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Offensive Mission Statement I. We will establish an identity that is characterized by Discipline, Effort, Toughness and Efficiency. Discipline- We will consider penalties and assignment errors unacceptable. Effort- On game day and cn the practice field our tempo will be fast and furious from snap to whistle. ‘Toughness- We will establish an attitude that is typified by tenacity and toughness. Efficiency- We will be ‘machine like’ in execution, which will be the result of our attention to detail philosophy. Il. We will establish a consistent running game by stubbomly committing to our base running plays (94-$5, Stretch, Power, Bounce, Counter, H 2-3). Our emphasis on these running plays during practice and our dedication to these plays on game day will manifest our commitment. III. We will devote ourselves to a high percentage passing game (65%-70%). Our philosophy will utilize our base passing principles in a variety of personnel groupings and different formations. It will embody a diverse mixture of dropback passes, movement, play action and screens that will keep cur opponents off balance, thus reducing sacks and interceptions. OFFENSIVE GOALS 1, Improve running game. Reasonable Goals: 4.0 yards per attempt. 4 yards or more 55% of rushing attempts Outstanding Goals: 4.5 yards per attempt. 4 yards or more 60% of rushing attempts. IL. Efficient throwing the ball. Reasonable Goals: 55% successfill completions. 65% completions. Outstanding Goals: 60% successful completions. 70% completions, IIL. Limiting turnovers (interceptions and fumbles). Reasonable Goal: .025% (1/40) turnover ratio. Outstanding Goal: .0125% (1/80) turnover ratio. 1V. Eliminating mental mistakes ( Offsides ) Reasonable and Outstanding Goal: Zero offsides. OFFENSIVE FORMATION © 00@000 6 O Oo” O "EVEN" numbers to the right - "ODD" numbers to the left. Running Backs’ Alignment - Directly behind the offensive tackles. Heels are at 5 yards. Line Splits - Center - Guard split is 2 feet. Guard - tackle split is 2 feet. Tackle tight end split is 2-3 feet. Flanker and X Alignment - 2 to 16 yards.

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