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Teacher Made Assessment

Selected from Test Bank questions of Instructor Resource “Nutrition An Applied Approach”
(All answers will be removed prior to assessment.)

Multiple choice and true false: (5 pts each)
1- Which of the following is a major mineral?
A) sodium
B) iron
C) zinc
D) copper
Answer: A
2- The human body can synthesize which two fat-soluble vitamins?
A) vitamin B12 and vitamin C
B) vitamin D and vitamin K
C) vitamin E and vitamin A
D) thiamin and niacin
Answer: B
3-Cindy J. is 63 years old and at risk for osteoporosis. Which of the following dietary
supplements would be the MOST helpful to minimize bone loss?
A) magnesium and fluoride
B) vitamin K and fluoride
C) calcium and phosphorus
D) calcium and vitamin D
Answer: D
4-What is the only water-soluble vitamin that can be stored in large amounts in the human body?
A) thiamin
B) vitamin B12
C) vitamin C
D) vitamin D
Answer: B
5- Mineral supplements are made in the laboratory from plant sources.
Answer: FALSE
6- Since vitamins are found in a wide variety of foods, they are considered non-essential
Answer: FALSE

7- Which of the following is a trace mineral?
A) iron
B) vitamin B12
C) vitamin C
D) calcium
Answer: A
8-The calcium in calcium fortified orange juice is well absorbed.
Answer: TRUE
9-Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of potassium.
Answer: TRUE
10- The ability of a muscle to contract and relax is dependent on the flow of ________ in and out
of the muscle cell.
A) phosphorus
B) calcium
C) iron
D) chloride
Answer: B
11- Matt has just been diagnosed with hypertension, and his physician has instructed him to
reduce his sodium intake. Which of the following would be good advice for Matt?
A) Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of salty snacks.
B) Do not rinse canned beans with cold water before eating.
C) Eat a variety of canned and dried soups.
D) Eat canned creamed corn instead of fresh.
Answer: A
12- Research shows that smokers benefit from daily supplements of beta carotene.
Answer: FALSE
13- Which of the following foods contains the lowest amount of sodium?
A) 1 medium fresh orange
B) 1 cup of canned vegetable soup
C) 1 large dill pickle
D) 1 oz. of potato chips
Answer: A
14-Carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes contain a large amount of preformed vitamin A.
Answer: FALSE

Matching questions: (2 pts each)
Match the following items.
A) Substance that increases urinary excretion and contributes to fluid loss
B) High blood potassium concentration
C) Mineral salts that disassociate in solution into charged particles
D) Low blood sodium concentration
E) Along with sodium, enable nerves to respond to stimuli
15) Electrolyte _________
16) Hyperkalemia _________
17) Hyponatremia ___________
18) Diuretic ____________
19) Potassium _________

Answers: 15) C 16) B 17) D 18) A 19) E

Essay Questions: (10 pts each)
20- What are sports beverages? Which individuals might benefit from using these products
and which populations don’t?
Answer should include the following:
 Sports beverages were originally intended to meet the needs of competitive
athletes replacing electrolytes, fluid, as well as carbohydrates.
 Competitive athletes as well as those that exercise over an hour a day, and those
that exercise in high temperatures can benefit from using these beverages.
 The main negative about inactive people drinking sports beverages is the
additional consumption of calories and inevitable weight gain. Thus, it is not
recommended for inactive populations.

21-Describe how Vitamin A functions in the maintenance of healthy vision.

Answer may include the fact that retinol, retinal, and retinoic acid are all forms of
Vitamin A and needed for our eyes to work properly.

Answer should include the following:
Affects sight in two ways
o Enables us to react to changes in the brightness of light
o Enables us to see different colors

Thompson, J. & Manore, M. (2012). My plate edition nutrition an applied approach. (3rd Ed.)
San Francisco, CA: Pearson Education.