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Toggenburg' - Matipuno ang pangangatawan, mahaba ang buhay at mahusay manginain

ang lahing ito. May guhit itong puti sa mukha ng tainga at may puting marka sa binti at hita.
Nakapagbibigay ito ng apat na litrong gatas isang araw.

Anglo-Nubian - malaki ang bulto ng dayuhang lahi na ito at tumitimbang ng 120 kilo. Bilog
at tuwid ang tuhod, kulay kayumanggi o kaya'y itim o batik-batik. Sa mga lahing galing sa
ibang bansa, ito ang hiyang na hiyang dito sa Pilipinas. Nakapagbibigay ito ng 2 - 3 litrong
gatas araw-araw.

French Alpine - ay isang daluyan sa mga malalaking laki ng lahi ng domestic kambing
na kilala para sa kanyang napakahusay na kakayahang panggatas . Wala silang set
kulay o markings (kahit na ang ilang mga markings ay may diskriminasyon laban ). Sila
ay may sungay, isang tuwid na profile at magtayo tainga .


Saanane- ito'y dayuhang lahi na hiyang rin dito sa Pilipinas. Ang karaniwang kulay nito ay
puti o krema at walang balbas. Ang husto sa guloang na inahin ay timitimbang ng 50-60 kilo
ang barako ay 65- 100 kilo. Ang ionahin nito ay nakapagbibigay ng gatas sa
pinakamahabang panahon at makakakuha sa bawat inahin ng 3 litrong gatas araw-araw.
babae ng lahing ito ay tinaguriang "Reyna ng Gatasang Kambing"

Indian Lumna Pari' - Matipuno ang pangangatawan nito at hiyang sa maiinit na klima ng
Pilipinas. Mayroong kulay puti nito at mayoong itim. Dalawang litrong gatas ang
produksiyon nito sa isang araw.



Ongole cattle are


The Brahman or Brahma is a breed of Zebu cattle (Bos taurus indicus) that was first
bred in United States from cattle breeds imported from India. Brahma cattle were
produced by cross-breeding Kankrej, Gujarat, Ongole, and the Gir (or Gyr) strains. The
Brahman is one of the most popular breeds of cattle intended for meat processing and
widely used in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, United States, Colombia and Australia

indigenous to the Andhra region in the Prakasam District in the State of Andhra
Pradesh in India. The breed derives its name from the place name, Ongole. Some also
refer to this breed as Nelore cattle as this area was once part of the Nelore area. The
bull,Bos Indicus, is in great demand as it is said to possess resistance to both foot and
mouth disease and mad cow disease.[1] These cattle are commonly used in bull fights
Mexico and some parts of East Africa due to their strength and aggressiveness

Sahiwal is a breed of Zebu cattle which primarily is used in dairy production. Sahiwal
originated from the Sahiwal district of Punjabprovince in Pakistan.[1] They produce the

Tharparkar (Urdu: ,Sindhi: ) is a breed of cattle originating in Tharparkar

District in Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] It is a dual purpose breed known for both its
milking and draught potential. The name is derived from Thar Desert area which was its
usual habitat and place of origin. The cattle is of medium to large build and have white to
gray skin.[2] Tharparkar cow breed originated from Pakistan. This cow is available in all
places of Pakistan and also available in some other countries of Asia. They are highly

cattle are
a tropical beef breed
of cattle developed
southern Texas on the King Ranch. They were named for the Spanish land grant where
Captain Richard King originally established the King Ranch. This breed was officially
recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1940, becoming the first
beef breed formed in the United States. The origin given by King Ranch is that it was
formed by mating Brahman bulls with Beef Shorthorn cows, with the final composition
being about three-eighths Brahman and five-eighths Shorthorn. In 1918, the King Ranch
purchased 52 bulls of three-quarters to seven-eighths Bos indicus breeding to mate with
2500 pure-bred Shorthorn cows on the ranch. At this time, the American Brahman breed
as such did not exist, nor were purebred Bos indicus cattle available in the United States




Berkshire pigs
English county of Berkshire.

a rare breed of pig originating


oc pig is an older breed of American domestic pig that forms the basis
many mixed-breed commercial hogs. Duroc pigs are red, large-framed,
medium length, and muscular, with partially drooping ears, and tend to be
of the least aggressive of all the swine breeds. They also have an
excellent rate of gain.


The Hampshire pig is a domestic swine breed characterized by erect

ears and a black body with a whitish band around the middle, covering
front legs.


The Poland China is a breed of domestic pig, first bred in the Miami
Valley, Ohio, United States, in 1816, deriving from many breeds including
the Berkshire and Hampshire.[1] It is the oldest American breed of swine.
Poland China hogs are typically black, sometimes with six white patches,
and are known for their large size. Big Bill, the largest hog ever recorded
2,552 lb (1,157 kg), was a Poland China. Poland Chinas rank highest in

The American Yorkshire, a breed of domestic pig, is the American

version of the Yorkshire pig (now usually known as the English Large
White pig), white to light pink in color, with erect ears, which are different
from the lop ears of the chester white.The average litter size is 13 piglets
per sow. American Yorkshires are the most recorded swine breed in
the United States.