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5/6/16 v11

Course Title:

General Art I & II

Mr. R. Moody, Sub. for
Mrs. S. Katasako

Contact info:
Phone #: 377-7744 x468

Course Description:

This introductory course is designed to give an overview of the different types
of media in art. Students will be introduced to basic concepts in drawing and
painting, sculpture and printmaking.
Level II art students will build on what they have learned in the Level I class
and pursue and design their own projects for the year. Depending on the
complexity, 2-3 projects will be due per quarter; details will be worked out
individually with Student and Teacher.
Course Goals:

Demonstrate and understand the Elements and Principles of Art.
Produce and complete quality art projects.
Learn to make evaluations of their art work and the ability to
perform complex thinking and problem solving skills.
Provide students the opportunity to express and communicate their
thoughts and ideas through art.
To be able to make connections with art and other subject areas.

Student Expectations:

All students will complete projects and use class time wisely. Due
dates and expectations on projects will be posted in the classroom.
 Respect each other and take care of all materials and equipment
used in class.
 Be on time, prepared and ready to work.
 Always clean up your work area before you leave class.
 Warning
 Detention
 Home involvement
 Administrative/Counselor involvement
Major Course Big Ideas, Assessments and Units
Activities, projects, & units on this list are subject to change at any time during the semester/year
Units (including
integrated projects)

1st Quarter:
(basic pencil/ink or
color pencil projects)

Essential Question(s) and Big Ideas

Assessment of Benchmarks
(formative and summative)

Standard 1: Visual Arts
Understand and apply art


5/6/16 v11

2nd Quarter:
(color terms & color
mixing using paint)
3rd Quarter:

4th Quarter:

materials, techniques and
processes in the creation of works
of art and understand how the
visual arts communicate variety of
ideas, feelings and experiences.
Benchmark FA.9 -12.1.4
Evaluate the effectiveness of the
use of the Elements and Principles
of Art & Design in works of Art.
Performance Assessment
The Student:
Evaluates how effectively the
Elements and Principles of Art &
Design have been used in their
own original art work or in works of

Edline Registration for Students and Parents:
With an active Kalani High School Edline account, you can access assignments and classroom
material, turn in assignments, check your class progress, and be informed of school events.
 If you already have an Edline account, you need not reregister. Your account is active
as long as you are a Kalani High School student or parent.
 If you have yet to activate an Edline account, contact your grade-level counselor for

Grading Policy:

Projects will be based on a “100-point” grading system as follows:
Art projects worth 75% and Sketchbooks and other miscellaneous
assignments worth 25% of total quarter grades.
Make up Work:

Extensions on late work is to be worked out between Student and Teacher
before the project due date.

Please bring in the following as soon as possible:
 Composition (Un-ruled) Book or sketchbook
 Box of #2 pencils, to be used throughout the year
 Donation of paper towel, box of tissues or liquid hand soap would
be welcomed and appreciated.


5/6/16 v11
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Course: General Art I / II

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