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Course Code: EDU 1503

Course name: An Introduction to
Theories in learning 1b
Course teacher: Mr. Andrew
Task Title:Cognitive and
social/Emotional Activities.

Student’s Name: Noora Ali Ahamed
Students No :h00232797

Adolescence is the period from age 11 to age the age of 21
approximately. It's the difficult time from the age when the person
lives it with a lot of changes the Harmon's in the body, apparent the
featureless on their body, and the changes of emotions, therefore,
the people around them. However in this age between (5-11) the
children growing up with new ideas.The beginning of the experiment
and discover new things are not commensurate with their years.
Some of the children start earlier with mental and physical changes
that take to advance stages of puberty may be because of the
scary, confusing, and may be from the factors around them. In
addition, the age between(12-13) the occur with them so huge
because their mental automatically change in different ways. They
want to try do all things good things or bad things without the
participation of one of the older with them. That's main they want to
depend on their self whatever the consequences to face
them.Aristotle (4th century B.C.) debate that the most important
side of adolescence in the ability to choose what they want, and
that self-determination is a feature of maturity.
This period of the adolescence is long and difficult time. In their
life just they want to break the rules of the parents, teachers, or
some people older to contact with them. They think when they do
that it's mean the personal freedom for them.Moreover, all these
behaviors comes from the blind imitation for the social media like
imitating wrestlers or something like that to prove themselves on
the wrong situation. Through this age the, all of the children would
experience changes in alkyl parts of their lives.

Main Body
1-One of the activities I choose about (Self Esteem Activities for
Teens).Its important to the children to the learn how to respect
themselves to avoid the dangerous of this level of the
age(teenager). The good age we control them when they start the
adolescence.We should be near to them and help them in
everything and don't give them empty time without doing
something g useful.In this methods young adolescence will be able
enforce rules and build their mind in positive way.
-That first activity about to make a list of good people to sit with
teens and the spent most of time with those people to correct their
ideas and encourage them to use their time and experience on
something useful to them.So that will make them feel good.

In my knowledge when I was trainer in the school. I saw the
teacher give the students paper to write what the problems face
them in the class. And everyone was write by individual. After that
teacher ask them and try to give them solutions to their problems.
One of problems was for one student afraid from to stand in front
the students and read something or answering.So the teacher was
try to fix what the wrong with the student and first solution was to
go to her home and read in front her family more times to let her
trust on herself.
The Second one of activities about sport are social, lots of games
are so useful for the children.And the role for us makes some games
for them like playing football, running, and walking. That will reflect
on them to spend their times with a healthy body, and have good
lifestyle.on the other hand that will make the firm relationship
between each other.

Finally, everybody passed this age "adolescence" with his
emotions and changes individually. In the future of human
civilization and our, society influenced greatly on the individual's
period of adolescence. Overall, I learn a lot of activities and how I
use it with this age carefully and build new generation with good
thinking and let them share all the perfect things together. And try
to fix some problems in different ways by various activities.

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