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Ferdinand Martin Romualdez



 Bachelors in Government,
 As Congressman,
Cornell University, USA
 Certificate of Special Studies
dozen of projects”
in Administration and
to improve
Management, Harvard
infrastructure in
University (1988)
 Bachelor of Law, UP Diliman
College of Law (1992)
Work Experienceii
 Congressman (2007present)
 Director/Legal Counsel,
CARPA Realty Development
Corp/ (1995 – Present)
 President of the Philippine
Constitution Association
 Chairman of the Board for
Equitable PCI Bankiii
Laws Principally Authorediv
 Principal Author of 37 bills,
of which 9 became law or
consolidated/substituted for
bills that became law. These
laws include:
 RA10070 – created a
Persons with Disabilities
Affairs Office in every
province, city, and
 RA9793 – increased the bed
capacity and medical
personnel of Eastern Visayas
Regional Medical Center,
upgrading its service,
facilities, and professional
health care
 RA 10290—established a
national high school in

Allegations vi
 Former party mate of
former President GMA,
he and his brother
paid for the
controversial P1 M
dinner in New York City
for GMA’s entourage.
 Used his birthday
party to convince
colleagues to sign a
draft resolution that
allowed the House to
convene a constituent
assembly to change
the constitution
without the senate-seen to be in the
effort of extending
GMA’s rule
 Is a stock holder in
companies, which
were allegedly illegally
acquired during the
Marcos era
 Allegedly entered into
a political agreement
with the Petilla family
to ensure he would run
unopposed for

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