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Video Observation

Notetaking Tool
Observers name Alyson McDonald

Lesson observed Hailey Pierson Point of View

Purpose: To provide a framework for reflection and collaborative conversations about teaching and
Directions: Read over the guiding questions below. As you view the video, jot down notes about what
you see and hear. Note any examples or evidence to support answers to the questions.
Student Engagement/Classroom


1. How are students involved in the

What is the extent of student

1. Teacher is making connections with her own life for

the students. Students are answering questions and
are engaged throughout the lesson. The students
are raising their hands and answering questions.

2. Were there opportunities for students

ask questions? What kinds of
were they asking?
How did the teacher help students
make connections to what they were

2. Teacher allowed the students to raise their hands and

ask questions throughout the lesson. Students were
asking questions that showed they were engaged and
comprehending the lesson. Teacher told stories that
helped them connect the content to their own life.
Teacher provided examples/non-examples throughout
the lesson.

3. Describe the interaction in the


Student Learning
1. What evidence do you see that
indicates student learning?
2. Was the learning outcome explicitly
conveyed to the students?

3. The teacher listened to the students throughout the

lesson and set the lesson up like a discussion. The
students were respectful and engaged.

1. Students were answering questions and participating
in the lesson discussion. Students were able to work
through worksheet assessment at the end of the
2. Yes, the teacher was very clear on the objective and
learning targets for the day. The students were very
clear that the lesson was centered around point of
view and they were very clear on what that meant
and how that applied to literature/language arts by
the end of the lesson.

3. What evidence did you see that the

learning goals were achieved?
4. How did the teacher monitor student

3. Students were engaged and answering questions

throughout the lesson. Students had a firm grasp of the
concept being taught by the end of the lesson. I could
see this through their involvement.
4. The teacher monitored students progress by asking
well thought out questions to gage where they were at
and how well they were comprehending the content in
the lesson.

1. What is the teacher doing?
1. Teacher is facilitating a discussion while teaching
(Facilitating, lecturing, co-learning,
the students point of view.
2. Love how you engaged the students through a story
2. How was content/concepts presented
and video at the beginning of the story. I think that
to students? Was there adequate
they loved this and were excited to learn.
explanation of the concepts to ensure
student learning?

3. What kinds of questions did the

teacher ask?
What questions provided
opportunities for students to
explain, defend, compare,
Did the teacher wait for
responses? Probe for deeper

3. Asked questions throughout the lesson to make sure

that students were following a long and understaing.
The students were able to share their thinking and the
teacher listened to their responses and gave effective

4. What tasks are students doing? Did the

students have the opportunity to
practice their new knowledge or skill?
Did the practice help support the
learning outcome?
5. How did the teacher manage the
learning environment? (Procedures,
securing attention, time on task, etc)

4. The students are listening, answering questions, and

participating in discussion
5. Teacher managed the students similar to her
cooperating teacher. She called students to the carpet
by row.


3 Affirmations based on the observations and evidences above

Loved the story you told at the beginning of the lesson
Questions were well thought out through out the entire lesson
Gave students feedback and praise that was beneficial to their learning
2 Questions for Consideration
Are all of the students in the class actively participating in the lesson?
How could you engage the students who are more soft spoken in the
1 Recommendation
Be confident while you are teaching! You are awesome!