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Mystery Rubric
Each of you worked as a researcher and geneticist while searching to figure out Ginas mysterious traits. You encountered
several family members, learned how Punnett squares are used to predict inherited traits, and even hypothesized where
Ginas hair and eye color came from.

Your goal is to make a product that best showcases what you learned through Gina to share with
your classmates (and beyond).
Choice of product: Chart paper, Letter from Gina, Letter from a geneticist to Gina, Google Draw/Slides, Weebly website, or an idea from
your group with approval.
Below the Standard

Approaching the Standard

Student does not show

that traits are passed
down through a family
and come up with a
different source for Ginas

Student(s) recognize that

Ginas traits we passed down
through her family but do not
draw correct conclusions about
where she inherits her traits.
(2-6 points)

(0-1 point)
Student(s) does not have
a hypothesis in their
product based on Ginas

(0 points)
Includes 0-1 Punnett
square OR Punnett
squares are not
completed correctly.
(0-2 points)
Student(s) do not create a
product or the product is

Students included a hypothesis

in their product; however, the
hypothesis does not make
sense with the information that
was given for Ginas mystery.

Meets the Standard

S5L2. Students will recognize
that offspring can resemble
inherited traits and learned

(7-11 points)
Student(s) include a hypothesis
that makes sense with
information given.

(3-4 points)

(3-5 points)
Student(s) create a product
that is incomplete. Either the

(Includes S5L2) Students

include DNA and
chromosomes with traits OR
include Mendel and Punnett
with Ginas traits and their
(12-15 points)
Student(s) also include(s)
evidence to support their
OR Evidence used supports
the final claim, or conclusion,
from the group.

(1-2 points)

Includes two Punnett squares,

but it does not reflect use of
information given to create
Punnett squares.

Exceeds the Standard

Includes two Punnett squares

that could be options for Gina.
(Proves use of information in
Punnett squares.)
(6-8 points)
Student(s) will create a product
on Ginas inherited traits that

(5 points)
Student(s) correctly identifies
that Ginas eye color Punnett
square from her mother and
father is: Bb x bb
(9-10 points)
Student(s) create a product
that shares Ginas inherited


not focused on the correct

task and subject area.
(0-3 points)

creation in missing information

or includes the wrong
(4-7 points)

Student Leadership SelfAssessment is incomplete

or student did not other
any comments at the
bottom of the survey.

Student completed the

Leadership Self-Assessment but
did not offer honest comments
to take into account other
group members comments
throughout the mystery lesson.

(0-1 point)
(2-3 points)
Other Things included in Product/Teacher Comments:

shares their information with

their classmates.

(8-12 points)
ELACC5SL1 Comprehension and
Collaboration: Engage effectively

in a range of collaborative
discussions (one-on-one, in
groups, and teacher-led) with
diverse partners on grade 5
topics and texts, building on
others ideas and expressing
their own clearly. (L.S.A.)

Name: ___________________________
traits plus their information
with more than the class (ex.
on the web)
(13-15 points)
Student expressed honest
comments on their Leadership
Self-Assessment and reflected
on ways to improve working
with groups in the future.

(4-5 points)
(6 points)