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Jared Thompson

Debra Jizi
UWRT 1102-009
20 April 2016
Research Proposal
What Effect Do Guns Have On America?

My reasoning for researching this topic is because lately in the news there have
been many accounts of shootings in America. These events bring up many ideas of how
guns should be handled within The United States. I’ve always enjoyed firearms and
believe that everyone should own one. I still feel this way even though someone in my
own family was a victim to a gun accident. My great uncle was shot and killed in a
hunting accident, by his brother. Learning of this experience from my grandfather it only
made me more responsible with my guns. Being someone who is for guns I wanted to do
more research with the perspective of gun advocates but also see the ideas and opinions
people who oppose guns. There has always been two opposing sides of the matter. Just
the other day my friend was arguing with a random stranger about why guns laws
shouldn’t even exist, while the other man was saying guns shouldn’t even be legal within
America. This argument got me thinking about recent events in the news about shootings
and seeing the family’s who lost someone in the shooting. It got me thinking if guns had
more laws or was banned would the outcome be the same? Or if there were more
Americans carrying guns to protect themselves would the criminal be stopped faster so
the outcome would be lower if any?


People should be aware of guns in America because it can affect everyone, it can
really affect those who don’t have any knowledge about guns. Guns in America can affect
the lives of many with positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effects it can
have are giving people a hobby, job opportunities, protection and even used as a tool. We
as Americans are protected 24/7 by our military who are using the most updated
weaponry to protect us. The negative effects are that someone in your family is subjected
to gun violence or has a gun related accident. These can leave family’s traumatized and
also the victim if they survive the situation. All of these things can make a difference in
American lives. This question is something that most Americans need to think because
how the question is handled will affect America greatly. This question can be handled in
a few ways, one by people seeing that guns in America are a bad thing and should be
taken away from civilians or guns within America should stay legal however there needs
to be some changes in laws so crimes will drop.
One thing for sure is that there have been mass shootings in America recently
such as Newtown, Oak Creek, Aurora, The Navy Yard Santa Barbara and Charleston. The
frequencies of these shootings have become too common to the point where the president
of the United States addressed this problem. There has been so many mass shootings in
America that its effects have numb Americans (President Obama). It is human nature to
only care for oneself but when the attacks start happening more frequently and are
targeted towards children more people tend to affect. One example of this is with myself,
Newtown happened in December of 2012. I witnessed this event on the news on the day
it happened and it’s affected me greatly. Before when I heard about the tragic events of a
mass shooting I would feel sad but it wouldn’t really affect my day, however when I was


watching the news about Newtown it hit a nerve. This was one of the reasons for my
research topic. In president Obamas speech about America being numb to mass shooting
relates very well to my topic, this is due to the fact that his reasoning is correct and it
shows the way America is getting affected by guns. So if America is getting numb to
mass shootings is that why we haven’t really done much to stop them? Yes we have laws
in place but those who defy the laws tend to work themselves around them. So how do
we as Americans stop these continuous and heartless attacks?
I’ve found that guns don’t just affect America in a bad way. The military is a big
part of America and one way that it affects America in a good was is defending our land
with guns. The military uses the latest weaponry to give Americans the greatest possible
protection. Guns are used within the military and provide the men and women who serve
in the military a tool to protect themselves while in battle. The web page I browsed listed
the positive affects of joining the military (Positive Outcomes of Military Service). Such
as leadership skills, bonding with others and a lot more. This relates to my main question
because it shows how picking up a gun can lead to positive affects in someone’s life, this
is shown by giving Americans jobs, hope, skills and self-improvement opportunities. This
brings up a question in my mind, which is why do people resort to crime when the
military gives so many benefactors?
Through my research I came across a documentary on gun violence. A kid named
Dean was subjected to gun violence. Dean was at a party and tried to break up two
drunken girls fighting and the boyfriend shot Dean because she said he hit her (Dean's
Dream). This affected his life because when he was shot it left him paralyze from the
waist down. One event that took less than a pull of the trigger left Dean Paralyzed for the


rest of his life. Dean now has to deal with being paralyzed and has to readjust his whole
life to fit his disability. This kids tragic event relates to my topic because since he was a
victim to gun violence he now cannot do the things he wanted to do in life. Dean also
goes on to say how he has nightmares of when he got shot, so even after the event took
place he was still suffering. This makes me wonder, how did the other kid get a gun?
When being a victim to gun violence is there even more after affects?
In research to find why so many people have guns and why they enjoy them I
found a clip form BBC News on YouTube that really shows why Americans love their
guns. One of the people getting interviewed talked about how just being able to use his
rights given to him and buy a gun is just a good feeling (BBC News). The video goes on
to show that the thrill of shooting is what makes him love guns, and it’s a hobby for him.
Not only is a firearm a fun hobby but it also provides as a tool for people with vast lands
and it severs as a home defense weapon too which, can give the feeling of protection. So
why does something so deadly bring happiness to others? That was answered in the video
because there a certain level of protection with them and also the thrill of using them as
hobby or sport. This relates very well to my research because seeing how guns make
people feel and the way they affect Americans is what I’m trying to figure out. There are
so many positives and negatives with guns that most people don’t know what to think of
From the research that I’ve conducted so far I’ve discovered that people have
mixed feelings with guns depending on their situation. Thankfully most occurrences with
firearms are positive ones, however there are over thousands of bad experiences with
guns each year. I have found that people who have been a victim to gun violence tend to


have negative effects after the event, which can change their viewpoints towards guns.
The most convincing voice that I heard towards guns was the positive ones. This was due
to all the benefits it can have on American lives, now the negative view points were
touching which lead me to my next question. The point of why is there still so much gun
violence when there are laws that try to prevent it? What I would like to add to this
argument of guns affecting American in a good way or bad way is what can we do as
fellow Americans to put a stop to all this gun violence. What can we do to ensure that
both parties get what they want and have fewer results in crime? I would like to propose
that we make the background check to buy firearms more detailed and that background
checks must be in place even if selling a gun to a friend.
Before I started this project I really hadn’t looked at the negative affects guns
have on people. I’ve always viewed guns in a positive light and not really seeing the bad
they can do. I now appreciate my rights to own a firearm and the rules that are in place to
buy them because if people can do a lot of evil with firearms, however they can do a lot
of good as well. I still am curious to see people who hate guns see the positive aspects of
them in someone’s lives. I’m also curious to find out if guns affect those outside the
United States of America as much as it does in the United States. If I were to continue I
would compare the affects in America to other countries. I would also put more time into
finding out the general opinion percentage on guns in America. The last thing that I
would like to find out more about is what bills are trying to be passed on guns.



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