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Jared Thompson

Debra Jizi
UWRT 1102-009
March 02, 2016
Five annotated bibliography assignment
Cukier, W. "More Guns, More Deaths." Medicine, Conflict, and Survival. 18.4 (2002).

“More Guns, More Death” is a persuasive article trying to convince the readers
that guns are the leading factor in crime. The article uses charts and surveys to
show how much guns are ether used in crimes or are linked with crimes. In the
article the main points were strictly proposing if guns were harder to get with gun
laws then suicide, wounds of victims and crimes would be lower. The article
starts off talking about how guns within America are more likely used in crimes
than most other countries. The articles next statement is how gun violence is
connected to crimes and how victims are more likely to die from their injuries.
After elaborating on how guns and violence are connected the article started
prosing ways to prevent such events, by making gun laws more strict, reducing
ammo and making gun accessibility really hard to get.

The article really helps with my inquiry project because my topic is how show
guns affect America. When guns are used in crimes and American citizens are the
victims and the criminal it does affect America. It first affects it by allowing
others to see America as a bunch of crimes that take what they want. Also it can

be taken, as it’s not a good place to live. Since the crime was with a gun it can
affect Americas gun laws.
I know that this is a credible article because I found this on the UNCC library
website under credible articles. Also the article backs up their statements with a
lot with facts. It also had the author and year that the article was published.

BBCnews.”why so Many Americans Love their Guns? BBC News”. Youtube Youtube, 17
Feb.2016 web. 02. 2016

“Why so many Americans love their guns?” is a video that talks about why
Americans love their guns. However, this is not the only thing that is talked about.
During the video there are many facts that are concerning to Americans. For
example, it talked about the certain restrictions on to which a citizen of The
United States must go through in order to buy a gun. The video was basically an
interview of regular Americans who love their guns. Each individual goes into
saying why he or she likes their rights to own them and talk. Also this video goes
to show how gun owners are affected by guns in America.

This relates to my topic because guns don’t just affect America in a bad way.
Guns can be a source of protection, happiness, income, hobbies and even service
for people who enjoy guns. This video goes to show how people can enjoy guns.
In the video it also shows how Americans feel about crimes with guns. One of the
interviewees talks about deaths by gun violence. You can tell he sad that there are

so many crimes with guns, however he brigns up the topic that 60% are due to
suicide, which still disheartens him.

This is a creditable source because its from BBC News, and they are not trying to
persuade anyone they are simply showing off why gun owners love their guns. I
could not find an author of the video so that made me a little iffy of the video. I
went to the BBC website to get more info on how creditable they are and I was
more inclined to believe that they are a reliable source of information.

24FOM. "Dean's Dream - A Documentary Film Depicting Gun Violence In America
2014." YouTube. YouTube, 01 Sept. 2014. Web. 02 Apr. 2016.

This is a documentary about victims of gun violence. Dean was a high school
student when he was a victim to gun violence, which lead him to be paralyzed.
He was at a party trying to break up a fight between two drunken girls and her bf
showed up and shot him. Dean now looks to stem cell treatment. He then decided
to take the treatment that lasted 2 whole days and then after a couple of weeks had
some feeling in his right leg.
This relates to my topic on how guns affect America because he was an American
citizen that was a victim to guns. This documentary depicts the after effects of gun
violence and what it does to the victims. This made the young man Dean have
nightmares from the event. The idea on how guns affect America is all on how the
people truly get affected. This is an example on how guns can affect Americans in

a bad way. It also shows how someone who is irresponsible got their hands on a
fire arm and hurt someone.
This is a creditable documentary because I looked up the producer’s name. He is a
personal injury attorney who sees this kind of thing daily. I was able to get this
documentary off YouTube, which isn’t always the best reliable source however I
also looked up the directors who are Mitch McGill and Camrin Petramale, who
are legitimate directors.
"Remarks by the President on Common-Sense Gun Safety Reform." The White House.
The White House, 05 Jan. 2016. Web. 02 Apr. 2016.

This was a speech from President Obama. This speech was after countless mass
shootings had occurred from, Newtown, Oak Creek, Aurora, The Navy Yard Santa
Barbara and Charleston. His speech was about how as a nation we have been
numb to this situation of mass shootings, and how they are happening more
frequently. He uses this speech to announce they he will be having a town
meeting to where there will be an open discussion on how to prevent another mass
This relates to my inquiry project because this speech was the result of so many
mass shootings. These shootings affected America so greatly that the president of
the United States of America had to step in and say something. This affected the
hearts of Americans there was so much death and even kids were killed. This is a
hard topic to discuss because it is so sad, because nobody wants to lose their kids.

So every American had there prayers set for those who lost loved ones in these
This is a creditable source because it has .gov at the end. The president of the
United States gave the speech, and he has been president through a lot of these
shootings. Has the date when it was posted, and the site is really easy to browse. It
even gives when the speech started and ended.
"Positive Outcomes of Military Service." Positive Outcomes of Military Service. N.p.,
n.d. Web. 02 Apr. 2016.

This website lists all the positive out comes of military service for America. It
lists the changes it could have on people that join the military. The purpose of this
website is to try to persuade readers to join the military. Its whole goal is to show
the reader all the benefits that come out of the military.

My inquiry project is all on how guns effect the USA. The military is a big part of
the USA. They defend our interests and our land. The way they defend our land is
through weapons, which are guns and even greater technology. Americans are
affected by the military because we have a safe place to live, and the military even
offers jobs to all those who wish to join. Not only is the military protecting but its
allowing people to be financially stable. This job entails the use of a fire arm and
training with the gun. So the gun in the military is what keeps these Americans
alive in battle.

This is a creditable source because it has .gov at the end. Has the date it was
created. Gives list of facts that could happen in your time in the military. It was
posted by veterans who want others to join the military because they had a
positive effect from it.