Genetic Fingerprinting - profiling By Harry, Aidan and Charlie

Polymerase chain reaction
• Something Harry threw together. • A sample strand of DNA is taken that you wish to replicate • The DNA is denatured to break hydrogen bonds • The primers go attach to the strand of DNA on specific points and form hydrogen bonds. Then the Taq polymerase produces the other bonds until the whole section of DNA has been replicated. • This process is repeated until the selected part of DNA has been replicated so that there are multiple copies of the original.

Restriction enzyme
• This process cuts the specific bases of the sample of enzymes that is needed. • The specific sections of DNA needed are cut out and used in the next stage

•Electrophoresis separates the core parts of the DNA that is needed in the next stage. •All of the Parts of the DNA are put into a gel and then a voltage is put through it. The DNA core parts are separated because they have a negative charge to the rest so that they move to the opposite direction to the parts that are not needed.

Radioactive probes
• Radioactive probes have the specific base sequences which are complementary to the strands of DNA. • Therefore they attach to the DNA strands and they can be detected by photography.

Restriction enzymes, electrophoresis and radioactive probes video explanation
• A little something Aidan threw together .

Thank-you for listening ! :D

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