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The Friends mission is to protect, preserve and restore the wilderness character of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
and the Quetico-Superior Ecosystem. The organization was founded in 1976.

Big developments bring us closer

to protecting BWCAW from sulfide mining
March is a month of change. This
March, the change wasnt just a
shift in the season it included
some of the biggest changes
in years on sulfide mining.
With Minnesota Governor Mark
Dayton and former Vice President Walter Mondale weighing
in against Twin Metals proposed
mine, these changes moved us
closer to permanently protecting
the Boundary Waters from the
threat of sulfide mining.
Three actions on Twin Metals
proposal near Birch Lake have
staggered the proposed sulfide
mine. First, Governor Dayton
announced his strong opposition to mining near the Boundary Waters Wilderness. In his Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton
letter describing this decision, Dayton noted the inherent risk of
sulfide mining and the paramount importance of protecting the
wilderness from pollution. His letter was followed by an opinion
piece by Vice President Mondale joining his call to protect the
Boundary Waters. Then, the Bureau of Land Management announced
a legal opinion that they were not obligated to extend Twin Metals
federal mineral leases, clearing the way for the federal government
to review the leases and decide whether sulfide mining is an
appropriate activity next to the BWCAW.
All of these are tremendous developments, made possible by years
of work on sulfide mining in Minnesota. At a press conference the
day after his Twin Metals announcement, Governor Dayton noted that
the PolyMet environmental review process had shown him why his
action was needed. As he described, the environmental review of
mine proposals is narrow, and never asks the question is this project
right for Minnesota? Because the Boundary Waters is too precious
to risk, Governor Dayton used his executive authority to protect it.
PolyMets proposed open-pit sulfide mine is still a threat to the
Boundary Waters and the Quetico-Superior region. On March 3rd,
the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced
they found the PolyMet final environmental impact statement to be

adequate. This determination

means PolyMet can now apply
for permits to operate from
Minnesota state agencies. PolyMet would need about 20 state
permits before they could
begin mining. A meeting is
scheduled on April 19th in Aurora, Minnesota to outline the
permitting process.
These events do not mean
that PolyMet is approved or
that receiving permits is a
done deal. DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr says an
EIS is not a decision document, and that permitting is
when the decision to approve
PolyMets proposal is made.
The Forest Service and U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers have not yet deemed the environmental
review complete. As of the writing of this article, neither of the federal co-lead agencies had released a Record of Decision, which is
their final decision on the environmental review. We expect the Forest Service to make their decision by late spring; the Army Corps is
still several months away from taking any action. Were prepared to
use every tool at our disposal to ensure the environment is protected
and the law is followed.
Governor Mark Daytons actions show true conservation
leadership. Over 1,400 Friends members and supporters have sent
a thank you message to Governor Dayton. To permanently protect
the Boundary Waters, he needs to hear from everybody who cares
about the wilderness.
We still have a long way to go. The leases held by Twin Metals need
to be returned to the federal government and other mineral rights
near the Boundary Waters need to be withdrawn from potential
leasing. Federal and state decision-makers need to reject PolyMets
polluting proposal to protect the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior
watersheds from 500 years of pollution. Were thrilled and gratified
that were moving in the right direction, but we still have many
rods left in this portage. !

Masthead photo: ! Printed on paper using 100% post-consumer waste, processed chlorine free.

Executive Director Corner

The past few weeks have been
akin to running a complex set
of rapids with multiple twists
and turns, drops and exhilarating
standing waves. At some point,
there has to be a pool at the end
where we can eddie out right?
The March 3rd announcement
by the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources that the PolyMet
final environmental impact
statement was adequate was
followed quickly by Governor Executive Director, Paul Danicic
Mark Dayton releasing a beautifully worded letter he wrote to Twin
Metals saying he opposes sulfide mining so close to the Boundary
Waters Wilderness which he has a sworn, ... obligation to ensure it is
not diminished in any way. He called it ... an extraordinary legacy
of wilderness adventure. What inspiring words from an elected
leader! To have the leader of our state acknowledge the role the
BWCAW plays in peoples and families lives, to make it relevant and
not some far off place that is simply pretty cool, is no less than
amazing and very gratifying to us.
Friends and supportersthe Friends staff and our colleagues have
been working diligently to create the environment for a statement
like this to happen for years. You have helped us immensely. You have
responded to our action alerts for both persuading and thanking the
governor and his staff. You have generously supported us with
funding allowing us to meet countless times with individuals who can
make an impact. And you have helped us talk to others about the
seriousness of the sulfide mining issue long term and why it is so
important now to make the right decisions for the next generation.
Thank YOU!
Now the governors message has very inspiring words. The
Department of Interiors recent statement that Twin Metals
mineral leases are not guaranteed automatic renewal and
will need a environmental review of their own (as we have urged
them) is additional good news. It signals that decision-makers
are listening and beginning to consider the impact of such destructive mining activity moving into an area of the most cherished
wilderness. This is a conflict of mining now versus sustainability
over the long term, and the wilderness is starting to ripple through
peoples lives in new ways that help them value the latter. Having
said this, the deals are not done and sulfide mining has not
yet been prohibited. As long as there are minerals we value in the
ground, people will propose digging them up. Well be working
on this for a long time but right now, I must admit to rejoicing at
the Governors words.
After reading his statement, I reflected upon my own experience
on the lakes and streams of the BWCAW. I hope my grandkids can use
river metaphors as I did earlier because they experience paddling on
pristine streams flowing untrammelled through acres of wilderness
because they understand the high value of this piece of the planet,
appreciate that its protection has been considered with utmost
importance and because they realize their own responsibility to
do the same in their lifetime.!

Starting the New Year

with New Programs
In January, the Friends launched three new programs that will allow
us to expand and enrich our advocacy and education work.

Conservation Fellows Partnership Program

The Friends has started a new Conservation Fellows Partnership
program to establish a partnership between high school students
of color and our organization, ensuring that the Friends' work is
inclusive, incorporates diverse perspectives, and is effective for the
long-term preservation of the BWCAW and Quetico-Superior ecosystem. As a part of the program, students meet with the Friends staff
after school to learn about addressing conservation issues and assist
advocacy and outreach initiatives. The program also regularly introduces students to other organizations and agencies working in
conservation in diverse ways. Through site visits, meetings, and presentations, students learn from legislators, scientists, government
agency staff, nature-based businesses, tribal governmental leaders and
scientists, and other environmental nonprofits. During the 10-month
program, students also share their cultural perspectives about nature,
wilderness preservation, and environmental advocacy with the Friends
and our partners offering valuable perspectives that help shape our
work to be more inclusive in our engagement with Minnesota's
increasingly diverse population.

Science and Monitoring Program

For sound, sustainable decisions to be made about the management of our northern woods, lakes, rivers and wildlife habitat,
decision-makers need access to the best scientific information
possible. Too often, decisions about mining activities, timber management, and wildlife habitat alterations are made without as much
information as managers would prefer or that the public deserves
to have. To address this need, the Friends has launched a new science
program to help close information gaps about the lands in and around
the BWCAW. Core to this new effort is a citizen science initiative that
will engage volunteers in data gathering and resource monitoring that
can inform the development of sound environmental policy. Our
new science program will also be working to strengthen and build
connections with the scientific community here in Minnesota and
beyond, so that our work is informed by current, relevant research.

Downstream Team Legislative Lobbying Corp

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness is bringing citizen
voices to St. Paul and building conservation power this legislative
session. For years, sulfide mining lobbyists at the Minnesota Legislature have had the upper hand. From 20011 2015 sulfide mining
corporations and their trade association spent over $2.3 million
lobbying in MN government. Meanwhile, conservation groups with
lobbying presences at the Capitol cover many areas of environmental
law. This gap has hurt our ability to protect the BWCAW through
rollbacks of Minnesotas environmental laws. To reverse this trend, the
Friends has launched the Downstream Team group of citizen
lobbyists volunteering to join us at the Capitol to talk to legislators
and monitor legislation. This year, were defending Minnesotas
environmental laws, working to restore the Minnesota Pollution
Control Agency Citizens Board, and pushing for investments to make
the economy of northern Minnesota more diverse and resilient.
Questions or want to get involved? For citizen science or
fellows program, contact Betsy Daub at
For the Downstream Team, contact Aaron Klemz at !


2 0 1 5 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Audited Statement 2015

2015 Accomplishments
The Friends has achieved strong successes demonstrating
strategic, compelling advocacy and education that engages others
to preserve the wild character of the Boundary Waters and
surrounding Superior National Forest.
We advance innovative environmental solutions that make good
common and economic sense. Despite strong political opposition,
we make strides with key leaders and we bring together the right
people and partners to make a real difference for the wilderness and
create a better long-term environment for its preservation.

MINING Preventing sulfide mining from ever

happening within the wilderness watershed
Acted as lead environmental voice on the BWCAW School
Trust Lands issue, including coordinating with other groups
and mining proponents to move the USFS to secure a viable
purchase option to fulfill the hybrid approach.
Created multiple trustworthy media stories/reports
supportive of our cause and positive in tone.
Uncovered new evidence of pollution and water flow
that created real uncertainty about PolyMets claims of zero
environmental impact affecting the Boundary Waters.
Developed a more effective, coordinated statewide effort
focused on strategically opposing copper mining, working as
leaders of the MN Environmental Partnership cluster.
Expanded our network of authoritative voices opposing
sulfide mining to include financial experts, northern business
groups, tribal staff and political donors.

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
Action Network
Fiscal Year 2015
October 1, 2014 September 30, 2015
Support and Revenue
Contributions and Grants
Contributions and Grants - Temp Restricted
Investment and Other Income (Loss)
Total Support and Revenue
Program Services - 85%
Management & General - 8%
Fundraising - 7%
Total Expense

Program Services - 85%

Management & General - 8%
Fundraising - 8%

Program Services
Advocacy - 67%
Education - 28%
Building Wilderness Advocates - 5%
Total Program Services

EDUCATION Building the next generation of

stewards and advocates


Advocacy - 67%
Education - 28%
Building Wilderness
Advocates - 5%


and capacity for conservation locally
Continued to provide a strong presence for conservation
in northern Minnesota, building power and capacity. Engaged
northern local media to tell stories that include conservation
Worked in a collaboration with citizens and county
board members to lower the height of several emergency
radio towers proposed near the edge of the wilderness,
eliminating visual impact within wilderness boundaries.
Coordinated 80 wilderness volunteers through the
Superior Wilderness Volunteer Connection program,
for a cumulative total of 859 days in the field. The
program is in partnership with the USFS and works to maintain
and restore impacted campsites and shorelines within the
wilderness, provide visitor education and study/remove
non-native invasive species.


An audited statement is available upon request.

Hosted 5 undergraduate and graduate interns who

worked on detailed advocacy and outreach projects with the
Friends. Internships offer the Friends an opportunity to help
train young wilderness advocates through real experience.
Sponsored the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Duluth
and Minneapolis. This program created awareness of Boundary
Waters issues with over 200 people and many new audiences in
the context of national conservation efforts shown on film.
Convened a Millennial Task Force panel to explore
modern young peoples relationship to, and perceptions
of wilderness. The Task Force will continue meeting in 2016
with expanded discussions and student/Millennial engagement.
Friends staff presented in person to over 1,700 people
on sulfide mining, wilderness value and other topics in forums,
classrooms, business groups and public events.!

Hosted Brews & Canoes, Adventure Series at craft

breweries in Duluth, Minneapolis, and Mankato, fostering
relationships with businesses and new, key audiences.
Sponsored 45 urban youth for weeklong BWCAW canoe
trips teaching environmental stewardship, wilderness values,
and leadership skills as a part of our Thomas Flint Canoe Trip
program a collaboration with YMCA Camp Menogyn on the
Gunflint Trail.



2 0 1 5 A N N UA L R E P O R T

2015 Donors to the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, businesses and foundations which made gifts to the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness in the fiscal year ending September 30, 2015

Continuing Sigurd Olsons Legacy

Sigurd Olson Circle
A program for donors who give $1,000 or
more. Thank you so much to those who
have made this significant commitment.
If you are interested in joining the
Sigurd Olson Circle, please contact
Executive Director Paul Danicic at:
612-332-9630 or paul @

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Tiger Beaudoin
The Crown Family
David Dayton
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Jorgenson Estate
Mary E. Kent Estate
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Dr. Albert and Mary Polk
Paulette and Terry Royt
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David Cline
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Karin Van Dyke
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Advocacy Director, Aaron Klemz testifies at the Capitol for the purchase of state
land in the BWCAW.
Lloyd Hamashin
William Hammer
Craig and Karen Hansen
Nick Hanson
Tim and Julie Harder
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Cam Lorendo
Sylvia and Vern Lowell
Charles Lowrie
Ulrike Luderer and Kevin Olson
Keith Luehmann
Paul Lukens
John Lundquist
R.G. MacDonald
Steve and Susan Macejkovic
Sandra Maguire
Steven Malikowski
Angela Malloy
Jim Manning
Andy Marine
Michael Martin
Dennis Mashuga and
Carol Atchley-Mashuga
Dan and Caroline Mason
Elisabeth Mason
Catherine Mayer
Leo and Katie McAvoy
Kay and Michael McCarthy
Erin McDonnell
Ann McNally
Hugh McTavish
Jim and Marilyn Meier
Kurt Menning
Dale Merriman
Stuart and Marcia Meyer
Nancy Middleton
Anne Millar and Charles Wiebe
David and Kathleen Miller

Judy Miller
Linda Miller
Lisa Miller and Ronald Sarachan
Robyn Miller
Thomas Miller
Mark and Elizabeth Milz
Jim and Mary Mirick
Mancel Mitchell
Carol Mizuno
John Mlinar
Karine and Paul Swensen Moe
Jean and Mark Mondrala
Jeff and Kristin Moore
Michael Moore
Anthony Morley and
Ruth Anne Olson
John and Cheryl Mulhausen
Diane Mundt
Anthony Nanne
Rick Neal and Kristen Parr
Claire and Gary Nelson
Darby and Geraldine Nelson
Darby and Geri Nelson
Dottie and Eric Nelson
Douglas Nelson
Floyd Nelson
Joyce Nelson
Dale Newton
Matthew Nicoll
Debra and Brian Nielsen
Carolyn and Tom Niesen
Don and Gerda Nightingale
Roger and Susan Norberg
Chris and Sandra Norbury
Charles Norseng
Dan and Maryanne Norton
Cori Ofstead
Clay and Mary Lynn Oglesbee
Martha Oie
Rick and Susan Olsen
Tyler Olsen
Eric Olson
Gabe Ormsby
Dennis and Turid Ormseth
LaRaye Osborne and
Mark Ten Eyck
Steven Ostling
Carole Ostlund
Deloris Ouren
Amy S. Owen
Beth and Tony Owens
Marion Padilla
Peter Paine
Andy and Kristin Palmer
Carolyn, Jim and Jessi Palmer
Penny and Roger Paulsberg
Wendy Paulsen
Tim Peara
John and Linda Peck
John and Terri Penshorn
Fern Peterson
David Rolloff, PhD
Darlene Philip
David and Jane Piepgras
Leslie Pilgrim
Richard Pleet and
Mary Bliss Packer
Michael Ponto
Craig Poorker
Chris Porisch
Carolyn Porter
Consie and Roger Powell
Harriet and Walter Pratt
Jim Rack
James A. Radosevich
Cyrus Rafii
Robin Raplinger
Michael Rathsack
Dean Rau
Christopher Rauschl
J. Reddan
Martin and Pam Reeck
Ruth Reeve
Richard S. Reeves
David Reich

David Reichert and

Jeanne Thoreson
Elizabeth and Norman Reid
Brent Reimnitz
Sara Rekow
Paul Renneisen
Kevin Reuther and
Gerald Tyrrell
Aaron Reykdal
Jessica Rhyner
Ken and Mary Richards
Bill and Joan Richner
Roger Ritzman
John and Mary Jo Roberts
Robert E. Robinette
Gaylan and Mary Rockswold
Mary Rollefson
Robert Rouse
Richard and Susan Ruach
Eve and Phil Ruggiero
Jim and Sandy Rummel
Bill and Judy Rummler
Jonas Runquist
Dennis Ryan
Ed and Jenni Ryan
Mary Ryan
Chuck Safris
Mike Salinas
David and Mary Sandberg
Harriet Sarkaria
Frank Schilder and
Christina Manning
Craig Schimnich and
Maureen Martin
Rick Schlicher
Anne and Jason Schlukebier
Elizabeth Schmiesing
Barb and Peter Schmitt
Harold Schneebeck
Emily and Kenneth Schroeder
Margaret Schubert
David Schuldt
Richard Schuler
Kelly Schuller
Dara Schur
Catherine Scott
Charles and Kathryn Scott
Oliver Scott and
Yvonne Wu Goldsmith
Christopher Sebald
Maija Sedzielarz
Summer Seidenkranz
Dave Sheffield
Steven Sicheneder
Gary Silberstein
Eric Siljendahl
Megan Singer
Janet and Michael Smith
Lisa Smith
Michael Smith
Nancy and William Smith
Thomas Smith
Frannie and Robert Snediker
Barry Snider
Gerald and Nan Snyder
Margaret Sorenson
Thomas Soukup
Craig and Janet Spatafore
Matthew Spector
Bruce and Donna Spicer
Ronald and Sandra Starkey
Preston Steen
Alan and Julie Steiff
Kathryn Steinberger
Amy Steiner
George Stevens
Christine and Tom Stoa
Emily Stone
Court Storey
Erik Storlie
Barbara and Gary Strandemo
Jim Stratton
Charles Streiff
Richard and Peggy Struck
Ann Sudoh
Betty and Mark Sugden
Jim and Cher Sulerud
Amy and Timothy Sullivan
Peter and Erin Surdo
Tom Sutherland
Karen Svien and Robert Lyman
John Swanson
Merle and Belva Swanson
Daniel and Sandra Szymanski
Bruce Tammen
Jo and Margaret Teague
Michael Tegeder
Andre Theisen
Karen and Rick Thom
Bethany Thomas
Marlene Thomas
Fred Thompson
Jay Thompson
Joseph M. Tombers
Pablo Toral
Helen Towner
Mark Uscian
David and Theresa Vanveelen
John Vegter
Karen and Martin Voss
Karyl Walcher


Don and Kay Wall

Michael Walsh
Victoria Wang
Edward Ward
Elizabeth and Rolf Weberg
Nancy Weidler
Joan Welch
James Wellman
Jeffrey Wendt
Erin Wessling
Benjamin Wiegers
Janet and Jeremy Wight
Jim and Rebecca Wiinanen
Frances and Frank Wilkinson
Donald Williams
Dyke and Katie Williams
John Windhorst
Nancy Hamill Winter
Julie Wissinger
Douglas G. Witzeling
Ellen and Robert Wojciechowski
Susan Wolf
Gretka and Ralph Wolfe
Wes and Marie Wood
Teresa Workman
John Wulkan
Anthony Wynohrad
Mark Zach
Anita Zager
John Zakelj
Pamela Zalesky
Alexia Zarling
Phyllis Zimmer
Bill and Mary Zimmerman !
$50 $99
Tony Aarts
Rachel Abbott
Mark Ackelson
Raylene Ahlgren
Michael Allen
John Alt and Chel Anderson
Bruce Anderson
Ila Anderson
Judith and Kenneth Anderson
Julie and Rolf Anderson
Kimberly J. Anderson
Mark and Cindy Anderson
Nathan Anderson and
Dan Rowell
Georgene Angrist
Rosemarie Archangel
Joe and Debra Armstrong
Joseph and Roseann Arndt
Tom Arneson
James and Judy Arnold
Bruce and Kathy Ause
Michael Bahr
Eric Baker
William Baldus
Larry and Louise Barden
Charles and Janis Barquist
Sara Barsel
Donna Baumgartner
Jason Beach
Ann Belleman and
Dennis Kaleta
Robert Benjamin
Burton and Joan Benson
Don Benson
Jim and Sue Bergan
Ryan Bergan
Annika Bergen
Barbara Bergerson
Eric and Lisa Berglund
Gershon and Suzanne Berkson
Robert Bernard
Randall Bernsten
Stephen and Susan Betcher
Michael and Ruth Bettendorf
Kim Bishop
Betsy Blume
Dennis Bobel
Lisa Bormann and Franz Ulrich
John Bowen
Hugh Brady
Barbara and Carl George
Lois Braun
Steven Brenton
Gregory Brock and
Jeanette Coufal
Roger and Ronnie Brooks
Nancy and Richard Brubaker
Karen Bell-Brugger
Robert Bruininks and
Susan Hagstrum
Bill Bruins
Ellen Bruner
Jeffrey Brunkow
Jim Buczynski
Robert and Tamara Bullis
Joseph Cade
Frank and Kristi Cadwell
Kay and Nick Cahill
Bradley Cameron
Colleen Campbell
Lisa Caplan
Robin Caplan and Mark Fellman
Brian and Sue Carlson
Daniel Carlson and
Barbara Pilling

Dave Carlson
Gregory and Sue Carlson
Jan and Len Casanova
Maura Cashman and
William Nelson
Christine Chandler
Angela Chesney
Kathy and Steven Chesney
Bob Christenson and
Beth Ann Gaede
Gerald Christianson
Ed and Gwen Chute
Jeanne and Neil Cinnamon
Anne Clark
Bruce Clark
Sarah and Whitney Clark
Melanie Clarke
Andrew Cobb
Mike and Leslie Cohen
Lee Coleman
Threasa Connell
Kathleen Conners
Carmen Converse
Debbie and Jack Cook
Tina and Bob Cooper
Meghan Cosgrove
James Cowan
Scott and Betsy Cram
Stewart and Lesley Crosby
Ed Cushing
Donald Dahlin
Scot Dauner
Patricia and Scott Davies
Brad Davis
Katie and Tim Dawson
Dayna and Jeff Deaton
Al DeRuyter and Linda Peterson
Bill Diers
Dennis and Ann Diers
David and Martha Dobratz
Steven and Terry Dondlinger
Marcia and Neil Dorsey
Philip Drajeske
Dorothy Drake
Roy Dray
Robert DuBois
Elizabeth and Tad Dunham
Lary Dunsmore
Kenneth Eckstein
Susan Edginton
Joyce Edstrom
Lori Eggers
Bruce and Marlene Ehresman
George Ehrhardt
James and Jill Eisele
Chris Ellis
Judith Emmett
Mary Engel
Nicole Engel-Nitz
Randall Engelmann
Kathy and William Erbes
Becky Erickson
Christina and Todd Erickson
Stephen Erickson and
Jan Jacobson
Ann and Dwight Ericsson
Tim and Noreen Farrell
David Feagler
Carol and Robert Fealey
Dorothy Feeney
Jaclyn Feinberg
Kay and Nile Fellows
Carol and Conrad Fialkowski
Sharon and Richard Fields
Sherrill and William Filter
Andy Flamm
Allen and Mary Jo Fleming
Linda and Rainer Fleschner
Keith Flury and Sara Jansen
Roger Folta
William and Karla Forsyth
Kirk Fowler
Kathleen Franzen
Patricia Freeburg
Norma Friedrichs
Betty Friesen and Susan Mahle
William Fucik
Melva Furst
George Gabauer
Mark Gabel
Suzanne Galloway
Steve Gantt and Jocelyn Shaw
Dean Gazza
Roger Geddes
Dale Geise
Cathy Geist and
Carol Schoenecker
Melissa Gerads
Joshua Gerdes
Lynden Gerdes and
Doris Lawson-Gerdes
Barbara Gerten
Danuta Malejka-Giganti
Carol and Thomas Gipe
Heather Glocke
Constance Goerke
Rachel Goldbach
Allen Gooch
Debra and Todd Grant
David and Rachel Grapentine
Gregory Green


2 0 1 5 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Judith and Dale Groth

Bruce and Jean Grussing
Dale Gunder
Susan Gunderson and
Dan Raether
Duane Gustafson
Glen Gustafson
John Haag
Joan Haan
Wendy Haan
J.T. Haines and Lindsay Dean
Janyce and Ron Halligan
Richard Hamilton Smith
Marshall Handshy
John Hannan
Jon and Marilyn Hansen
Loren and Whitney Hansen
Dan Hanson
Eileen and John Hanson
Judith and Kent Harbison
Paul Harms
Thomas Harries
Scott Haskins
Raymond Hathaway
Kathryn Haugrud
Stephanie Hawkinson and
Flynn Opatz
Grant and Susan Hawthorne
Dee and Steve Hedman
Susan Heffron
Jerome Helfand
Nathan Hellyer
John Helvig
Sara Henry
John Hensel
Elaine and Wendell Herron
Zol Heyman
Tom Hiendlmayr and
Jan Ormasa
James Hinshaw
Bruce Hoem
Anthony Hoffman
William Hofmann
Sarah Hole
Greg and Linka Holey
Colleen and John Holmbeck
Michael Hooley
Gladys and Peter Howell
Jerrold Hromatka and
Catherine Schoener
Richard Hruby
Robert Hudnut
Lynn Huiskamp Esch
Stan and Mary Hunter
George and Gail Huschle
Elizabeth Hutchins
Larry and Pam Hylton
Bill and Jane Iacono
Doris Ikier
Austin and Mary Indritz
Jenna Ingersoll
Joanne Jacobson and
Stuart Richter
Frederick and Janice Jannett
Christopher Janssen and
Zimmerman Architectural
Gae and Peter Jarvis
Maureen and Steve Jensen
Marian and Thomas Jerdee
Elizabeth Johnson
Erika Johnson
Jayne Johnson
Jessica Johnson
Lorraine Johnson
Lowell Johnson
Michele and Tim Johnson
Kent Jones and Nick Vavrichek
Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick
Phyllis Kahn
Debra Kaibel
Roger Kapsner
David Karthauser
Ruth Katz
Anne Kaufhold
Calvin Keasling
Lolita and Steven Keck
Holly Keckeisen
Marcy Keckler and
Thomas Fabbro
John Kelsall
Chris Kent
Carol and Kenneth Kidder
Mary Kilbourne
Wendy Kimmer
John King and Ruth Wingeier
Maureen Kinney
Lynn and Marie Kistler
Tonia Kittelson
Allan Klein
Keith and Gretchen Kleinsasser
Deb and Leif Knecht
K. Sally Knight
Barb and Steve Kokotovich
Laura Koppa
Ed Kowynia
Eric Kramer
Bryan and Nancy Krantz
Joanna Krause-Johnson
Barclay Kruse
John and Nanciann Kruse


Burton and Dale Kushner

Noel Labate
Benjamin Lamb
James Landwehr
Ross Lange
Carolyn and Clinton Larson
Greg Larson
Jennifer Larson
Joe Lechanski
Bruce Lee
Don Lee
Brad Lehrman
Mike Lein
William Leininger
Steve and Sue Lekwa
Karen Lemke and
Randy Schukar
Marcia Leussler
Abe and Pat Levy
Thomas Liebl
Ann and Todd Loehrke
The Longenbaugh Family
Mitch Long
Gail and Carl Loverud
Kristin Luke
Kristen Lund
Cathy and Mark Lundberg
Jeff Lunde
Robert Lynch
Sarah MacDougall
Ken and Sue Madsen
Bernice C. Maertz
Jack and Mary Magnuson
Glenn Maharaj
Robin Mahnken
Trevor Maiers
Beverly and Sheldon Mains
Michael Majerle
Joseph and Margarita Malmquist
Beverly Manroe and
Joe Maxwell
Ewart Martens
Mathew Marty
John and Judy Mathwin
Tom and Pam Mattke
Virginia Maturen
Bill Maxey
Winnie May
Jim and Mary Alice Mayerle
Patricia M. McAllister
Robert McCabe
Polly McCormack
Ed McDowell
Nina and Rex McGehee
Richard and Tamara McGehee
Mary McGraw
Bob and Mary McGrew
Mark and Sarah McGuire
Stuart McKernan
Anne McKinsey
Melanie and Scott McRae
Claire Meland
Phyllis and Skip Messenger
Timothy Metcalf
Adam Meuler
Rob Meyer
Rebecca Mikulay
Erika and Jay Miller
John Miller and Faith Russell
Norman Miller
Paula Miller
Tracy Miller
William Minarik
Deb Monacelli
David Moore
Gregg Moore
Joseph and Marilyn Moore
Patrick and Patricia Moran
Jeylan Mortimer
Michael and Miriam Moss
John Mowery
Joan Mracek
Agnes Mulvihill
Paul Nachman
Lee Nafziger
Shelley O'Neill
Gunnar Nelson
Kathy and Stephen Nelson
Roxanne Nelson
Dave and Sandra Neuendorf
Craig and Kristen Neuroth
Becky and Don Newberg
Robert Newbery and
Nancy Sugden
Tom Newman
Richard Nicholls
Carolyn Nicklow
David Norton and Virginia Peery
John Norton
Sara Oehlert
Bonnie and Brian Ohm
Brian and Marilee Olin
Gary Olsen
Gordon and Margaret Olsen
Alan Ose and Anne Sherve-Ose
Jessica Ostrov
Debra and Kent Overbey
John Palleschi and
Audrey Single
Parker and Sharon Palmer
Joseph Palmquist

Angela Panfil
Kymn Paulson
Marianna Paulson
Jim Pearson
Ryan Perket
Robert and Alice Peters
Mark and Erica Peterson
Mel Peterson
Sheryl Pethers
Michael Pettee and
Martha Burnett Pettee
Peter Pierson and
Suzanne Morse
Roberta Pisa
Tom Plocher
Peggy Pond
Fred Pongratz
Noelyn and Truman Porter
Randall Pottebaum
John and Sandra Potter
Tim Preiner
Brian Price
Angel Prom
Carole and Michael Raap
Jason Rabuck
Charles and Nancy Rader
Victoria Rader
Linda Ramsden
Thomas Randgaard
Pamela Ransom
Sally Rauschenfels and
Andrew Slade
Ruth Reabe
Betsy and Del Reed
Jean and Ron Regal
Chad Reischl
Fred Retzlaff
Barbara and Tom Richardson
Kent Richardson
Paul Richtman
Erik Rigelhof
Matthew Risley
James and Julie Rochat
Jodell and Walter Rockenstein, II
Megan Rocker
Joan and Robert Rohlf
John Rosenberger
George and Sharon Rozanski
Eric and Anna Runestad
Debra Rutkowski
Alan Saffert
Bradley and Teresa Sagen
Craig Samson
Jim and Rita Sanner
Kenneth and Constance
Laura Savat
Janet Schaffer
Gerald Schlabach
Shirley Schoberg-Hebda
Stephen C. Schodde
Jean Schroeder and
James Zavoral
Val Schroeder
David Schuettler
Hollis and Pat Schwartz
Lisa and Perry Scott
Barry Sedgwick
Gregg Severson
Patrick Shannon
John Shasky
Timothy Shaw
Jane and Jim Shinners
Barbara Shumsker
Carol Sinden
Walter Sitz
Katherine Skiff Kane
Carissa and Joseph Skorczewski
Catherine Slater
Wes Slaymaker
Richard Smaby
Susan Smilanich
Daniel and Kate Smith
Kirby Smith
Mark Smith
Matthew Smith
Rich and Kimberle Smith
Jeffrey Snyder
Jeff Soderstrom
Stacie Spaeth
Jane Sparkman
Cindy and Herb Stahnke
Suzanne Stanke and
Conrad Figueroa
Donald Stearns
Tyrone Steen
John Stephens
Kathryn Stingl
Jane Stockman
Allen and Ann Stolee
Larry and Margaret Stone
George and Pat Strain
Stephen and Ceil Strauss
Benjamin Streiff
Elizabeth Styrvoky
Marty Sudar
Charlie Sugnet
Dan Sullivan
Edward Swain and
Mary Keirstead
Richard Sytsma

The Friends' new Science & Conservation program will focus on research
and monitoring of Boundary Waters species. Photo by Elias Anoszko
Mark and Judith Tande
Robert Tank
Diane Tessari
Grant Thomas
Steve Thomas
Jill Thompson
Jody Thone
Floyd and Joan Thorsen
Greg and Laura Thorsen
Elaine and Steve Thrune
Ingrid and Lloyd Thyen
Jane Tigan and Joe Hayes
Ethel and Tom Tincher
Bob Tindell
Diane and Gary Titusdahl
Richard Towner
Todd Truby
Theodore Truitt
Carmen and Martin Tschofen
Deborah Tuck
Jennifer Tuder and Aaron Klemz
Charles Upcraft
Gerald and Marilyn Uppman
Lowell Urban
Thomas Uttech
Jean Vagnoni
Mary Vagt
Jenna Vancura
Brenda Vaughn
Mark Verstegen
Eric Viken
Ann and Bruz Vollmar
Kristin Vondruska
Swanny and Ted Voneida
Gerald Vukman
Louis Walch
Gale and Herschel Wallace
Dan Walters
Karen and Kelvin Walton
Shelli and Thomas Wappes
Linda and Robert Watson
John and Mary Wauer
David and Joan Weber
JoAnn Wedin
Robert Weinstock-Collins
Lisa Weisensel
David and Gloria Weiss
David Wennlund
Kim and Linda Werner
Buster West
Cheryl Reed Wester
Jenny Wettersten
Boak Wiesner
Lawrence Wiesner
Stephen and Deborah Wilbers
John and Sherry Williams
Kenneth Williamson
Richard and Helga Winandy
James Winn
Barbara and John Winters
Michael Wiseman and
Michelle Javornik
Paula Witt
Dale Woodbeck
Mike Woolsey
Erik Wrede and
Maria Reyes-Wrede
Greg and Jeanne Wright
LaVonne Wuertz
Bryan Wyberg and Lisa Steidl
Kenneth and Sharon Wyberg
Steven Yetter
Barb Young
Christine and Mark Young
Randolph Zimmerman
Michael and Sheralyn Zlonis
Charlie Zwisler !
$30 $49
Andy Aarons
Barbara and Ronald Anderson
Bob Anderson
Dean Anderson
Lesli Anderson
Peg and Will Anderson

Richard Arpi
Brian Balanoff
Gretchen Bangerter
Marlene Banttari
Jean Baregi
Alex and Mary Bart
Jeremy Bateman
Valerie Bauer
Ralph and Katherine
Christine and Jonathan Bayer
Joe and Sheri Beirne
Joe Benedict
Frank Berg Jr.
Ronald Berman
Ann Berry
Howard Bichler
Robert Bishop
Burt Bisson
Ann Bock
Alyssa Boock
David Born
Arthur Bowron
Michele Brennan
Drew Brockett
Lori and Michael Brown
Nancy Brucken
Susan Brust
Brent Brye and Lucy Nitz
Erica Buffington
Mark Buschmann
Brian Bushay and Linda Higgins
Leslie Butler
Ann Campbell
Jim and Sandra Carroll
Tom Cherveny
Paul Christensen
Mary and Robert Christenson
Patrick Christie and
Stephanie Barbee
Susan Christopher
Kenneth Cichocki
Deborah Clement
Carolyn Clements
Barbara and Donald Cohen
James Coleman
Casie Cook
Stewart Corn
Randolph Cox
Dean Creighton
William Crozier
Margaret Cruikshank
Patricia Curtner
Susan Dacko
Amy and Ed Davies
Elizabeth and James Deitz
Steven Delapp
Dan DeLorenzo
Megan Dent
Jim Dimick
Retha Dooley and Herb Davis
Darlene Doran
Roy Draheim
Bruce Drake and
Elizabeth Garren
Kate Dressel and Todd Petzel
Richard Dubiel
Jason and Sara Dusbabek
Susan Elsner
Wally Elton
Ann and John Elward
Bruce and Liza Eng
Ralph and Sue Engebrit
Deanna Erickson
Emilie Falc
Abby Finis
Paul Finsness
Daniel Fisch
Carol and Richard Fish
Regina Flanagan
Dianne Fleming
Roger Forman
Christian Franken
Amy Fredregill

Wayne Fretheim
Kazimiera Gajl-Peczalska
Mark and Susan Galatowitsch
Steven Garske
Karen Geislinger
Dorothy Gibbs
Shirley Gilmore
Michelle Gobely
Linnea Goderstad
Sharon Godfrey
Barbara and Ronald Graham
Miriam Greenblatt
LeRoy Greenley
Michael Grossman
Edna and Thomas Groves
Deborah Gruhlke
Ken Guenthner and
Kathleen Swanson
Jeannie Gulstrand
Mark Gustafson
Tim Halloran
Amy Hallstrom
Michael Hamilton Schirmer
Robert and Jeanne Handberg
Alan Haney
Beverly Hansen
Ronald Harrigan
Michael Hartford
Susan Hartjes Holman
Kathleen Haskins
Katherine and Peter Hawkins
Fred Hefty
Lee Hegstrand
Corrine and Elvin Heiberg
Thaine Heller
Karen Henderson
James Herald
William Herrbold
Jerome Herro
William Herzberg
Ruth Hiland
Richard Hinquist
Collen Hollinger Petters
John Hooley
Ronald Horn
Diane Humphrey
Peggy Hunter and Doug Wallace
Gene and Susan Huntsman
Sarah Hutson
Peter Janelle
Wayne Jennings and
Joan Sorenson
Bob and Trimby Jensen
James Jilek
David Johanson
Alice H. Johnson
Glenn and Karen Johnson
Gunnar Johnson
Ted Johnson
Kathryn Jones
Gayle Jorgens
Jeff Josephs
Sherrie Kamm
Matthew Karl
Jason Kaufman
Denis Kazelas
Frank Keeler
Jennifer and William Kellogg
Kevin and Kris Kenlan
Janice Ketelle
Bonnie and Clark Kirkpatrick
Kathy Kissick-Davenport
Gail and Donald Kleven
Alan Knaeble
James Knezz
Sean Koebele
Georgianne Kornfuehrer
E.C. Kragenbrink
Anne Krebsbach
John and Liga Kropp
Robert Kuhn
Carol Kuhre
Jarell Kuney
Arnie Kurmis

2 0 1 5 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Foundations and

Friends drew a crowd to Lake Monster Brewing Co. in Saint Paul for this year's
first Taproom Trivia Night.
Kim Kvale
Randall Lake
Betty Lamb
Gertrude Lambert
LouAnn Lanning
Jayson LaRose
Lukas Leaf
Anna Lee
Lindsay Lee
Kathy Leggett
Margaret Levin
Wendy and Marc Levine
Mary Lewis
Mary K. Liston
Christopher Loch
Basil Loney
Dan and Julie Lucas
Julie Ludowese
Elizabeth Lund
David Lundberg
Larry Madson
Jay Mahler
Angelo Marasco
George Marks
Howard Markus
Janet Masterjohn
Mary Ann Mattox
Elizabeth Mattson
Betty Maue
Marlyn Mauritz
Pat McCauley
Jean McClelland
Bonnie and Jon McCluskey
James McCluskey
Jean McCurdy
Mary McGilligan
O. Ross McIntyre
Robert McMurchy
Elizabeth McRae
Dave McTeague
Margaret McVay
Craig Mears
Tracy Meisinger
Maureen and Thomas Meyer
Marianne Moesch
Paul Moss and Craig Miller
Michael Mulqueeny
John and Judy Murphy
Gordon and Vernie Nethercut
Alan Neuenburg
David Newman
Doug Niemela
Patrick and Karisa Nigon
Sharon Nolte
Frederic and Kay Nordeen
David Novak
Perrt Nutter
Linda Nygren

Beth Oberle
Alexander Oftelie
Brian Ogren
Joseph Olsen
Ronald Olson
Linda Oster
Jonathan and Ruth Paradise
Charles Parish
Mark Parr
Ray Payne
Gary Pearson
James Pearson
Gretchen Pederson and
Robert Medcraft
Alan Peterson
Ron Peterson
Steve and Bonnie Peterson
Gerard Phelan
Marilyn and Philip Pikaart
Cameron Porter
Colleen and Robert Powell
Dan Prince and Laura Johansson
Kevin Proescholdt and
Jean Swanson
Stephanie and Ron Rasley
Bjorn Reed
Scott Reese
Mary and Red Rehwaldt
Jon and Karen Reising
Chad Richardson
Joan Robare
Joe Robelia
Keith and Sandra Roberts
Keith and Kimberly Rosdahl
Gary Rose
Jeanne and Steve Rosengren
Laura Ross
John Rossing
Ted Rueff
Cedric and Janet Schrankler
Shannon Schulte
Carolyn Scott
Dana and Mary Sears
Priscilla Seimer
Doug Seitz and Joan Beaver
Joyce and Terry Seldomridge
Chris Shaffer
Glen and Marlys Shirley
Dave and Pat Siljenberg
Ellen Silva
Jill Sinclair
Robert Sipkins
Keith and Nancy Sjoquist
Mark Skelton
Judy and Lawrence Skupien
Diane and Lawrence Smith
Scott Sorenson
Mark Stange

Marianne Stanke
Charles Staples
Carol and William Steele
Seth Stein
Julie and Robert Stewart
Mark and Ann Stewart
Amos Stoll
Jeffrey and Kathryn Stonehouse
Vernon Storm
Ben Strege
Rick and Helen Sweitzer
Mark Tade
Andrea Templeton
Chris Tews
Edward Therrien
Mike Thomas
Mary and Tom Thompson
Frank and Nina Terry Thorp
Lyndon Torstenson
Matt Turner
Jonetta Vance
Mary and Michael Vanderford
Danielle Vannatta
Doug Vanvalkenburg
Frank Verderame
James Walburg
Mike Walker
LynnAnne Warren
Kathy and Roger Weaver
Elizabeth Wells
Doug Westfall
Michelle Whitman
Bob Wilhelm
Cheryl Wilke
Doug Williams
Shawn Willy
Dwight and Lisa Winger
John and Wanda Wochos
Barbara Wolfe
Barry and Ben Wolfe
Frank Wolfinger
Fred Wooley
Donald and Leona Wray
Duane Yockey
Robert and Laurie Zahn
Drew Van Zandt !

Every effort was made to

ensure the accuracy of our
records. Please contact us
if this list contains errors
or omissions so that we
may extend our apologies
and correct our records.

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401 N. Third Street, Suite 290


Minneapolis, MN 55401-1475

U.S. Postage Paid

P: 612.332.9630

Twin Cities, MN

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Permit No. 4068

From well-managed forests Cert no. BV-COC-940655
1996 Forest Stewardship Council

The Friends of the Boundary Waters newsletter

is printed on paper using 100% post-consumer waste,
processed chlorine free.
Design and production donated in part by
Mike Tincher, T DESIGN


Shannon Boehm, Administrative Assistant

Paul Danicic, Executive Director
Betsy Daub, Science and Conservation Director
Tonia Kittelson, Northern Communities Director
Aaron Klemz, Advocacy Director
Cori Mattke, Membership and
Operations Director

Upcoming Events
April 22-24

Midwest Mountaineering Adventure Expo,


May 20

Taproom Trivia Night,

Bent Paddle Brewing Co, Duluth

June 11-12

Boundary Waters Expo,

Seagull Lake Landing, Gunflint Trail

September 8

Wild & Scenic Film Festival,

The Varsity Theater, Minneapolis


Nicholas Banovetz
Margo Brownell
Paul Fate
Mark Hennessy, Secretary
Holly Jenkins
Dick Krueger, Treasurer
Tim Lewis
Tony Lockhart
Tom Mahlum, Chair
Dan Pauly, Vice Chair
Steve Safranski
Kaj Thompson
Kim Young

September 16 Wild & Scenic Film Festival,

Zeitgeist Arts Caf, Duluth

Visiit for more information.!


Richard Flint

Chel Anderson
Lee Frelich
Jim Furnish
Bill Hansen
Frank Jewell
Lynn McClure
Steve Piragis
Kevin Proescholdt
Sue Schurke
Minnesota Environmental Fund
Helps Protect the BWCAW

If your company does not have MEF as a giving

option, please contact Friends at 612-332-9630.

Boundary Waters Photo Contest

Remember that shot you took last year? The one where the colors of the sunset, the stillness of
the lake, and the glow of the campfire all aligned to create the perfect Boundary Waters photo?
We want to see it!
Our 2016 Boundary Waters Photo Contest begins this month and were putting out the
call for your best BWCAW photos in the following categories: Landscapes, Wildlife, Sunrise/Sunset,
People in the BWCAW, Paws in the BWCAW, and Campsite Life.
One winner from each category will receive a $25 Shutterfly gift card. A Best Of Show photo
will also be selected to receive a Keep It Wild t-shirt and will be featured on our Facebook page
for the month of June.!
To enter, visit the Friends facebook page at
All entries must be received by May 11.
Questions? Contact Cori Mattke at or 612-332-9630