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Brandon Balinado
Mr. Hawkins
American Government – Period 5
10 March 2016
Abolish the Electoral College
The Electoral College System has been used for many years in order to elect the
President of the United States of America. It is a very well known system that has been
used repeatedly over the years. It has reached the point to where the Electoral College
should be abolished. The Electoral College should be abolished because it is
undemocratic, small states are overrepresented, and it hurts third parties.
The first reason that the Electoral College system should be abolished is because
it is truly an undemocratic system on the process of how the President is elected. The first
piece of evidence derives from Document G, whereas the President who wins the popular
vote proceeds to actually lose the election (Document G). This is undemocratic since the
popular election actually depicts whom the voters actually want as the next President.
This evidence shows that the Presidential candidate who wins the popular vote doesn’t
necessarily win the electoral vote since the delegates can vote for whomever they want to
choose. The next piece of evidence can be pulled from Document A where it shows that a
Presidential candidate can actually win the electoral vote by focusing on a minimum of
only eleven states which guarantees them the 270 electoral votes that a candidate needs to
win (Document A). This piece of evidence is another example of being undemocratic
since it leads candidates to only focus on a small number of states as opposed to focusing
on the nation as a whole. This also means that candidates don’t need to focus their



campaigning in the northwest at all since their electoral votes only add up to forty votes,
whereas the other regions have way more votes that the candidates can secure. The last
piece of evidence comes from Document D, which states, “The Electoral College violates
political equality. It is not a neutral counting device… (I)t favors some citizens over
others, depending solely upon the state in which voters cast their votes for president…
(Document D).” This quote indicates that in fact the Electoral College is undemocratic
since it does favor certain citizens over others. This means that actual voters don’t vote
directly for the President, but rather put in their “suggestions” for President, which are
then given to delegates who are the ones who vote based upon whom their state wants to
be the next President. These were all reasons as to why the Electoral College is an
undemocratic system.
The second reason that the Electoral College should be abolished is due to the fact
that is causes smaller states to be overrepresented. A prime example of these states being
overrepresented is how smaller states with very little population, such as Alaska or
Montana, have three electoral votes in a Presidential election (Document A). This is
unfair to bigger states since it gives these smaller states more say in the election when
they in fact don’t have a bigger population. Also, certain states like California actually
lost electoral votes in order to give more to these smaller states which is wrong since it is
taking away some of the state’s say in the election. The next reason as to why smaller
states are overrepresented is that in case of a tie in a Presidential Election, the decision
gets to go to the House of Representatives to vote on the matter (Document F). This is
unfair since this process gives each state one vote. This one vote ignores any state’s
population, which means that a smaller state will have the exact same equal say as a



larger state. The last reason that causes smaller states to be overrepresented can be seen in
Document D, which displays that twelve states and Washington D. C. have more electoral
votes combined then Illinois (Document D). This evidence infers that even though Illinois
has a much larger population than any of these smaller states, they get less electoral votes
than all the other twelve smaller states combined. This is unfair since candidates only
need to focus on these smaller states rather than just Illinois causing those small states to
be overrepresented. These were all reasons as to why the Electoral College system causes
smaller states to be overrepresented.
The final reason that the Electoral College system should be abolished is because
it is harmful to third parties. The first piece of evidence that supports this topic comes
from Document G; it shows that during the year 2000 Presidential election, Nader, a third
party candidate, won zero electoral votes (Document G). This statistic shows that
Electoral College doesn’t seem to ever vote for a third party candidate. Nader even had a
popular vote of 2,888,955 people but still received no electoral votes at all, which is very
harmful to a third party candidate. The second piece of evidence can be found in
Document E, which states, “(T)he [Electoral College] system bolsters the two-party
system by discouraging independent candidacies (Document E).” This quote infers that
the Electoral System was actually created in order to eliminate third parties in fear of
splinter parties. However, this system just discourages these third parties even though
they are trying just to prevent ideologues and splinter parties from running. The final
piece of evidence from