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Wake Forest University sorority chapter breaks

fundraising record at annual philanthropy event
By Griffin Homan, February 18 2016, Blacksburg, Va.
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Wake Forest University’s local Kappa Alpha Theta raised $9,000
to support local Court Appointed Special Advocates chapter.
Every year, Wake Forest University’s Zeta Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta hosts a
philanthropy event for both the national offices and local chapter of Court Appointed Special
Advocates. The event, termed CASA Royale, is a Vegas Casino-themed games night in which
attendees are given a fake $10,000 to gamble with. The ticket cost is $10, and at the end of the
evening attendees can then trade in $5,000 for a chance to win any of 15 donated raffle prizes.
This year, the event was hosted in Benson Hall on Wake Forest University’s campus, on Feb.
The proceeds go to the Court Appointed Special Advocates organization, which is responsible for
the care of children in the legal system. The program trains volunteers to advocate specifically
for children who are in the system due to have been abused, neglected, and/or cared for by a
foster family.
These volunteers are assigned a child and follow them through the court proceedings. They are
there primarily to provide emotional and moral support to the child, although they also represent
the child in court. The Court Appointed Special Advocates program is Kappa Alpha Theta’s
national philanthropy, and half of each chapter’s profits from their events go the national Court
Appointed Special Advocates offices. The other half, meanwhile, goes to the local branch which
in this case is called Guardian Ad Litem.
“While CASA Royale was one of the most awesome, rewarding experiences of my life…I don’t
think I’d be able to do it again,” said Wake Forest University senior Emma Rigau, who organized
the event.
Organizers began planning for the event six months prior. Attendees had a litany of games such
as blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, and apples to apples.
Despite the very popular games, the widely-agreed best part of this year’s CASA Royale seemed
to be the decorations and the atmosphere. The decorations were completely hand-crafted and the
rooms looked incredibly realistic, exactly how one would picture an actual Vegas Casino. The
organizers went to the impressive length of even playing an ambient slot-machine sound track on
top of the music.
According to Wake Forest University senior Caitlin Messick, “Every year it gets a little better,
but the organizing team did a phenomenal job this year! It actually felt like a casino in there.”

The philanthropy event has been held annually for three years, but this year was Kappa Alpha
Theta’s Zeta Omicron Chapter’s best recorded year yet; they were able to earn nearly $9,000 to
send to the Court Appointed Special Advocates program. With 130 individuals from both the
community and the student body in attendance, an additional $7,700 was raised purely from
While next year’s details have not been published as of yet, the event will be held again in
February on Wake Forest University’s campus.