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Katelyn Noack

LMED 316/516

MODULE 4 Access Points Practice Assignment

Due Feb. 24

PART I. Briefly Define the following terms as relates to describing and organizing media:
1. Access Points
Any name, word, or phrase by which a catalog record can be retrieved from the catalog, known
also as an entry, heading or retrieval point.
2. Main Entry
The first and most important descriptive access point assigned to a catalog record by which the
item can be retrieved. Also, in a single entry catalog, the access point for a record.
3. Added Entry
A secondary access point, any heading by which a catalog record can be retrieved other than
the first or main record.
4. Rule of Three
A library rule-of-thumb using three as the cutoff point for differing treatments. 1. In AACR-2005,
if one, two, or three authors are equally responsible for an item, choose the first named as the
main entry, but if there are more than three, choose the title as the main entry. 2. In Sears List of
Subject Headings, suggestion that not more than three subject headings should be applied to
one item.
5. Call Number / Call Letters
Call Number: the shelf address of an item, usually consisting of its classification number and
shelf marks
Shelf Marks: any code or system of marks designed to arrange items on shelves, excluding the
classification numbers, also called book mark or call letter.
6. Authority Files (Authority Control)
A file containing the official forms of names, uniform titles, series titles, subject headings, or all
used access points in a library catalog, and citations to sources used to establish them as well
as cross-references to variant forms.

Select Book and Prepare draft of ISBD and for the Added Entry Access Points (not Subject

Material Record: Nonfiction book with more than 3 authors or with an editor.

1. Use the template provided in D2L and prepare a draft of the bibliographic description
(ISBD) with all relevant ISBD areas for a nonfiction book with more than 3 authors or
with no author but instead an editor.
Title Proper: Principles of Biology
Statement of Responsibility: Brooker, Robert J. Eric P. Widmaier, Linda E. Graham, Peter D. Stiling
Edition Statement:
Material or Publication specific details:
First Publisher, date, etc,: New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, c2015
Extent: i-xxiv, 1-969, 1-46
Notes: Includes index
Standard Number: 978-0-07-353227-1

2. For the same book prepare a second level bibliographic record in the traditional
bibliographic paragraph style. Here you will add all your Access Points.
Principles of biology / by Robert J. Brooker, Eric P. Widmaier, Linda E. Graham, Peter D. Stiling. New
York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, c2015. i-xxiv, 1-969, B1-I46 p. 28 cm. Includes index. ISBN 978-007-353227-1.

4. Locate the MARC record for your book, copy, and upload.
LDR 01342cam a2200373 i 4500
001 0 eng
_a 2013044274
_a9780073532271 (hard copy : acid-free paper)
_a0073532274 (hard copy : acid-free paper)

050 00 _aQH308.2
_b.B75 2015
082 00 _a570
100 1 _aBrooker, Robert J.
245 10 _aPrinciples of biology /
_cRobert J. Brooker, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, Eric P.
Widmaier, Boston University, Linda E. Graham, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Peter D. Stiling, University of South Florida.
264 1 _aNew York, NY :
_bMcGraw-Hill Education,
_a1 volume (various pagings) :
_bcolor illustrations ;
_c29 cm
_aIncludes index.
650 0 _aBiology
700 1 _aWidmaier, Eric P.
_0(DLC)n 98005471
700 1 _aGraham, Linda E.,
700 1 _aStiling, Peter D.
_0(DLC)n 88639241