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Cynthia Rodriguez
English 113B
Professor Spitler-Lawson
March 1, 2016
Project Web Rough Draft
Word Count: 1,302
Education over Money
Poverty is the lack of money, need or scarcity and this is a serious problem that is being
spread globally. Poverty strongly effects education because children in wealthy families are more
likely than low income children to succeed according to statistics. Furthermore, poor children are
twice as likely to struggle in school, repeat a grade, get expelled, or likely to drop out of high
school. For this reason poverty is a strong feature that effects education to poor children. Poverty
has a lot to do with the government. Therefore, the government needs to quit eliminating school
programs and make them more available along with having more jobs affordable to people who
struggle with poverty.
The type of community that somebody lives in is a source of where they work, and what
the future of their family can look like. A poor family that lives in a low income community and
who works at a low paying job can affect the future of their children because they are surrounded
by poor effects. These poor effects include crimes, not having the ability to afford certain school
materials, and the attitudes they are surrounded by. “Poor communities face more stress than
wealthier communities. This lack of preparation for school means that teachers may have to
spend extra time teaching students basic skills.” (What are the disadvantages..Thompson)
Poverty plays a role in this situation “For example, it means that children may come to school

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hungry or even malnourished, and this can interfere with a student's ability to learn.” (What are
the disadvantages..” Thompson). This can mean that children live in an unstable house hold or
unsafe areas. On the other hand, children that live in wealthy areas have the ability to afford
better resources. Public schools in poverty stricken areas can provide certain materials and
resources depending on the type of community the people live in. In the article, “What are the
disadvantages facing the poor community public schools?” By Van Thompson it states that
public schools in poor communities cannot afford the benefits that a public school in a wealthy
area can. Public schools in a poor community receive less money in state funds, and grants.
Furthermore, the type of community that people live is one of the reasons on how poverty affects
a student’s ability of learning.
The government affects poverty and the services that are provided at public schools.
Budget cuts are an issue that limits communities and schools to have a limit on how much they
can spend. This limits public schools to not have advanced technology, not allocate school
facilities, and not rebuilding buildings in the school. According to the article “Effects of poverty
on education” by Ronald Buck he states that indicators have examined that a student’s
achievement is based on the quality of teachers in the building. Teachers are very important
when it comes to a student’s education. “Finding a way to relate to every student is not always
easy, but effective teachers find ways to make the classroom environment welcoming and
successful” (Vickers & Hale, 2010) It is important that a teacher grows a relationship with the
student in order to help the student meet his learning potential. Budget cuts make it very difficult
for teachers to keep their jobs, and also make it difficult for schools to keep curriculums and
programs. “Curriculums and programs are also often introduced with a mission of fostering a
healthier student by providing quality resources and professional development for these

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teachers” (Effects of poverty on education). Programs are meant to help students who struggle
and require more attention and an instructor. When a student and a teacher built a relationship the
student usually feels like they have the trust from the teacher to do something right. “When the
teacher’s expectations of students are low, evidence suggests that they are not given a fair chance
at a quality education” (Effects of poverty on education). The teacher has to be fully committed
to motivating her student to meet their farthest potential towards success. In the article “Effects
of poverty on education” the author states “highly qualified teachers is a tough task for poor
schools, the students in the community are then left with average teachers in below average
working conditions” (Effects of poverty on education). Budget cuts make it very difficult for
schools to hire high qualified teachers. However, wealthy schools don’t have these concerns
because their budgets are much higher. The government allows budget cuts to happen, limits
schools to certain sources and eliminate the help that students need.
Poverty affects a parental relationship that a parent carries with a student. The
relationship children have with their parents has an influence on their participation and
motivation in school. If the parents have a low paying job they stress themselves out to pay the
bills and provide for the household. Therefore they may not have any time to participate on
school events, homework, etc. The parents may also have poor education and or can struggle
with health problems that can interfere with them preparing their children for school. Some
parents in poor communities struggle with parenting skills, employment problems, and that gets
in the way of showing care for their children. “The lack of preparation that parents cannot
provide for students really make it difficult for teachers to spend extra time to teach the students
the basic skills that they struggle with” (“What are the disadvantages of facing the
poor…”.Thompson). This information states that the preparation the parent gives to their child

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is needed and is important when it comes to education. Therefore, poor families seem to struggle
when it comes to keeping their children focused on school. Especially, if the students struggle
with work and have poor education skills.
Education is an important key to a student’s success. Somebody that is well educated is
likely to get a well pay job and extend their possibility of being successful. “Meanwhile, the poor
could not afford better transportation or better housing and remained in their living conditions.”
(Effects of poverty on education). Being raised in a poor community is likely to have students
drop out of school and get a job to help pay expenses. It is also likely for students to become
drug addicts, or to give up on school and take the easy way out and become employed. The
community that somebody lives in and the living condition somebody has affects a student and
their education. Furthermore, poverty and the ability of not affording a better living condition is
what causes poor students to not want to complete school, but an education is what extends a
student’s possibilities of not ending up on the streets and likely to not stress themselves out.
Overall poverty is the clear evidence that seems to affect students that live in poor
communities when it comes to receiving all the help and sources that they need. Poverty is going
to be a problem as long as it involves money. People living in poverty should not let that
interfere with the struggle of moving forward and let it affect their children’s higher education.
More benefits, cooperation and positive mentalities should surround the communities that are
struggling with poverty that way poverty can be fixed over time, and future generations can
benefit from the improvement in the community.

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