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Concert Band - 3rd Period!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016!
10:27 - 11:24!
57 minutes!


California State Content Standards for Music, Grades 9-12 Proficient:!
1.3 Sight-read music accurately and expressively.!
2.4 Perform on an instrument a repertoire of instrumental literature representing various genres, styles, and cultures with expression, !
technical accuracy, tone quality, and articulation, by oneself and in ensembles!
3.4 Perform music from various cultures and time periods.!
4.1 Develop specific criteria for making informed critical evaluations of the quality and effectiveness of performances, compositions, !
arrangements, and improvisations and apply those criteria in personal participation in music.!


California English Language Development Standards:!
Part I. A.1. Exchanging information and ideas with others through oral collaborative discussions on a range of social and academic !
Part I. B.5. Listening actively to spoken English in a range of social and academic contexts.!
Part I. C.12. Selecting and applying varied and precise vocabulary and other language resources to effectively convey ideas.!


Music Learning Objectives:!
1. Understand and be able to perform the rhythms and pitches found in the second excerpt, measures 14-29, of Mustang Sally.!
2. Be able to play through the second excerpt of Mustang Sally with dynamic accuracy, proper articulation, and musicianship.!
3. Understand what an ideal performance of Mustang Sally would sound like and use that ideal performance as a model.!


Language Learning Objectives:!
1. Understand the musical terms: articulation, slur, accent, staccato, tenuto, marcato, divisi.!
2. Be able to understand and follow verbal instructions.!


1. Full ensemble plays through the excerpt or exercise. (informal)!
2. Small groups play through the excerpt or exercise. (informal)!
3. Sections play through the excerpt exercise. (informal)!
4. Individuals play through the excerpt or exercise. (informal)!
5. Thumbs up, thumbs down, to check for understanding. (informal)!
6. Oral peer and self-assessment. (informal)!



Resources and Materials:!
1. Mustang Sally, by Bonnie Rice, arr. Jerry Burns for Marching Band. Fourteenth Hour. 2014.!
2. Vocabulary worksheet, produced by me.!
3. Rhythms Exercises.!
4. Recording of Mustang Sally from!
5. TE Tuning Application!

Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks:!




10:27 - 10:32!
5 minutes

Attendance and announcements.!
Explain objectives for today.

Write learning objectives on board.


Warm Up!
10:32 - 10:45!
13 minutes

Inhale for 1, exhale for 7.!
Inhale for 1, concert Bb for 7.!
Inhale for 1, concert Bb for 8 8th notes!
Inhale for 1, concert Bb for 8 8th notes, cresc. dim.!
Inhale for 1, concert Bb for 16 8th notes, cresc. dim.!
Rhythms 2 and 3 on rhythm worksheet!
In depth tuning procedure.!

Percussion may leave to get instruments and
decrease transition time.!

Full ensemble.

Rehearsal Part 1!
10:45 - 10:50!
5 minutes

Review Mustang Sally m. 1-13 from yesterday.

Speak rhythms, clap rhythms.!
Isolate sections.

Full ensemble.!

Rehearsal Part 2!
10:50 - 11:00!
10 minutes

Mustang Sally macro-sectionals, m. 14-29.!
Turn chairs inward towards group, assign leaders.!
Group 1: high winds!
Group 2: low winds!
Group 3: percussion!

Student-led exploration of notes and rhythms.!
Students clap and finger rhythms.!
Percussion players use rims, sticks, or pads.!
I will circulate around the room, observing,!
helping, and checking for understanding.

Small groups.!

11:00 - 11:10!
10 minutes

Sectional showcase, m. 14-29.!
Each section performs for the other sections.!
Each section provides oral feedback for themselves.!
Each section provides oral feedback for the others.

Encouraging positive feedback as well as
constructive feedback.!
Asking them to remember the recording and use
it as a model.

Sections and small


Scaffolding tasks so that one flows to another.!
Modeling dynamics, articulation, and breath.!
Singing or clapping.!
Incorporate other dynamics.!
Incorporate articulations.


Terms and Model! Writing in vocabulary terms.!
11:10 - 11:15!
Listening to a professional recording of Mustang Sally.!
5 minutes

Modeling vocabulary.!
Asking them to play certain musical-related
vocabulary on their instruments.!
Using the ELMO to project vocabulary sheet.!
Asking them to follow along with recording.

Full ensemble,
assessing musical
understanding of

Rehearsal Part 3!
11:15 - 11:21!
6 minutes

Full ensemble run-through of m. 14-29.!
Full ensemble run-through of m. 1 - 29.

Clapping, speaking rhythms.!
Isolating sections.!
Changing tempos.!
Modeling dynamics and articulations.

Full ensemble.!
Small groups.

11:20 - 11:24!
4 minutes

Verbal indication of how well they did.!
Announcements of what to expect tomorrow.!
Pack up time (2 minutes).