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— COMPLETE QUARTCBBACK Quarterback Manual CQ>s Bill CUNERTY & ILE LANSBELL WESTEORSTPASSING SCHOOL = WWWWEPS.NET — SS WEST COAST PASSING SCHOOL To The Kid on The End Of The Bench Champions euce sat whete you'te siting, Kid, The Foorball Hat! of Fame (and every other Halt of Fame} i filled with aames of people who sat, Week afier week, withour gotting a spot of mud on their wwelilaundeted unifonns. Generals. senators, surgeons, prizeevinning novelists. professors, business exeuutives started on the end of @ bench, 190." Don't sit and study your shoe tops. Keep your eye on the game, Watch ter defensive lapses. Look for offensive opportunities If you dont think: you'e in a great Spot, wait unit you see how many would like 10 ake it away from you ot nex! spring peactice. What You Go ftom the bench this season could put You on the field next season, af a player, or back in the grandstand as a spectator. emer Vato THE COMPLETE QUARTERBACK The Complete Quarterback ¢(*TCQB") was developed for use by coaches and quarterbacks, It should be used daily to improve skills and techniques. TCOB includes (1) a writven manual, (2) defensive flash cards (defenses & coverages), (3} CD-ROM for computer study & timed exerts, and (4) a drill video. 1. QUARTERBACK MANUAL Sclf-analysis and preparation is important for a quarterback (“QB”) to sckieve any level of success, This maceal was designed to help prepare a QB hoth mentally and physically. The manual also includes 2 section of exatts, This section includes workshects (make extes copies) and answer keys for the exams included ox the CD-ROM. 2, DEFENSIVE FLASH CARDS The defensive flash cards should be reviewed every day, A QB cannot have a thorough understanding of the offense if he does not understand how the defense is designed. As such, recognition of fronts and coverages is a critical component io the success of the offense There are two (2) sets of flash cards: Defenses and Coverages. 3. CD-ROM The CD-ROM is a series of Power Point Preseatations, The CD-ROM covers the sections in the manual with slides, pictures, animated X's & O's, and video film clips, These presentations should re-enforce the concepts studied in che manual and flash cards, Also included is a series of self-exams that allow the QB to test his understanding of the material, lasert re CD-ROM and open “My Computer". Double-click on your CD-ROM Drive ‘Then select (open) the “read-me” file and folfow the directions. The presentations can de Jaunched whether your computer has “Power Point™ or not. 4. TECHNIQUE VIDEO The video moves the coach and QB from the classroom to the field. The video provides instruction, including drills to improve Jooswork (drops and play action) and reads, ur prayer for you is that you enjoy all aspects of the game of foatbal! ~ preparation, game night and the memovies. The thrill of using your teammates and competing against your opponent, understanding how they’ are trying te stop you, yet unable to because you are one step ahead of them using all of your weapors, will give you a complate sense of satisfaction. It is ony then that you Will have a complete understanding of what being a Quarterback is abut, Do nos miss this experience — prepare yourself so that your teammates can count On you. Coach Bill Cunerty and Coach Lyle Laasdell il

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