Apostles Lutheran School Miss Schleusener May 10, 2010

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Jesus Time: God Takes Elijah to Heaven
God, please keep us faithful to you so that we can live our lives on earth and someday go to heaven where we will have no earthly concerns. We will never be sick, lonely, hurt, sad, or in pain. Thank you Jesus, for dying for me, to pay for my sin, Thank you Jesus, for rising from the dead so that I will rise again someday, Thank you Jesus for making a home for me and all others who believe. Amen.

Elisha and the Kind Woman
We see how Elijah served God’s people by telling his Word to many people. There will be no memory work this week since we are working on finalizing a song and recitation for the Ascension Service on Thursday at 7 pm.

Writing Process and Free Exploration Begin sentences with a capital letter. End with a punctuation mark . ! or ?. Write with a space between each word. • • • • •

Review “some and some more” Act out “some and some went away” stories Number review and recognition Write numerals Measure distance

• • • • •

Sharing ideas, listening to others sh

Social Studies/Science
Transportation in air and space: describing, purpose, how it helps you and me

Shared Literature: The Wolf’s Chicken Stew Letter: review

Music and Movement
Practice for Ascension Service: “Go and Tell” Monday, Wednesday, andThursday mornings will be used to practice for the Ascension service on Thursday evening.

Vocabulary: kitchen, meal, cook, dinner Sight words: review Listen for the location of __: vowel and consonant sounds, blends, digraphs (ch, sh, th, ph, wh), long vowel combinations

Calendar of Events
May 10, 2010
Monday- No School

Tuesday-Full Day All children attend
Return the folder Sign up to help us for the Track and Field Day. The list is on the Kindergarten 2 door.

Wednesday- Return the folder
8:45 Women’s Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall Sign up to help us for the Track and Field Day. The list is on the Kindergarten 2 door.

Thursday-Full Day
Return the folder

6:35 meet in the classroom for the Ascension Service Program Parents will go into church. The class will sit together. After the service is over, the children will return to the classroom. Parents will pick up their children in the classroom.
Friday – chapel Return folder Sign up to help us for the Track and Field Day. The list is on the Kindergarten 2 door.

May 13-K-8 Ascension Service 7pm K-8 sing Arrive at 6:35
May 14-Teacher Collaberation Day 11:45 Dismissal May 18-Kindergarten Track and Field Day Parents may sign up to help us. Please sign up. The list is on the door. We still need help with games and activities. We still need some food for the day. Time for the Track Meet and Lunch 10:30-12:00 Lunch at 11:30. May 31-No School Memorial Day June 3-Kindergarten Graduation at 11 Friends and family are invited to attend the 11:00 a.m. program. Parents will come at 10:45a.m. to help the children prepare for the graduation as needed. Refreshments follow the Graduation Program Classes Dismiss at Noon

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