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Finances in the US

A. Sources of Income
Most of the Sudanese are working and earning hourly wages. The average is $10–
13 per hour, eight hours per day, for five days every week. Before the immigrants
started working, for the first three months, the resettlement agencies gave them
pocket money, travel cards, and food stamps. Their value was not clear. The youths
are employed in factories, catering facilities, security firms, and stores. The
Sudanese working at Logan Airport lost their jobs after the September 11, 2001
tragedy. One recalled, “My supervisor at Logan Airport told me that business was
slow, and they will call me back if work picks up again. But they never called me
back, and I did not ring to find out because I got another job.” Even the minor who
was interviewed works part time, especially in the summer, to make money to send
home. The older youths spend their money on paying rent, utility bills, food, an
IOM $35/month loan, and remittances to their families or friends in either Kakuma
or Sudan.