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Lambert High School

Gary Davison, Ph.D.

Tom Bass
Pam Bibik
Brandi Cannizzaro
Russ Chesser
Scott Dean
for Giwoo Kim

805 Nichols Road

Suwanee, GA 30024

Tom Neighbour
Department Chair
Kathy Bain
Jamie DiCarro
Shari Endo
Mia Kim
Pat Woods
School Counselors

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with enthusiasm and honor that I recommend Giwoo. She is an outstanding student and young woman in so many ways.
As her Healthcare/Diagnostics teacher and Advisor of both HOSA and National Technical Honor Society, I have seen many
examples of Giwoos talent and have been long impressed with her diligence and work ethic. I have found her to be both a
strong student academically and dedicates herself to prepare to become a future healthcare provider.
Giwoo has been an active and integral part of Lambert High School, the community and Georgia. She has been a key player
and moving force with the founding and the current success of Lambert High School HOSA which has quickly evolved to be
recognized as an outstanding and the worlds largest high school chapter. Giwoo exhibits outstanding leadership skills and
commits to both scientific research and direct patient care through her certification as a National Phlebotomy Technician and
involvement in the community EMS Explorers program where she participates in ambulance ride alongs. What strikes me
most about Giwoo is her keen ability to balance her academics and extracurricular involvement and be successful in both her
high school requirements and completing 15 AP/Dual enrollment courses. Her extracurricular participation includes the
following: HOSA competition where she placed 2nd in the state of Georgia and went on to compete at the national level in
Anaheim California, mentee of refugee children at Rainbow Village, active participant with EMS Explorers program,
enrollment in Healthcare Internship course where she works side by side with mentors in the Intensive Care Unit/ Radiology
and Oncology at our local community hospital and additional community service volunteer experiences.

Furthermore Giwoo is an active member in the National Science Honor Society, National Honor Society, National Technical
Honor Society, Science Olympiad and Key Club where she blends her educational and community service to serve the greater
good through her personal compassion for others. It cannot go without mentioning Giwoos recognition as an AP Scholar with
Distinction, Healthcare Science Completer with Honors earning a medallion and a recipient of an Academic Letter.

Giwoo is an exceptional student, top in her class with a weighted GPA of 4.38, who takes pleasure in learning for learning
sake and gains new knowledge from a class or experience and takes these opportunities to enrich her knowledge and life.
Giwoo exemplifies an innovative thinker and one who turns her thoughts into action. Her educational goal is to pursue
healthcare utilizing her gifts and talents to advance the world of science as it relates to our wellbeing.

To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for Giwoo Kim. If you have any further questions regarding
Giwoo's ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me at 678-965-5050 ext. 412310 or .

Doris W. Dickerson
Healthcare/Diagnostics Teacher
National Technical Honor Society Advisor
HOSA Advisor