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CEP Lesson Plan

Teacher: Eunae Kim

Level: Beginner 3
Date/Time: 3/25/2016, 10:00 11:00
Theme: Recipes
Materials: Paper (Sticky paper), (Tape), and sharpie
Objectives (SWBAT):
Students Will Be Able To
1. use negative imperatives form and recipe vocabulary (e.g., boil and chop)
2. make their own recipes about their traditional dishes using imperatives and recipe vocabulary
3. introduce their own foods and cultures and understand other cultures
Activity 1:
Negative Imperatives

Activity 2
National Holidays &
Model Recipe

Interaction Time
1. Pre-Stage:
- Briefly wrap-up about imperatives by eliciting sentences from
We talked about imperatives. Can you give me an example
sentence using imperative?
2. During Stage:
- Explain how to make negative imperatives
What if you want to make a negative command? For
example, X(No) boil the water, X(No) use salt, X(No)
cook in the microwave. In this case, we use DO NOT.
Thus, we can say do not boil the water, do not use salt,
do not cook in the microwave.
3. Post-Stage:
- Have Ss make their own sentences one by one
Can you make a negative imperative sentence?
We are going to use imperative forms later, so don't forget about this!
1. Pre-Stage:
- Have Ss name national holidays in the US
What national holidays are in the US?
- Ask what holiday is it on Sunday, March 27, 2016
This Sunday, we have national holiday in the US. Do you
know what it is?
- Ask Ss what food people make on Easter?
- Show Ss the picture of the decorated eggs
- Take a look at the recipes in class
Do you know what kinds of food do people make on
Easter? People make these. What are they? They are
decorated eggs. People color and draw some patterns on
boiled eggs. Lets look at how these eggs are made.

2. During Stage:
- Have Ss talk to their partner about the words they saw
We just take a look at the recipe of decorated eggs. Talk to
your partner about the words you saw in the recipe. If you
know the meanings, explain the meanings to your partner. I
will give you one minute.

Activity 3
Write recipes

Wrap up

- Elicit the words from Ss
What words did you see in the recipe?
- Explain the meaning of the words if necessary
Is there any word that you are not sure about its
We talked about one of the holidays in the US. This time, lets talk about the
holidays in your countries. What is the biggest holiday in your country? What do
you eat on that day?
1. Pre-Stage:
- Tell Ss that they are going to write recipes of their holiday
We briefly talked about your biggest holiday and dishes.
Id like to know more about your traditional (holiday)
dishes. So, we are going to write the recipes
- Explain what to include in their recipes
You need to use imperatives and negative imperatives.
You need to include those sections in your recipes
2. During Stage:
- Give Ss 10 minutes (at least) to make their own recipes
3. Post-Stage: Gallery-walk
- Post Ss work on the wall
- Have Ss walk around and take a look what the others are done
I just posted your recipes on the wall. Take a look at the
others recipes. I will give you a few minutes
- Ask Ss about the recipes
What is the interesting parts? What is the difficult part in
the recipes? What do you think is the easiest recipe to
follow? What do you think is the hardest recipe to follow?
- Imperatives & Negative imperatives
Today, we learned imperatives. Can you give me an
example imperative sentence in the recipes?
- Announce homework