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Cresente Paez

BSA, University of Southern
Mindanao (1969)
Work Experienceii
Congressman (2009present)
CEO, National Confederation
of Cooperatives (NATCCO)
CEO, Philippine
Development of Human
Resources in Rural Areas
(PHILDHRRA) (1990-2002)
Assistant Secretary,
Department of Agrarian
Reform (February-June
Executive Director , Visayas
Cooperative Development
Center (1985-1990)
Government Committees Chairediii
Committee on Cooperatives
Laws Principally Authorediv
In the 14th-16th Congresses,
Paez principally authored 27
bills, of which 5 have
become law or were
consolidated/substituted for
bills that became law. These
laws include:
RA1053, which strengthens
the National Electrification
RA10374, which extends the
term of the land bank of the



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