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Chapter 10

Questions & Answers

Question 1

What is New

New Urbanism is a movement
among urban planners, architects,
engineers, residents, and city
officials to solve some of the
design problems of modern
American cities

Question 2

What does the term “sustainable
development” mean? Give three
examples of development that
might be considered sustainable.

Having a city with multiple
alternative modes of
transportation, having a city to
reduce urban sprawl through
flexible zoning laws, and having
areas of central communication to
promote a healthy and enjoyable

Question 3

Why does Peter say that Denver’s
path of development was not
sustainable? What is the solution
he is working on?

He said that their path was not
sustainable because it would fall into the
category of urban sprawl which had a
very low density of people per square
mile and because of zoning laws
increased use of automobiles. They are
developing a light rail and bus transit
system to reduce the urban sprawl and
increase pedestrian traffic.

Question 4

How does urban sprawl harm
the environment? What are
some other problems with

Urban sprawl destroys more
habitat and wildlife than is
neccessary. It also increases the
use of automobiles increasing

Question 5

What are multiple-use zoning
laws? In Peter’s opinion, how
do multiple-use zoning laws
benefit a city?

Multiple use zoning laws allow offices,
businesses, and apartments all to be
located in the same building or center.
They benefit a city by increasing the
ability for people to walk to where they
need to go and allows for more beautiful

Question 6

What does urban sprawl have to
do with the unintended
consequences of the automobile
that Araceli and Ortiz described in
Unit 1?

Urban sprawl increases the
amount of pollution because of
increased use of automobiles.

Question 7
After FasTracks is implemented, will
Denver’s development problems be
solved once and for all? Using what you
learned about the design process from
Shawn Frayne and Jamy Drouillard,
explain your answer.

Denver’s problems will not
just disappear they will need
to continue to redesign the
city so it is more efficient and
nicer to live in.

Question 8
Every design can be improved upon.
Think about your own city or town. What
are its major design problems? Write a
list of at least three problems and
describe what impact these problems
have on your community.

Our town is heavily
dependent on automobiles
since our housing extends far
away from our town centers
and we have no real public
transportation cars are
almost a necessity.

Question 9

Prescribe New Urbanist solutions
to the problems you identified in
your previous answer.

We could develop a bus
transit system with a few
stops which would go to the
major locations in the town.

Question 10

Do you believe the New Urbanism
approach is the best approach to
urban planning? Why or why not?

I believe that it is a good
approach because it takes
into account what is best for
the environment and the
future as well as provides a
better more beautiful place to
live in.