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Anthony Romero
Professor Spitler Lawson
English 113b
25 March 2016
Project Space Draft
Word Count: 758
Amoeba Record Store
Hollywood California, is perceived as the entertainment capital of the world. Tourist from
many regions come to visit Hollywood to see the many attractions it contains. Many acclaimed
night clubs are held in Hollywood, and many idolized hotels, theatres, and etc. Hollywood hosts
a community brimming of individuals from many diverse cultures and subcultures. Music plays a
very influential role in Hollywood, it always had and will. One highly sanctioned music
entertainment attraction that can be found in Hollywood is Amoeba Record Store. Amoeba
record store is the definition of what Hollywood stands for, diversity, entertainment and a
musical environment. Amoeba is inviting and welcoming to all cultures and subcultures in which
they feel comfortable, and have an amazing shopping and musical experience.
Musical aspects in Hollywood California have inspired others to pursue a musical career. As
you stroll down the streets in Hollywood, you’ll always perpetually catch an individual playing a
guitar, trumpet, sometimes even a violin and etc. As you stroll down the streets in Hollywood,
you’ll gem at a billboard advertising an artist or band performing at a local venue. Music is the
heart and soul of Hollywood California. Nevertheless, as an individual pursues a musical career,
the individual must be inspired by listening to some of their particular artist or bands. Whether
it’s by listening by CD’s or records, Amoeba Record Store in Hollywood is a musical
environment that accommodates CD’s, records, vinyl records and much more. Amoeba Record

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store is also assured to comprise any particular product that will best fit a customer’s musical
hearing needs.
Although many individuals think Amoeba can be found only in Hollywood, Amoeba Record
store can be found in three alternative locations. The three locations that Amoeba Record Store
are held in are Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood. Amoeba Record store found its way in
Berkeley in 1990 on Telegraph Avenue. Amoeba Record store opened in 1997 in San Francisco.
At last, Amoeba Record Store’s venue was supplemented in the Southern California location in
Hollywood in November 17 of 2001 on Sunset Blvd. Out of all three locations in California,
Amoeba Record Store in Hollywood is its biggest store yet, holding the most varied collection of
As Hollywood is perceived as the entertainment capital of the world, music entertainment can
be found at Amoeba Record Store. Live shows are performed on a frequent basis at Amoeba.
Performances from very well-known bands such as “The Used”, “Fidlar” and etc. have
performed at Amoebas Hollywood location. Bounteous of up and coming artist and bands that
are trying to make a name for themselves have performed at Amoebas Hollywood location as
well. These musical performances that are held at Amoeba Record Store not only make a musical
environment, but they import contrasting subcultures of individuals from different communities.
Individuals from various communities of the greater Los Angeles area, will commute to
Amoebas Hollywood location to see performances from their favorite artist, or bands of a
specific music genre. These performances bring forward different subcultures. For example,
“The Used”, a screamo band that has performed at Amoebas Hollywood location, brought
forward a subculture of individuals who are into screamo music. “Miguel”, a famous American
R&B singer who performed at Amoeba in November of 2012, brought in individuals of an R&B

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subculture into Amoebas Hollywood location. Amoeba Record Store in Hollywood has actually
hosted the most performances from very well-known artist than the other Amoeba locations in
California making the best musical experience for individuals from different musical subcultures.
During the week, Amoeba’s regular operation schedule is Monday through Saturday
10:30am-11pm, and Sunday 11am-10pm. During Amoebas regular operation hours, many
customers of different cultures and subcultures come into Amoeba and shop. Amoeba Record
store is a very diverse store, it’s also in the heart of Hollywood, a very diverse community itself.
Amoeba is inviting and welcoming to all cultures and subcultures. There’s no specific culture of
individuals that only come into Amoeba and shop. As you shop inside Amoeba, you’ll notice
individuals of different cultures from African Americans, Indians, Latinos, Whites and much
more. No tension is involved inside Amoeba with the different cultures in it, everyone is having a
comfortable shopping experience. Even say if this was your first time coming into Amoeba, you
would feel comfortable shopping inside. Every individual has a music taste, a specific musical
genre there into, and Amoeba supplies it, bringing forth a subculture your part of.
Amoeba Record store is the ideal definition of what Hollywood stands for. Amoeba is a
musical entertainment environment that is inviting and welcoming to all cultures and
subcultures. Whether its individuals of different cultures coming into Amoeba to shop, or
performances that are held at Amoeba that bring forward different subcultures. Amoeba is a
comfortable environment for all individuals.