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An Interview with an Ex-Vampire:

Bill Schnoebelen

May 2010 updated August 2011

This is article is taken from the 9 part video series Bill Schnoebelen Interview with an Ex-Vampire (available at and Also used were the two part series Exposing the Illuminati from Within, Masonry Behind the Light, and Sons of God which are archived at the Prophecy Club ( Stephanie Relfes page contains the chart and a summary of his life prior to his conversion. ( Bill Schnoebelen has written his autobiography Lucifer Dethroned, 1993, (ISBN: 0937958417) and the always recommended classic expose of masonry from a Christian perspective Masonry: Beyond the Light 1991 (ISBN: 0937958387), as well as other books. His ministry, With One Accord (, is dedicated to spiritual truth (John 14:6) and to spreading the saving, liberating and healing message of Jesus Christ. Thank you Bill! God bless.

Jesus Christ gives us eternal life and authority, in his name, over the spiritual realm. We are powerless without him. But, the devil will try to get us to think we have power over the occult realm. But really this is a fraud perpetrated for the perdition of those who fall into his snares. C.S. Lewis said "the occult awakens within you a spiritual kind of lust, that is very akin to physical lust. And once you are exposed, it creates an itch for more and more, and it is very hard to get rid of that itch once you've gotten it....

Table of Contents
Bill Schnoebelen

Megapolisomancy and Archeometry Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick Aleister Crowley and Transyuggothian Magick Masonic Ritualistic Abuse (MRA)

Wicca Spiritism

A. The Historical Path of Masonrys Royal Secret B. The Organizational Structure of the Craft C. Masonic Initiations D. Masonic Secrets E. The Craft as a Professional and Political Network F. Freemasonrys Royal Secret G. Is Masonry a Religion? Is it Christian? H. Becoming Free of Masonry Masonic Auxiliary Organizations Esoteric (Egyptian) Freemasonry

Catholicism, Paganism, and the Occult The Church of Satan Vampirism Werewolves Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA)

Aliens & Abductions

The UFO Phenomenon Close Encounters of the 4th Kind (CE-4) The Bene Elohim and the Nephilim Mormonism Christianity Appendix A: Historical Examples Appendix B: Masonic Degree Structure

Bill Schnoebelen Bill Schnoebelen was raised in a very religious home but had no idea who Jesus was. His involvement with the occult started with Halloween, studies in haunted houses, U.F.O.s, & E.S.P., and a few demonic experiences as a child and teenager, which he said likely occurred because he had no spiritual protection. Later while in minor seminary he was told that what little he knew of the Bible was false and that in order to be a good priest like Jesus it is necessary to know the occult. Before he graduated he was ordained a witch priest, began to accumulate a library of 3000 occult books, was a certified astrologer, gave tarot card and psychic readings, and was a trained medium (aka trance channeler). He eventually went on to practice numerous rituals and religions and joined many groups, as the diagram shows and as this article details.

Wicca Wicca (pronounced witcha) is the old Anglo-Saxon word which means bent or twisted. When witches came out of the closet in the 1950s they called themselves wiccans which they thought better than witches which had a bad connotation. Witchcraft was rare back in the 1960s but now you can go into any used book store or regular book store and find 25-30 books on how to be a witch. Whereas wiccan is a religion, witchcraft is a mental and spiritual technology that some wiccans do or use. Wiccan is billed as an ancient religion but there was no such thing prior to the 20th cent. Gerald Gardner made it popular in the 50s. In Britain up to 1951 it was a crime to say you were a witch, under the heading of being a scam-artist1. Witches prior to the 20th century were casting spells, curses, and doing other weird stuff. Or they were herbalists who were weird old women who lived off in the woods. There may be some ancient concepts but there is no direct lineage to wicca of the modern times. It is basically a made up religion in the 30s and 40s. Most people don't even know what the druids did since they had no written language. They memorized everything. We have no records of what they believed except in the broadest sense. Druids did not believe many of the things that witches believe. The druids did not believe in reincarnation, like most witches, but in the immortality of the soul. Druids believed in a trinity and did not believe in a goddess, which astonishes a lot of people. Witches can love, since they are still human. But they do not have the unselfish, agape love that Christians do. Wicca is very hard on marriage. All wiccan marriages that Bill knew of didn't last. A coven by law is only 13 members. Even though the wiccan religion isn't as old, as powerful, and the covens arent as large as churches, there still are the same problems as any other organized religion. This is why some witches are preferring to be a "solitaire" and practice entirely by themselves. Spiritism Trance channeller (mediumship) means you've been trained to develop the abilities to supposedly communicate with dead people. Schnoebelen said he took courses and had 3-4 spirit guides who gave profound instruction, intended for spiritual development, understanding their karma, past life, etc. Called spiritualist churches were this is actually their service. They would go to their service and begin by singing nice protestant hymns to raise the vibes. Then the presiding medium will go into a trance who has a spirit guide who acts as a master of ceremonies and says so and so's relative is here to speak with them. There is an enough of you conscious during these experiences, even though you are in a dreamlike state. Usually there was a voice heard within his head that resonated down to the voice box and came out with accent and personality. Rarely, except with the high level demons, is the mouth wide open and not moving yet there is a voice protruding. Sometimes they share what supposedly only the dead person is supposed to know. Often the readings included messages that can't be corroborated (ie 5000 years ago you were a Sumerian princess). There could be prayers for altruistic purposes, healing, etc. The Bible teaches that there is no communication with the dead so these then are familiar spirits. This shouldn't be much of a surprise since they would know a lot about each person. Some trance channellers instead channel some mighty, awesome, semi-gods from the past. Started by Blavatsky, who channeled ascended masters. There is a hierarchy:

-plain old dead people -spirit guides, who come and go. -life guides, who stay with you for your entire life. -doctors of divinity, very powerful super guide that very rarely comes into your body and takes you over, which is a good thing. Bill had one come into him one night and half his head of hair turned grey and apparently lost five years of his life in 15-20 minutes. They drain all the life force out of you. Bill had channeled an African witch doctor, a native American, "Jesus", Nero, Adolf Hitler gave advice about how to exterminate all the Jews, A. Crowley made frequent appearances. He got into a working trust relationship since he believed the life guide is a high enough evolved being that can keep away anything nasty. His guide introduced these people to him. But whatever spirit comes to speak to you or possess you, you are asked, "do you stand in the light"? "Oh, yes I stand in the light. I'm a Luciferian ..." That's how these people are screened and consider this a form of protection. Good angels direct your worship and questions to the Almighty. Evil angels encourage their and your self-devotion and worship. The theory is that these beings are up there and have access to the akashaic records and can see the past, present, and future. But, really how well can a 15th cent. monk give life advice? Half the time these life beings would give these obscure, strange answers (ie to the question of whether they should take some job they were answered, "the superior man walks across the river and collects rice beans"). Partly this is because demons don't know the future. At the end of it they often scratch their heads asking what it means. This is true also of the books written by famous channellers (Blavatsky, Elizabeth Claire Prophet, J.Z. Knight), which Bill considered like reading intellectual pudding. Trying to get a concept out of them is like trying to nail jello to the wall. It is possibly intended to be like that because your mind sort of freaks out because you can't handle all of this vague nonsense. Recall that prior revelation judges later revelation because in Malachi 3 God says "I am Yahweh. I change not." The Bible is the objective source of truth upon which we can measure things. Otherwise we are adrift in total subjectivity. In 15 years of channeling Bill cannot think of one time that it helped someone. Vague, lofty, metaphysical advice given to concrete questions. One time a guy was warned that soon he would fall and slip on ice. Five days later this happened. This trivial event caused their local sance meetings to double in attendance. They were taught that is was not their place as mediums to give answers but to give insight to illicit the answer from within the person. Of course this is a safe way of avoiding getting sued later. Bill admitted that channelling hurt him and his wife because the advice that came through him led them in dangerous directions (ie vampirism, hallucinogenic drugs, occult rituals). The same was likely true with others. Freemasonry Christianity is different than all other cults as it has no secret. The lives of Christians are an open book, the Bible is an open book, and we are happy to share the Gospel with others. On the other hand, in Masonry and all other cults everything is done in secrecy. Some people, especially Christians, claim that there is no conspiracy. That the Bible doesn't say anything about a conspiracy. Except that the Bible is replete with it, for example, in Psalms 2 or Ezekiel 8. The best way to understand the conspiracy is to realize that it is not just one inner group secretly wielding influence, or a matrix of groups existing for specific purposes, for a few generations, in certain places. Rather, it is a religion, an idea that has existed from the beginning, even if only in theory. It includes, most importantly, a denial of the sovereign authority of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ which leads to a preference for evil over good, a perversion of the

truth. A key feature of it is that in being opposed to Christ, as an anti-Christ, means to be an alternative Christ, or an alternative source of truth and way to eternal life. That this is strictly impossible begs the question of what of the heathens' rage or delusion is greater. The name of the conspiracy that has come down through the years, which some call the Illuminati, may be called Freemasonry. If it is brought to its purest, simplest form it would be identified as Freemasonry. Masonry has been around a long time under different names. Before Christ Masonry was called the Dionysian artificers. Later, it was called the Gnostics. Masons boast that their first was Tubal-Cain, the 7th from Adam by Cain, the inventor of metal working. After the flood Masons say the first mason was Nimrod who led Babylon in the building of the Tower. Nimrod had the idea of a one world government and one religion. When God scattered the nations by confounding the language, the conspiracy was forced to go underground and the ancient masons took to writing in codes & ciphers that would transcend language. In Masonic literature, it is said that Masonry is the direct descendant of the ancient mystery religions and fertility cults. These cults worshiped Baal, Moloch, Chemosh and revolved around human and animal reproduction. All of their rites involve sexuality. That's why the god of Masonry is the phallus. That's why a Masonic monument, the obelisk, is a giant phallic symbol. This "royal secret" is unknown to at least 99 out of 100 masons. It is a horrible, disgusting secret and this is why it is kept so carefully guarded in the masonic hierarchy. A. The Historical Path of Masonry's "Royal Secret" was kept and carried forward by the following groups down through the centuries: 1. Babylonian & Egyptian mystery cults - c.2300-2000 b.c. (ie. Nimrod) 2. Kabbalistic mystery religions - c. 100 b.c. 3. Gnostic mystery religions (ie the Rites of Eleusis) - c. 50-300 a.d. Gnostics believed you are saved by secret knowledge and esoteric rituals. It is a Alexandrian heresy off of true Christianity. 4. Pre-Islamic Sorcery and Alchemy - c. 200-600 5. The Assassin cult - c. 1000 A group that came out of orthodox Islam, called the Ishmaelians, was a small but powerful heresy. One of their leaders was Hassan-i Sabbah (1050s-1124) who led a group called the Hasshishim, from which we get the word assassin. They were called this because the word means eaters of hashish, which is a powerful form of marijuana. It is a distillation of its chemically active ingredient delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ( 9-THC) which is what gives marijuana its hallucinogenic properties. Islam has a very interesting approach to soul-winning. If a person does not become a Muslim then they say they will cut their head off. This is called jihad, or holy war, and is the reason why certain Islamic factions think nothing of blowing up themselves and others because they do it in service of their god, Allah. If some die in jihad they go straight to Islamic paradise. There were no women in heaven, since they have no souls (which is why to this day women are treated very badly). Paradise is the place where a Muslim could do all the things he wasn't allowed, such as drink wine and eat pork. In paradise there are beautiful angels that look like playboy centerfolds who would minister to their every whim throughout eternity. Hassan-i Sabbah was the father of the modern day conspiracy and espionage and the first programmer and mind control operator. He knew he needed elite warriors because he had all of Islam arrayed against him. Hassan needed someone who was just a fanatic. What he would do is

bring someone in and feed them a sumptuous meal laced with copious amounts of hashish. Then he would take him to a secret garden in the heart of his castle and there would be beautiful women, all the pork he could eat, and wine he could drink. And for a few hours the guy would really enjoy himself. Hassan would bring him back when he was coming off his high, sit him down, and say "I have taken you to paradise. I have that power. If you serve me and die in my service you will go straight to paradise for eternity." Obviously, they were quick to join. These guys were total fanatics. He was famous for doing things like have ten of them line on a wall and snap his fingers and they'd jump in unison a thousand feet to their death, grinning all the way. This is mind control, pure and simple. Hassan also invented the idea of the mole, an espionage double agent hidden deep within the enemy organization that when needed would be called upon. A story is told of a caliph who surrounded Hassan's castle with 150 men. Hassan messaged that he if moved closer he would die. The caliph laughed as he said many of his men had been with him for 15 or 20 years, and are even relatives. When he woke 9 daggers were found arrayed beside his pillow. Needless to say he retreated. Hassan was never captured. On his deathbed he said, "nothing is true, everything is permissible" which are some of the bywords of the Illuminati which he had such a profound influence on. 6. The Templars - c. 1118-1307 When this Catholic order went over to the Holy Land to capture it they began to share secrets with the Assassins. They went back to Europe immensely wealthy, powerful, and full of occult knowledge due to providing protection for the pilgrims who journeyed from Europe. Plus there are legends that say they found Solomon's treasure buried in the ruins of his Temple in Jerusalem. They were the first international banksters and became a threat to the Vatican. Rome conspired with the King of France and in 1307 on Friday October 13 warrants were sent for every Templar, including grand master Jacques de Molay. De Molay was very sinister, a pedophile, an idolater of blaphomet, and practicer of the black arts. He was burnt at the stake. but he didn't die a martyr's death but rather cursed them, the pope, the king and said they'd be dead in a year. This did come to be. In the process the Templar's treasure vanished and/or went to Scotland to be hidden. There are vestiges of Templar culture in the Scottish highlands dating back to the 1400s. 7. The Rosicrucians - c. 1500 Some say the Order of the Rosey Crux were just a resurfacing of the Templars under a different name. 8. Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuits - 1534 Ignatius (1491-1556), a Spanish knight, was hit in leg by cannon ball, and went through lengthy convalescence. During that time he had some sort of conversion and decided to start an order of warrior monks to protect the pope and serve the church. He gave the name Albumbrados, "the Illuminated Ones" but was renamed the Society of Jesus. Ignatius's 'Spiritual Exercises' are profoundly occultic.

In illuminism there is the idea of creating a false dichotomy (Hegelianism). The idea is to create a one world religion out of the two opposing religions. The Catholic church helped create masonry. Most of the Scottish rite degrees were written by Jesuits. Even though there is this apparent antipathy between Masons and Catholics this is just a sham. Many Freemasons are Catholics and many high level Catholics in the Vatican are also Freemasons. Almost every archbishop Pope Paul made into a cardinal when he expanded the college was a mason. Up until John Paul II being both would have you excommunicated from the church. But it is now legal to be both. 9. Operative and Speculative Masonry - c. 1600 Many were illiterate during the middle ages so there developed a system of signs for the identification of fellow masons. Great cathedral building, which gave the masons most of their employment, stopped once the Reformation in Europe started. To make up for it the masons began to admit non-operative (speculative) masons. These people just wanted to know the occult philosophy of masonry. Masonry is a system of morality veiled in allegory. Schnoebelen defines masonry as the world's oldest secret fraternal organization. It is a system of initiation into three degrees based on the medieval stone masons guild. Guarded by blood oaths and founded on the principles of the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man. Masonry's symbols are a blend of Old Testament symbols rooted in the building of King Solomon's Temple and ancient mystery religions. 10. Mother Lodge (England) - July 24, 1717 & the Grand Orient (France) - 1773 This movement finally congealed formally into the mother lodge in London at the Apple Tree tavern. From this lodge stems the majority of modern Masonry in nearly every country. Originally all the American grand lodges came from the Grand Lodge of London, England. But after the American Revolution it was determined that each State would have its own autonomous grand lodge and jurisdiction. The Grand Orient is the most virulent, anti-Christian form of Masonry in the world started in France in 1773. 11. The Illuminati Ordnen and the American and French Revolutions - May 1, 1776 Created by Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), a Jesuit trained professor of cannon law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria, this group is the modern origins of the conspiracy. Weishaupt's idea was to have a society within the society of Freemasonry that would work for the abolition of the monarchy, the church, and the family and bring people back to the state of pagan feudalism. His desire was to replace the monarchy and church with the world wide rule of benevolent philosopher-kings. The Illuminati mixed four things together and infiltrated lodges all over Munich, Bavaria, and France: 1) Islamic mysticism and magick; 2) Jesuit mind control techniques; 3) Masonic secrets of immortality; 4) drug induced altered states of consciousness. Weishaupt believed civilization moved in certain cycles that would enable those who controlled it to rule the world. This is the Hegelian dialect, "ordo ab chao" (Latin for order out of chaos): to artificially create a crisis and then provide the solution which involves more regulation and less freedom. i. Chaos - believed to be mankind's best and purest state, such as the noble savages of Rousseau, it is what we call paganism. ii. Discord - evil monotheists forced the pagans to obey rules. iii. Confusion - monotheists had to come up a reason as to why the pagans kept insisting on doing what they do. So the monotheists invented a devil figure to explain the problem. However, this didn't work.

iv. Bureaucracy - everything must be carefully tracked because the average person is dumb. This makes people feel frustrated and alienated which causes people to start smoking dope and retreating into fantasies. Therefore most people end up in mental hospitals and this erodes the middle class, which is the real source of wealth. Eventually society runs out of money, unless there are counterfeits, which is essentially happening today with our banking system. v. Aftermath - the whole system implodes into ultimate chaos and restarts with the happy pagans. Except this next time the pagans are ruled over by a benign philosopher-king. The fruits of illuminism is the French Revolution (ie. reign of terror, guillotine), which was the anti-American revolution. Many involved in the American Revolution were Christians, in the French illuminism held sway. The Statue of Liberty is taken from the half-naked prostitute that was crowned and enthroned in Notre Dame cathedral during the French Revolution. The torch placed in her hand represents the light of reason and Lucifer. The Statue was designed by French Freemason as a gift to American Freemasons. The Illuminati were planning to bring down all the crown heads of Europe. But God had other plans. In 1785 an Illuminati courier was hit by lighting. With the body found by authorities was many secret plans. They broke the code and arrested everybody they could. This ended the conspiracy but not before it had so enmeshed itself into Freemasonry that there was no way to tell where masonry ended and illuminism began. At least 17 presidents of the U.S. have been masons. Franklin, Paul Revere, and possibly Jefferson were masons. John Adams was a strong anti-Mason. Masons boast that Washington was a mason. But this is not entirely true. Washington joined masonry when he was an officer in the British army in his youth. At the end of his life Washington wrote a letter to a clergyman saying he had not been inside a masonic lodge in over 30 years. Schnoebelen says Washington denounced masonry on his deathbed because it was a tool for bringing the Illuminati into America. The Great Seal of America, which Schnoebelen calls 'Satan's seal of approval' was placed on the back of the dollar bill in 1935 by Henry Wallace, Henry Morgenthau, and FDR (all masons). It is dense with masonic symbolism: 13 leaves in the branches; 13 bars and stripes in the shield; 9 feathers in the tail representing the 9 degrees of the York rite; 13 arrows; 13 letters in E Pluribus Unum; 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis; 13 stars in the crest above the eagle; 13 granite stones in the pyramid; 32 long feathers in the wings of the eagle. 1776 does not represent the year of Independence since America did not become a nation until 1983 or 1989. It represents May 1, 1776, the founding of the Illuminati. 13. 19th century Freemasonry Captain William Morgan did something unprecedented in the history of masonry by publishing a book with all of its secrets. His widow became one of Joseph Smith's many wives. One of Morgan's killers admitted on his death bed that they tied rocks around Morgan's feet and dumped him in the middle of a lake. This caused such a stir that for many years masonry was being driven from 'pillar to post'. Masonic lodges were closing all over the country. There formed an anti-masonic party whose platform was to make masonry illegal. If not for the rise of the abolitionist movement and troubles with the south masonry might have been driven from the shores of America. After the Civil War, Albert Pike (1809-1891) helped cause masonry to become popular again. It has been said of him that he found Masonry in a cabin and left it in a temple. The

Masonic fusion of sorcery and statecraft was brought to a higher level by Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) in the 1880s. They tooled Masonry into the dangerous part of the international conspiracy that it is today. By the 20th century, Masonry's renaissance, anybody who was anybody was a mason. General Albert Pike has the honour of being one of two people buried in the Masonic temple in Washington D.C2., the only Confederate General buried within the capital's city limits. He is the most respected American mason and the greatest masonic philosopher of the western English speaking world. His own material makes plain that he is a Luciferian, an anti-Christ, that he mocks Christianity, denies the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus. All of this is in Morals and Dogma, the Bible of the Scottish Rite (symbol of this rite is depicted). Pike was noted for his atrocities to those he captured during the war. He founded the KKK and had the title of the Chief Justice of the Invisible Empire. In 1859, Pike became the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite and remained so for the rest of his life. He was also the Supreme Luciferian Pontiff, meaning that he was the highest ranking mason in America and the highest ranking satanist in the world. After Pike, a veritable stream of occultists, witches, and black and white magickians joined masonry - Arthur Edward Waite (author of the 10 pound Encyclopedia of Masonry, and 'Black Magick and Pacts'), C.W. Leadbetter (archbishop of the Liberal Catholic church which is a branch of the theosophical society), Aleister Crowley, W. Wynn Westcott (cofounder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and high level Rosicusian), Manly P. Hall (died 1991, most honoured mason of the 20th cent., Rosicrusian, occultist, wrote hundreds of occult and masonic books including the masterworks 'Secret Teachings of All Ages' and 'The Lost Keys of Freemasonry' which are in every Scottish Rite library). B. The Organizational Structure of the Craft Most masons will say that there is only classical blue lodge masonry, the core of Masonry. About 60% of masons never go beyond the Blue Lodge which is the first three degrees of entered apprentice, fellow craft, and master mason. Beyond the first three degrees there are two basic stairs that start together and meet at the top. They are the Scottish Rite (with 29 degrees) and the York Rite (with 9 degrees). Within the steps under an arch is are the masonic auxiliary or adopted bodies, such as the Grotto & the Tall Cedars of Lebanon (eligible to master masons), the Shiners, the Daughters of the Nile (for the wives of Shriners), women only orders (Order of the Eastern Star, Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America, the Daughters of Mokanna, the Social Order of Beauceant, Order of the Amaranth, and the White Shrine of Jerusalem), and the youth orders (Order of De Molay, Rainbows Girls, Jobs Daughters). Few reach the top three degrees (30, 31, 32) with the 33rd degree being honorary. All of this together makes up what is said to be classical American masonry.3 Lodges can be found throughout cities and rural regions occasionally in prominent places, such as at a historic intersection or across from a town hall. Local lodges are given charters from the reigning provincial or state grand lodge. It is possible that there are special charters administered for select groups (ie a police association lodge). Furthermore, the Craft is organized nationally and as such it exists as a unique mirror to the governments at all levels.
2 3 The picture of the structure of American Masonry was taken from

C. Masonic Initiations The tradition is that masons do not do active recruiting and that to be one you must ask one. Masonry is losing members fast but not because of a Christian revival, but rather because of modern communication and other forms of entertainment. Unless there is some compelling political, economic, or social reason why a person wants to be a mason they will now find better, more interesting things to do. Schnoebelen says that a lot of masonry is rather boring. According to the Masonic Service Association of North America, there were over 4 million masons in America the mid-1960s and approximately 1.6 million today.4 The average of a mason in America right now is 70 and so there are now more advertisements. If you ask a mason to join he will petition the lodge who will send out a committee to interview you. The requirements are that you cannot be a women, a madman, an old man in his dotage, a young man under age, or a fool. Additionally you are supposed to believe in some sort of god. You are also supposed to have the financial wherewithal to go through the degrees. It is necessary that the man is free born and of good report. The requirement of being a free born kept blacks out of the lodge for over 150 years because it was assumed that if you were a black person in America you had descended from slaves. Until the late 1980s there was no black masons. Blacks had their own separate but equal branch of masonry called Prince Hall masonry, which is much smaller, not as wealthy, but has all the degrees. The committee reports to the lodge and it votes with white squares and black balls. If one black ball, or one person, votes down then the applicant is not admitted to that lodge. All masonic lodges face east, unless real estate does not permit. This is due to the pagan solarphallic worship of the rising sun (see Ez. 8). However, Solomon's Temple faced west. A central aspect of Masonry is that it requires its members to swear oaths. In the entered apprentice initiation, the candidate is blindfolded and has a cable-towed tied around his neck. The master says to the candidate that there is nothing in the oath that will conflict with his duty

to God, your country, your neighbour, or yourself. This is a bald face lie but the candidate does not know it. At the end of the ceremony when the presiding mason says to remove the cable-tow because the recruit is now tied to the lodge by a much stronger bond, that is, the spiritual curse the person placed upon himself as a result of taking the oath. Examples of the oaths: Entered apprentice (1st) - throat cut, tongue buried in the sands of the sea. Fellow craftsman (2nd) - heart plucked out, placed on highest pinnacle of temple Master mason (3rd) - body severed and twain, disemboweled, bowels burnt to ashes Royal arch mason (7th degree of York rite) - top of skull smote off, brain exposed to rays of noon day sun. Then there is the function of the enlightenment. It only requires ten minutes before a person can discover that masonry is not Christian because of what is said when the candidate is brought to the door of the lodge for his first initiation. It is said that the candidate has long been in darkness and wants to proceed into the light. At the end of the first degree initiation the candidate asks for light, more light in the second, and further light in the third. But Jesus is the light of the world so what could masonry possibly add? Essentially the person has passively denied Christ. Maybe 1 in 1,000 know that this light comes from Lucifer and the rest are just cannon fodder to be spiritually and financially drained. They haven't bothered to read the books in their own masonic library. The initiation into the 1st to 3rd degrees generally don't do more than give a slight headache unless the person had been doing spiritual exercises. The initiations are attempting to alter the state of consciousness and open the third eye. The third eye is between the two and supposedly gives occult (demonic) powers once activated. In the Christian Commandery Knights Templar degree part of the oath includes taking communion from a skull and saying that if the secrets of that degree are ever shared then all of the candidates sins and the sins of the man whose the skull belong to will come back on to him. In the 19th degree of the Scottish rite, they call up the devil and are then anointed as a priest "after the order of Melchizedek." The only priest after that order is Jesus Christ (Hebrews ch.7). D. Masonic "Secrets"5 Once a person is initiated they are taught the dreaded secrets, which are basically weird, cryptic gestures used to identify another mason. All of the signs are based on the way a person's hands are placed when they talk their oaths. Entered apprentice- the due-guard is palms facing each other as if the person was holding a bible in front of them. The actual sign is moving a hand across the neck as if it was being cut, which is the curse for breaking the oath at this level. Master mason - the due-guard is two hands out, palms down, as if they are being placed on a Bible. The sign is a hand slicing across the stomach as if it were disemboweled. The only sign seen in public is the grand masonic hailing sign of distress. Part of the master mason oath is that if a mason ever sees someone giving this distress sign or hear the words that are part of it then they must fly to the aid of the person if there is a greater likelihood of saving his life than losing your own. "Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow's son."

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As Joseph Smith was being shot by a mob in Carthage, Illinois, he tried to climb out a prison window. Eye witness testimony was that his last words were the distress sign words and not just "Oh Lord, my God" as Mormons claim. Interestingly, many of his killers were masons. There are reported cases of this seriously taking place, for example, a German U-boat commander was about to fire upon a U.S. frigate. But he looked through the telescope and saw the captain on the deck giving the masonic distress sign and didn't fire. There are stories of American's and Germans facing off in WWII and one of the other would give the distress sign and they wouldn't shoot one another because they were brother masons. This brotherhood transcends national loyalties and transcends the oaths taken as soldiers. Tokens are the secret handshakes done by making an impression with your thumb on the other person's knuckle. The EA pass grip is to pressure the first knuckle. The EA grip is to pressure the first hollow. The pass grip the second degree the is to pressure the second knuckle. The grip of the second degree is pressure on the second knuckle. The third degree pass grip is pressure on the 3rd knuckle. The third degree, master mason grip is called the "strong grip of the lion's paw" (as depicted) which is taking the glory from Christ, the lion of Judah. Masonic jewels include the square and compass with G representing geometry, god, principle of generativity, or grand architect of the universe. The square and compass symbolize the male and female reproductive organs. Passwords: EA Boaz; FC Jachin; MM - Tubal-Cain. If the Tubal cane (variant on the MM password) is turned upside there appears an L. In Hoc Signo Vinces (in this sign conquer): Constantine painted an ankh not the cross. Points of entrance refers to the way a masons stands, the way he approaches the east. In court or job interviews, the person could say he is a mason without talking. Proverbs 6:12 refers to speaking with feet. And people say the Bible isn't inspired. EA - right heel in the hollow of the left. MM - heels touching, feet right angles to each. E. The Craft as a Professional and Political Network6 Given the hierarchical, fraternal, and secretive structure of the Craft, it is not frivolous or unlikely to suggest that there are local to global channels in place to promote individual and collective purposes. That the Craft is used to network was especially the case for doctors and lawyers since their codes prevented them from advertising. Masons often use masonry to grease the wheels of business. If a mason hears about a mason business owner offering discounts to fellow masons they could ask questions of each other to confirm this without being upfront. One would say "I see you are a travelling man." "Yes, I travel from west to east and from east to west again." "In search of what?" "In search of that which was lost." Another way would be to come in and say "I've heard I could get a square deal here." Another way would be to ask "do you know the widow's son?". There has always been a close association between the law profession and masonry, with a disproportionate number of masonic lawyers, judges, politicians, and law enforcement officers.

Schnoebelens Masonry: Beyond the Light includes several other examples of how masonry impeded criminal justice.

This is only vaguely disturbing except for one thing: the content of the oaths. Master masons swear: -to warn a brother master mason of approaching danger. Therefore some can be obligated by this oath to warn another of an impending warrant for arrest. -to keep the secrets of a master mason, murder and treason excepted. However, the 7th degree of the York Rite oath includes the requirement to keep the secrets of a fellow Royal Arch mason, murder and treason not excepted. F. Freemasonry's Royal Secret - the Hiramic Legend The core of blue lodge masonic ritual is what is called the hiramic legend, the legend of Hiram. This forms the main body of what a master mason goes through. The "Christ" of the lodge is Hiram Abiff, a craftsman from Tyre, who made the pillars for King Solomon's Temple. The Bible (1 Kings 7:40) says that Hiram finished all the work that Solomon gave him which is a direct contradiction of masonic ritual. It is believed that 1/3 of the Master's word was held by King Solomon, 1/3 by Hiram King of Tyre, and 1/3 by Hiram Abiff. Three fellow crafts (the Juwes) accosted and killed Hiram because they wanted the secrets of a master mason so they could travel the world and earn a master's wage now that the Temple was completed. When Hiram was killed Solomon said the "master's word" was forever lost. So the two kings and others went to Hiram's body and decided that whatever words were first spoken upon seeing the body would be the substitute master's word. At this point in the ritual the candidate is raised up into the five points of fellowship (foot to foot, knee to knee, breast to breast, hand to back, and mouth to ear) and then the master whispers the secret new word of the master mason in the ear of the candidate. That secret word is "Mahabul" which roughly translates from Hebrew into "what, the builder". This was the word spoken when they got to the grave, since Hiram was the builder. This is the great secret of the master mason degree. When the candidate goes down to be raised by the strong grip of the loin's paw, it is called, even in the literature, a masonic baptism. A mason dies in Hiram and is raised in Hiram. However, there is a profoundly sinister aspect to the royal secret. Hiram is actually just a front for the slain and risen god of all the pagan mythologies. Hiram... or - widow's son - slain by a ruffian - buried three times (once in the temple under rocks, on a hill under an achaia tree, and then in a splendorous monument). - travels as the sun (when he is led around the lodge and attacked by the three ruffians he was moving clockwise). - raised from the dead but with something missing (the lost word) Osiris? - widow's (Isis) son - killed by his brother Set - buried three times

- travels as the sun - raised from the dead but with something missing (missing member)

According to Egyptian legend, when Set murdered Osiris, he was cut into 12 pieces. Isis was a goddess and wept and mourned that her son and lover was gone. She ran across the country side to find all the pieces. She used her magick to put them back together and bring him back to life. But unfortunately one piece was missing: his male member. So Osiris could not be fully restored to the realms of the living but had to go to the realms of the dead and reign over the underworld.

In masonry, as in magick, the adept's word is his potency, his power. Osiris' missing member is the lost word. The great mystery of masonry and all the ancient mystery religions is that the male organ when it brings forth seed it dies and can't be resurrected for a while. Whereas the female organ is immortal or eternal. This whole religious lineage is a solar-phallic cult. The symbol of resurrection in masonry is the obelisk, such as is on display in Washington, D.C., London, England, and St. Peter's square, Vatican City7. The obelisk is also above masonic tombstones. When God designed His Temple He placed a veil between the Holy and Most Holy Place. Masons wear an a veil, an apron, over their most holy place because that is their god. When a mason reaches the 7th degree of the York rite he learns that the master's word has been found! It is "Jah Bal On." Jah is the name of God, like Jehovah. Bal is Baal, the god of the Canaanites. On is another name for Osiris, the sun god in his underworld capacity. So the name of the living God is merged with two false gods. G. Is Masonry a Religion? Is It Christian? Masonry claims it is not a religion but a religious society. However, it satisfies all the elements in the common definition of "religion." -it requires a belief in a deity for membership. -it expresses that belief in ritual and prayer. -it teaches a system of philosophy and ethics as the oaths make clear what passes for good conduct as a mason. -it promises salvation - the 3rd degree lecture teaches that the all seeing eye rewards a good mason according to his works. In masonic funeral rites the dead is committed to the celestial lodge above. Masonry lacks the distinctive fundamentals of the Christian faith. -it does not confess Jesus Christ as God, such as by denying Jesus as the light of the world. -it teaches "another gospel" of salvation by good works. -it denies that Jesus rose from the dead. -it does not teach the Bible as the unique and inerrant Word of God as scripture is not followed. The Shrine uses the Koran. -it teaches that all religions are equally good. -Masons are yoked to countless unbelievers (2. Cor. 6). The "much stronger tie" than the cable tow used during initiation is the spiritual bond to the lodge masons are placed under. Masonry is full of unclean, idolatrous things. -Jesus says in Matt. 5:34-37 (also in James 5:12) not to swear oaths. If they are symbolic oaths then you have taken the name of the Lord in vain. Not only that, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the person is swearing to have it cut if they disobey. H. Becoming Free of Masonry When witnessing to a mason: -keep it simple - they won't remember everything and they will be blown away. -show that it is a religion, that it is not Christian, and not compatible with Christianity. -explain the problem of the oaths. -Masonry is an idolatrous, Ba'al worshiping, a solar-phallic cult. -how many things need to be wrong with an organization before a person decides to leave it?

See the documentary Empire of the City for more on the three independent states within states.

For a mason to be free of masonry he must renounce it, repent of it, and ask Jesus Christ to break the power of the curses that he has laid upon himself and his family, which are very real, in Jesus' name. Amen. 1. Realize that Masonry is sinful and dangerous. 2. Turn the issue of Masonry over to God. 3. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to give the power to break away from bondage of the Lodge. 4. Get on your knees and ask Jesus to forgive you for your involvement in the Craft. 5. In prayer, renounce the Lodge and the oaths made in it in Jesus' name. 6. Ask Jesus Christ to cut any ungodly soul ties (the cable tow) between you and the Lodge. 7. Renounce the false headship of the Grand Lodge. 8. In Jesus' name, renounce the strongmen of Masonry and command them to leave you and your family, never to return. The names of the strongmen, the demon forces behind the lodge, are Tubal Cain, Baphomet, Jah Bal On, Hiram Abiff, and Dagon. 9. Send a letter of demit asking to get out of the lodge. 10. Destroy all masonic trinkets, books, aprons, preferably by fire. 11. Seek through prayer, Bible study, and meditation to strengthen your conscious contact with God and invigorate your sensitivity to the promptings of His Spirit. 12. Having had this spiritual awakening, tell as many Masons as possible about the dangers of the Lodge and share Jesus with those who are lost. Masonic Auxiliary Organizations The Shiners full title is the Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and is the organization that glorifies Islam. Its oaths are sworn on the Koran, in the name of Allah. Shiners M.D. make sure you can survive the arduous initiation. Shiners are allowed to drink "camels milk" (beer) which is not allowed in any other masonic temple in America. Nearly 95% of the money that the Shiners take in goes to the Shrine, jewelry, etc. and not to the children, as law governing non-profits allows 501(c)3 corporations to spend 95% on administrative costs. The hat worn comes from the city of Fez, Morocco. A popular legend concerning the origin of the hat stems from the middle ages when Islam was first spreading across North Africa. Muslims forced the conversion of the Christian city of Fez, which didn't convert, so they went to war. Blood streamed down the streets and the Muslim invaders dipped their hats in the blood and put them back on. That is why the hat has the colour of dried blood. The Eastern Star does not refer to the star of Bethlehem but the dog star, Sirius. If the Magi were in the east looking towards Bethlehem they would've looked west. Sirius is the star of set and Satan. Summer is called the dog days because in the Egyptian latitudes the dog star Sirius was in its highest point. It was the hottest most cursed time of year and the Nile was at its lowest and all the crops were dying. Its "signet" is actually a satanic inverted pentagram. The signet's colours refer to earth, air, fire, water, and the akashic realm. The five star points were ruled over by pagan goddess and not Biblical characters. The Order of the Skull and Bones, while not officially masonic, has initiations that are so much more bizarre than masonry. They include lying in a coffin while retelling of all your sexual acts. It is elite and only rich families are allowed in. It has more influence as each member ends in high places. Both American presidential candidates (Bush & Kerry) in the 2004 election were bones men.

There are in European branches of Masonry called the Le Droit Humane which means human right. This is a lodge started in the 1800s and was the first that admitted women. In English it is known as co-masonry because it is co-ed. This branch was taken over under the umbrella of the Theosophical Society. This society was founded by Blavatsky and is the root from which stems much of the new age movement. Esoteric Freemasonry (aka Illuminism) Masonry and cults are designed like an onion with layer after layer with the outer layers not knowing about the inner layers, or at least of what they do. If certain signs, tokens, keywords, and points of entrance are known then such a person is brought into a whole different kind of masonry that does not involve the normal masonry that most masons experience. Then begins his instruction in the secrets of illuminism so that he may become a part of the conspiracy that has as its stated aim to destroy Christianity and set up a Luciferic/Satanic one world kingdom. A cell approach is used meaning that each person only knows 2-3 other people with one of them knowing someone higher up to communicate with. Schnoebelen was told that in order to proceed down his path of Satanism one of the things he had to do was become a Freemason. As he was going through the rituals his spirit guide told him to do certain things in certain ways and he was identified by the leaders of the Grand Lodge as being somewhat extraordinary. He knew of the advanced masonic rites because his spirit guide mentioned them to him before the leaders did. This is how he was introduced to the illuminati. Esoteric Freemasonry is those rites above the York and Scottish rite. Bill was brought into an Egyptian rite, the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Mizraim and went up to the 90th of 97 degrees. Schnoebelen has heard that there are 360 degrees with Satan at the top. There are numerous lodges of this rite around the world and so a global fellowship exists with its members calling themselves congregational illuminists. Three kinds of masons seem to drawn into the deeper aspects of illuminism: 1. Those with special hereditary bloodlines and preparations.8 2. Those who come to masonry already prepared with an occult background. ie those who have spirits guiding what they say and do. 3. Those who are wealthy, powerful, or of the right temperament. Some of these people might even have to become masons since they would be considered a worthy part of the conspiracy. These people are brought into ever higher and higher levels of seduction. They are prepared emotionally and psychologically to receive the inner teachings. They are taught forms of meditation and mind control beginning with the Jesuit's exercises. They are taught tantric sexual yoga principles and introduced to secret hallucinogenic formulations that are used to open the third eye and bring about enlightenment. Then they are taught the basic principles of occult freemasonry called megapolissomancy and archeometry. Schnoebelen gives five stages in illuminism:9 1. Adoption - Fellowship with Lucifer. Satan is an inveterate copy-cat because he has cut himself off from the source of all creativity: God. So all he can do is recycle the same. He lusts after what God has and tries to do the same as what Christians have when they are adopted into the family of God. 2. Illumination (luciferian initiation) - The third eye is opened completely. Generally, luciferians swear allegiance, were as Satanists sell their soul. In his luciferian initiation a searing blinding and excruciatingly painful light came into his brain like someone poured in molten,
8 9

Read Fritz Springmeiers Bloodlines of the Illuminati for more on this subject. This is corroborated by the Sovereign Sanctuary for Bulgaria of the A.P.R.M.M. Their website is:

pure light. That was his "illumination/enlightenment." Watch the last 10 minutes of Interview video #5 for his description of his initiation. Schnoebelen said as a result of his illumination he received the consciousness of Lucifer. Gradually something happens to the mind, like a virus. It begins to overwrite the human "software" of the brain with evil. This produces a lack of compassion, mercy, and you look at humans as if they were cattle or bugs. It is supposed to bring a quantum leap forward in consciousness and bring into existence a higher form of humanity called 'homo noeticus', the new man, who is as far above humans as we are above cats and dogs. 3. Conversation - Communion with the "mighty dead", in other words talk with "wise" "dead" "people", to increase the person's level of knowledge, wisdom, and occult power. This prepares the person for the next stage. 4. Congress - "Marriage" with the "mighty dead." At this stage the person has to have sex with a fallen angel, with a promise of immortality because of it. However, it is a very appalling and bizarre process and very nearly destroys every human being that has to go throw it. There is a Biblical principle at work here - that when you have sex with someone you became one flesh with them. This causes them to become extremely demon possessed and even more vile. Schnoebelen has said that people can become so sick and twisted, with no aspect of their humanity left, that even though they are still alive in some sense of the term, they could do things like eat a live cat for lunch. 5. Union - The goal of illumimism is "perfect possession" which is to become utterly one with Lucifer. The person has so many demons in them that there is no body inside them but the demons. It is possible to keep the conspiracy secret because the demons possessing people who consider whistleblowing are able to pressurize the nerve centers in the brain. This causes more pain than child birth, lasting even for only a few seconds, and leaves no scar or mark. It is so painful people wish they died so it only takes a few seconds to forget their plans to betray the brotherhood. If a person decides that they will just fight through the pain the demons will cause a cerebral hemorrhage and the person will drop dead in about 3 minutes. Also, the conspiracy can be kept secret because an illuminated person becomes a part of what is almost like a giant organism. That their brains are just a cell of a larger brain with the whole thing moving in unison. It is sublimely malignant how perfectly this thing usually works unless God intervenes. The 13 steps of the Masonic hierarchy are embodied in the following spiritual, financial, and sexual pyramid scheme. There is a tremendous amount of money filtered upwards because of the initiation fees, annual fees, fundraising, not to mention any covert scheme. Also a tremendous amount of energy is channeled upwards because of the amount of rituals taking place that Satan receives as worship.


Lucifer/Satan The Seven The 9 Unknown Men The Illuminati The Palladium Ordo Templi Orientis
The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis of Mizraim

The Order of the Trapezoid Supreme Council of Grand Sovereign Inspector Generals Grand Sovereign Inspector General 33rd degree Scottish & York Rite Masonic Auxiliary Organizations Blue Lodge

Schnoebelen says that the Order of the Trapezoid is the beginning of Satanism. The Palladium is the level in which takes place marriage with the mighty dead. The nine unknown men refer to extremely powerful occult adepts that rule over entire continents and report to the seven which are very powerful demons. Megapolisomancy and Archeometry Megapolisomancy is the black art "to enhance the spiritual vibration of a city or building through architecture. It is the science of creating buildings that enable you to do effective black magick" For many years masonry was the civil religion in America because it was so universalist and because Washington D.C., other cities of the original 13 colonies, and many city and federal buildings were designed or dedicated by masons. Archeometry is the science of building temples that are suitable habitations for demon spirits. The key principle in order to have the manifestation of evil spirits is to make the room or building somewhat trapezoidal. The trapezoid is a very important symbol in masonry and Satanism. It is an unfinished pyramid is called the frustum in architecture. Satan does not want the pyramid to be completed but nothing can stay the hand of God. The pyramid is incomplete because the capstone is missing. Jesus in Matt. 21 refers to a stone that is both a head stone and a corner stone. The only stone that could be both is the capstone of a pyramid, which is Jesus Christ. Jesus says whoever falls on the stone shall be broken but whomsoever it falls on shall be ground to powder. This is an image of the first and second coming. The first time Jesus came so that we might be saved and broken on Him. Those who are not a member of His body will be crushed at His second coming. Masonic alters are trapezoidal. Haunted houses have roofs called mansard (or trapezoidal) roofs or property of at least 1 or 2 degrees off. The most famous trapezoid shaped building is the John Hancock of Chicago which has to twin horns (t.v. towers) on top. This building had the highest suicide and highest mental breakdown rate of any building in America when it first opened. Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick Aleister Crowley said "magick is the art of causing change to occur in conforming with will." To which is added without any visible (physical) means of doing so. Magick usually involves either invocation or evocation. Invocation involves the calling upon something that is higher than yourself, like an angelic being. These people believe they can call upon angles and command them. An evocation is calling upon something lower than themselves, like a demon, an elemental, an elementary, etc. and command them.

There are different kinds and levels of magick, all of which can be white or black. White is for altruistic reasons, healing, prays, etc. A white magickian never knowingly wants to hurt. Black magickians deliberately try to get what they want at whatever expense of others, curses, ultimately trying to do evil for the pure sake of it. - folk magic - planting potatoes on good Friday and having sex in the field to produce greater growth. - cultural spiritualism - voodoo, mixture of Catholicism and ancient African religions, somewhat organized. Can be powerful black magick (i.e. having centipedes crawl out of a persons stomach within 24hrs of the ritual, curse). - witchcraft, low magick - ceremonial magick - hermetic magick - no props, relax, visualize, desire. There are rituals of lust, compassion, and destruction. The magickian puts the emotional content and desire behind it, and work themselves up into a blind fury, of hatred and venom, like a nuclear bomb on the physic plane. - serious star and sexual magick (aka transyoggothainism and the OTO magick of A. Crowley) the belief in multiple universes that magickians can create life in virgin universes then pull that power back into this universe to be used. Witchcraft is more or less the same as magick except that magick is higher. The word is spelled with a k to differentiate it from stage magic. There is low and high magick just as there is the low (local) and high (central or main) church. Typically most witchcraft is simple, low magick (aka folk magick) whereas high magick is more ceremonial. There are a lot of witches, but most don't know what they are doing. Schnoebelen estimates 100 witches to 1 ceremonial magickian and of these not many get many results. But low magick is still dangerous because these people have turned their back on the living God and are worshipping false gods. Harry Potter is highly underrated in terms of its danger. It teaches witchcraft 101, situational ethics, and that magick is an effective way to solve problems. There are more than 150 occult practices within the books. One pagan society in England had 1900% annual increase in phone called questions on how to become a witch. Some high level martial arts masters have occult powers with which they can, apparently, punch without contact or display incredible strength or tolerance to pain. Ceremonial magick is high church, high art, includes the reading of Latin and Greek, robes, etc. Ceremonial magick can take months of preparation, purification, buying certain colour robes, certain coloured candles, wands, swords, and all kinds of stuff that isn't cheap. Talisman are placed, each supposed to give a particular power if touch by spirits. Neo-gothics ritualize in old churches, with candles, incense, vestments of different colours. Hardcore Satanists will practice near disgusting places like graveyards, garbage dumps with methane fires burning. One outfit had dozen dead dogs hanging for weeks. Ceremonial rituals were made to appear holy and Christian because the guys who came up with this stuff in the middle ages feared being persecuted by the church. So there are included psalms, written in the "holy" language of Latin. With this they masked that they were trafficking with dark forces. However, the pentagram is a universally recognized symbol of magick. If inverted it symbolizes the pulling down of the dark kingdom, the satanic goat, and male genitals. The upright pentagram is female. Many times magick is performed and nothing happens. But every once and a while the devil throws out a bone. Their motto was "sometimes the magick works, sometimes it doesn't." Witches believe that their power comes from within them or from being at one with the universe or the sky (pantheistic). Actually, there is a real power but the power comes from the demonic

realm. Behind each ancient pagan god that witches profess to serve is a mask and behind the mask is the demonic. A law of witches is that anything good/bad done to someone is returned by three times as much. Schnoebelen would send out curses on accord of a spiritual hit being placed on someone. But nothing happened since the person was Christian except that the demons would return and give them asthma attacks, seizures, etc. The following is an example of how even though people think that magick, like with Harry Potter, D & D, etc., can be fun it is also very real and dangerous. This man was a very high level ceremonial magickian and yet he was still able to be tricked by the demon. This man was practicing the black arts in his garage and began to lay down a special circle with chalk or sulphur (depending). The magickian stays within the circle with a triangle of manifestation next to it. Supposedly as long as the person is within the circle calling forth a demon and commanding it to serve him it can't hurt you. The magickian called forth a demon to which A. Crowley refers to as the mighty demon (once of the most feared). With the more incense burned and the more bloodshed the demon draws substance from this and it forms the material basis of ceremonial magick. After hours of calling and burning incense there manifested a non-anthropomorphic pile of postulant, slimy, ooze, tentacles, awful and indescribable towering to the roof of the garage. The magickian began to command it to obey him from then on. The magick circle was glowing. Schnoebelen was recording everything that went on in a socalled neutral triangle. As the ceremony reached a crescendo, the phone rang and the guy reached out of the circle to answer it and instantly the circle vanished and he vanished. But there was no phone. Schnoebelen went to tell the guy's wife, now widow, about this (note: the wife was also a high priestess, sorcerer) and she became philosophical about it, meaning that these things happen. Obviously she was very upset but you can't call the police and say that a demon kidnapped my husband and carried him into the abyss; they just don't have jurisdiction there.... There is a book in the black arts that contains a kind of magick that is so soul destroying that your soul just withers in the presence of it. There is a copy in the Vatican, and maybe 12 extant worldwide. No one except very high level Satanists, the pope, and his scholars have access to it. It is called the Necronomicon. 666 copies have been published containing mild, watered down snippets. Schnoebelen tells that the occult book store he frequented acquired a copy of the published version. A magickian purchased it, brought it home, and his 3 year old daughter went into her bathtub and slit throat with a razor within 24hrs. He returned the book. Another man purchased it, brought it home, and his cat raced around his apartment then shot through the window and fell to its death. He returned the book. Aleister Crowley and Transyuggothian Magick Edward Alexander Crowley10 styled himself the great beast and was called the wickedest man in the world. He changed his name to Aleister so that it would add up in English, Hebrew, Greek cabbala as 666. He could play eight simultaneous chess games blind folded. He was an accomplished poet, mountaineer, and painter. He made the statement that the highest spiritual experience any women could have was to have sex with him. He had his hands on everything evil in the past century and even claims credit for creating Adolf Hitler. He was the highest regarded mason of the 20th century. A list of all his masonic degrees and titles would fill five pages.

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In 1904 he had communication with an extra-terrestrial called Aiwass and brought forth "the Book of the Law" which formed the basis of Crowleys religion, Thelema. This book claimed that the slain and risen God (ie Jesus) had stepped off the thrown and that a new god, the crowned and conquering child, was taking his place. Because of this Crowley proclaimed the end of Christianity and the start of Crowleyianity. Crowley began doing rituals to bring forth this child. In doing this he uncovered unknowingly the royal secret of masonry. Theodor Reuss, a German occultist and head of the OTO (Order Templar Orientis or Order of the Eastern Templars), then came knocking on his door after he published a book of poetry. Reuss said to Crowley he had given away the greatest secret in occult history. Crowley didn't understand what he was referring to so Crowley was promptly initiated to the 9th degree of the OTO and explained the secret to him. In the book he made an allusion to the secret that masons are promised immortality. The promise of immortality that Crowley uncovered, probably through demonic intervention, is conveyed through tantric sex magick. This is the sexual violation of a little child. Crowley taught that the way you could live forever was by vampirizing little children sexually. He bragged of having slaughtered 150 male children in one year. This is why he was called the wickedest man in the world. It is believed that the two best ways to raise and release energy is through sex or murder of humans or animals. Babies, then virgin girls, then young innocent & intelligent boys, are preferred as they have the most life energy and therefore the most potential. Homeless people, prostitutes, those raised within the coven (no documents), kidnaps (organized crime) make up the most common targets. Children who are sexually abused do age more rapidly because their youth and innocence has been stolen. Immortality is believed to be achieved through this practice as they are accessing alternative universes where they can become gods. The eye within the triangle, the all-seeing eye, the eye of Lucifer, is revealed to mean by Crowley in one his advanced books on tarot card reading, to represent the human rectum. The occult, archeometric doctrine of masonry is that by accessing alternate universes through sodomy, especially of young boys, the person accesses alternative dimensions of reality through what are the tunnels of typhon. The Kabbala is an occult system of Jewish mysticism and magick dating back to the time just before Christ. The Kabbala is the philosophical core behind Freemasonry. Down through the years there has been a fundamental symbol in the occult, from the Kabbala, known as the Tree of Life. This symbol is very rich in terms of meaning and interpretation. There are three pillars: pillar of severity (ie ima), pillar of mercy (ie. aba), and the pillar of equilibrium. Everything in magick, like everything in the occult, has yin and yang, its positive and negative, its good and evil. There is always this dynamism. And so just as there is a tree of life there is a tree of evil (or Qliphoth). The typhonian tunnels are the paths between the ten evil worlds, or ten circles that make up this tree. The goal of this kind of magick is to find their own universe and become the god of that universe. Once the person is the god of that universe they can start sucking the energy out of it, through the child, to live forever. Some claim to be hundreds of years old, but this is an deception. The problem is not that it works but rather that people believe it and sadly they do. This broad genre of magick is called transyuggothian magick which is magick that goes into trans-plutonian space. They believe that Pluto is beyond the pale of the sun and therefore beyond the pale of Judeo-Christian God. They believe that there are gods beyond Pluto that are far more powerful than either God or the devil.

Masonic Ritualistic Abuse (MRA) Masonry and other religions are all ultimately solar-phallic cults that worship sex and the god of fertility. Sexual abuse is prevalent amongst the higher branches of masonry but the spirit can still be there in a master mason. Since Crowley was doing these rituals up to his death (in 1947) today we have an epidemic of child abuse. This is horrible but significant enough problem that there are five national support groups for survivors of masonic ritual abuse11. It is estimated that 1 in 4 girls before 18 and 1 in 5 boys and therefore 40-50 million children are survivors of sex abuse in America. Frequently, 1 in 20, or around 2 million, of these victims are victims of MRA or SRA. Schnoebelen gave the example of a young wife abused by her older husband and all the members of his lodge. She was unable to stop this, and was forced to leave the area, because many in positions of authority in her state were masons. The movie Eyes Wide Shut contains an example of a Luciferian ritual (a dedication ceremony followed by an orgy; everyone except the girls wore masks). A satanic ritual would be similar, but with the "gloves off", meaning there could be flagellation, torture, murder, etc. Schnoebelen claims that many times those taken to Shiners hospital were sexually abused. There are organizations like NAMBLA (The National Association for Man-Boy Love) whose slogan is "sex before 8 or it's too late" and are trying to lower the age of consent to 8 years old. Even those masons who wouldn't practice this still have a bigger problem because their spiritual headship is Crowley and Satan. Even if they are decent men they will struggle with profound temptations to move into the area of pedophilia and homosexuality. Such a person is like a fish swimming in polluted waters full of spiritual sewage. It is important to note that there is currently being made public the details of a worldwide epidemic of sexual abuse within the Catholic church. Catholicism, Paganism, and the Occult Catholicism has always been willing to compromise syncretically. In most third world countries you will find a profound mixture of Catholicism with local spiritism. For example it is said that Haiti is 90% Catholic and 100% voodoo. Zombies can be created if people are poisoned then buried. After a few days with low oxygen they are raised and have lost all higher brain functions but can still perform as a soldier. In the Philippines during holy week there would be throngs of people, flagellation, priests selling shrunken heads. There is a giant dead Jesus with long hair. When a person touches the hair they fall into a spiritual orgasm and lose consciousness. They are then carried on top of the crowd to lie in the street, where they foam from the mouth. Catholicism is really thinly veiled paganism and during these ceremonies the varnish cracks and you see what is behind the mask. Many Catholics that are saved are so in spite of the church and not because of it. Catholics don't believe that the bible is the sole source of truth and that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. St. Aquinas teachers, Albert the great, was a very high level occultist and alchemist. The Vatican has large libraries that includes occult books that are nowhere else and only their scholars can read. Schnoebelen was consecrated a priest and later bishop in the Gnostic (Old Roman) Catholic Church, since it allowed marriage. He contacted the Vatican to become a priest in a Roman Catholic church. His response was that his ordination was valid but illicit. The Black (satanic)

Some survivor groups:,,

mass can only be conducted by someone ordained a Catholic priest. If this is surprising, read medieval literature on this. Communion hosts are abused by Satanists because they believe it is Jesus. Satanism There are many denominations of Satanism. Some believe that Satan was Jesus's father who slew Jesus in order to free humanity from the grip of the evil Jehovah. Mormons believe that Lucifer was Jesus' older brother. Some believe that Satan will one day conquer YHWH. Jesus is believed to not have resurrected but is in hell. Jesus is most despised since He represents selfsacrifice instead of doing things for yourself and preaches loving your enemy. There is influence from the use of the term morning star in some Bibles (i.e. the NIV) which is given both to Lucifer (in Isa. 14:12) and Christ (in Rev. 22:16). Founded by Anton LaVey, the Church of Satan has 2-3000 members worldwide. Church of Satanists does not believe in the devil but in a radical selfishness and Ayn Rand objectivist libertarian philosophy. Satanists have some sort of ethics but it is so weird, twisted, and pragmatic. They have nothing against suicide, abortion, or euthanizing the weak or handicap. Nietzsche, who said the church is the grave of God, is suggested reading by this church. Carl Jung taught that part of becoming individuated is embracing your dark side. The Church of Satan isn't really that bad as compared to hardcore Satanism. The magick of the Church of Satan is similar to Wicca except that the church is more honest as to what the source of the power is. This church is relativity harmless and is used to draw people into darker practices. Above it are deeper branches within the worldwide brotherhood(s) of hardcore Satanism, such as the Order of the Trapezoid, or the Ordo Templi Orientis. Michael Aquino broke away from the Church of Satan in the early 1970s and started the Temple of Set, which is the second largest satanic organization in America.. He believed that there was a real devil and that the Church of Satan was being run as a business. The brotherhood behind the Temple of Set is the Brotherhood of the Black Ram, which covers the world. It is centered in Trieste, Italy and has major North American locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Vancouver. In selling his soul to the devil Schnoebelen had to sign in blood and sign in the black book. The deal was that he got seven years and could have anything he wanted: wine, women, power, dope. At the end of the seven years Satan got to kill him and take him to hell. But hell is believed to be an eternal orgy. Heaven was for the losers who couldn't stand the dark, violent ecstasies of hell. Three things that Schnoebelen had to do in order to enter the satanic priesthood was to get seven other people to sell their souls to the devil, become a Catholic priest and a Freemason. This took him over the abyss in occult progress and ceremonial magick and the person is said to transcend good and evil, morality, and essentially become a god living on earth. By then the end of it the person looks at other humans as if they were cattle. In his path of Satanism, Schnoebelen was told in order to proceed he had to cross the abyss and become either a werewolf or a vampire. He choose vampirism as he heard that becoming a werewolf was painful and that vampirism seemed erotic. Vampirism Classically, a vampire is someone who sleeps by day in a coffin or other secluded place and awakens at night as a walking corpse to drink the blood of the living. It is a universal legend across the world. They are said to transform into bats, etc., and have some control over the elements. Vampires do not like sunlight, Christian symbols, and garlic as it is a blood purifier. However, there are actually vampire cults to be initiated into. Many vampires descend from some special branch of the Russian Orthodox Church of Eastern Europe. This branch had carried

the secret down through the centuries that Jesus created the first vampire when he raised Lazarus from the dead. First level vampires are still alive but higher levels "die" and become a full blown vampire. In the transition stage there is a hunger for food and blood. Once dead, trying to eat anything but blood, including water, would be thrown up. The only things that could be eaten were human blood and RCC communion. There is a rush to drinking blood, but it became monotonous. To become a vampire he first had to take high doses of herbs and vitamins. He was given increasing doses of cocaine. They learnt how to be a psychic vampire and suck energy out of people. Then he began taking a special current or mass. There was a lot of anxiety because he could feel the changes taking place within him, including a change in his blood type. Then one night after taking about 50 lines of coke (which is normally lethal), his vampire master, whom Bill now believes was a fallen angel, came to him, open his chest with his nail, and Bill suckled on his blood and his master placed his hands on his head. At that point the vampire virus was passed through to him and he could no longer eat regular food. This virus is both physiological and spiritual. Once a vampire dies they, apparently, live for long times. Bills master claimed to be 150 but didn't look older than 40. Vampire skin has this beautiful translucent glowing quality and their veins can almost be seen like stained glass. Bill inadvertently exposed his hand to sun once and hand blisters within 30 seconds. When a vampire is hungry and in the presence of food there is an arousal that takes place, similar to sexual arousal, except that it occurs in the teeth, which grow a half inch longer and very sharp (i.e. fangs). The mouth salivates this thick saliva full of cocaine, which is a topical anesthetic. The vampire first licks the skin to numb it, then chomps away. Schnoebelen survived for a year by taking multiple communion hosts a day. By this time he had initiated over 175 women into witchcraft and some in the higher levels were more than willing to come over every few days so he could drink their blood. There are 2-3 minutes of ecstasy followed by twenty-four hours of hell because of this hunger. With any addiction, he kept needing more and more blood. He said that when out at night he felt that he wanted to rip people to shreds. He was restrained by the love he had for his wife, knowing that murder would likely breakup his life. He also used the writing of novels as a form of therapy. There is an occult screen that blocks the memories of some victims. Some can pass out after having too much blood drawn from them. Four or five homeless people die each night in some cities with holes in their necks and no blood. If you are bitten by a vampire you get a subtle draw into the subject, like an interest in raw meat, horror movies, the goth scene. Killing a vampire is said to be done by fire, full sunlight for a few minutes, a stake through the heart, or decapitation with a generous use of garlic. At an occult conference back in his twenties, Bill met a very beautiful blonde women in a black leather dress, cap, and hood. If you were a man you were drawn like a magnet to this women. Bill sensed a palpable dark aura around her. His friend said she kills a man a week and drinks their blood after sexually torturing them. If there is fear involved then there is a certain boutique, taste, added to the blood, because fear produces adrenaline. People have acid baths, like serial killers, or lions which eat bone, or forms of organized crime to dispose of the bodies. Werewolves Some people who are highly possessed and high in the black arts have the ability to transform at will into a gigantic 7-8 feet tall, 300+ pound monster: a werewolf. It was said they

were they assassins of the brotherhood since the dead looks like they were mauled by a wild animal. Becoming a person capable of this involves human sacrifices, painful sadistic rituals, and other things unmentionable. It is strictly Hollywood that it can only happen at night during a full moon against the persons will and without a memory of the incident. They have memory because they need to know if they completed their mission. It is harder but possible during the day. Schnoebelen considers it likely that there is one in every major city and that there are colonies of were-creatures. A silver bullet is apparently the only weapon that can kill a werecreature. Silver is the symbol of redemption in the Bible. It is the foundation of the ark of the covenant and 30 pieces of silver were sold to Judas for Jesus betrayal. Colidial silver is a good blood purifier. Schnoebelen gave a story of two boys who were riding their bikes around a deserted garbage dump. But there happened to be a Satanic ritual taking place. Scared, they raced off into the night, but heard the loud footsteps of a large shadowy beast chasing them. One boy heard his friend scream as it got him. Just as it got him he screamed, Jesus! in time and the beast left a large scratch across his chest. He raced home in panic, told his parents who called the police. But nothing was found; Schnoebelen said these people are masters of cover-up. Bill ended up praying with the young boy against the spirit of fear. Schnoebelen gave another story of his wife staying with family in a cabin. There they witnessed a large beast stomping around outside, possibly sent on a hit against them. They prayed up a storm and it is believed that they were protected as such a creature could have teared into that house. In the morning they found huge footprints with three toes. Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) It is important to note that some ritual abuse has become very scientific, even funded by the scientific establishment within certain dark parts of our government. This may be shocking, but ever since the 1940s America has had an influx of "scientific" researchers who have been studying the effects of torture and pain on children. Funded by the DoD and CIA as an effort to create super-soldiers and superspies, the program was originally called MK-ULTRA and involved Dr. Joseph Mengele. Mengele was Auschwitz's Angel of Death and was infamous for his experimentation and torture of children, cloning, and mind control. He was allowed to come to America under Operation Paperclip along with 1000s of other Nazi medical and rocket scientists. The most famous rocket scientist would be Dr. Warner von Braun who helped with the space program. Mengele's group took children out of orphanages, tortured them horribly, and gave them a new drug (LSD). The Canadian government threatened to blow this open but it was settled out of court. But it didn't stop and we have reason to believe that today MK-ULTRA lives on in a more heinous form as the MONARCH project. This project fuses child abuse with Satanism. There now seems to be hundreds of people in their 20s to 40s that have been victimized by the MONARCH program. Children have disappeared from rides at Disney Land/World for a few hours only to reappear to their parents with some kind of occult mind control. Under the auspices of the government, children are not only tortured, drugged, electrocuted, but they are also hypnotized and have "scientifically" inserted demons placed within their "altered parts" (what used to be called multiple personality disorder, or MPD, but is now called dissociative identity disorder). By doing this they create various kinds of slaves, spies, soldiers, sex slaves. The dream is that these victims will be impervious to the gospel message. They will mistrust God and think God hates them, etc. Satan also believes he is building an army for Armageddon. But God doesn't need an army. This is a very dismaying part of what is hidden

within our governments but it is a part of the many black projects which are unknown to the majority of people. Even though we may not respect our government, this is all the more reason to pray for them. One of the persons involved in this is a General in the U.S. Army with the highest possible military clearance, Michael Aquino, a PhD in political science and head of the Temple of Set. Aquino has been charged three times with the sexual abuse of children while he was at the Presidio in San Francisco, but the charges could never stick. Both Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino are very found of Nazism because Hitler developed a huge magickal system to fuel his third Reich. In LaVey's 3rd book "Satanic Rituals" there are two Nazi black magick rituals of the 1930s. Aquino was very familiar with all of this. When Aquino was over in Europe in the early 1980s he went to Wolfsburg castle which was the temple of the SS. Like spiritual heart of Nazism it was bombed by the Nazis towards the end of the war. Even though today it is just ruins he went there because he likes the "vibes". While there he did an occult working and claims he had an appearance of a god. This god was the same extraterrestrial being that appeared to A. Crowley in 1904. It was like the mantle and authority that belonged to Crowley was passed to Aquino. Aquino actually writes about this in his newsletter. Both of these men acted like John the Baptist for the coming anti-Christ. This is the man in charge of the program that torments all these children. It is a testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ that some of these people are completely set free. Schnoebelen's ministry has dealt with many people with altered personalities. One lady had 55 personalities come together in 3 days. That kind of person would go through years of expensive psychotherapy, and could even be worse of than before. It is a simple process to have her invite the Holy Spirit into to her to straighten this mess out. The damage is so complex that only the Holy Spirit of God could fix it and not any therapist or psychological system. These people are a rats nest of demonic deception and that's why it is best to stand out of the way of the Holy Spirit and let Him work. Amen. Many of have been set free and Schnoebelen has a theory as to why some of them are not. Some actually like their condition, it gives them something in their lives to make them feel special. Some have said that they don't want to lose their alters because they are like family. One lady wanted to take her alters on a picnic. The UFO Phenomenon UFOs are not new and have been around for centuries. The 1990s featured a new wave of media attention on the subject, just like in the early 1950s. What is considered a UFO in one generation may not be in another. We tend to view everything through the grid of our collective mindset. Because we live in a day of technology, and intercontinental and space travel, when we see lights in the sky we think they are some kind of craft. But 100 years ago people thought they were angels. - UFOs are mentioned in the Bible. God has one amazing UFO in Ezekiel 1. It is a wheel within a wheel with eyes. Since it has a spirit it is therefore alive. It is a living machine. - Christopher Columbus on October 11, 1492 sighted a UFO leaving today what we would call the Bermuda Triangle. - John Wesley, the great evangelist, reported a UFO when he saw a baffling, unexplained light in the sky. -Joseph Smith when out in the grove (in Elmira NY) praying to know what church to join was enveloped with this overpowering darkness. He felt numb, weak, and air was taken out of his lungs. And through the darkness broke a blinding light out of the sky. In the center of the light floated down two personages in white robes. One said to the other, "this is my beloved son, hear him." The other one said something to the effect that Joseph Smith shouldn't join

any church but rather start his own. Now Mormons believe that was the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. But a different age would have look on that and said it was a close encounter of the 3rd kind. -In 1917, three farm children in the town of Fatima, Portugal saw a glowing spirit of light coming out of the heavens. It was a beautiful woman that glowed with the brightness of the sun. The women identified herself as the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and became what we now know as Our Lady of Fatima. People are hungry for true spirituality and ten or twenty thousand had flocked there because the apparitions had been going on for some time. Jesus said that a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign. It was cloudy and rainy and all of the sudden the sun broke through the clouds and began to do barrel rolls. To this day devout Catholics believe that God caused a miracle. The problem with the theory is not that God could do that since God did a pretty good trick for Joshua (Joshua 10:11-14). But rather nobody else outside of Portugal saw this. This leaves the obvious explanation that it was a UFO, a lying sign and wonder. Millions visit that shrine every year and there have been other apparitions since. -In 1907 something came down out of the sky and exploded over an isolated part of Siberia with a force greater of many megatons. It was so powerful it flatten trees for ten miles in every direction and left a residue of nuclear radiation that was so powerful it killed everything within 150 miles. Asteroids can hit with incredible force but don't usually leave nuclear residue. There was also anomalous atmospheric over Europe before the event and an earthquake and anomalous geo-magnetic phenomenon after it12. Was it a scalar electromagnetic weapons test? A freak natural phenomenon? Some people believe this was a crashed UFO. J. Allen Hynek, an astronomer from Northwestern University was asked by the Air Force to run their project Blue Book, which was their cover-up for many years. He came up with the first three levels of encounters: -CE-1: a UFO is distant sighting of any unidentified flying object. -CE-2: UFO landed and produced some kind of physical evidence of its being there (impressions in ground, burn marks, anomalous levels of bio-electric energy, radioactive residue, crop circles). -CE-3: UFO lands and a person sees or communicates with an alien. There are generally four kinds of aliens: 1 - The grey alien supposedly from Zeta Reticuli. -apparently the kind at the Roswell crash; commonly involved in abductions. -walks monkey like, communicates by telepathy, and doesn't eat. -skin tight silver jump suit or no clothes, no external genitialia. 2 - Nordics: blonde hair, blue eyes tall, idealized humans with incredibly perfect builds. -from Lyra, walk in daylight, wear solar jump suits -not involved in abductions but are the good guys to help protect from greys. However, their prime directive only allows for advice. 3 - Reptilians, from constellation Draco (Latin for dragon) -carnivorous, cannibalistic, 7 ft. tall, shape shift, alligator heads, eyes reptilian even if human, -top of alien food chain, administrators; frequently sighted in underground shopping malls in Salt Lake City. 4 - Men in Black (MIBs): strange creatures, appear human, look Asian, smell like sulphur, have monotone metallic voices. They are dressed entirely in black suits, glasses, hats, and drive outdated black Cadillacs in perfect condition. MIBs threatens loss of job, ridicule, harm, or death if the victim continues to speak.

The Tunguska Mystery, Vladimir Rubtsov, Springer, 2009.

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (CE-4) There are different theories as to what exactly the end times deception will entail. Some think that a Jesus like figure will descend in a UFO will holes in his hands. Norm Franz has talked about how a false rapture could be created. Either through some advanced technology or because many abductees have implants. Schnoebelen suggests that the implants could be miniature neutron bombs that vaporizes living flesh but leaves behind inorganic matter. If millions of these implants were detonated it would seem as if millions of people disappeared leaving only their clothing. The result is leaving the world in shambles and Christians wondering if they missed the rapture. UFOs are going to be a part of the great deception that will come down on us in the end times. Key component in understanding the end times plan is that there has been a collusion between our government and the bene Elohim. Schnoebelen reports as true that there are huge deep underground military bases (DUMBs), especially in the western U.S. where some of these things are stored. There is such a thing as black science meaning that whatever we know about there is something more advanced that we do not. There seems to have been an involvement by the Nazis in this. Nazis were deeply involved in the occult and Hitler had channelers who worked to receive communication from extraterrestrials to build a UFO, which they called fliegenden rad (the German word for flying wheel). Apparently there are blueprints of these available. During WWII mysterious lights buzzed the aircrafts of both sides and were called foo fighters. Hitler believed in theosophy and in a theory of a hollow earth. It is thought that through a special hole in either the north or south pole there would be a whole other world with a sun in the center. Towards the end of the war, the Nazis didn't want to lose these devices so they sailed them to Antarctica to be saved for a later time to help build the 4th Reich. Admiral Bird intercepted him on behalf of the U.S. government. One of the Admiral's relatives came upon his diaries and notes which said there was a pitched battle off the coast of Antarctica. It is not known if they were captured, destroyed, or hidden. But what is known is that by the end of WWII America began to have access to alien technology. In 1947 supposedly a spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico near the sight of the 509th Strategic Bomb wing which at the time was the only bomb wing in the world with nuclear capabilities. At first the army claimed they retrieved a crashed flying disk. The next day they changed their story and said it was a weather balloon. One colonel Jesse Marcel claimed to death that he saw parts of it that were totally inhuman. Apparently bodies were also recovered. Some were dead and at least one was alive. It was named EBE (extra-biological entity) and died after a few years since his biology was so different. After that many sightings continued to happen, literally hundreds by trained observers. At one point there was hundreds flying over Washington, D.C. Simultaneously sighted by aircraft, ground observers, and radar. Also astronomers at Mount Palomar, California one of the most celebrated reflecting telescopes saw more than a 1000 UFOs fly over the moon. The Air Force had encounters with these things and found they could be out-flown and out-shot. The government set up a special commission, called Majesty 12 or MJ-12, with high clearance called MAJIC. All UFO stories were funneled through this and given a cover-up because it was decided that the American people were not ready for disclosure. Given the widespread failed reaction to the 1938 Orson Welles psychological operation, it was thought that there would be world-wide panic as insurmountable doubt would be laid at the foundations of our culture and religion. And so they lied to the people of America and the world.

One person disagreed with this idea, Admiral James Forrestal (1892-1949). He thought the American people were ready for this and he was going to go public with it. He was immediately confined to the Bethesda Naval hospital. After his family tried for his release, he was suicided (or as we now say "Arkansized" murdered in a way that, with the help of a cover-up, made it appear a suicide). In the mid-1950s a treaty was entered into by President Eisenhower and the extra-terrestrials. The terms were the U.S. would be gradually given UFO technology in exchange for the right of the UFOs to prey upon the American people. Abduct us, experiment on us, and then put us back, as long as no one was killed. It was eventually discovered that the aliens were not keeping their end of the treaty. Underground wars broke out. Nuclear testing underground in the 60s was a cover to destroy the bases. As the result of this treaty we now have a new kind of close encounter, a forth. CE-4: actually being taken aboard a supposed UFO, usually in the context of an abduction with medical experimentation. The first CE4 that we know of was in 1961, supposedly just a few years after the treaty. The couple Betty and Barney Hill were driving through the deserted highways of New Hampshire late at night and lost four or five hours of time. At the time they were just bewildered by it. They had seen some lights in the sky but didn't think much of it. But afterwards they began to have a lot of emotional problems, nightmares. They went to a therapist and were hypnotized (which is not recommended) and recalled memories of being taken aboard a craft and had all sorts of things (such as invasive medical procedures) done to them. This caused a sensation and they wrote a book called 'Interrupted Journey' which became a bestseller. It created a whole new genre on UFO activity. Since that time thousands and thousands have been reported to be abducted. Some are copy-cats, some are fruit loops (politically speaking), but some are genuine. And this is a very disturbing phenomenon that the church cannot and must not ignore. The interesting thing of this encounter, which lent it some validity, was that while the women was on the craft she saw a star chart. She drew the star chart and it was told to her by the aliens that it was their home system Zeti Reticuli, which is a real system. But it didn't look right and so was ridiculed by the experts until one scientist recently discovered a way to computationally rotate star systems to see what it would look like if viewed from another angle. It was discover that her star chart is Zeti Reticuli if viewed from itself and not from earth. This is explained by either she was really on a craft or she got the image from a demon. Dr. John Mack, a well-known Harvard psychologist, has down some serious studies in the field of alien abductions. He now believes 4-5 million have or believe they have had a CE-4. He says that many of these people have come to love the aliens that kidnapped and raped them, and covet the alien's attention. Some believe these abductions are to meant help us evolve as the abductees think they are possessed by a super human alien intelligence, known as the walk-in phenomenon. This is subtle because most non-Christians wouldn't want to be possessed by a demon but would be interested in a super intelligence guiding them. There are actually flying saucer cults just as there are new age cults. And these two overlap a lot in doctrine. Much was written of this in the context of a horror writer named H.P. Lovecraft, whose books include the Shadow out of Time, the Colour out of Space, and the Shadow over Innsmouth, These are different kind of horror novels. They were gentile because of their generation, but horror novels with a sci-fi twist. Lovecraft was a weird individual, never married, lived most of his life with two maiden aunts, never would go underground or near the sight of the ocean. He had correspondence with many other sci-fi writers but didn't get really popular until after his death in the 1960s.

His books were about incredibly powerful, incredibly malignant UFOs, called great old ones, that if someone looked at them for an instant he would be driven hopelessly insane. Some suppose that Lovecraft made this stuff up but there is a lot of evidence that his grandfather was involved with Egyptian freemasonry. Many experts on Crowley and his philosophy have noted that there is an exact correspondence between these fictitious monsters and Crowley's real gods. In the Shadow of Innsmouth, a small New England town has frog like creatures come out of the ocean and mate with mortal women inside masonic lodges. There they produce amphibious, intelligent, humanoid life forms. In the Dunwich Horror a women was forced to have sex with an alien being and produce a half human, half monster that was so horrible it drove men mad. This is very much the ideas of modern UFO abductions. That of the interbreeding of aliens and humans. Of creatures coming up out of the water or from under the earth and doing this. Common descriptions of alien abductions: - accosted by aliens in an isolated setting. - can't move, paralyzed, tranquilized. - feel as if they are being carried or levitated. - wake up in ship. Some are demonic deceptions, some could be a holographic projection, but there can be nuts and bolt technology. - the people on board are short 4ft, big heads, big eyes, no genitals, small nose and ears, stink like sulphur. - strapped on table, invasive procedures. - blood and bodily fluids are extracted by weird devices. - excessive interest in reproductive system. sperm or ovum are taken. - communication by telepathy. - occasionally, tiny devices are implanted ears, naval. - stored in a hive like compartment, sometimes for days. - abandoned by crew at or near place of residence or from where they were taken, hours or days later. - no conscious knowledge for months or years later. - some evidence of a physical events: unexplained scars, nightmares, flashes; evidence in home (burn marks, wet strange footprints); implants (metallic, silicon, organic looking; very small); 3rd party witness. - Sometimes women have a mysterious pregnancy as a result of these encounters. They have no idea of who father was and some thought they were still virgins. Sometimes the babies vanish just before they are due with no signs of a c-section or vaginal delivery. Sometimes they are carried to term and are whisked away by doctors, and the women is never allowed to see them, and are told it was still born. This is usually on a military base. The women often have dreams later where they are taken aboard a ship to see their child as an alien human hybrid. - followed or hassled by the dreaded men in black, especially if the person is telling about what happened to them. - many believers claim to be assaulted but it was stopped by using the Divine name. Others claim it didn't help and they were still abducted. In such cases open doors may be an issue (sinful lives or something in home). The Bene-Elohim and the Nephilim There are two theories about "the Sin" mentioned in Genesis 6:2-4 that led to the flood. 1) That the bene-Elohim were the "godly line of Seth" and the daughters of men were simply children of wicked Cain. However there is scant Scriptural support for this as Job 1:6, 2:1, 38:5&7 are clearly referring to celestial beings. After Calvary, the term Sons of God was given to those led by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:14). Before that no one could be adopted into God's

family. Plus, there is little evidence for a "godly line of Seth" in the Bible. History provides many examples of godly men marrying nasty women but no giant kids. 2) That the daughters of men were human women and the bene-Elohim were actually celestial beings, fallen angels. This is the common OT usage of the words and explains the peculiar offspring. It is the only sensible explanation for the warning for women to cover their heads "because of the angels". This theory helps to explain why was Noah perfect (without blemish) in his generations (DNA): he was not contaminated by the bene-Elohim. The idea of gods coming down from heaven and raping human women is not a new legend, found only in the Bible, but throughout all of history. Leda and the swan produced Helen of Troy, an extraordinarily beautiful women. Europa and Zeus in the form of a bull resulted in the minotaur, a monster that was half bull-half man. Same ideas are found in pagan mythologies Greco-Roman, Hindu, Teutonic, Epic of Gilgamesh. According to Ez.28 Satan is a fallen cherub and according to Ez. 1 & 13 a cherub is a winged bull in its natural state. There is folklore of Satan having horns and hoofs. Aaron and the apostate kings built golden calves. Many pagan cultures have sacred cows or bulls (the Brahma bulls of India, Egypt, Spain). Schnoebelen doesn't think these beings are extra-terrestrials but infra-terrestrials. Once cut off from God, the power, intellect and beauty of fallen angels would become twisted and evil. These beings have used what they have, usually in the production of technology, to black mail governments to misuse citizens as they see fit. Schnoebelen learnt from his time in the brotherhood that in order for an angel to function sexually they must drink human blood. In all ages of history God has commanded not to drink blood. Schnoebelen personally believes that Adam and Eve may not have originally had blood in their vines. This transformation of whatever was within them prior to blood is alluded to by several key miracles in the Bible. The first public miracle of Moses was turning water into blood. The first public miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine. Even though angels cannot marry "in heaven" this doesn't mean they're sexless. Angels in their natural condition cannot procreate with humans (see Matt. 22:30) since everything reproduces "after his kind" (Gen. 1:12). Angels are often terrifying and beautiful beings and can often appear as normal men (Heb. 13:2). They refuse to be worshipped and will not direct anyone to worship anywhere but to God. Throughout Scripture, angels invariably testify the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Angels have glorified human like bodies of flesh and bone but without blood, as we will have one day (see 1 Cor. 15:50, and Eph. 6:12). In 1. Cor. 2:11 Paul says that a women should have power over her head. Not literally that women have to wear veils and hats. Because the Bible teaches that women are the weaker vessels, they have sensitivities that men do not have. The point is that women need to have a headship covering. If they are married it is their husband. Failing that they should have the headship of their pastor because they shouldn't be alone. What Paul is saying is that there is something beguiling about a women. It may be possible to stop the abuse of an incubus or succubus spirit by covering the women's head. The Bible in Matt. 24 says that in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man. The most prominent sin mentioned in Noah's day was the interbreeding of women and fallen angels (sons of God, the bene-Elohim) which produced the offspring (giants aka the Nephilim). They were horribly wicked and because of this everything was wiped out by the catastrophic flood. This practice continued after the flood as there are other giants mentioned. Goliath was 9'9'' and he had a whole family. The Pentateuch mentions whole races of giants (the Anakim, the Raphim). This is to happen again except that many will think that they are not fallen angels but aliens. But the corruption of human race is the same goal and result. Before the flood Satan tried to corrupt the human bloodline so that no promised Saviour of Genesis 3 could be born. However that is no longer an issue as Jesus was incarnated, crucified, and resurrected.

The Genesis account of the pre-flood sin is substantially fleshed out by apocryphal books. These books are not part of the cannon of Scripture, but are regarded as having some degree of validity in a historical or doctrinal context. Jude 14-15 refers to the Genesis Apocryphon, the Book of Enoch verses 1:9, 5:4, 27:2. The Book of Enoch contains the first literary reference to a pre-existent Messiah. That the Messiah was in heaven first as God before coming to Earth. Sons of God in the Book of Enoch are also called watchers which is the same word used in Daniel. The watchers can also be translated as the shining ones. Enoch states that in the days of Jared (i.e. Gen.5:18) 200 of these watchers descended to Earth, first to the city of Sidon. Some were given names, the worst of all was Azazel. Azazel had rebelled against the mighty one and is accused of scattering over the Earth the secrets of heaven. These creatures married women, taught astrology, how to fashion weapons, women to use cosmetics, occult secrets to children, and the black arts to whomever would listen. Obviously the result was immense corruption. The promise of the Messiah was given to Noah, his sons, and it spread over the Earth. The initial impact of that promise was so powerful that it rippled throughout the entire world with various cultural forms. Mormonism Every year Bill had sent a check to the church of Satan, his tithes to hell so to speak. On the back of one a bank clerk lady wrote Im praying for you in the name of Jesus and within a few days he lost all of his magickal and vampiric power; he lost his job, and became very sick. We must understand that he was probably the most powerful warlock on the eastern coast of Lake Michigan and one praying lady took him out by the kneecaps. A few days later Mormon missionaries knocked on his door. Many years earlier Bill was told (by the North American high master of druidism he studied under) that if he ever got into spiritual trouble he should join the Mormon church. The reason being is that church had been started by witches for witches to hide out while appearing nice, conservative Republicans. He was pleased to be personally told by the Mormon prophet, elder Faust, that the god of the Mormon temple was Lucifer. Since Mormons try to be good Christians and live the commandments Bill said his time with that church was his decompression from the dark depths. However, he knew something was missing and if God can use a donkey to preach He can use the Mormon church to get someone saved. Bill rose through the ranks of the church and was called to teach a class on the New Testament. Even though had a Masters of Theology and an ordination from the Catholic church, he had never read the much of the Gospel or the Epistles. Finally, on June 22, 1984 he gave his life to Jesus Christ. The full name is the Church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints. Mormon missionaries tend not to use the word mor-mon since it means gates of hell in china. Ghouls are beings in Roman cemeteries that feed off the dead. The god of the ghouls was named Mormol and those who worship it are called Mormons. This helps to explain the Mormons fascination with the dead and genealogy. The best known example of a modern mystery religion other than Masonry is temple Mormonism because while anybody can walk into a Mormon church no one can walk into a Mormon temple unless they have a special card called a Temple Recommend. Prayers by Christians over Mormon temples apparently had caused the masks of the demons to be removed. When Mormons perform their ceremonies to dedicate their dead loved ones into the church they occasionally see visions of them. But with the prayers they instead saw crocodile, reptilian, like creatures. There are eight stories below the Salt Lake temple and there have been reports of reptilian creatures seen underneath the mall adjacent to the temple. Masonry was the crucible from which Mormonism was partly created. Many of the Mormon saints were masons, such as Joseph's brother Hyrum, Heber C. Kimball, Elijah Fordham, Newel

K. Whitney, James Adams, and John C. Bennett. With the acquiescence of the Prophet members of the Church already Masons petitioned the Grand Master of Illinois for permission to set up a lodge in Nauvoo. It was March 15, 1842 before authority was given to set up a new lodge in Nauvoo and to induct new members, including Joseph Smith (Evidences and Reconciliations, vol. 1, p.357). Joseph Smith admitted to being a Mason in his History of the Church, vol. 4 p.551. Under the date of March 15, 1842 it reads: "In the evening I received the first degree in Free Masonry in the Nauvoo Lodge, assembled in my general business office." The record for the next day reads, "I was with the Masonic Lodge and rose to the sublime degree" (p.552). Less than two months later, on May 4, 1842, Joseph introduced the temple endowment ceremony (vol. 5, p1.). In the mid-19th century, the U.S. government sent their army to confiscate all their temples, property, bank accounts until the church had a revelation that they wouldn't practice polygamy anymore. Known as the Mormon wars, they have since called down curses to the U.S. government. IRS put pressure on church for being a discriminatory tax exempt organization. So Spencer Kimball had a revelation in the 1970s that it is acceptable for blacks to enter the temple and be a priest. However, Bringham Young 100 years earlier said no black man would receive the priesthood until every white man does. Few people worry about the Mormon church because they appear so nice and are called saints but here is an organization that really should make front page headlines since it: - is incredibly wealthy but pays no taxes. It is he wealthiest church per capita in the world as it gets up to 25% of income from its members, plus other offerings, funds. If the Mormon church were a corporation it would be in the top 50 richest in the world. It has 4 T.V. stations, power utility companies. The Marriot hotel chain is owned by a Mormon family. -is growing rapidly in African nations despite its inherently racist dogma. Mormonism is probably the most racist church next to the Aryan nations. No black person was allowed to receive the priesthood or enter the temple from foundation of the church to the 1970s. This is due to a mistaken belief regarding Gods purpose for creation and Lucifers fall. Mormons believe that we had a pre-existence as angelic beings around the Father. There was a council and Lucifer stood up said we will create a world and force everyone to be good. Yeshua proposed instead to create man with free will and he will go down and be their saviour. Everyone then voted for Yeshuas plan and Lucifer went to spread malice amongst the children resulting in a war. One-third joined Lucifer and became demons. Those onethird that fought with Yeshua became white skinned people when they were born. The onethird that didn't fight were cursed with dark skin and become lowly servants. -has rites that are similar to masonic and Satanic rites. In the temples Mormons conduct rituals that are supposed to guarantee them eternal life. These rituals are about 80% masonic. The masonic square and compass is found over the breasts of the Mormon underwear that is supposed to keep them from harm. -uses some kind of mind control on its believers from an early age. From an early age Mormons are told to bear their testimony meaning that some statement is repeatedly drummed into them. The result of this is that by the time they're teenagers on missions when asked questions to which they don't have answers it is as if their eyes glaze over and they again bear their testimony. At that point abruptly clap your hands and ask how they know that and it will be as if they are awaken from a trance. -has top security of SS agents and former FBI and a local police force. -has killed, abused, or intimidated its own members in the past. The united order believes in the blood atonement: death to apostates. Certain sins cannot be atoned by Jesus's blood so that it needs to be atoned by the person themselves. These are: murder; adultery; homosexuality; apostasy; marrying a black person.

-has a goal or prophecy to form a theocratic dictatorship. The fifth floor of the Maryland temple is an exact replica of the Oval Office with enough radio equipment that planes need to be diverted around it. Mormons believe that the constitution is inspired and that one day it will hang by a thread. At which point a great leader and prophet will arise, become president, and rule as a benign theocratic dictator like the communistic united order that once was in Utah before it became a state. Christianity

God Loves You

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. (Romans 5:8-10)
All Are Sinners

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). As it is written, There is none righteous, not even one (Romans 3:10).
Jesus Christ: Gods Remedy for Sin

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23). But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name
(John 1:12).

For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:34).
Our Response

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved (Romans 10:13).
Assurance As a Believer

That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved
(Romans 10:9).

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death and into life (John 5:24). But these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name (John 20:31).

Next Steps

Straightening up, Jesus said to her, Woman, where are they? Did no one condemn you? She said, No one, Lord. And Jesus said, I do not condemn you either. Go, and sin no more (John

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 3:18).


Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper was the western world's first serial killer. He murdered eight prostitutes in Whitechapel, London, England in 1888. The whole city was terrified as nothing like it had ever happened. At the time police commissioner Warren, the prime minister, the heir presumptive to the throne, the Duke of Clarence, were all masons. The eight women were murdered in accorded wit masonic ritual gestures. why? The Duke, second in line for the throne had fallen in love with a prostitute named Anny Crook, married her, had a child. And horror of horrors, she was a Catholic. There is a law that no heir to the throne could marry a Catholic because of the centuries of animosity between the Church of England and the Church of Rome. Anny Crook was placed in a mental hospital and her daughter was placed in a Catholic orphanage. Every women in Whitechapel, from Catherine Eddowes, to Mary Jane Kelley, who knew of the wedding and knew Annie Crook were horribly murdered to conceal the secrets of a brother master mason. "The Juwes will not be blamed for nothing" was scrawled on the wall of an alley during the height of the hysteria. Commissioner Warren ordered it immediately erased, claiming he did not want anti-Semitic riots. Juwes is a masonic code word that refers to the three ruffians that murdered Hiram. This is a roundabout way of saying the masons will not blamed. Jack the Ripper originally gave himself the name "leather apron" which is a throwback to the apron masons wear. Many have remarked that the killings were done by someone who had surgical and anatomical knowledge.


The following are the degrees of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Mizraim according to the website of the Akashic Lodge of Brighton, UK which was chartered September 2009 by Allen Greenfield.13 Symbolic (Blue) Lodge 1. Apprentice 2. Companion 3. Master College of Perfection 4. Secret Master 5. Perfect Master 6. Intimate Secretary 7. Provost and Judge 8. Intendant of the Buildings 9. Master Elect of Nine 10. Illustrious Elect of Fifteen 11. Sublime Prince Elect 12. Grand Master Architect 13. Royal Arch 14. Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Master Chapter of Roise Croix 15. Knight of the East or the Sword 16. Prince of Jerusalem 17. Knight of the East and the West 18. Knight of the Rose Cross Senate and Council of Kadosh 19. Grand Pontiff 20. Knight of the Temple 21. Patriarch Noachite 22. Knight of the Royal Axe 23. Chief of the Tabernacle 24. Prince of the Tabernacle 25. Knight of the Brazen Serpent 26. Prince of Mercy 27. Commander of the Temple 28. Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept 29. Knight of St. Andrew 30. Grand Elected Knight of Kadosh Areopage and Tribunal 31. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander 32. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret 33. Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Consistory 34. Knight of Scandinavia + 35. Knight of the Temple ++Order of the Knights of the Dove and the Dragon 36. Sublime Negociant 37. Knight of Shota (Sage of Truth) 38. Sublime Elect of Truth (The Red Eagle) 39. Grand Elect of the Aeons 40. Sage Savaiste (Perfect Sage) 41. Knight of the Arch of Seven Colours 42. Prince of Light 43. Sublime Hermetic Sage (Hermetic Philosopher) 44. Prince of the Zodiac 45. Sublime Sage of the Mysteries 46. Sublime Pastor of the Huts 47. Knight of the Seven Stars 48. Sublime Guardian of the Sacred Mount 49. Sublime Sage of the Pyramids 50. Sublime Philosopher of Samothrace 51. Sublime Titan of the Caucasus 52. Sage of the Labyrinth 53. Knight or Sage of the Phoenix 54. Sublime Scalde 55. Sublime Orphic Doctor 56. Pontiff, of Sage of Cadmia 57. Sublime Magus 58. Sage, or Prince Brahmine 59. Sublime Sage, or Grand Pontiff of Ogygia 60. Sublime Guardian of the Three Fires 61. Sublime Unknown Philosopher 62. Sublime Sage of Eulisis 63. Sublime Kawi 64. Sage of Mythras 65. Guardian of Sanctuary Grand Installator 66. Grand Architect of the Mysterious City Grand Consecrator 67. Guardian of the Incommunicable Name Grand Eulogist 68. Patriarch of Truth

69. Knight or Sage of the Golden Branch of Eleusis 70. Prince of Light, or Patriarch of the Planispheres 71. Patriarch of the Sacred Vedas 72. Sublime Master of Wisdom 73. Patriarch, or Doctor of the Sacred Fire 74. Sublime Master of the Stoka 75. Knight Commandel of the Lybic Chain Sublime Council 76. Interpreter of Hieroglyphics, of Patriarch of Isis 77. Sublime Knight or Sage Theosopher 78. Grand Pontiff of the Thebiad 79. Knight, or Sage of the Redoubtable Sada 80. Sublime Elect of the Sanctuary of Mazias 81. Intendent Regulator, or Patriarch of Memphis 82. Grand Elect of the Temple of Midgard 83. Sublime Elect of the Valley of Oddy 84. Patriarch or Doctor of the Izeds 85. Sublime Sage, or Knight of Kneph 86. Sublime Philosopher of the Valley of Kab 87. Sublime Prince of Masonry 88. Grand Elect of the Sacred Curtain 89. Patriarch of the Mystic City 90. Sublime Master of the Great Work Grand Tribunal 91. Grand Defender 92. Grand Catechist 93. Regulator General 94. Prince of Memphis, or Grand Administrator 95.Grand Conservator 96. Grand and Puissant Sovereign of the Order 97. Deputy International Grand Master 98. International Grand Master 99. Grand Hierophant