Coach Randy Trivers Northwest High northwestjaguars.


Creating Mismatches I. II. III. Program Background Physical Advantages Identify Mismatches

9 Years @ Northwest 2-8 first year since 73-27, 5 conference championships, 3 regional championships, and 1 state championship….. 47 college players First year of QB in system we struggled, next years better Ex: 1st year- 68 yd ave rushing, 117 yd ave passing 2nd year- 189 yd ave rushing, 120 yd ave passing 3rd year- 208 yd ave rushing, 108 yd ave passing Other important fact that helped in gaining a winning advantage is protecting the football In our best seasons we had a defensive turnover ration of +8, 3 different years

Physical Advantages
Physical Stature Use height to your advantage shrink from 11 on 11 to 2 on 1 with your QB/WR vs DB Put your athlete out on the edge! Weight/Strength/Power Use an athletic tackle type as H-back. He can block and catch. Get linemen on DB’s, believe in screens Effort/Stamina “Hunt for the Heavy and Locate the Lazy.” Exploit the sometimer/loafer, through film study Speed/Athleticism Use running backs in passing game to take advantage of linebackers. Use receivers in the backfield to take advantage of Stg safety/linebackers Use your top wideout at te to run dump pass

Scheme Advantage
Create Numbers at POA Do it in the run and pass. Get more people at point of attack. Shifts and Motions Make it simple and multiple for your team. Make the defense adjust. Ex: Bunch rt run a play, King rt motion flanker in to te run same play

Scheme Advantage cont’d Variety of Formations Need a system of flexibility to make the defense do what they don’t want to do The Hashes can be your 12th man Use the boundary or field to keep the defense off balance Work the hashes more.

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