And I'll say. Music Company and Wonderland Music Company. all you gotta do is rub like so.:-:l : :Ll: j. dude. the shah. Wah-ah-ah. But. Well. never had a friend. Inc. Oh my.r. Na na na. And oh. All Rights Reserved Used by Permission . You ain't never had a friend like me. Mister Aladdin. Wa-ah-ah. Ha! O 1992 Walt Disnel. master. No no. Yes sir. You got me bonafide certified. Wa-ah-ah. Try all of column "8". no doubt. I'm on the job. You got some power in your corner now. we pride ourselves on service. Scheherazade had a thousand tales. Wa-ah-ah. You got a genie for your chargé d'affaires.137 ri::r'. You ain't never had a friend like me. AIi Baba had them forty thieves. You got a list that's three miles long. You ain't never had a friend. pizazz. jot it down. Can your friends go abracadabra. You got some punch. You ain't never had a friend. I'm here to answer all your midday prayers.:l From Walt Disney's Aladdin Lyrics by Howard Ashman Music by Alan Menken Genie: Well. buggy eyed. You ain't never had a friend like me. See. C'mon whisper what it is you want.y ammunition in your camp.ti::1. sir. Wa-ah-ah. Let 'er rip and then make the sucker disappear? So doncha sit there slack jawed.:. sir. looky here. What will your pleasure be? Let me take your order. I'm in the mood to help you. how'bout a little more baklava? Have some of column "A". all you gotta do is rub that lamp. you big nabob. You're the boss.

38 A Whole New World From Walt Disnev's Aladdin Music by ALAN ME\rJ Lyrics by TlNl Ril Sweetly D can heart- O 1992 Wonderland Music Company.r. lnc. and Walt Disney Music Company o pen your .

der by mag .139 F*7tA# take you won - won .ic car - a new o - der ver. side A pet fan - or tas-tic where - whole ways and .

- But Í-o A7sus A7 when I'm .GlA IASMINE: say we're on ly dream - ing.zling place I knew. DID f-¿ a daz . .

Every turn a surprise. O 1992 Wonderland Music Company. splendid. That's where we'll be. Don't you dare close your eyes. I'll chase them an). it gets better.where. A whole new world. Let me share this whole new world with vou. indescribable feeling. Shining. sideways and under on a magic carpet ride. That's where we'llbe. A whole new world. Hold your breath. Tell me princess. A hundred thousand things to see. A thrilling chase A wond'rous place For you and me. and Walt Disney Music Company All Rights Reserved Used by Permission . No one to tell us no or where to go Or say we're only dreaming. But when I'm way up here it's crystal clear That now I'm in a whole new world with you. A whole new world. shimmering.A Whole New World From Walt Disney's Aladdin Music by Alan Menken Lyrics by Tim Rice Aladdin: Jasmine: Aladdin: Jasmine: Aladdin: Jasmine: Aladdin: Jasmine: Aladdin: Jasmine: Aladdin: Jasmine: Both: Aladdin: Jasmine: Aladdin: Jasmine: Aladdin: Jasmine: Both: I can show you the world. With new horizons to pursue. Ev'ry moment red-letter. A new fantastic point of view. A dazzling place I never knew. Inc. A whole new world. There's time to spare. now When did you last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over. Now I'm in a whole new world with you. Soaring. A whole new world. I'm like a shooting star I've come so far I can't go back to where I used to be. free-wheeling Through an endless diamond sky. A whole new world. Unbelievable sights. tumbling.

. l-l --- Tl\r : -J Bounc¡Shuffle('.r . .' Rn..Hakuna kfataffm From Walt Disney Pictures' The Lion King { Lyrics by ----¡ -3 F r--i -J Timon: Ha what a won-der-f'ul ta.ened L .eJ hr P^ n .1. lnc \ I R. ) G'7 O 1 99. \...-i.1 \\1onderlancl Music Company.

- .-=---- Timon & Pumbaa: - Timon: Ha - ku na ma .ta .ta.

no chord

a young






Pumbaa: When





Timon: Very nice. Pumbaa: Thanks.








ro - ma lacked







He could clear the sa van


nah af - ter


though I

nev - er stood






0 tttnpo




shamed! Thought


chang - in'





- 'ry time that I...


Hey, Pumbaa, not in.front of the kids.

Oh, sort1.









Timon & Pumbaa:




of your




Timon &


Yecú, .süzg


Simba: [t's




o -


Timon & Simba:




Hakuna Matata
From WaIt Disney Pictures' The Lion King
Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Tim Rice


Timon & Pumbaa:



Hakuna matata...what a wonderfui phrasel
Hakuna matata...ain't no passing craze.
It means no worries for the rest of your days.
It's our problem-free philosophy.
Hakuna matata.
Why, when he was a young warthog...

When I was a young warthogl
(Spoken:) Very nice.
(Spoken:) Thanks.
He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal.
He could clear the savannah after ev'ry meall
I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned.
And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind!
And, oh, the shamel


He was ashamedl


Thought of changin' my name!
Oh, what's in a name?
And I got downhearted...
How did you feel?
...ev'ry time that I...




Timon & Pumbaa:

Timon & Simba:

Timon & Simba:



(Spoken:) Hey, Pumbaa, not in front of the kicls.
(Spoken:) Oh, sorry.
Hakuna matata...what a wonderful phrase.

Hakuna matata...ain't no passing craze.
It means no worries for the rest of your days.
(Spoken:) Yeah, 5ing it kid!
It's our problem-free
Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata. Hakuna...
It means no worries for the rest of your days.
It's our problem-free philosophy.
Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata.
Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata.

O 1994 Wonderland Music Company, Inc
A11 Rights Reserved Used by Permission

*. of step us on the plan by the way we ar rrve day of Some in soar _ us fall to to the the et side.'. sun..r l'.i".er-..1 br P n. more bles.i.From Walt Disney Pictures' The Lion King Music by ELTON iOHN Lyrics by TIM RICE Cm/Bb From the blink some irg. _ stars.i-)lne to of be us seen _ than can through our sail ev-er trou - - O 1 994 Wonder ¡nd ñ1usic Conrp¿lny. to and . there's And - ntore . l¡(: \l kigh .

sky _ keeps great Some s2Y.than can ev have to live Some nede. ttEat much all sun are roll - a ing _ er t) be with the There's or be eat to take in as they through the -ioin the stam sap . more to you should and - .phi .

er on take the more end in in than you - less - It's the band the the - cle of cle of .

al Coda CODA EbIBb cle of life.t52 find - Bbrp D.S.- .

lei ._ that the twist . ..on .chant .ing ka .der a time_ for ev-'ry-one.ed learn - they An ed Le6 fr1 p-¡ n ¡ssie¡ to if the rush.son . From Walt Disney Pictures' The Lion King Music by ELTON JO¡' Lyrics by TIM R r: Bb/D F/A Bb CrnT BblD Bb/n There's There's a calm_ sur-ren . ii :. :. - when O 199'1 Wonderland Music Company..of day.. lnc \l' Righ'. the heat_ of the roll-ing world_ can beturned-a-way.. There's a rhyme.scope moves us all-in turn.1:.and rea ..

for of this - .ag . -- yours. can this . ethe i And I poco cresc.less war-rior nough rest heart star-crossed voy .er you feel - .155 and it to the just beats sees wild - - me out - through. doors _ with with _ you.

night.ls6 wan-der . how it's rest?- laid - =-- - .er to .

157 F.and- vag-a-bonds_ be-lieve Bb/D ver .b/86 Cm kings.

what ly peo-ple land who - .Cm§eprru ffitr K§am W&md From Walt Disney's Pocahontas Moderately pb taa¿g.ev . ple O I995 Wonderland Music Company. L the are the earth peo is just a dead thing you can claim. . and Walt Disney Music Company All Rights Reserved Used by Permission .l Bb mf )n EbmajT Dm7 Gm ¿ EbmajTE F9 You think you own think the on .er -.who look and think like Jor. Inc.

'rY rock and tree and you walk the foot-stePs of a name. . has crea .cat why of the moun - ea . a tell tain? he You where he's Can you .you nev-er l .159 know ev .er has a sPir - life.X c* ev .ture strang .you nev-er heard the wolf crY ot fI asked let to the blue sing with all - the voic - es the the grin-ning bob . has a you'll learn Have vou things.

T Can you paint with all_ U T wind? run the hid-den pine_ trails of rain-storm and the riv . +' all a- to each round you. oth - er once nev er won-der what ther''rr .ed the the m1 earth.ries her . my are taste the sun-sweet ber .on and the ot ter come the v- roll we in all are all _ the rich es con nect .

S.161 D. CODA e o wind? Abmajg _J__r ---/ cut it down then you'll nev er And you'll know. l wheth . al Coda Dm/A F(add9)/A cir - cle in a hoop that er- llave you we are white Lt f¿tnpo - .

' - f -¿_ I rit.paint with all - -+ ü é' the wind./ ) _a-. b (add9 . the You can own the earth_ and Freely Ebmajg own is earth Gm7 you can paint with all un CmTlF the col - ors of the B .

bIBb AdimT You've You've When You the got road trou - - looks bles...' 'ed I ..¡u .) Bb7 and you're miles - . Ro..r)\ Eb GTID Ebdim/Bb a friend a friend You've got You've got F. m.ior \ll R ¡rl. got a friend got a friend then I in in Eb in in rough a got 'em O 199-5 W¿lt Disn--y Music Company D.From Walt Disney's Toy Story Music and Lyrics by RANDY NEWMAN -3 - Easyshuffle(.

mem-ber what your we stick to . you've Yeah.miles n't . If you just re .er we can old pal see it Yeah. you've -_ gof got you've you've said.geth . - a a friend friend - me. me. Ebdim/Bb got got a friend a friend in in .

^p- Gb (add2) un .wind Bb/D .

_ And as the years go our bY. - Bbl FdimT love you the way and do._ nev die. - . - friend'- ship will l.bmaj7 3 -l J Now..165 F.ger and strong . J \ big . - you. AdimT But none of them too..tle hit smart-er than I am. - Ab Bb7#s - boy. some oth-er folks might be a Iit .

na You've got a You've friend in You've got EblBb Ebdim/Bb got a friend in .bIBb G7IB You're gon .F.

casts. and \¡'/alt Disnev Music Com¡rany All RiHhts Reserved Llsed by Permission - cy for .got .ten. than I.. I can the mer soman-v Show But find y on earth. they the ..3 §§e&p Yk* #ae&*ms&ru :-':'rnl Walt Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ Eb (add9) BbmajT/D the for out noth casts hun gry ing. the out . T The lost God and help O 1996 Wonderland Music Conrpany. lnc.

r68 You down God T help thought the we out casts all were l F7b9 I don't G od. why some are blessed. some know Why the few You seem to .

- r Dm Gsus not try to - the tat .tered.BbID Cm7 Eb 1add9] they fear flee trsr - r us. the seek - torn. Am ing . r G/B the¡ lr'ere born.

170 for C/G tune have blown CmajllG Fm6 CIE poor '------: odd: and - CmajT were the chil - dren of God. F/C Dm .

some not. They tell me I am just an outcast. Flee us. God help the outcasts or nobody will. Seeking an answer to why they were born. God help the outcasts. Inc. I thought we all were the children of God. they look to you still.t find on earth. I can get by. You made the outcasts.t cast them out. the poor and downtrod. Why the few You seem to favor. the torn. The poor and unlucky. ancl Walt Disney Music Company All Rights Reserved Used by peímission .re even there. O 1996 Wonderland Music Co¡lpany. Still I see Your face and wonder: Were You once an outcast too? God help the outcasts hungry from birth. the weak and the odd. I don't know if there's a reason why some are blessed. don. try not to see us. I thought we all were the children of God. But I know so many less lucky than I. God help the outcasts. they fear us. I don't know if You will listen to a humble prayer. I ask for nothing. Show them the mercy they don.{r q¡*fl § áe1g: tfu * *aa&e ms&s (As Performed by Bette Midler) From Walt Disney's The Hunchback Of liotre Dame Music bv Alan Menken Lyrics bi Stephen Schwartz I don't know if You can hear me or if you. Winds of misfortune have blown them about. I shouldn't speak to you. The lost and forgotten. the tattered.

t72 Someday From Walt Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Music by ALAN MENK:' Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWAR Gently Ab Dbm6lAb + when we are wis when the world's old r B bm71add4¡ Eb sus Ebl Bbm O 1996 Wonderland Music Company. Inc. and Walt Disney Music Company All Rights Reserved Used by Penrission Fm when we harr .

Db(add2) Bbm(add2)/Db AbIC BbmT EbIG B b m7(add4) Eb'7/G this bright mil Db6tAb .

bTIDb Db Eb6 Eb come some Ab - day. Broadly Bb our fight will be we'll stand Cm1/(add4) the .174 Bbm6/F Fm Bbm F.

't / -/' . a.on we'll days when the sun hang Slower Cm Bb/D Eb6 Eb6R EbE EbmailtF F7 Ebm6/Bb tt. day . soon.A-. I II -. . rit.

._ he sees. lnc.feat . O 1997 Wonderland Music Company.r. r¿X '§'i'X §"-§ *. llerc-ie. and Walt Disney Music Company Aii Rights Reserved Used by Permission Hon-ey.l'¿u i.I 176 I . just Sweet to watch him flex.quers. he .:i. the crowds- were gr . - and un . _ he con .ed and an this per-fect pack-age packed a - C#dim pair of per-fect pecs.* c-r'1 From Walt Disney Pictures' Hercules Music by ALAN MENK Lyrics by DAVID ZIPF Driving 4 G G/B there- awe-some ten Folks lined for up he goes a-gain.

brains and \ / ATtcf.He showed the mox jor- hunk. ze-ro to he DTsus Who put the glad Ze-ro to he spunk. .

178 Whose Eb/Bb FdimT DllF# t--// GTIB )-/ C DTsus Bb .

Now he's a hon - cho. Spoken: and the nic - est guy' DTsus He was DTsus a noth . ze . Herc - C¡us2/E feat L:b I was on a un de D]IFil Rid - ing high. .irg. ze .DTsus BIess my

the heights at break - neck t---/ G/B From ze - C ro to he - Cf dim C/D Herc ro./ !/ C C#dim . G/B C C$dim Am7 C/D is G/B t-.r80 he - He hit ro.

the crowds were going bonkers.From Walt Disney Pictures' Hercules Music by Alan Menken Lyrics by David Zippel Muses: my soul/ Herc was on a roll. he's a hero. he comes. Say amen there he goes again. He showed the moxie. a major hunk. Herc is a hercl. When he smiled the girls went wild with oohs and ahs. Hercules. (Spoken:) Yes. Now he's a honcho. Is he sweet? Our fav'rite flavor. brains and spunk. He hit the heights at breakneck speed. Riding high (Spoken:) and the nicest guy. Sweet and undefeated and an awesome ten for ten. Not conceited. he sees. Now he's a honcho. he conquers. And they slapped his face on ev'ry vase. Hercules. indeed. in ev'ry Greek opinion poll. he's a hero. Zero to hero (Spoken:) ancl who'd athunk? Who put the glad in gladiator? Hercules. Inc. From zero to hero. From appearance fees and royalties our Herc had cash to burn. just like that. He was a nothing. Hercules.O. Hercules. Zero to hero. Whose daring deeds are great theater? Hercules. Now he's a hero. Point him at a monster and you're talkin' S. Honey. undefeated. zeto. Bless my soul. Is he bold? No one braver. and Walt Disney Music Company AII Rights Reserved Used by Permission . Here was a kid with his act down pat.R. Hercie. O 1997 Wonderland Music Company. zeto. zero. Folks lined up iust to watch him flex. What a pro/ Herc could stop a show. Herc was on a roll. He was a no one/ a zefo. Now nouveau riche and famous he could tell vou What's a Grecian urn. And this perfect package packed a pair of perfect pecs. From zero to hero in no time flat. On ev'ry vahse. Hercules. From zero to hero. Bless Person of the week Hercules.

. and Walt Disney Music Company All Rights Reserved Used by Permission I'll see it through. the crowds will And athou . how Wonderland Music Company.time.- And I . lnc. to you. would be it rng me will for me.From Walt Disney Pictures' Hercules Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrics by DAVID ZIPPEL Slowly I have of un - ten dreamed of known road to a off my far em . butsome where I'm meant to be.brace place fate.sand where cheer years _ when thel' would be I'll be 3 Ffm and a voice It might take @ 1997 keeps a Bm say - ing this is life. GmajT he road ro's wel-come may wan .der.

de-. 'ry hill mile will - be but I And find my stay on way track. cept-.- can go can go - the dis the dis - I will I'll tance. I D(add9)/Ffr í-\ if I won't ac - I know ev It's an up can be strong..-- Down an won't lose - hope - my .- No..feat.there some . worth D A/Cf Bm D/A When I go dis . I'll be where I right ':=---/=-.tance. tance.. won't Iook back.

oh.r84 D A/Cfl Bm D/A and my dis .iour Is com plete. Emlb5lBb B . CIF.tance nev . But to look be yond _ the glo ry is the hard - est ^ilt^ 1 ¿Da - E/G# Ff /A# G he - ro's strength _ is meas - ured by his heart.

tance.IGi how far Ff/Af I can go the dis .t D(add9)/Fil will face .its I don't care - D A/Cf Bm D/A find my he- ro's wel-come wait E. I will search .ing star the dis .I the .tance .D(add9)/Ff shoot Em/G .

r86 . I don't care how far. For a hero's strength is measured by his heart. It's an uphill slope. And I'[ stay on track. il ll tt . And I won't look back. Like a shooting star. And a thousand years would be worth the wait. Though that road may wander it will lead me to you. I'll be right where I belong. Down an unknown road to embrace my fate. When I go the distance. and Walt Disney Music Company All Rights Resewed Used by Permission .. I will find my way if I can be strong. I will search the world. But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part. I can go the distance.. I'11be there someday.t . I know ev'ry mile will be worth my while. but I won't lose hope Till I go the distance and my journey is complete. yeah. Where the crowds will cheer when they see my face. I will search the wor1d. I will face its harms. It might take a lifetime. No. I won't accept defeat. I can go the distance. Oh. i | .. I can go the distance Till I find my hero's welcome waiting in your arms. O 1997 Wonderland Music Company. I will go the distance. And a voice keeps saying this is where I'm meant to be. t.1. 'l' ' Performed by Michael Bolton) (As From Walt Disney Pictures' Hercules .:.:l Music by Alan Menken Lyrics by Davld Zippel I have often dreamed of a far-off place Where a hero's welcome would be waiting for me... Inc. but somehow I'11 see it through. I will face its harms TiIl I find my hero's welcome waiting in your arms. l: I tl : l.r .. .

'ry day it's .) A'l R:Bl-tr RP... Eb'7 ll^l e+4 o lqqs \ ¿lt D . Mulan Music by MATTHEW WILDER Lyrics by DAVTD ZlppEL see _ + nw C] am. r #fe"q_ #3§§" s"§#¡s-t*dhÉ-§ q"-q._ but you'll nev .c\ \4.g 1-F§ i § From Walt Disney pictures.'Fh E4X .er know me.>¡run Ev .e \-d t s-o ul pe..-pJr.r\ ( .

me? me? feel? that that we . ----- 4 the world. my heart but and I can - be loved not fool for who my_ T e heart.S. is is Who Who (D. am.) Why girl girl all I I con - see lng ing straight straight ceal we think.Ab (add2. see must back back how at at we ----.l Now But I some - see mask how world I cuur what's m.

Ab E'IG FM7 When will Why is Must there AbIEb re re ase my my be flec flec who I show some - me one ['m I have to hide my heart _ and what I am now be .lieve .

one some .I pre .blG Fm7 for for all all When will When will time? time.tend pre . some .one I'm I'm my my AblBb Dbmajb DbmajT re-flec re-flec - tion tion Fm7 am? there's - a else else heart that To Coda {- .tend I Must won't that that F.

S.D. al Coda (take 2nd ending) CODA 0 Dbm6D Fm7 side? Fm/Eb Dm7b.5 Eb/G When will Fm7 mv AbIEb .

i3'§{i :'} From Walt Disney Pictures' TarzanrM Words and Muslc PHIL COLL Moderately B b sus2 B b sus2 Put your faith in what you Soft .disethe shel Be-neath see. most low heart. O 1 998 Edgar Rice Burrcughs.- let let OIÉ OIÉ fate fate Dm guide guide : \ E.t92 § §&i i. and Walt Disney Music Conrpany All Rights Reserved Used by Pernrission touchol of- .bIF we we A par-a .heart.Two worlds. V &i §.ly tread the sand be Trust Trust fam fam - Two worlds.



with-in this-


on - ly



world blessed



Build high


they live
they live


Raise your head up;

love can en









Take strength-fromthose that need_














dream is




but where there's hope,




some - where, - some-thing is









U 3








(Pop Version)
As Performed by Phil Collins
From Walt Disney Pictures' TarzanrM

Words and Music





Come stop your cry- ing; -

I will


here; don't you

it will be all



Just take my hand,

For one




Why can't they un- der-stand the

O 1 998 Edgar Rice Burroughs, lnc. and Walt Disney Mlrsic Conrpan)



arms will


















This bond



be -



we're dif - f'rent.



can't be bro


- side _

I will




don,t you _
at all. _


we're not that dif-fer-ent



y€s, you'll




b¡tb now and for . r.ev .from this To Coda {fr day on_ .

to but you've .er may not be with you. Absus2/F have. got toto hold hold._ - on.CODA + what do must _ they be _ _ We It know? strong. _ need each oth . I i They'll - see _ in time.

er.-'cause clBb you'll my - heart. I'll be there from this day on. - .200 to-geth .

) You'll be here (I'll be there.You'll be in my (You'll be _ here heart - in my heart.) F(add2) ['ll be a with you.) no mat-ter be with you. *=t *lT--t I'.ll -ei(} rT'-1 be .

202 Iaj9 ways. Just look o Yer your shoul-der.Iust ver your shoul-der. look o - . look o Just ver yourshoul-der. and al .

so _ \tas .-=-= = some + = _¡ lI - bod -y loved me.rerl bv Wall Disncv ñ1usic fionrpanv All Rights Reservecl Usecl bv Pernr ssion F(add2)/C was hap - py. I e FGdd2)lC eb(a¿¿z) we spent to -geth GtlB nb \nd when she was Alcfr was there to dry her tears.v and Pirar Talking pictures Administc.When She Loved Me From Walt Disney Pictures' Toy Story 2-A Pixar Film Music and Lyrics by RANDY NEWMAN Tenderly. very freely F F/A A Gm7 When + e -. Emlb5 t ¡cfr and when she 1999 \Aia t Dlsncy M!sic Compan. sad. ++' r I -r Emtb5 ev -'ry-thing was beau-ti - hour ful.

er. that was all.geth . Just Gm7 it FT1A Andwhen she she FIA and I Csus2 GllB I was there to .er. and I . Bb had each oth .1-l-Tr Cm/Bb Through the sum-mer and the we was meant to be. to Iike C A com-fort her.

Bbm6pb So the years went thought gan and to drift stayed the Fm6/Ab I was left a-lone. I clB Gdim/Bb FIA she be - Lone .d look my waY. sriil for the day I nev . and she .

me.ful. F(add2)/C sb(a¿¿z) Alcfr hour bod-y loved Csus2 we spent to-geth when my heart.thing was beau-ti .me +-' and held she used me to do. she loved I =+eT-r=== ttl =++T--== ttl . like she loved GllB When some pmtb5 'ry .

From Walt Disnev Theatrical Production's Aida Music by ELTON IOHN Lyrics by TIM RICE Moderately slow C (Male:) tr ord or I two G/C F/C am here E7 CfdirnT Ani to tell_ vou we can nev-er a and then LE life-time g of not Sim-ple real ly. know-ing where or how or why or when. l-lappenst. - you a L-rlra I think of me or or speak of me O l9()9 won-der what be-fell _ the some-one you once loved \.. ar¡cl Evac1on I td All Rights Rcserved Used ltl pern¡lssion _ so long a - .ince Ltcl.Vonclerla¡d Music Company. lnc.

-.cape. not re pl¡. there is tered.ment of need (Female:) You are me no change of I an _- shuf-fles to bY. - to ask You don't have No mo . I'll der what can be al won - feel as Oh. ¡. all I'll ev - my er fronl hut - r ETstrs Ellcf + I will think Some-times in or dream of you my dark-est thoughts and I .cide.l0s so go.ingnoth . place to hide. de . (Female:) Nev-er (Mole:) Noth-ing well. es .- - liv .

ment_ Are we .er learned love be-- be con found ed love and have that + r r oul Iove pay per ._ C/G God's ex .fect is to of . _ turned. re - ) in the stars?- ^ l(óotn")ts Is that for some crime?_ all that we are good for.der-stand nev .i .to I un .per.

------ 2 Dm7 for some crime? ls thaf that are we - good for. just a .which we have - In which no we're giv .en par - a .dise.

ment- (Male:)in - which we have no say? _ (Female:)Inwhich we have_ no which we're giv ..s (Both:)Is ex per-i ..tal this God.stretch of J mor ..a .en par .--_ (Both:) for --t--- G/C F/C Gh(add2) Ab(add2) Bb(add2) C .dise giv ----.

T 212 My Funny Friend And Me From Walt Disney Pictures' The Emperor's New Groove Music bry Lyrics by ST STINC and DAVID HARI 8.r.. lnc R'<l-t' Rcs*n FLI I -ed b) I'e m. when the stars A(add2) EmajT and the Dmaj13 day has made his DmajT and we won-derjust what hap-pened Bm7 Cf m7 be-fore the world changed.ning.5/A ln the qui AIE . when nol tr @ as-sume th 2000 Wonderl¡nd Music Company..n {ll .fuddrl - et time of eye .

er things that I that the world mat is not my play_ ground._ what is sim-ple needs pro My il-lu-sions all --?' I J? v/ l.But you were kind ="?-tp= l_1 t-] and you re-mind-ed me_ there are oth .l -T T-l - - .

- Cfim7/E Just like the pat-terns in the big Dfim7b5 we could be lost. - Dmaj7 those con stel-la-tions look like you and I. we could re .side - and now the world and me A(add2) You see the pat-terns Ff in the big m7 E will know you car .DmajT C#m7 Bm7 C#m7 Ff m C#m7 F#m ----¡ -J The on-ly world I kne w was up .ried me.

Bm7 Ct'm7 -)fuse to try. But to haye made it through _ J in the dark -l who would those luck-y of my fun-ny friend- and me.A/C# . -l I'm not as clev-er as I thought I not the boy -l T.T I t/ tlv I used to .

216 A(add2) D(add2) Gf m7 you showed me some-thing dif-f'rent. be . r A(add2) And look who made it through r friend-and you. and you - 3 3 Bm7 called Cf m7 my name when oth-ers would haye walked out on a lou - sy game.cause you some-thing pure.- 3 3 I al-ways seemed so cer tain. But you stayed. but I was real ly nev-er sure. .

Those constellations look like you and I. But you were kind to me. But that unlikely blend of these two funny friends? That's us. And you reminded me That the world is not my playground. Before the world changed. But you stayed. Just like the patterns in the big sky. The only world I knew was upside down. Just like the patterns in the big sky. But to have made it through in the dark night. because You showed me something different. I always seemed so certain.My Funny Friend and h. You showed me something pure. I won't complain or make a fuss. But I was really never sure.rsic by Sting and David Hartley In the quiet time of evening. I'm not as clever as I thought I was. And now the world and me will know you carried me. Don't know the answer or the reason why. And we wonder just what happened To the life we knew. Inc. That tiny planet and the bigger guy. And look who made it through But your funny friend and you. O 2000 Wonderland Music Company. You see the patterns in the big sky. Those constellations look like you and I. When the stars assume their patterns And the day has made his journey. But you stayed in my corner. and you called my name When others would have walked out on a lousy game.s New Groove Lyrics by Sting Mr. We'll be together 'til the end of time. If I have to do this all a second time. I'm not the boy I used to be. I don't know whether I should laugh or cry. We'll stick together 'til the day we die. There are other things that matter.{e From Walt Disney Pictures. All Rights Reserved Used by permission . Who would those lucky guys turn out to be But that unusual blend of my funny friend and me. You see the patterns in the big sky. We could be lost. The Emperor. we could refuse to try. Who would the angels send. My illusions all would shatter. When not a thing I held was true. What is simple needs protecting.

.. the jour - ney you're - O 2001 Walt Disnev Music Company \ll R Br.218 Where The Dreams Takes You From Walt Disney Pictures' Atlantis: The Lost Empire Lyrics by DIANE WARRE Music by DIANE WARRE and JAMES NEWTON HOWAR Moderately C "!f t) =. _ . ) they r will say - a-' you're but thevwill nev-er o GTsus + un -der-stand. \-o L-d h.. P.r on. tro. R^.r ni. =.i.

er faith to un . .der- heart.They'll try to There's some-thing t)l =. t-=----. lieve). Iieve lieve (still (still be be - lieve). =o l they'll but they it's will the try to be nev . de stand And you dream that keeps So you r\-.

wherethe ++ (Your dream will lead you know- you know) you-(where YOU _ must must go) where the your dream takes your heart). - where the dream- takes - - .) When you fi -n'lly find - you'll that .place ?l f I Bblc GTsus find all- you need.

some - one dream takes your heart.) to . \-___r- Go where your heart is meant to - T you may find (you may find) some dream. there (some - (Where T bod your - y there).(Where the dream - dream takes - you.

Walt Disney Pictures Presents a Pixar Animation Studios Film Monsters. Inc.\ ) Eb Sulley:lf I were a rich- man with 3 77 I nlf R / ++ lt) O 2001 \ /alt Disney Music Company and Pixar Talking Pictures All Rights Reserved Used by Permission a milJion or two . Moderately (]-J = Music and Lyrics br RANDY NEWMA\ r-l¡ I .

in'. + 2+ 8vb J -) would-n't have have - Would-n't you.) Sullet l'{o v:a.ou sontething? I -i I did-n't Mike: For years I have .v ! a - - ? t- 'cau se dreams -------1 ADm6 do come ++1 true. ( ta) Spoken: ) Mike : (lt coulcl lnppen.22s pbe A bo .i noth - in' if I J if did-n't noth .some. Mike (Spoken): Can I tell t. .

you al . I hr rr -J---------¡ I must ad -J big guy.ways come through. you - Sal/eyr -------¡ Yes. I would-n't have .226 your graceand vied SulLey (Spoken): your charm.) - r-j loves - you. (You're green with it.

r-.--.geth-er. noth -ing to me.---t ¡bo r--l Mike: Hey. that's how r-J it al .BbTsus I noth-ing . some-times I r-J get a Iit .tle -31 .-3 ------¡ h€. 3 ) ll' AbmajT Both: You and me DTsus Gm7 to . ---------¡ -i r-J with-out the oth .-J ------¡ 3 -----. did-n't don't rmean noth ¡- ahf"s 3 ---------t - ing to f----.. I n-neyer told you this.ways should ---l---r be.

BbTsus F9 C7 noth-ing if I did-n't -l a ...r l{ . know do.T- '. Sulley.228 Ebo Abm6 blue J Sulley: Looks good on Mike: bttt I would-n't have )'ou. Stilley: would-n'f Míke: Me too. Mike: Wht' do \ou keep singing my part'l . because 1. -t- go.hat \'on mean. becttu'9e...r h aYe 3 \"4 t*bt l= ebo rJ -¡ ifr would-n't knowwhereto Mike: I know v.

'Cuuse v.ct».r would-n't 3 haye - -l Bb7sus.t haye - have J . did-n...e r. -t aL- J would-n't noth-in'if have I . BbTsus noth-in' if I did-n't have.. J Would-n't J have _ if did-n't you - + .-J ---r .r__-? ___r abs don't have to say .--3 ---t it I'll Sulley: Both: both know it. _ I would-j.s salt if anyv.-3 -- Abm6 true.

.both know it's true. I wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have. (Spoken:) Yeah. You and me together. Mike: But I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have you. Hey. nothing to me. Don't you dare dip me. Sulley: (Spoken:) Looks good on you. Mike: Sulley: Mike: Both: Sulley: Mike: Both: Mike: Sulley: Mike: Sulley: Mike: Both: lvfike: Su11er': I know what you mean.. you always come through. I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have you. And if I were handsome.. Wouldn't know what to do. because. (Spoken:) Why do you keep singing my part? I don't have to say it (Spoken:) I'll say it anyway. Sometimes I get a little blue. Sulley: Everyone loves you. you know. I . I Mike: (Spoken:) Su1ley: I wouldn't know where to go.. Wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have. It worked! Don't have to say it. I'm just a punky little eyeball and a funky optic nerve. I'd live in a penthouse in a room with a view. Ow! I should hcme stretched. (Spoken:) Where'd everybody come from? 'Cause we both know it's true. Don't you dare dip me. because 1. I wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have you. I. (Spoken:) Let's tske it home. I know.:. . I wouldn't be nothin' if I didn't have you to serve. Your grace and your charm.. . Yeah.. That means you.. 'Cause dreams do come true. Sulley: (Spoken:) Let's dance! (Spoken:) Look. if I didn't have. (Spoken:) No woy! (Spoken:) It could happen.. Yes. .. Wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have you.. I never told yotr this. Sulley. Sulley: Yes. Music and Lyrics by Randy Newman Sulley: Mike: Sulley: Mike: Sulley: If I were a rich man with a million or two. Mike: wouldn't be nothin' if I didn't have you. Mike: (Spoken:) Can I tell you something? For years I have envied (Spoken:) You're green with it.::'.. Wouldn't have nothin'.you..'.WaIt Disney Pictures Presents A Pixar Animation Studios Film Monsters. Inc. :. big guy! I wouldn't have nothin' I wouldn't have nothin' I wouldn't have nothin' . O.: llrirlev \fuslc Company and Pixar'lhlkjng I .. You. I know. big guy. Ma. if I didn't have. E.:.. Sulley: Mike: Both: Mike: But I must admit it. (Spoken:) One more time. I wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have. I know. ¿J L seai bV Permission l']ictures . if I didn't have. (Spoken:) Me too. Don't you dare dip me. I wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have you.. (Spoken:) 'Cause we.:.You. One without the other don't mean nothing to me. I'm dancing! Would you let me lead? Look at that! It's true! Big guys are light on their feet. A. Wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have. . that's how it always should be.

er *Chorus: than Chortts: than cean blue. one ly ho ho O 2002 Walt Disney Musrc Company lll on on -. . R".er I'd rath .cd ur P. On ger - ing gold-en sand - in place place the o- is where - the the I'd rath . wish had rl n come my - at wet. l'd way All: l'd true Lead: zon.v-áa¡ E¿aEa ffia*§ §cr f} ¡ Yto q-{}&§"rer á{§{§* E From Walt Disney's Lilo & Stitch Words and Music by ALAN SILVESTR| and MARK KEALI'l HO'OMALU no no- Lead: lin A11. sea. Chorus: and.errrc I .231 c* Yg TE ?á rá&§. .Chorus: Lnd I'd lay. zon. ¡ had my surf-board out the sea-shore dry. - be be - sun sun if I iflon yond yond R ght.

hi-lo - .ki. mai.wi' ki-wi .hang ten.lo . t:-_E /l .wi . no_ fear.lo hi lo hi.Ia i ka la ha .t hi.howtsit shake.Chorus:La All:Hang loose. mai . La -wemaii .er coast coast - Lead: A .er roll .Chonts: A .a. Me_ ke kai ho .a-shak .na-ha-na.wi .pa he -'e i ka pu -'e Chorus:La ALI: Fly All: It's time lng by to try on - a the war wal roll .la . Ain..we mai i ko pa No wor-ry.

surf's . with the mo tion of the o one. cut .e Dl-D t)-l i ka la ha-na-ha na.wai Let's go jump - in'.nu .tin'up. Front side. +.up and pump .pa.tin'back.Me_ ke kai Lead: La ho . Chortts.To Coda Pi' .i Put-tin' in. back side.Chorus:O_ ka mo_a na ha . _ cut .pa-nu . out.e Chorus: Ha . $ .in'.en -e- i ka pu-. Lead: na lu-lu Ia Ia-ha-la-ha. cut-tin. goof-y-foot-edwipe out.

Chorus: Ha - wai .ian .Chorus:Ha .le - he le mai ka - kou e.234 cad Whirl -pools . al Coda CODA + Lead: Lead: La .wai .C. swirl .la He .ing.ian roll coast - er D.

.lf-r or a moYou can't take Now you know do think learn \ran[ lo tell you can you -=-ment that's me me and and you. I won't lis Yeah. o._ .. \rlRc -Ré.der neY . .wav.rr-.á'esa ru"*ɧ.-.J. you stand Can you help ten here- me_- -v- an on your be a who I held throw I'm IN me not your arms.0) \\ 1. {..| . . And And \..rr.j r . . And a .er ^+1 .É E€*e-* (|im's Theme) From Walt Disney's Treasure planet Words and Music by JOHN RZEZNIK a am ques do you think see the things tion you'dthey - to the not an to be ['m a I can an Irm a boy? AII you want un . é.-i say? shown? _ am. a ...d _ what's _ .\'ou _ ev-er nev .

want to touch things - to .236 .a way. 'cause me AS neY - and b"\:= And er be what you want Irm long as _i _f And want I - a mo - ment _ to be real.move me They don't know They can't break ffi€. not I me here know who I am.. _ man? You'll re .- own.

.C.' the one { fr€.can the world They're the I S. 'cause now. .ü II O (» F. 'cause D. al Coda I (3rd Ending) but CODA I Irm ones. fre.'m7 To Coda To Coda ( They don't knou' tt ev can't see ( r'.

er be Esus AID - . al Coda II + F#m7 ['ll nev .S. the world keep on dream-ing for is words are just whis-pers and lies CODA D.Ftm see. Yeah.

all cause out But out are will you'll Iearn this . on \.e . i. From Walt Disney pictures.r ro n .l l. Brother Bear Words and Music by PHIL COLLINS There There oh.. Ri.e.iour in you'll there there some some where where.n'. it's day all light wait finds . R' .\/alt Disnev Music Conrpany... (O 2001 \. d I .

Iust take a through my .240 if if you you be be D/F# watch-ing o -ver you. .

just take a To Coda look $6 through - .A(add4) DFfr z----.

242 .

D.S.) Just take a . al Coda look through my _ know there's a bet - ter place.

-- .244 ) c through f'-------f --f -==---- look through my Optional Ending Repeat and Fade -=-- .

ble.tern .* t.ed it.11 - § §. I in \------tree.'ly knew just how to prove there's noth.. a hun .ways found it eared tear .ler was was a mon . to But he could up and And when he hunt .!^ á From Walt Disney.ter.¡t.grel. # &. and that's and that's O lq5.} I u.l"d- how a when old good Yel dog should Ier had .ie Curilpan¡ Di-1.r'-)1-3 § {§.\\.l . hun .ler .grel.:1'§ú t.{1 ?" .rlt Disne¡ Mu.Í^o^q: ol' f:n".int lop - 7 mon ..[ .ing al .out a fam .s Old yeller Words by CIL CEORCE Music by OLIVER WALLACE Moderately bright D Yel Yel fan - cy an-y do it troub -Ie free with chase he and he . {-. dou .

er. _ A tree. a a lit .earer . Yel-ler! - dog-gone dog in the \-=--// West!- wiii--- Yel . In an .ler was Yel .in' a a fight . The fam . to do.tle lop. PY.\----// be! YeI-ler.y scrap he [t's plain to see he knew just what has a root .ler's just fight .in' toot .er. come back. pup - py.'ly PUP.

g' _-/ - how as a Yeller! - . yel . his and bold that's come and he's was true blue.low.Ier. PaP' PY' al . hap - py. - \-----// West! <><> \-----/-/ dog-gone dog in Tex the w- r€> \ ------ . Yel .low. pup should be.rough and im - heart good read - age of y his fel .though his coat was he's fris .

geth-er. - | I to . Let's get yea.'ry d"y. lnc Copyright Renewed I I Why don't you and I com that we could ttrint ot all We couldhave a swing-in' eY -'ry way and ev -'ry .- We'd be And tho' O 1960 Wonderland Music Company. ' yea! - I What do you say?- t Ev . SHERMI and ROBERT B. er. to .From Walt Disney's The Parent Trap Words and Music by RICHARD M.geth - Yea. SHÉRMI Moderate Rock tempo C Let's get bine?share.

geth-er. . to .219 to . Dm7 Suy.geth-er. we real .ly ring G7 and if you stick with the Dm7 G7 Noth-in'could be great-er. think you're swell _ huh.

al . a Yea. and you can be.hey. yea grooY .li . count to - geth-er. Two is twice as nice as Yea.y . We'lI be hav-in' twice the [€. yea Let's get - tor! Let's get to-geth-er.

Spain lease- gree_ you'll I that Ev And to - ate. whirl O 1961 Walt Disney Music Company Copyright Reneu.Castle trn Spain From Walt Disney's Babes In Toyland Words by MEL LEVEN Music by CEORCE BRUNS TanBo rhythm cas .ed be will it 'ry for be .tle in mort-gage and you must a our liv re makes ing rent val-u your head free.

rate. From You'll girl. And You'Il our Come now be .er . naught but but me to - caught cake day r eY ._ r r tune will in on the what do you grow take say noth eat have .pagne. in our in our to our cas cas cas - tle tle tle tn ln ln Spain.low- this cent we will drain.'ry you'll drink ina for - vil . Spain.lage be .ous vein. gen . You me.

'. From Walt Disney's Newsies O 1992 Wonderland Music Compa¡y..--i^^ . lnc All R pñ|.r il.e¡ h\ Por-. R. I .

fraid and (Friends of the friend (O .) the day.) and and light don't the way.pen the gates serze setze the way.) less. de .lav. (Raise up the torch (Don't be a-fraid and serze selze the day.lay. de .) .pen the gates Raise up Don't be less and the torch and a .Friends of the friend O .

al Coda Oc .S.Neigh.ther -- ToCoda S CODA D.bor to neigh fa .

teen . song.17.nes . the buck . Born on a moun-tain top in up . In . is some .in' a wrong. Da .rose. (See additional lyrics) r of the free.see.From Walt Disney's Dat y Crockett Words by TOM BLACKBURI Music by CEORCE BRUN Moderately F Ten . as strong.jun fightin' an' right .Iong.buc ' ca - . green - est addin' redskin makin' up state in arrows to yarns an' 4. the man who Crock-ett. Da Da on - rr Da Da Da Yy vy Yy Crock-ett. eigh . kilt him a b'ar raised in the woods so's he knew ev -'ry tree. king of the wild fron ' don't know Crock-ett. he's rinry as a b'ar itch .in' fer fightin' .thir 3. tryts- int a he was off twict woes. teen the Creeks he- three. L.thin' he knows. so he should'ers his rifle Now. Otr through the woods . .he's a marchint a .

rhe .nin' they needed him at follow . to fol .rn 1 ern march had plains he gras . an.vy. neer! land is rrrr t f i f biggest an.low the sun.end lead man in' the king of -the who pi don't witd Sunt plains to the west - to the Texas lit out grin .vy. Da . is dooe. theA-la-mo. test. His ly Crock-enry Crock-en" rrhe ry Crock. When fear! he come home his heard of Houston an.tick Au-stin land -in. best. Da Da Da 19.le tier! 18. He 20. his pot -i . o know fron Da .to the his leg . in . Da -w. f¡r.

An' the rest of his life he took the stand that justice was due every redskin band. 12. choice of the whole frontier! 14. Headed back to war from the ol' home place. They put in Davy 'cause he was their kind. his reg'lar soldiers we'll put to shame. His politickin' was their favorite brand an' everyone wanted to shake his hand. He give his word an' he give his hand that his Injun friends could keep their land. king of the wild frontier! 7. seein' his duty clear! 16. an' the teemin' woods is a hunter's dream. Needin' his help they a fightin' spirit an' a thinkin' mind. a livin'legend of growin' renown. helpin' his legend grow! 17. makin' up yarns ant singin' a song. of his hopes for White House an' fame as well. in his heart he wanted to leave it all. 15. But the ice went out an' the warm winds Lookin' fer a place where the air smells clean. But he spoke out strong so hist'ry books tell Hets ringy as a b'ar ant twict as strong. trackin' the redskins down! 6. seein' his duty clear! fear! Davy-Davy man who don't know Davy-Davy Crockett. 11. so they sent him offto Washin'ton town with his best dress suit still his buckskins brown. Davy-Davy Crockett. where the trees is tall an' the grass is green. Offthrough the woods we're ridin' along.fer the. holdin' his promise dear! 8. the Canebrake Congressman! offto Congress an' served a spell. Iookin' fer Paradise! came an' the meltin' snow showed tracks of game. He knew when he spoke he sounded the knell 10. the . fightin' an' burnin' at a devil's pace south to the swamps on the Florida Trace. beginnin' his campaign! didn't vote blind. where the fish is fat in an untouched stream. Davy-Davy Crockett. sent up to Nashville the best they could find' 13. an' patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell. holdin' his young 'uns dear! close to his boys as the pod 9. Davy-Davy Crockett. Davy-Davy Crockett. an'lose himself in the forests tall. an'the pea. 'cause we got the guns with the sure-fire aim. Fought single-handed through the Injun War till the Creeks was whipped an' peace was in store.winter with his family. an' his speeches made him friends to beat the band. Davy-Davy Crockett. Davy-Davy Crockett. Now he's lost his love an' his grief was gall. Davy-Davy Crockett. fixin' up the Govertments ant laws as well. Home. Davy-Davy Crockett. happy as squirrels in the ol' gum tree. He went bein' the father he wanted to be. Andy Jackson is our gen'ral's name. Davy-Davy Crockett. but he answered instead his country's call.Additional Lyrics 4. Him an' his jokes travelled all through the land. the champion of us all! 5. made hisself a legend for evermore. but Red Stick was leadin' a merry chase. Davy-Davy Crockett. An' while he was handlin' this risky chore. headin' on West again! took over Washin'ton so we heered tell an' patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell. Them redskin varmints us Volunteerstll tame. Davy-Davy Crockett. An' the flowers of Spring filled the woods with flame. ant knows he's right'cause he ain' often wrong. The votes were counted an' he won hands down. an' all of a sudden life got too tame. Davy-Davy Crockett. Crockett.

the Iead . there! Ho..261 Mickey Mouse March From Walt Disney's The Mickey Mouse Club Words and Music by JIMMIE DODD Brightly F C7 Mouse Who's of Hi. ¿:. o -u S-E! me!l be! I . FTIEb M club there! I -C Mick Ctub! You're that's made for you as wel - Bbm/Db E-Y come as and can C7 M O 19i5 \\'alt Disne\ \1!! c C¡^-::: Copr riqhi Re:e'.

ner a song and join high! the jam .ey Don - Mouse! ald Mick .bor M .Bb Mick - (Shout) Mick .O.S - E! .U .ey Vfr# ey Í- C7 (Shout) High! v\/ -\--l- - er let us and hold sing our ban .

-- with a rev-e T-- ..1..] iii :: i .-_. vou Iis ten..-+' to dis morn lng cov ered.¡ .-::: .i ¡.. Ev -'ry eve nrng mu SiC. From MILLENNIUM CELEBRATION at Epcot Music by CAVIN CREENAWAY Words by DON DORSEY Moderately slow Gsus/C \.. T. GIC U brings an end rng. if Am/c +' da) rh) comes a of each r_j we _____¡ \__ !un Ieg-a breath t"-j set leads tions un- +.:.:i . i i-::. . .. i.:t .:.

- ts love o. Prom Prom - ise ise you will we'll walk take side my in - e Y the the way. ni - tu ty.264 G prom la of- ise op-por from.long- . dream . sky. for the stars we there are dia . choice eb(a¿¿s)#u find danc a .ing all - we as_ have - we to Iearn to do.- + r \_. by side.monds We can reach And I know we-make. as to- asa .ev-'ry tions FmajT - \-.

I r _/! á' rl- we'll /: I 1o- go on. . .lng years.:bs an .oth .l -. - ..l through the good times - and tears.?t -l-) the sun.265 grow- ing clos er through the moY .er thou cles sand cir 'round tI ¡. the 3 cfr.

=r GiF# through the good times andthe .

DIFil -=---/ --J *r ------r .

sun much moun it's a and a a world of just one world smile that we .' March tempo It's tears. SF-:-". a and one gold and a world of ship to eY .tains di - of means share vide laugh moon hopes friend that and O - world ter.xxam§á Wkr&q§ From Disneyland and Walt Disney World's It's A Small World Words and Music by RICHARD N1. lnc Copyright Renewed - - ware. one. - fears.§§'s . wide.'ry it's we're the ceans 1963 Wonderland Music Company. 51-:i'"' and ROBERT B.' . of en There's so though tht Itts it's a a .

.It's a small.

Drink up real-ly a fright. we're ho. ho.fer. We yo yo Ma We ho. for for for me. ho.ig . plun. yo yo yo ho.tort and pil . Drink filch and sack.vright Renerved AIlRrBhl. pi pi pi up up up Drink up e . ho. Drink flame and don't give a hoot. me. Drink . ns.bez .ven high-jack. . ex .age and raud and em .iun rate's life rate's life rate's life me 'eart me 'eart me 'eart - me me ies. ho.zle and burn up the cit - y.nite.¡nb' P. Drink O 1967 Walt Disney Music Conrpan). me.270 Ym E€s> (A Pirate's Life for Me) From Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park Words by XAVIER ATENCIO Music by CEORCE BRUNS F Yo Yo Yo pil . ho. ies. kin .dle and char and we we IN kid -nap and rav . U.fle and loot.Re*. We We We yo yo yo ho. ho. ho.der. a a a ri .Cop.lage.

we're blight .271 me 'eart - 'We're ies. ils - scoun .ers and and black sheep. ies. gars We're ho. yo me 'eart . yo up up up up me 'eart me 'eart - pi . We're by our . ho.lains and knaves.rate's life we'reloved ho. Drink Drink a a me 'eart .drels. yo yo - Aye.ies. we. Drink ly bad eggs -mies 'n' dads.rate's life pi . ho. ho. Drink ne'er -do . real mom ho. beg vil . and and dev but ho. for for me.well cads.ies. ho.

272 SOI\üG TI{DEX 53 267 Mickey Mouse March Baby Mine 258 The Ballad of Davy Crockett 93 The Bare Necessities 124 Be Our Guest 728 Beauty and the Beast B0 Bella Notte (This Is the Night) 112 Best of Friends 70 154 109 251 749 158 84 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) Can You Feel the Love Tonight Candle on the Water Castle in Spain Circle of Life Colors of the Wind Cruella De Vil 68 A Dream 99 Is a Wish Your Heart Makes Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat 245 Old Yeller 82 Once Upon a Dream 115 Part of Your World 263 Promise 787 Reflection 7 4 253 34 772 702 87 89 The Second Star to the Right Seize the Day Some Day My Prince Will Come Someday Someone's Waiting for You A Spoonful of Sugar Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 96 Trust in Me (The Python's 792 Two Worlds 133 Friend Like Me 44 24 Minnie's Yoo Hoo 272 My Funny Friend and Me Give a Little Whistle 782 Go the Distance 767 God Help the Outcasts 720 ljnder the Sea 742 Hakuna Matata 237 Hawaiian Roller Coaster 203 When She Loved Me 38 47 57 When I See an Elephant FIy Ride Heigh-Ho Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me) 72 I'm Late 235 I'm Still Here (|im's Theme) 30 I'm Wishing 50 I've Got No Strings 224 If I Didn't Have You 268 It's a Small World 65 248 67 239 Song) Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) Let's Get Together Little April Shower Look Through My Eyes 47 When You Wish Upon a Star 218 Where the Dream Takes You 36 Whistle While You Work 27 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? i38 A Whole New World 105 Winnie the Pooh 7O7 The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers 2O7 Written in the 270 76 196 163 77 6 Stars Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) You Can Flyl You Can Fly! You Can FIr-l You'll Be in My Heart (Pop Version) You've Got a Friend in Me Zero to Hero 63 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah .

ar (Pinocchio) A Whole New World (Aladdin) Winnie the Pooh (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) You'll Be in My Heart (TarzanrM) You've Got a Friend in Me (ToY StorY) Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Song of the South) THT NTW ILLT]STRATTD TREAST]RY OF' DISI\EY SOI\GS Nlusic has always been at the heart of the magical world of Disney. a comprehensive selection of songs from 1930 to today. or from a Disney Theme Park. Whether it's the score from an animated feature film. from television. Then you'll find piano/vocal arrangements of 68 classic Disney songs. making this a keepsake [o treasure for years to come. lnc. music adds unique emotional magic to every Disney story and entertainment experience.s.FEATT]RII\G 68 DISI\TY SOI\GS including: The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book) Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) Circle of Life (The Lion King) Go the Distance (Hercules) It's a Small World (Disney Theme Parks) Look Through My Eyes (Brother Bear) Mickey Mouse March (Mickey Mouse CIub) Reflection (Mulan) Some Day My Prince Will Come (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid) When You Wsh Upon a SÍ. u. DISTRIBUTED I ISBN-1 3: 978-0-7935-9365-1 ISBN-1 0: 0-7935-9365-4 BY llil lllllllllllllllll lll llllll tlíl . $29. from "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" of 1930 right up to "Look Through My Eyes" ffom Brother Bear. Over 1 00 full-color illustrations accompany the text and music.95 ilillllJJltl|ul|[ililt. The New ltlustrated IYeasury of Disney Songs is a guided tour through the many legendary years of Disney music. Walt Disney Music ComPanY Wonderland Music Company.This collector's edition begins with a musical history of Disney's greatest songs.