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Gregory Lopez

Analytical Essay Reflection

English 219.004
I really enjoyed writing this analytical essay and learned a great deal about the research
topic I, along with my partners, collected data on. While I have had experience collecting and
sorting through secondary research, collecting primary data is a research practice that was new to
me until now and is an experience I am glad I took part in while working collaboratively with my
partners in this group. I made myself and my abilities available to my team in an effort to
produce a piece that we could all be proud of.
Working in a group, it was decided that we should divide and delegate tasks among the
team members and then come together to merge the content into one cohesive piece. I was
assigned to work on the primary data, methods, and results portions of the project.
Producing and circulating a survey was how I went forward in collecting primary data.
The survey, after considering other survey platforms, was hosted on a Google Forms platform
because it provided an easy user interface and showed both individual and summarized results of
the data collected. Another reason why we chose Google Forms was because the platform
generated spreadsheets and graphics based on the data we collected. My group member, Patricia,
and I fashioned the survey questions together. I was able to obtain 47 samples after abruptly
having to change our research direction a few days prior.
Writing the Methods portion of the essay I wanted to inform the audience of how I
went about in producing and circulating the survey. I did this by introducing the survey
questions, but not revealing the survey question options because I felt that information would be
more relevant in the Results portion of the essay. I explained that the survey was circulated to
peers and colleagues, and that we encouraged them to forward the survey within their network.
In the essay, I failed to mention that because of this the demographics are unknown and there is
no question in the survey that would reveal the exact age of the survey participants. Next, I
mentioned limitations that were encountered, that had not become clear until the data had already
been collected. We also overlooked and did not mention how secondary research, like looking at
academic journals and internet articles, was part of our methods.
In Results, I drew up all of the graphics related to our data, many of which had already
been drawn up by Google Forms and only needed to be pasted into our survey. I explained each
survey question as well as introduced the exact figures and percentages for each survey question
response that was reported. I introduced the graphics for the survey questions by adding the
visuals under the relevant text, making sure that the visuals and text were cohesive. In this
portion of the paper, I also worked collaboratively with my project partner, Patricia, who worked
on collecting and interpreting secondary research, much of which revolved around personality,
birth order, and theorist Alfred Adler. I, by mistake, put Patricias secondary research results
under the methods portion of the essay, and after having had that issue brought to my attention
during a peer edit session, I placed Patricias research in Results. Patricia and I collaborated on
the cover letter and introduction using Google Docs.
These are the Student Learning Outcomes I grew in:
1. Analyze Rhetorical Situation: Writing this analytical essay, I had to evaluate the
subject, purpose, audience, and constraints that are unique to this genre. Developing a
research question was the beginning of this project and I, along with my group partners,
wanted to come up with something that was different and caused cognitive dissonance. I
also had to identify an audience to whom we would direct our research to and identify a

Gregory Lopez
Analytical Essay Reflection
English 219.004
reason to even want to research our question. I also identified constraints that were
unique to this genre like the language that was used and how the report was organized.
2. Find and Evaluate Information: This analytical essay prompted me to have to collect
primary research and interpret the data I received. In my case, this was in the form of a
survey and the data collected from the survey is what I had to analyze and relate to our
secondary research and our research question.
3. Present Documents: Since I worked in a group, I had to revise and edit the content of
the paper to make the piece cohesive and to fit the analytical essay structure, like IMRaD.
I also incorporated, because I had to collect data, visuals and graphics that not only
illustrated the data I collected but enhanced the written content of the analytical essay.
4. Compose in Various Modes: The analytical essay I worked on incorporated written text
and visuals, such as different charts and visuals that enhanced written content. My team
and I also presented our research to the class using a PowerPoint presentation as a means
of communication.