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page 7.

Inside the Cable
• Trevel to Spain, pege 4

• Germen/American exchenge, pege S
• Meet Sgt. Morelea, pege 6

• Po-rllftlng, pege 7


Vol. 29, No.7


56th Field Artillery Command

Aprll 1990

Update FYI
Extension on Temporary
POV license plates
Extension of temporary pri,•ately owned vehicle
(POV) license plates from three 10 six days before
requiring registration of the vehicle as nonoperational is approved for immediate implementation
USAREUR-widc, under the following conditions:
During the initial three-day extension period, the
POV must pass the mechanical inspection or be
registered nonoperational. An extension of three
days may be granted only when the applicant provides proof that the POV is being repaired. If the
POV docs not pass mechanical inspection within
the additional three days it must be registered

Is your car ship-shape?
Before you ship your ca.r or van to the USA,
make it ship-shape by remembering the three
NOs: no dirt; no personal property; no flammables.
No dirt means cleaning vour car inside and out,
even under the whefl welfs, bumpers, undercarriage and all seats. No personal property mea.ns the
onl)' loose items you can leave in your car are
items normally included to promote safe operation
and repair, such as a spare tire, jack, first aid kit,
warning triangle, fire extinguisher, and a reasonable amount of tools. No flammables means rou
mu1t remove such items as car wax and cans o oil
before turning in your vehicle.
Remember the three NOs and call your local
42nd MP Group customs office 10 find out more
at ETS 4253-765 or drop by our office in the basement of Bldg 306 in the Cooke Barracks Housing

Airborne Adventures
Have you ever dreamed you could Oy? Would
you like to have the ability to fly? You can! Arc
you ready to Icam?
Your Armed Forces Recrcacion Center (AFRC)
offers airborne adventure via hang gliding and pa·
ragliding programs at Chiemsee this May through
If you're really interested in flying, but you're
not sure about commitments, you can snatch a
taste of flying antics via the AFRC Airspom Special. This two•day introductory program.provides
an opportunity to try hang gliding and paragliding. In addition to ground school and classroom
theory, you'll experience brief flights in both airspom.
For more information, contact your local
SATO or: AFRC Chiemsec: ETS 44 12-3 55/3 96;
0 80 51-80 31 72180 31 73; APO O 90 29.

l"hoto by Ct.me1,sO,t

Thia On Ped Protective Shelter (OPPS) uHd to house Pershing m1. .11ea will , oon be hlatory along with five
othenl H pert of the lntermedl1t•Ran91 Nucleer Forc:ff truly.

Building towards peace

Shelters torn down
by Richard J. Clemenson
Staff Writer
Two years after they were constructed, all six On
Pad Protective Shelters (OPPS) at the Lehmgrube
and Redlcg missile st0rage sites being tom down.
The demoliton is another step towards peace as
outlined in the Inrermcdiaie-Rangc Nuclear Forces
Treaty berv,,een the United States and the Soviet
According to ~faj. Jonathan Hoitt, 56th Field Ar:tiJlery Command Engineu, the project will coSt the
U. S. government approximately 1.2 rriillion marks to
tear down the three OPPS at ·Lehmgrubc and I million marks to tear down the remaining three at Redlcg.
Hoitt said the same firm that constructed the
OPPS, Firm Neurero based in Germany, will also
dvnolish the structures.
He added that the entire process will take approximately six months and will be broken into four phases or milestones.
• As of March 15, the first milestone was completed
on time. It included erecting temporary fencing
around e"'h building site for security purposes." he

"Milestones rv,,o and three include tearing do\\·n
the superstructures and then removing their foundations respectively," Hoitt added.
He continued, "The superstructures will be sliced
like a loaf of bread with a cutter mounted on the
boom of an excavator. It is known on the site as the
world's largest P-38 (can opener).•
"It will then be torn down, crushed and hauled to
the scrapyard, • he continued.
Finn Neurero will sell the lights, heating system
and scrap metal.·
Holtz said that milestone two is scheduled to be
finished around mid-June with milestone three being
completed about mid-August.
• After finishing milestone three, the site· will sit
idle for 10-60 days before the Soviets come to inspect,• he said.
Once the site passes the Soviet inspection for the
INF treaty, the area will be seeded to allow grass to
grow. The entire process should be finished somewhere around late 1990 to early 1991. according tn
To ensure that the project runs smoothlr, Holtz
said that the Command Engineers have Staff Sgt.
Richard Wood at Lehmgrube and Staff Sgt. Kitioni
Faumui at Redleg monicoring ,he contractors' daili


Pers/ling Cable
April 1990

Parttng Shots

ltho•o by llle4ern'ch

"Ele,ctrlvl1" electrlfled commend 1oldlera with 1ong1 from tht 50'1 I ncl 80'1 In the Rodman Thtlter during I l'K8tlt Department of Otten•• (000) ahow.

flhOloby ~

Lisa Shaw, youth HrvlcH aporta director, lines-up IHtr troops tor pregame Introduction• 11 1 r-nt bllnllm
boy1 beaketbell game.

PhOtO by 8 1a.t.r~c:h

Brig. Gen. Mary WIIIII 1ddr1HH • group attending a
Fadertl Womens luncheon held recently during Federal Woman, Month.

Photo by 111....,n kn

USAREUR Commander, Gen. Crosbie Saint, steps Into a vehicle following en Inactivation briefing that he recently received at 56th'a Command building on Bismarck Kaaerne.

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