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Goal Reflection
a. Explain the contents of your SMART Goal Portfolio.
Because my SMART Goal portfolio was created using Weebly technology, I chose to
divide it into six main components or “pages.” Weebly is a website that allows students,
professionals, freelance artists, and bloggers to create their own web pages based on their area of
need or expertise. I was introduced to Weebly in the spring of 2014 as a part of my GCOM class,
since then, I have created countless Weebly web pages for various classes, portfolios and
projects. I enjoy using Weebly because it allows me to incorporate the technological and artistic
skills that I have obtained through my second minor at JMU, graphic design. I will explain each
of the six components included in my SMART Goal portfolio below.

Home Page
This portion of the portfolio includes the Table of Contents that maps out the
entire web page. The Table of Contents includes all six of the portfolio
components in addition to direct links, or “buttons,” to each of these components’
individual web pages.


S.M.A.R.T. Goal Documents
This portion of the portfolio includes a collection of all of the SMART Goal
documents that were included in the ELED 432 curriculum throughout the
semester. This component contains a “base” page that includes a concise version
of my SMART Goal in addition to three supplementary pages. The first
supplementary page contains my original SMART Goal plan, the second
supplementary page contains my first SMART Goal update, and the third
supplementary page contains my second SMART Goal update.


Activities Repertoire
This portion of the portfolio includes all 14 of the activities that were outlined in
the self-evaluation section of my second SMART Goal update. This component
contains a base page that includes a brief description of what the activities will
involve in addition to seven supplementary pages. Each supplementary page
represents a specific grade level and includes two separate activities that follow
the criteria outlined in my SMART Goal. All of these activities could be recreated
outside of the classroom and adhere to a specific set of SOL tenets.


ELED 432 Integrative Lesson Plan
This portion of the portfolio includes the integrative lesson plan that I completed
as a part of the ELED 432 curriculum in addition to the documents that were
utilized within the classroom throughout this lesson. This component contains a
base page that contains my integrative lesson plan in addition to one

supplementary page. This supplementary page includes the PowerPoint
presentation that I used to introduce my lesson as well as the worksheet that I
used to conclude my lesson.

Portfolio Reflection
This portion of the portfolio includes this reflection document that serves as a
personal analysis of my progress throughout the semester in regards to this
SMART Goal as well as a self-evaluation of my SMART Goal portfolio.


Means of Assessment
This portion of the portfolio includes both the official ELED 432 SMART Goal
portfolio rubric in addition to my own personal SMART Goal portfolio rubric.
Both of these documents are included on the base page, while there is a
supplementary page that has been left open for the submission of a peer review