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Mentor College Teacher Assessment Report First observation – B.

Ed Teaching Practice

Semester 1

Name of Student: Maryam Al Shehhi


Name of School: Zamzam School

Grade: 2

Grade level: Grade two

Date of the observation: 12th of March- 2016


MCT Name: Fatema Almansoori

A - Professionalism and Understanding
Good relationship with MST. Good planning and attitude. She should be more with students and
have a louder voice. She relates the things into real things which is a great idea and she needs more
control and communication skills with students.

B - Planning for Learning
Your objectives are students will be able to compare between numbers by selecting if the number is
greater than, equal or smaller than by comparing the place value. And you reached your objective

C - Implementing and Managing Learning
She started the lesson with the character (Conan). She asked the students about the rules as the
character’s rules. She explained the worksheet and then she gave them the worksheet and she asked the
students to work in groups. She sat the timer for them. She explained that the activity is for 5 seconds
only. Then when they finished you took the paper from them! It would better if you review the answer
and give them positive reinforcement. Then you explained that the students have materials inside the
envelope and they have to compare between the two materials. It seemed that the students didn’t
understand, so you went through them to make sure that they understood. good job Maryam! Then you
asked them to say their comparison. Good to use (big, small, equal) as a story of the hungry crocodile.
After that you gave each student two straws and clay to create the symbols of (bigger than, smaller than
and equal). Good to be strict with time! then you showed the students two pictures of the teachers’ cars
and you asked about the owners! Nice idea. Then you asked the students to show you which number is
bigger than the other. You used real pictures for the third activity which was really nice! Students
pictures, teachers’ cars. The forth activity is when you gave each pair to have two materials; juice and
milk for example and then you asked them to write the ml for each material and to compare between
the ml if its more, less or equal. Then you reviewed the answers. The fifth activity is when you asked
the students to tell you about UAE help around the world. Then you asked the students to choose two
things that UAE do and compare between them. Then you asked about reading. Then you asked about
the person who did the competition of the reading challenge and then you gave each group a book and
you asked them to see how many pages the book has. Then you asked two groups to come at the front
and you asked them to compare between the two groups. You should make reading the number clearer.

Then you asked the students to open the book but the bell rang. So you should stop the activity

D - Monitoring and Assessment of Learning
Nice and clear voice.
No positive reinforcement or feedback for the first activity. You should give students feedback and
positive reinforcement to encourage them.
Good to announce the good job.
Nice to use apples as a praise

E – Reflection
When I met you after the class you said that:
Some students were very quiet and they are usually active. Raise her voice more. She liked the
students’ cooperation and helping each other. You were good with your timing (on time). focus
more on who finishes first.

General Comments
I liked your activities and good to be strict with time. your materials were organized, but make
sure that you review all the answers. You should focus more on reading the numbers from left
to right. If the bell rang, you should stop the lesson and give it to them as homework.

To Be Completed By Student
Students reflection on the feedback:
Can you fill in this part for me please? What do you think about the feedback?