Susan Ople



Capacity-Building Programs
 Bachelors in
 Gives lectures on
Communication, UST
human trafficking,
illegal recruitment,
 Masters in Public
and financial literacy
Administration, Harvard
to empower OFWs to
University (1999)
control their situation
Work Experience
Pro-Poor Programs
 President, Blas F. Ople
 Longtime OFW
Policy Center and Training
Institute, a NGO that
Advocate running on a
empowers OFWs (present)
platform of OFW
 Consultant and chief of
rights, supporting
staff of Sen. Mar Roxas
victims of human
trafficking, increased
 Undersecretary to Eduardo
SSS pension benefits,
Ermita (2006)
and lower income
 Presidential speechwriter,
taxes for low waged
Office of Communications
 Undersecretary, DOLE
 Chief of Staff, the Office of
Sen. Blas Ople (19992003)
 Media Relations Chief,
Office of Sen. Blas Ople
 Executive Director,
Citizen’s Drug Watch
Foundation (1989)
 Staff researcher, Office of
Sen. Ernesto Herrera
Major Awards
 Hero Acting to End
Modern-Day Slavery Award
from US Secretary of State
John Kerry (2013)iv
 Josephine Vernon Award for
Excellence in


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