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Kristopher Martinez

RWS 1302 – Thursday 3:00 – 4:20 pm
Annotation #1 (article)
Welch, H. G., (2016). Is Bernie Sanders right about health care? Dartmouth Institute for
Health Policy and Clinical Practice, 1.
This article is attempting to conclude if Bernie Sanders’ theory about Medicare
for all can actually be possible. Bernie Sanders wants to take this approach from the
1980s that the federal government is the single payer to cover this insurance. The author
takes this theory and breaks it down into four parts presenting the different outcomes that
may occur if the federal government was to be the single payer. This format presents the
issue as well as the details with the article being effective and not overfilled with
unnecessary facts.
Welch is able to inform about health insurance and how the presidential
candidates view on this issue. I was able to understand his point of view making this
article interesting and insightful. The only confusion that I came across was on Sanders
being the only candidate that is willing to speak on this issue but the conclusion helped
clear that up.
This article is going to be useful in my Bernie Sanders research because this is an
important issue in his race for election. This theory that he is trying to imply for the
nation is causing a lot of media attention bringing in supporters to his campaign. With
Sanders being behind Hilary Clinton this issue could just be the break that he needs to

surpass Hilary. With Sanders in office this would mark a milestone to his career giving
the fact that he has ran for president during the Bush era.
Karni, A. (2016). How Bernie sanders surged in nevada. CNN.
Annotation #3
In this article it explains Bernie Sanders’ impact on Nevada after the state was in favor of
Clinton due to her foundation that she built over the past two years. The author is able to
introduce how Sanders is able to build momentum to even out the score. The author
presents the building block that crept on Clinton, which was the economic downturn that
hit Nevada making it one of the root states during the crisis. The author was not clear
throughout the article making the reader think twice to who is in favor within this diverse
This source was good to inform readers about the standings between Sanders and Clinton
within the state of Nevada. I enjoyed this article because it does a good job in filling in
the reader with how Sanders and Clinton built their foundation coming into the state of
This article could be useful in my research for Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ is holding the
momentum between the candidates on the democratic side after being behind Clinton and
her strong campaign. If Sanders is able to keep this momentum he will surpass Clinton
that may him lead into office in 2017. This will be history in the making with Bernie
Sanders being the oldest president to be elected in history for the United States, all
unfolding in present time.

Rubin, R. (2016). Bernie Sanders’s plan would raise taxes by 34%, analysis finds. The
Wall Street Journal.
Annotation #4
This article is introducing to the public Bernie Sanders attempt to raise taxes in order
meet his policies that he is attempting to implement. The author backs up his argument by
using information that was collected from Bernie Sanders campaign. I believe this article
is reasonable with the data it presents to support the topic.
I enjoyed reading this article because it open my eyes to Sanders attempt to raise taxes.
Sanders is gaining votes through the public with his attempt to help out the middle class
and wants to just tax the .1% of wealthy people. When Sanders speaks this, it all sounds
good but when it is put into numbers, this would mean ever class would get taxed.
Although the tax rise would range between classes, more taxes is the last time the public
really wants.
This article would be very useful in my research because one of my questions in my
research is, why is Sanders falling behind Hillary Clinton. This is just one of the reasons’
because with all the polices he is trying to put into play it will cost billions and billions of
dollars that the United Stated could be using for debt that is past due. Leading to the voter
to believe that Sanders is going to raise taxes and continue to put the country more into
debt. Sanders and Clinton will both raise taxes but $1 of Clinton taxes would be $14.36 to
Sanders (Rubin, 2016).

Leibovich, Mark. (2007). The socialist senator. The New York Times.
Annotation #5
This article is informing the reader about Bernie Sanders’ personality and the work he has
accomplished presenting him as “different” to the other politicians. It using one example
when Sanders is speaking in a high school which he does often, but they way he
approached the students was in a democracy manner. This example leads to his political
I liked this source because it helped me better understand the type of person Sanders is
behind the big rallies and what he does for the community. Noting that, also the way he
approaches anybody with no sorrow. This does not make him heartless he just prefers a
more dynamic engagement.
I believe I can use this as a source because it uses explains in real life that can be
effective for logos. And he will always be a socialist as he tells some students, “I urge
you all to argue with your teachers, argue with your parents” (2007). Sanders have
shown consistency in his career and I could use this as a source to back up this claim.