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Running Head: BOOK REVIEW

Book Review: Teach Like a Champion

Rafael Garcia
University of St. Thomas

Professor: Patrick Huff Ed. D

April 20, 2016


Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov is one of the most impacting books that I have
read as a teacher. Its main focus is to provide teachers a framework of best practices in the
classroom in order to improve student performance. Doug Lemov recognizes that teaching is an
art, but there is a major need for planning and implementation of techniques to ensure that all
students are being successful. Lemov, understands the difficulties and challenges that come with
teaching in different scenarios specifically in urban settings. Therefore, Lemov has observed
effective educators throughout America and pinpointed several techniques that are bound to help
any educator at any level of their teaching.
Teach Like a Champion is divided into two parts. The first part delineates nine areas of
focus regarding logistical and procedural techniques that will push students to better perform.
The nine areas of focus deal with setting high expectations, effective planning, structured
lessons, student engagement, classroom management, building trust, and truly challenging
students. All of these techniques help teachers improve instruction and student performance.
The second part of Teach Like a Champion deals with improving student literacy. The
main focus deals with techniques on how to improve students understanding of what they read.
If students can learn to read, they can improve their performance in other subjects. Also,
focusing on literacy will help students be better prepared for college and a career post high
The main reason I chose this book for my review, was because it was a major resource
when I began teaching. Although I sought support from more experienced teachers during my
first years, there wasnt any one person to really explain best practices or plausible solutions to
problems. Fortunately, my sister who is a former educator and now librarian gave me three books
to help me: How Children Fail by John Holt, Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne and

Doug Lemovs Teach Like a Champion. All three books provided a plethora of material and
advice to help improve my teaching. As a future administrator, I would highly recommend all of
these three books but would focus on Teach like a Champion for all teachers to help them with
their instruction.


Lemov, D. (2010). Teach like a champion: 49 techniques that put students on the path to college.
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.