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Ashley Marie Sonnier

3430 Renton PL. So. Seattle WA 98144

Phone; 206-841-8200,


To be a Specialized Healer who helps individuals with spiritual crisiss, and getting on track with
exercise and nutrition needs naturally to live a serene life.

Associates of Arts, Psychology: 6/2014 University of Phoenix, Tempe, AZ, GPA:3.0

Bachelor of Science, Health and Wellness: 5/ 2016 Kaplan University, Davenport, IA, GPA: 3.2


Health & Wellness

Bachelor's Capstone in Health and Wellness.
Health and Wellness Programming-Design and Administration.
Creating Wellness-Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing.
Stress-Critical Issues in Management and Prevention.
Contemporary Diet and Nutrition.
Models for Health and Wellness.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Vitamins, Herbs, and Nutritional Supplements.
Health Science
Public Health.
Environmental Health.
Research Methods for Health Sciences.
Diseases of the Human Body.
Introduction to Health Science.

Anatomy & Physiology.

Nutrition Science
Nutritional Counseling.
Nutrition for Special Populations.
Exercise & Fitness
Current Trends Exercise & Fitness-Aging
Exercise & Fitness basics

Physical Science

Social Science

Communication & Composition

College Composition

Basics Math 101, Problem solving, Algebra 1, Algebra 2

Professional Studies
Communication 101, Professional presence (need to find transcripts)
Information Systems & Technology
Microsoft Office, Sigmund, and Chasers systems.

*Knowledge - Exhibits familiarity with major concepts in; alternative medicine, stress
management, theoretical perspectives and trends in nutrition, health psychology, and exercise
*Application - Brings concepts like; exercise science, health psychology, principles and
methods of nutrition, stress management and CAM practices programs that may need an artful
and cunning touch.
*Standards/Values - Displays professional values and principles, along with ethical practices
and legal standards in the health and wellness/psychological fields.
*Critical Thinking - Applies critical thinking to day to day situations.
*Leadership Shows leadership knowledge, skills, and ways to strongly lead groups or
individuals within my profession.
*Multiculturalism, Ethics and Diversity Re-frames the strengths of multiculturalism and
diversity so that it benefits the individual as well as their community. Sees that ethical values and
identity is of high importance. Evaluates situations with an open mind and heart.
*Mathematics and Research Methods - Applies logical reasoning to real-life daily happenings.
Also brings research to the table with facts and scientific reasoning along with creditable sources
and references.
*Social Science - Gravely evaluates the psychological and social situations that impact human
behavior and actions.
*Arts & Humanities Recognizes and sees all of the potential in individuals through the
evaluation of human expressions that come in many forms from art to music. It a very broad

*Personal Presentation - Demonstrates professionalism in diverse environment and displays

professionalism in difficult crisis type situations.


Nutrition Counseling
Investigated nutritional assessments, learned on came to conclusion of what stage of change,
developed SMART goals and objectives, developed intervention and action plans for relapse

Refined and made meal and nutritional dispositions for ones specialized meal plan.

Fitness Training
Learned about stages of change, came up with fitness assessments, used the SMART goals
and objective plan, came up with intervention and action ideas for individuals, and stagnant
prevention plans.
Developed Exercise Programs to fit special diseases or illnesses.
Health & Wellness Promotion and Prevention Education
Came up with a course content, created a syllabus, pamphlets, PowerPoints, and lecture notes
Community Health Promotion Program
Saw a community need to help homeless teenagers not resort to drugs and alcohol. I made a
non-profit day program that kept the teens busy with healthy practices and education they
may not have had or ever got from school or their parents. It was funded by having
donations, grants, goals, evaluations, a budget, objectives, and a timeline.
Corporate Wellness Program
Started a mobile service called Tranquil mobile services where I went around the state or
wherever needed to assess needs and bring awareness to corporations with high stress jobs.
Hospitals were main focus where I would go in and do classes with the employees on stress
reduction and how to have a better work environment. A lot of workers dont know how to do
self-care so that burnout is not so common. Burn out rates and turn over are very high in
these type of environments and I know I could help educate employers and employees on
CAM practices, eating healthy, and exercise.

Maintaining Sigmund system- Charting service notes, applying treatment planning, and goal
Software Applications - MS Office, MS Word, MS Publisher, and MS PowerPoints.
Website Development - Manage and create a website for diverse companies and self-employed


1,) Neil Olson; Project Manager at DESC. Known for 1 year- (206) 234-6724
2.) Ryann Peterson; Direct Shift Supervisor at DESC. Known for 1 year-(206) 234-6723
3.) Pam Wilder; Registered Nurse Manager at Intermountain Hospital. Known for 6 years-(208)
4.) Nicole Crews; Nursing Assistant Certified at Parkside Care Center. Known for 12 years-(509)
5.) Brenda Martinez; Reiki Master at self-employed. Known for 6 years-(208) 321-3312
6.) Samantha Mengia- Licensed Massage Therapist. Known for 10 years- (206) 456-6937