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McCollam 1

Jordan McCollam
Mr. Buescher
US History Period 6
2 October 2014
Understanding The Constitution
The American Constitution grants its citizens protection. America became a
nation in the first place to break away from tyranny and create a government that
worked out for everyone's benefit. Therefore the people are granted unalienable
rights. The government does not have the final decision. The people have the
majority of the say. These frameworks have affected the citizens of the U.S. even
today. Understanding the history and the morals behind these granted rights and
ideas and even why our Founding Fathers wrote them in the Constitution in the first
place is important in seeing why America is the great nation it is. Although there
are many other topics, people really need to the concept about
unalienable rights and consent over the government.
U.S. government has talked up this idea of "Unalienable Rights." Everyone
has heard the term, but what does it actually mean? The dictionary definition is
a right that cannot be taken away or denied. Also in America's Declaration it
states the three unalienable rights that the nation strives for. The right to life,
liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Back when America was merely thirteen helpless
colonies in the grasp of the Britain empire, those rights did not exist. The colonies
were suffocating with taxes, violence, strangers in the military taking over the
people's households. The founders framed the Constitution around the unalienable
rights because citizens needed to be reassured that they were safe. Their pursuit of
happiness was something absolutely no one could take away, and thankfully still is.

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This affects the modern citizens today in that they are generally free. They don't
have to worry about rising tyrants that are hungry for power and will take away
their rights. American rights are unalienable, cannot be denied. People can buy
property, practice their preferred religion, ext.
It is written in the famous document that the government's powers must
derive from the consent of the government. The Founding Fathers figured this
because it is not a free country at all if the people don't have the power over their
government. The Framers protected this thought in the Constitution by
making it obvious that the people have a fat portion of the power.
Whatever the government says doesn't go without the consent of its people. An
example of conflict in this area would be the right to bear arms. The government
kind of battled it out with the citizens recently about guns. People want their guns,
the government wants. . . well, people to stop dying. However, the conflict is
leaning more towards the people's side today. They still have their guns and they're
happy. Without the Constitution and the written rights, citizens without a doubt
would be stripped of their right to bear arms. That particular example is located in
Amendment II, "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be
infringed." Other examples in the document of power to the people would include
Section eight, nine, and ten of Article I, Article V, and even a bit in Amendments
nine and ten. They are all about powers preserved for the people and limits on the
government itself. The government can't throw out unjust laws because the people
will rise up and demand against it. The people can't ask for completely
unreasonable things for the same reason that the government will stop them. It
keeps both the government and the people 'just'. The whole Constitution really is
about getting to that perfect balance.

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It's apparent that the combination of unalienable rights and consent of the
governed has created practically the perfect government when it comes to keep the
mass of the people smiling. The unalienable rights keeps the citizens safe and free.
While, the consent of the governed keeps everything in order, in check, and in
balance. All of these important things are inputted into our Constitution by the
Founding Fathers to build a strong and stable government. That government, nation,
is America, possibly the proudest country in the world currently. Murica'