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Primary Research: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Primary Research
Kristopher Martinez
University of El Paso at Texas


2 Primary Research: Bernie Sanders

This research examines Bernie Sanders movement on becoming the democratic nominee
going up against Hilary Clinton. Sanders has been trailing Clinton from the start of his
run for president. Data have been collected through databases, articles, and newspapers.
This research analyzes the possibilities Sanders has to win against Hilary Clinton.


Primary Research: Bernie Sanders

This year’s presidential election is bringing many non-voters to become active in
voting for the next president of America. For the democrats they have seen a shortfall
when compared to republican votes. Bernie Sanders who is an independent socialists
decided to run as a democrat rather than going against the odds as third party. This
research will analyze if Bernie Sanders will be best suited for party nominee if so will he
be effective when going against republican nominee. The following four questions will
help discuss what kind of candidate Sanders may be:

How did his performance as Senator affect the voters view on him?
Where did Sanders get his political influence?
Pros and Cons of Sanders becoming party nominee.
What are the possible reasons Sanders is losing to Clinton?

The purpose of this research is to analyze if Sanders will become party nominee for the
How did his performance as Senator affect the voters view on him?
Bernie Sanders is the longest serving independent member of Congress in
American history (Sanders, 2015). He’s been Senator for the state of Vermont for 16
years. This research will interpret his time in office and just how effective was he. Data
was collected from various newspaper articles to tie his performance with voting patterns.
While in office, Sanders had several accomplishments on a national level as a US
Senator. For example, revitalize the waterfront and create opportunity, opposed NAFTA,
CAFTA, Keystone XL, the patriot Act, and the Iraq war. Sanders have also been a strong
supporter for Medicare for all, repairing our crumbling infrastructure, and debt-free
college (Linskey, 2015). Sanders has lived in Vermont since he graduated from college,


4 Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
he is loyal to the state and has shown consistency with his time as Senator. With his
dedication and loyalty he won in the state of Vermont, by 16 to zero delegates and 86.1%
to 13.6% in votes against Clinton.
In the early years of his political career Sanders was mayor of Burlington, and
under his administration, the city made major strides in affordable housing, progressive
taxation, environmental protection, childcare, and women’s rights (Sanders, 2016). While
in Congress he has stayed true to his beliefs by focusing on the shrinking middle class
and fighting for the working families, this has lead to his loyalty to the state of Vermont.
Vermont being one of the few states that Clinton loses to Sanders. A total of 2,383
delegates are needed to clinch the nomination, Clinton has 1,711, and Sanders stands with
912 (Collinson, 2016). This may indicate that Sanders is behind in making his presence
outside of the northeast states where voters stray away from a socialist because they think
of dictators or he is simply winning his home states where he has more popularity.
Another observation is the difference between a Clinton win and a Sanders loss; the gap
is not as large compared with the Republican Party. Sanders performance as Senator has
built his creditability in the states near Vermont, but outside of that region Clinton is
dominating. Just when will his creditability reach the other states, and will it be in due

Where did Sanders get his political influence?
For generations history has shown that politics are mostly influenced through
family for example the Bush family. Although Sanders did not have family in politics,
this research will analyze where he gets political influence and why has he been


Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
consistent about his views. This research taken in another direction using his past and
various events in his life time that he has seen first hand also the different hardships that
has influenced to make a difference in this country.
Political influence can be diverted when political interest groups get involved,
these cases calls for puppets. If Sanders were to fall into this category he sure would have
a complicated mastermind behind the puppet. His parents were immigrants from Poland
so grew up in a working-class. This later translated to his economical policy to increase
taxes rate for the wealthy in order to balancing out the lower, middle, and wealthy class.
One of his major policy platforms is equality. Sanders participated in the Civil Right
Movement in the 1960s; his view on equality is still not satisfied with today’s society.
Through his life he was exposed to the real power of Wall Street. With an educational
background in political science, the “invisible hand” theory by Adam Smith is too loose
making cooperate richer and the middle class slowly disappearing. With no family line in
politics, Sanders made his decision that he would make a difference. He’s mapped his
long journey working up the ladder holding his true beliefs that puts him as a candidate
who is going to turn 75 in 2016 (Mead, 2016).
Taking position in office requires motivation to be an asset to the nation’s
Congress; this is where the political influence for the candidate gets analyzed. Bernie
Sanders did not come from a family of politicians. This research will be constructed to
understand where Bernie Sanders gets his political influence. His father was an
immigrant from Poland, who worked as a paint salesmen (Mead, 2016). Living as part of
the working-class Sanders witnessed the nation’s economic disparity first hand. One can
say this fueled his inspiration in politics.


6 Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
It is no secret that Sanders has lived to speak about the decades where America
was facing different problems compared to present time. During the 1960s when
segregation was an issue, Sanders took part in the Civil Rights Movement by being a
member to the Congress of Racial Equality. After graduating with a degree in political
science, it took him some time before finding out himself a political victory as elected
mayor of Burlington, Vermont. The self-described “democratic socialist” proved his
power and was later put into the U.S House of Representatives. This is where he was able
to grow into his being.
Being independent he would have to settle for a side. That did not stop him from
expressing his thoughts when he felt both parties were wrong. As an independent he may
construct one-sided opposition when Congress is deciding on an issue. But Sanders is
bold, he has stayed an independent as far back as the 1980s until he decided to run as
Democrat instead of having to get the ballot in 50 states (Mead, 2016).
Sanders was influenced through his surroundings and has shown above he has not
taken any short cuts. This may be the reason why he is going to be the oldest party
nominee if he does win.

Pros and Cons of Sanders becoming party nominee?
As the presidential caucus and debates have been undergoing its discourse has
been affecting the outcome of who would be a better opponent for the leading candidate
to the Republican Party. There should be a balance with the two parties, not a swath to
avoid alternative voting. A pro and con list seems to be popular when deciding between


Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
to opposing subjects; in this research data was collected through debates and outside
Data was collected through newspaper articles finding what benefits Bernie
Sanders and his campaign on being party nominee and also the downside. Beginning with
the pros: Sanders has common sense. Common sense on behave of polices he would like
to implement such as socialized health care and affordable education. Socialized health
care and affordable higher education are two ideas that are happening in modern
countries. These countries do not repeal their socialized health care. Life is easier to live
when a country with free health care contributes to your health and well-being.
Affordable higher education does exist, and if other countries such as Germany offer this
to there citizens and foreign students. This cannot be classified as a “radical” idea when
other countries are effective with socialized healthcare and affordable higher education
(Jackson, 2015).
Senator Sanders has proven to be against picking war as an alternative. When
Sanders was asked about his position on the nuclear arms deal with Iran, if it isn’t clear
yet he was in support of this agreement. He expressed the Nuclear Arms Deal as the
alternative to war. His history shows this because he opposed the war in Iraq that had a
negative outcome for United States accounting for 6,700 brave men and women. The
public is still recovering from the losses in Iraq, Sanders presents a ground when it comes
to foreign policy (Sanders, 2015).
Sanders will come across issues that work against him such as lack of leadership,
where most of his support is coming from, and a self-described socialist who’s going to


8 Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
be 75 in 2016. Research was conducted through different articles and broadcasts that
exposed these downfalls of Sanders being the nominee.
Sanders lack leadership due to his performance as Senator. Elizabeth Warren has
produced more results for the progressive cause in just over two years than Sanders in his
20 plus years in Congress. If it weren’t for her immediate impact, Sanders would not be
in the spot light. She has shifted the foundation of the Democratic Party almost
immediately (Sanders, 2015). Also when those who work with Sanders are endorsing
Hillary Clinton it says something, may be the way he is behind closed doors or may not.
In Vermont where Sanders was mayor for eight years and was later elected to Senate,
political leaders have endorsed Clinton. Taking the roll of commander and chief requires
a strong leader, would one obtain these characteristics to hold position.
Another major downfall is a self-described socialist who’s going to be 75 in 2016.
With age not being on his side, this can have a negative impact when the voter has to
choose between age and youth comparing to Republican candidates. Sanders may be in
good health according to his doctor but at that age when he says, “I want to redistribute
wealth” this does not give much of an alternative for republican voters. His ideological
pursuit will not only be overseen with Republicans pushing Sanders as a “socialist who
wants to raise trillions of dollars in taxes.” This creates a gap between the two parties.
This years balance between both parties is important because Americans are tired
of the change that was suppose to occur throughout Obama’s two terms in office.
Republicans are getting a larger crowd according to data that was recently collected with
recent caucus.


Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
What are the possible reasons Bernie Sanders is losing to Clinton?
This research was conducted in order to better understand if Sanders should be the
party nominees if so, why is he trailing his opponent Hilary Clinton. Data was collected
from various sources and also using the research that was presented above. It has put it all
together to come up with a conclusion as to what are the possible reasons Bernie Sanders
is losing to Clinton.
As voting patterns have shown over the years, the consistent vote is the older
Americans. Sanders have only been winning the vote of ages 30 and under, Clinton is
leading in all other categories. A study found that 59% of the vote that for democrats
broke down, of those 59% those who support a “socialist” broke down to 50%, and drops
to 34% who support a self-described socialist (Cahill, 2016). By these voting patterns
Sanders is losing a large amount of votes just a lone when he claims to be an independent
socialist. His age is another variable. His doctor says he is in good health but Barrack
Obama has aged significantly in his time in office how will he age, and how will he
managed the stress filled position that requires a lot of big decision making.
It’s not by luck that Clinton is ahead. She has proven that she can plan ahead by
thinking ahead and making her mark in the more diverse states after losing to Sanders in
the Northern states that are not as diverse. For example she has been going to Nevada
over the past years where the African and Latino American vote outnumber the Caucasian
vote. Clinton has also been in the news for outside issues yet she still manages to lead a
strong campaign against Sanders. This is not good for Sanders who has been straight edge
all his time in his political career and still gets the second hand. Sanders may soon have


10 Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
to face the reality of having to get out of the race because he is behind with November
around the corner and the patterns show Clinton will exceed Sanders overall.
In conclusion Sanders presents in honest campaign with polices that are common
sense to human but radical to the media. Although he has had a long political career he
does not have the leadership to bring into office. This is why he is the oldest candidate in
history. Hilary Clinton has a campaign to win the party nominee but not against the
Republican nominee.


Primary Research: Bernie Sanders
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