Romeo Maganto

Work Experience
 Retired Philippine National
Police Generali
Programs Enacted
 Former ‘traffic czar’ who
managed traffic during the
construction of the MRT and
the papal visit of John Paul
II, implemented color coding
traffic schemeii
 Formed anti-communist
vigilante militia “Manila
Crusaders for Peace” in the
late 1980siii


 Disqualified from
2010 senatorial slate
for failing to submit
 Fired by former
President Fidel
Ramos in 1996 for
failure to follow chain
of command. He took
a convicted murderer
and fugitive to
former vice president
Estrada, rather than
to his superiorsv
 Cited by the Human
Rights Watch, as
having been known
to be responsible for
the disappearances
of suspected NPA
supporters (1989vi

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