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Alvin Bersales



Allegations i
 Allegedly founded
the “Bagong Lahing
Filipino” foundation,
whose license was
revoked for lying
about its capabilities
and running off with
members’ money
 Former chairman and
founder of at least
three “philanthropic
corporations” whose
licenses were
revoked due to
to the prejudice of or
damage to the
general public.”
These “foundations”
promised loans,
housing, and
assistance to poor
people for a small
fee, then ran off with
the accumulated
membership fees
without delivering on
these promises
Misc. Actionsii
 Once claimed to be
the “real Ferdinand
‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr

i “SEC Admin Case No. 05-08-96.” Republic of the Philippines, Department of Finance,
Securities and Exchange Commission . Ordered July 3, 2008.
ii Yap, Tara. “Mondejar: Suellos Have Fake Land Title.” The Daily Guardian, January 9,