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A. Many people suffer from depression, especially teenagers.
B. Depression is a mental condition characterized by feelings of severe despondency
and dejection, typically also with feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Feelings of


despair, loneliness, and misery take over the mind, making a person feel helpless.
C. Teen depression leads to anxiety, alters life decisions, and suicide.
Brief Overview of Opposing Position: Counterargument
A. Although many people may disagree saying depression is caused by sexuality,

family life, and social status.

B. For example, analysis says depression is heredity and gives bad vibes (WebMd).
Secondly, data shows that depression doesnt improve teens sadness or sense of
isolation (WebMd).
C. To summarize, depression is mostly caused by friends and family because thats
what teenagers focus on.
D. Of course, many might believe teen depression is not suicidal; however depression
is a major effect of on teenagers life and having them to hurt themselves.

Main Point #1
A. Anxiety
B. leads to mental breakdowns and panic attacks. Asthma attacks/ breathing

problems. Unhealthy lifestyle mentally and physically (TeenHelp).

C. Many teens are deprived of their right to getting help by people believing teen
depression is not a problem. Teens with unhealthy mind set tend to not have a healthy life.

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D. Bringing attention to teen depression lessens the chances of anxiety problems


Main Point #2
A. Altering life decisions causing abnormal behavior
B. Causing decisions that affect their future such as: college, jobs, drugs. Abnormal
behavior such as: frequent mood changes, unidentifiable personality change to change
behavior, good to bad
C. More teens being lead down the wrong road
D. Teen depression needs more attention with helping teens plan a bright future and
life altering decisions.


Main point #3
A. Suicide
B. This is led by suicidal thoughts which causes suicidal actions. The percentage rate
for suicide has increased from teen depression.
C. Teen depression leads to death which is from suicidal thoughts and its a life lost.
Death is not pretty or easy for any member to go through nor is it a way it out.
Suicide becomes the next resort for the next person that becomes presented with kind
of atmosphere.
D. Therefore, the strongest reason to bring awareness to teen depression is for the
reason of losing young lives. Teens thinking the only way out of their feelings is to
create a suicidal exit.

VI. Conclusion
A. Anxiety, altering life decisions, and suicide are some results from depression.

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B. One of main reasons why depression is taken so serious is because teenagers can ruin
their life at a young age. Young teenagers have a bright future ahead of themselves and
shouldnt injure their state of mind.
C. Teen depression is a severe matter that should be taken more thoughtful when called